The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - A


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Abbey G G/19968 Pte   Andrews J T L/8888 Pte
Abbott A J G/31096 Pte   Andrews R H G/4957 Pte
Abbott J G/9033 Pte   Andrews W S G/11204 Pte
Abbott S W G/4642 L/Sgt   Annakin I G/19406 Pte
Abbott W 9519 Pte   Annesley W R N Major
Abel J E   2nd Lieut   Anscombe E 24498 Pte
Ablett J G/5659 Pte   Anscombe E G 240583 Pte
Abnett A L/7748 Pte   Ansfield F G/16180 Pte
Abnett E S/9170 Pte   Anstead W G/16884 Pte
Abraham T G/3658 L/Cpl   Anstiss H S A G/10464 Pte
Abrey W G/24255 L/Cpl   Ansty A G/25324 Pte
Accleton E J TF/1957 Pte   Anthony J W L/11430 Pte
Ackland G 9096 L/Cpl   Apperley B L M                2nd Lieut
Acott A G/16453 Pte   Apperly B L M               2nd Lieut
Acott B C S/8700 Pte   Appleby H C S L/10443 L/Cpl
Acott E J G/2406 Pte   Appleton E J L/9396 Pte
Acott F S L/9540 Pte   Appleton W J 205434 Pte
Acott R G/13024 L/Cpl   Apps M 266725 Pte
Acres A S G/18242 Sgt   Apps T W G/5453 Pte
Adams A E G/1004 Pte   Apps W G/18909 Pte
Adams E W L/7645 Pte   Arbon A H G/20928 Pte
Adams F S/137 L/Cpl   Archer F G/4510 Pte
Adams H S/9119 Pte   Archer F G/17773 Pte
Adams J G/18286 Pte   Ardley A J G/6664 Pte
Adams J A G/8771 Pte   Argent G W G/9660 Pte
Adams T G/29286 Pte   Argent J E L/5498 Pte
Adams W G/26959 Pte   Arkle D G/3930 Pte
Adams W G/15970 Pte   Armin J 21035 Pte
Adie C G/4177 Pte   Armitage W A J G/1304 Pte
Adley S G/19391 Pte   Armsden G S/8504 Pte
Agutter E H 204172 Pte   Armstrong A G/17763 Cpl
Ainsworth G 203063 Pte   Armstrong W T L/10409 Pte
Aird H W G/2574 Pte   Arnell H G G/18806 Pte
Airey R W L/8091 Pte   Arnold C S/1118 Pte
Airton G G/8419 Pte   Arnold F G/4110 L/Sgt
Airton N B G/19904 Pte   Arnold F A   2nd Lieut
Aitken R L L/7315 L/Cpl   Arnold G G/3349 Pte
Aitkin D G 240826 Pte   Arnold G L/8940 Pte
Akast F L/10268 Pte   Arnold J W S/971 Pte
Akehurst W G/5837 Pte   Arnold P F G/9234 Cpl
Akers H J G/6709 L/Cpl   Arnold R G/2362 Pte
Akhurst A S/53 Pte   Arundel(l) A H G/11229 Cpl
Albery R E G/30203 Pte   Arundell A L/7349 Pte
Alcorn W 241772 Pte   Ascott F L/9540 Pte
Alderman W J (DSO)   Lieut-Col   Ash S J L/7882 Cpl
Alderton G G/8008 Sgt   Ashbee C J G/18334 Pte
Aldous G G/2093 Pte   Ashby F (DCM) G/7850 Sgt
Aldous H G G/30503 Pte   Ashby J H 242296 Pte
Aldous W L/10446 Pte   Ashby T H G/20061 Pte
Aldridge F J G/24579 Pte   Ashby W T G/5238 Pte
Alexander G H G/17766 Pte   Ashdown A G/378 Sgt
Alexander J L 240893 Pte   Ashdown A C L/8230 L/Sgt
Alexander S T B 205436 Pte   Ashdown F G/2780 Pte
Aley A S G/31807 Pte   Ashdown F J G/15514 L/Cpl
Algate W 242111 Pte   Ashdown H H G/768 Pte
Allan W H L/9982 Pte   Ashdown P T G/19620 Pte
Allchin J H G/12586 Pte   Ashenden G S/9268 Pte
Allchin S M   2nd Lieut   Ashenden H S/920 Pte
Allcorn F P G/12310 Sgt   Ashenden S R G/30568 Pte
Allcorn R G/10495 Pte   Ashford P J L/10233 Sgt
Allcorn T L G/5010 Pte   Ashley W L/9335 Pte
