Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
WACHER William Whitstable
WACHER William Faversham &c.
WACHER William Faversham &c.
WACKRILL Evan Deptford &c
WADDELL & TAYLOR Sandgate &c.
WADDELL John Romney &c.
WADDELL Sarah Sandgate &c.
WADDELL Sarah Sandgate &c.
WADDELL William Sandgate &c.
WADDINGTON Joshua Margate
WADDINGTON Joshua Margate
WADE George Deptford &c
WADE George Deptford &c
WADE John & Charles Deptford &c
WADE Robert Deptford &c
WADE Samuel Rochester
WADE Susannah Woolwich &c.
WADLOW George Eynesford &c.
WADSWORTH Ann Heste Woolwich &c.
WADSWORTH Thomas Woolwich &c.
WAGHORN Maidstone
WAGHORN  William Rochester
WAGHORN Charles Headcorn &c.
WAGHORN Edward Rochester
WAGHORN Henry Bexley &c.
WAGHORN Henry Bexley &c.
WAGHORN Henry Bexley &c.
WAGHORN John Lamberhurst &c.
WAGHORN John Headcorn &c.
WAGHORN John Shoreham &c.
WAGHORN Joseph Marden &c.
WAGHORN Thomas Lamberhurst &c.
WAGHORN Thomas Stroud &c.
WAGHORN Thomas Bexley &c.
WAGHORN William Lamberhurst &c.
WAGHORN William Woolwich &c.
WAGHORN William Sheerness &c.
WAGHORNE James Maidstone
WAGHORNE Samuel Lamberhurst &c.
WAGHORNE Thomas Hadlow &c.
WAGHORNE William Cowden &C.
WAGON John Malling &c.
WAGON John Aylesford &c.
WAILE Richard The Crays &c.
WAILEY Mrs Canterbury &c.
WAIN Richard The Crays &c.
WAIRE Mr George Bexley &c.
WAITE Mr Samuel Andrew Tonbridge
WAITE Rev Thomas (DD) Ashford &c.
WAITE Thomas Tonbridge
WAITE Thomas Tonbridge Wells &c.
WAKE Mrs Sarah Mary Greenwich &c.
WAKEFIELD George Maidstone
WAKEFIELD George Sittingbourne &c.
WAKEFIELD John Sittingbourne &c.
WAKEFIELD Lewis Maidstone
WAKEFORD George Maidstone
WAKEHAM John Deal &c
WAKEHAM John Deal &c
WAKELEY Thomas esq Newington &c.
WAKELEY W L esq Newington &c.
WAKELIN Mrs Martha Lewisham &c.
WAKELING James Stroud &c.
WAKELING James Rochester
WAKELING Thomas Stroud &c.
WAKEMAN Richard Shoreham &c.
WAKEMAN Richard Shoreham &c.
WALES Lewis Broadstairs &c.
WALES William Margate
WALES William Wittersham &c.
WALFORD Edward Berry Tonbridge Wells &c.
WALFORD Rev, Humphrey Thomas Hadlow &c.
WALFORD Thomas Gravesend &c.
WALKDEN Thomas Deptford &c
WALKDEN Thomas Deptford &c
WALKER & Son Greenwich &c.
WALKER Bachelor esq Romney &c.
WALKER Colonel Sheerness &c.
WALKER Edward Dover &c.
WALKER Elizabeth Lydd
WALKER Elizabeth Chatham &c.
WALKER Fanny Eltham &c.
WALKER Frederick The Crays &c.
WALKER George Sheerness &c.
WALKER George Canterbury &c.
WALKER Henry Pinkney Maidstone
WALKER James Margate
WALKER James Deptford &c
WALKER James & Thomas Dover &c.
WALKER James Esq Dover &c.
WALKER James esq Dover &c.
WALKER James, esq Gravesend &c.
WALKER John Lamberhurst &c.
WALKER John Lydd
WALKER John Maidstone
WALKER John Chatham &c.
WALKER John Hawkhurst &c.
WALKER John Dover &c.
WALKER John Greenwich &c.
WALKER John Alexander & Son Dover &c.
WALKER John esq Tonbridge Wells &c.
WALKER John esq Romney &c.
WALKER Joseph Dover &c.
WALKER Joseph Dover &c.
WALKER Miss Maidstone
WALKER Miss Mary Chatham &c.
WALKER Miss Sarah Greenwich &c.
WALKER Mr Frederick Maidstone
WALKER Mrs Elizabeth Lewisham &c.
WALKER Mrs Rancelot Greenwich &c.
WALKER Mrs Robert Dover &c.
WALKER Mrs Sophy Lewisham &c.
WALKER Richard Ramsgate &c.
WALKER Richard Ramsgate &c.
WALKER Robert Canterbury &c.
WALKER Sarah Margate
WALKER Stephen Sandwich &c.
WALKER Thomas Deptford &c
WALKER Thomas Dover &c.
WALKER William Lamberhurst &c.
WALKER William Chatham &c.
WALKINGTON Chas Smith Canterbury &c.
WALL & GODFREY Chatham &c.
WALL & GODFREY Chatham &c.
WALL George Canterbury &c.
WALL Miss Elizabeth Dartford &c.
WALL Mr James Ashford &c.
WALL Mr Samuel Lewisham &c.
WALL Nathaniel, Chatham &c.
WALL Thomas Broadstairs &c.
WALL William & George Canterbury &c.
WALLACE James Lamberhurst &c.
WALLACE James Woolwich &c.
WALLACE James Woolwich &c.
WALLACE John Maidstone
WALLACE Mrs Louisa Lewisham &c.
WALLACE Rev George Canterbury &c.
WALLACE Rev George (AM) Canterbury &c.
WALLACE Rev James Lloyd Seven Oaks &c.
WALLACE Samuel Eynesford &c.
WALLER Arthur Greenwich &c.
WALLER Arthur Greenwich &c.
WALLER Arthur Greenwich &c.
WALLER Miss Mary Sandwich &c.
WALLER Mrs Grace Faversham &c.
WALLER Thos esq Bromley &c.
WALLER William Woolwich &c.
WALLER William Woolwich &c.
WALLEY Mr Joseph Lewisham &c.
WALLINGTON Emma Greenwich &c.
WALLINGTON John Greenwich &c.
WALLIS  James Cowden &C.
WALLIS Edmund Gravesend &c.
WALLIS George Eynesford &c.
WALLIS Henry Greenwich &c.
WALLIS James Penshurst &c.
WALLIS James Woolwich &c.
WALLIS James Cowden &C.
WALLIS John Maidstone
WALLIS John Maidstone
WALLIS John Chatham &c.
WALLIS John Chatham &c.
WALLIS Mrs Matilda Bromley &c.
WALLIS Thomas Dartford &c.
WALLS William The Crays &c.
WALTAR John Canterbury &c.
WALTAR John Canterbury &c.
WALTAR Sarah Canterbury &c.
WALTAR William esq Sittingbourne &c.
WALTER & Son Loose &c.
WALTER ____ Tonbridge
WALTER Ann Dover &c.
WALTER Catherine Hadlow &c.
WALTER David Cowden &C.
WALTER Edward Greenwich &c.
WALTER Edward Greenwich &c.
WALTER Eliz. & Wm. Ashford &c.
WALTER George Lewisham &c.
WALTER Henry Greenwich &c.
WALTER Henry, Greenwich &c.
WALTER John Shoreham &c.
WALTER John Bromley &c.
WALTER John Down &c.
WALTER John Dover &c.
WALTER Mr James Marden &c.
WALTER Nathaniel Marden &c.
WALTER Odiarne C Broadstairs &c.
WALTER Rosemond Marden &c.
WALTER Sarah Tenterden &c.
WALTER Stephen Marden &c.
WALTER Stephen esq. Marden &c.
WALTER Thomas Tenterden &c.
WALTER Thomas Ashford &c.
WALTER William Maidstone
WALTER William Maidstone
WALTER William Marden &c.
WALTER William Maidstone
WALTER William Ashford &c.
WALTER William Bromley &c.
WALTERS John Deptford &c
WALTERS John Deptford &c
WALTERS Nathaniel Marden &c.
WALTERS Thomas Woolwich &c.
WALTHAM Jno Orpington &c.
WALTON Col. William The Crays &c.
WALTON John Chas Greenwich &c.
WALTON John Chas Greenwich &c.
WALTON Waller Hale Margate
WALTON William Gravesend &c.
WANOSTROHT Nicholas Lewisham &c.
WANSTALL Isaac Sandwich &c.
WANSTALL James High Halden &c.
WANSTALL John Ramsgate &c.
WANSTALL Richard Sittingbourne &c.
WANSTALL William Littlebourne &c.
WANSTALL William Littlebourne &c.
WANSTALL William Herne Bay &c.
WANSTALL William Sittingbourne &c.
WANSTELL Thomas High Halden &c.
WARCUP Jno & Wm Deptford &c
WARCUP John & Wm. Deptford &c
WARCUP Mr John Deptford &c
WARCUP Samuel Dartford &c.
WARCUP Samuel Dartford &c.
WARD  Jas. Cudham &c.
WARD  Mary Rochester
WARD & GARLICK Greenwich &c.
WARD & GARLICK Greenwich &c.
WARD Arthur esq Tonbridge Wells &c.
WARD C & J Gravesend &c.
WARD C H Gravesend &c.