Allen A G/377 Pte   Ashman G G/11783 Pte
Allen A G/6934 Pte   Ashman R A L/10927 Pte
Allen C H P G/24580 Pte   Ashman W G/25944 Pte
Allen C H G/10345 Pte   Ashton C J   Capt
Allen F C G/3725 Pte   Ashton J R G/27460 Pte
Allen F J W G/24497 Pte   Ashton S J G/2675 Pte
Allen G J L/10101 L/Cpl   Ashton W A G/10240 L/Cpl
Allen G J                2nd Lieut   Ashton W L G/18182 Pte
Allen G W G/23228 Pte   Ashwell W A G/10823 Pte
Allen H A G/11157 Pte   Ashworth B W   2nd Lieut
Allen H J G/29224 Pte   Aslin P J 203315 Pte
Allen J T N G/25413 Pte   Aspell R G/2957 Pte
Allen P G/20686 Pte   Astley E G/1555 Pte
Allen S T G/9362 Pte   Atchison W R G/3041 Sgt
Allen T S/1095 Pte   Atherall G D G/11187 Pte
Allen W J 203198 Pte   Atkin F H S TF/7332 Pte
Allen W J J G/29015 Pte   Atkins A D 203798 Pte
Allen W K   2nd Lieut   Atkins E C G/17462 Pte
Allin W 241365 Pte   Atkins M G G/12832 Pte
Allman G J G/12446 Pte   Atkinson C G/2263 Pte
Allwinkle C G/5975 Pte   Atkinson D P G/18152 Pte
Allworthy T E 241660 Pte   Atkinson E TF/4930 Pte
Allum A J G/18807 Pte   Atkinson G A C G/3054 Pte
Almond F G/12800 Pte   Atkinson J L/9790 Pte
Alsop J G/19969 Pte   Atkinson T G/31911 Pte
Ambrose J J 203397 Pte   Atkinson T G/25976 Pte
Ambrose P F G/18333 Pte   Atkinson W J 201927 Sgt
Ambrose W E G/18245 Pte   Attenborough W G/19407 Pte
Ames E T G/18403 Pte   Attwood A J G/10534 Pte
Ames H S G/39093 Pte   Attwood W H 202574 Pte
Ames I W                2nd Lieut   Atwood W C L/9427 L/Cpl
Ames W G/5306 Cpl   Auckland G G/9096 L/Cpl
Ames W K   2nd Lieut   Austen A G/38822 Pte
Amess W M F L/8985 Pte   Austen R J 201040 Cpl
Amies T W S/8246 L/Cpl   Austen W T G/8043 Col-Sgt
Amis T S G/29548 Pte   Austin J G/6392 Pte
Amos H G/24581 Pte   Austin H F J G/24700 Pte
Amos J S/8545 L/Cpl   Austin R A G/20203 Pte
Amos J H G/858 Pte   Austin S (MM) 7482 Pte
Amoss J L/9092 Pte   Austin T H G/12853 Pte
Anderson A E 242109 Pte   Austin W F G/4766 Pte
Anderson C K   Lieut   Auston R J 201040 Cpl
Anderson D F   Lieut   Avard F F G/24277 Cpl
Anderson    H G/30854 Pte   Aveling H G/5433 Pte
Anderson H J G/2787 Pte   Averns R F J G/17772 Pte
Anderson J G/20056 Pte   Avery E J G/12109 Pte
Anderson J W G/2290 Pte   Avery G G/30502 Pte
Anderson R 200959 Pte   Avery G G/30531 Pte
Anderson W G/8888 Pte   Avery G L/9797 Sgt
Anderton H T G/3657 L/Cpl   Avery H G/7724 Pte
Andrew D G/27695 Pte   Avery H H G/20058 Pte
Andrew E L G/28897 Pte   Avery W S G/3688 Pte
Andrews A B 201187 Pte   Avis C H G/11120 Pte
Andrews C J 201479 L/Cpl   Avis W G/887 Pte
Andrews C J 205185 Pte   Avory S J G/39206 Pte
Andrews D C G/2376 Pte   Axelby H K G/1547 Pte
Andrews E C   2nd Lieut   Axell O F G/11188 Pte
Andrews F G/24256 Sgt   Axford F G/23717 Pte
Andrews F C G/2270 Cpl   Axtell G A G/12280 Pte
Andrews G J L/7326 Pte   Axten E G L/10820 Pte
Andrews J L/9940 Pte   Aylward J G/1322 Pte
Andrews J G/4117 Pte   Ayres A A G/6352 Pte

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