WARD Charles Chatham &c.
WARD Charles Dover &c.
WARD Henry Canterbury &c.
WARD Henry Canterbury &c.
WARD Henry Canterbury &c.
WARD James Sheerness &c.
WARD James Sheerness &c.
WARD James Woolwich &c.
WARD James Greenwich &c.
WARD John Deptford &c
WARD John esq Down &c.
WARD Mr William Loose &c.
WARD Mr William Broadstairs &c.
WARD Rev Philip Tenterden &c.
WARD Rev Richard Loose &c.
WARD Rev Richard jun Loose &c.
WARD Richard Maidstone
WARD Samuel esq Down &c.
WARD Stephen Faversham &c.
WARD Thomas Bexley &c.
WARD Thomas Gravesend &c.
WARD William Woolwich &c.
WARD William Woolwich &c.
WARD William Deptford &c
WARD William Bromley &c.
WARD William Deptford &c
WARD William Deptford &c
WARD William George Chatham &c.
WARD William Lewis Sheerness &c.
WARD William, esq Sheerness &c.
WARDE Capt Fras. Dover &c.
WARDE Charles esq Westerham &c.
WARDE John esq Maidstone
WARDE The Hon Mrs Susannah Westerham &c.
WARDEN Capt Tonbridge
WARDEN Eliza Woolwich &c.
WARDEN John Herne Bay &c.
WARDEN William Sheerness &c.
WARE Charles Bexley &c.
WARE Charles Gravesend &c.
WARE George Stone &c.
WARE James Lewisham &c.
WARE John Deptford &c
WARE John Deptford &c
WARE Robert Gravesend &c.
WARE Thomas Stone &c.
WARE William Tonbridge
WARE William Tonbridge
WAREHAM Mary Elizabeth Broadstairs &c.
WAREING Thomas esq Orpington &c.
WARGER John Maidstone
WARING Dr Richard The Crays &c.
WARING Mr William Eynesford &c.
WARMAN Charles Sandwich &c.
WARMAN Henry Ramsgate &c.
WARMAN Henry Ramsgate &c.
WARMAN William Canterbury &c.
WARNER Charles Greenwich &c.
WARNER Cyrus Ramsgate &c.
WARNER Mrs Eltham &c.
WARNER Mrs Mary Lewisham &c.
WARNER Philip Margate
WARNER Rev Daniel Francis Rochester
WARNER Rev Lee Canterbury &c.
WARNER Rev. Daniel Fras. Rochester
WARNER Robert Crayford &c.
WARNER Simeon esq Lewisham &c.
WARNER Thomas Westerham &c.
WARNET James Hadlow &c.
WARRE Colonel William Chatham &c.
WARRE J A Esq Ramsgate &c.
WARREN & JONES Gravesend &c.
WARREN & Son Sandwich &c.
WARREN & Son Canterbury &c.
WARREN & Son Canterbury &c.
WARREN Ann Deptford &c
WARREN Caroline Deptford &c
WARREN Geo. Henry Woodruff Dover &c.
WARREN Geo. Hy. Woodruff Dover &c.
WARREN George Margate
WARREN George Henry Woodruff Dover &c.
WARREN George Walton Deptford &c
WARREN Jno esq Lewisham &c.
WARREN John Greenwich &c.
WARREN Mrs Greenwich &c.
WARREN Thomas Sittingbourne &c.
WARREN Thomas Greenwich &c.
WARREN William Sheerness &c.
WARRINER Rev Enoch The Crays &c.
WARRINGTON  William Loose &c.
WARRINGTON George Deptford &c
WARRINGTON William Loose &c.
WARRINGTON William Deptford &c
WARWICK Chs. Dover &c.
WARWICK Isaac Maidstone
WARWICK Mrs Harriet Maidstone
WASSELL George Frederick Woolwich &c.
WASTALL Robert Sandwich &c.
WATCHES Leonard Hythe &c.
WATCHURST Jas Newington &c.
WATERHOUSE Joseph Greenwich &c.
WATERHOUSE William Greenwich &c.
WATERHOUSE William Greenwich &c.
WATERMAN Mr J M Maidstone
WATERMAN Robert Stroud &c.
WATERMAN William Tenterden &c.
WATERS Edmund Woolwich &c.
WATERS Edward Canterbury &c.
WATERS George Maidstone
WATERS George Cranbrooke &c.
WATERS George Cranbrooke &c.
WATERS George Faversham &c.
WATERS Henry Loose &c.
WATERS James Loose &c.
WATERS James jun Woolwich &c.
WATERS James jun Woolwich &c.
WATERS John Cranbrooke &c.
WATERS John Cranbrooke &c.
WATERS Jonathan Maidstone
WATERS Jonathan Maidstone
WATERS Mary Dover &c.
WATERS Mr Jos Henry Lewisham &c.
WATERS Richard Margate
WATERS Richard esq Canterbury &c.
WATERS Robert Dartford &c.
WATERS Sarah Maidstone
WATERS Sarah Deal &c
WATERS Thomas Woolwich &c.
WATERS Thomas Cranbrooke &c.
WATERS Thomas Dover &c.
WATERS Thomas Dover &c.
WATERS Thomas Faversham &c.
WATERS William Richard Dover &c.
WATERS Wm Andrew Rochester
WATES Benjamin Woolwich &c.
WATES James Gravesend &c.
WATES Jemima Woolwich &c.
WATES Mary Woolwich &c.
WATES Samuel Woolwich &c.
WATKIN Thomas Rochester
WATKINS Frederick Greenwich &c.
WATKINS John Woolwich &c.
WATKINS John Canterbury &c.
WATKINS John Greenwich &c.
WATKINS Mary Herne Bay &c.
WATKINS Mary Lewisham &c.
WATKINS Miss Greenwich &c.
WATKINS Thos. Lamberhurst &c.
WATKINS William Marden &c.
WATKINS William Finnis Westerham &c.
WATKINSON Richard Greenwich &c.
WATKINSON Thomas Deptford &c
WATSON  Robt. Wm. Dover &c.
WATSON  William Greenwich &c.
WATSON Alex Hythe &c.
WATSON Ann Eliza Deptford &c
WATSON Archer Margate
WATSON Archer Margate
WATSON Charles Stroud &c.
WATSON Edmund Geere Chatham &c.
WATSON Edward Sheerness &c.
WATSON Edward Dartford &c.
WATSON Edwin Faversham &c.
WATSON Edwin Faversham &c.
WATSON Elizabeth Sheerness &c.
WATSON Frederick Marden &c.
WATSON Frederick Headcorn &c.
WATSON George Margate
WATSON George Rochester
WATSON George Deptford &c
WATSON Henry Hadlow &c.
WATSON Henry Norris esq Dover &c.
WATSON James Lewisham &c.
WATSON James Woolwich &c.
WATSON James Deal &c
WATSON James Canterbury &c.
WATSON Jane Canterbury &c.
WATSON Jas Lewisham &c.
WATSON John Ramsgate &c.
WATSON John Deal &c
WATSON John esq Lewisham &c.
WATSON John esq Sittingbourne &c.
WATSON Jos Lewisham &c.
WATSON Mr Richd K Hadlow &c.
WATSON Mr Thomas Marden &c.
WATSON Mrs Eltham &c.
WATSON Mrs Col Lewisham &c.
WATSON Mrs Mary Greenwich &c.
WATSON Richard Dartford &c.
WATSON Robert Newington &c.
WATSON Robert Margate
WATSON Robert Hawkhurst &c.
WATSON Robert William Dover &c.
WATSON Samuel Hadlow &c.
WATSON Samuel Hadlow &c.
WATSON Sarah Deal &c
WATSON Stephen Tonbridge Wells &c.
WATSON William Cranbrooke &c.
WATSON William Deptford &c
WATSON William Faversham &c.
WATT William Deal &c
WATT William Dover &c.
WATTELL John Boorman Maidstone
WATTERMAN Thomas Tonbridge
WATTERS Caroline Sheerness &c.
WATTMAN William Hawkhurst &c.
WATTS  James Woolwich &c.
WATTS  Miss Sandwich &c.
WATTS  Mrs Woolwich &c.
WATTS  Stephen Canterbury &c.
WATTS Andrew Dover &c.
WATTS Capt.  John James Deal &c
WATTS Esther Dover &c.
WATTS George Sandwich &c.
WATTS George Woolwich &c.
WATTS George Bexley &c.
WATTS George Taylor Deptford &c
WATTS James Hythe &c.
WATTS James Hythe &c.
WATTS James Woolwich &c.
WATTS James Woolwich &c.
WATTS James Edward & John Maidstone
WATTS Jas esq Hythe &c.
WATTS John Maidstone
WATTS John Bexley &c.
WATTS John Greenwich &c.
WATTS John Greenwich &c.
WATTS John Greenwich &c.
WATTS Philip Deptford &c
WATTS Samuel Woolwich &c.
WATTS Samuel Woolwich &c.
WATTS Stephen Deal &c
WATTS Thomas Charles esq Cranbrooke &c.
WATTS William Sandwich &c.
WATTS William, Deptford &c
WATTSFORD William Greenwich &c.
WAY & HILYARD Tonbridge Wells &c.
WAY Thomas Tonbridge Wells &c.
WAYLETT Samuel Deptford &c
WAYTH Major Boxley &c.

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