Pigots 1840 - Kent

lastname index Su to Sy


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LastName Section
SUART Edward esq Tonbridge Wells &c.
SUDBURY Ann Headcorn &c.
SUDBURY Thomas Headcorn &c.
SUGDEN George Deal &c
SUGDEN George Deal &c
SUGGATE Henry Ezra Greenwich &c.
SUGHRUE Capt Jas Greenwich &c.
SULLIVAN Richard Deptford &c
SULLIVAN Richard Deptford &c
SULLIVAN Timothy Woolwich &c.
SULMAN William Greenwich &c.
SULMAN William Greenwich &c.
SULMAN William Greenwich &c.
SUMMERFIELD James Maidstone
SUMMERFIELD Sophia Seven Oaks &c.
SUMMERFIELD William Chatham &c.
SUMMERS Ann Seven Oaks &c.
SUMMERS Jas Chatham &c.
SUMMERS John Alexander Tonbridge
SUMMERS Mary Shoreham &c.
SUMMERS Thomas Chatham &c.
SUMMERSETT Mary Greenwich &c.
SUNNUCKS Sarah Rochester
SURREY James Greenwich &c.
SURTEES The Misses Rochester
SURTH William Greenwich &c.
SUSSEX  His Royal Highness the Duke of Greenwich &c.
SUTCH James Woolwich &c.
SUTER Chas William Greenwich &c.
SUTER Robert Greenwich &c.
SUTER Robert Greenwich &c.
SUTER William Lewisham &c.
SUTER William Lewisham &c.
SUTER William Greenwich &c.
SUTER William jun Greenwich &c.
SUTER William jun Greenwich &c.
SUTER William jun, Greenwich &c.
SUTHERLAND George Rochester
SUTHERLAND George Bayne Woolwich &c.
SUTHERLAND James The Crays &c.
SUTHERLAND Mr Charles Lewisham &c.
SUTON Mr Peter Malling &c.
SUTTON & SAMS Lewisham &c.
SUTTON & SAMS Greenwich &c.
SUTTON Charlotte Ashford &c.
SUTTON Charlotte Ashford &c.
SUTTON Edward Maidstone
SUTTON Elizabeth Ashford &c.
SUTTON James Maidstone
SUTTON James Benjamin Stroud &c.
SUTTON James Benjamin Chatham &c.
SUTTON Jas Deal &c
SUTTON John Maidstone
SUTTON John Deal &c
SUTTON John Broadstairs &c.
SUTTON John Greenwich &c.
SUTTON John Windram Maidstone
SUTTON John, Seven Oaks &c.
SUTTON Misses Mary & Eliz Maidstone
SUTTON Mrs Ramsgate &c.
SUTTON Mrs Margate
SUTTON Rev Samuel Gravesend &c.
SUTTON Robert Bromley &c.
SUTTON Sarah Ann Tonbridge
SUTTON Thomas Sittingbourne &c.
SUTTON Thomas Seven Oaks &c.
SUTTON Thomas Deal &c
SUTTON Thomas Deal &c
SUTTON Thomas Cranbrooke &c.
SUTTON Thomas Deal &c
SUTTON Thomas Deal &c
SUTTON Thomas Saunders Seven Oaks &c.
SUTTON William Seven Oaks &c.
SUTTON William Deptford &c
SUTTON William Walter Dover &c.
SWABEY Edward Folkestone &c.
SWABEY Jesse Folkestone &c.
SWADLING Frances Headcorn &c.
SWAFFER Edward Lenham &c.
SWAIN Abram Wye
SWAIN Edward Canterbury &c.
SWAIN Gayler Herne Bay &c.
SWAIN James Canterbury &c.
SWAISLAND Amos esq Shoreham &c.
SWAISLAND Charles Crayford &c.
SWAISLAND John Gravesend &c.
SWAN Alexander esq Hythe &c.
SWANN Captain Frederick Dashwood Littlebourne &c.
SWANN Eliza Lewisham &c.
SWANSBOROUGH  William Tonbridge
SWANSBOROUGH William Tonbridge
SWANSBOROUGH William Seven Oaks &c.
SWAYLAND James Rochester
SWEET James & William Henry Stroud &c.
SWEET Rev William Hawkhurst &c.
SWEETING George Bromley &c.
SWEETING Thomas Down &c.
SWEETING William Lewisham &c.
SWEETLOVE David Tanner Maidstone
SWEETLOVE Edward Greenwich &c.
SWEETLOVE James Maidstone
SWEETLOVE John Boxley &c.
SWEETLOVE Robert & Son Wingham
SWEETLOVE Thomas Maidstone
SWEETLOVE Thomas esq Maidstone
SWEETMAN Mrs Anne Rochester
SWEETSER John Cudham &c.
SWIFT Thomas Craydon Sheerness &c.
SWINFEN John Maidstone
SWINFEN John Maidstone
SWINFER Spencer Bow Maidstone
SWINFORD John Margate
SWINFORD John Margate
SWINFORD John Margate
SWINFORD John London. Margate
SWING William Faversham &c.
SWINNEY Henry Gravesend &c.
SWINNEY Mary Anne Gravesend &c.
SWINNOCK Daniel Maidstone
SWINNOCK John Ramsgate &c.
SWINNOCK Joseph Maidstone
SWINNOCK Robert Maidstone
SWINYARD William Henry Faversham &c.
SWOFFER Edward Ramsgate &c.
SWOFFER Edward Faversham &c.
SWOFFER Richard Faversham &c.
SYCKELMOOR William Headcorn &c.
SYDDALL Ann Tonbridge Wells &c.
SYDNEY John Cowden &C.
SYDNEY Sir John Shelley bart. Penshurst &c.
SYKES  John Sittingbourne &c.
SYKES  John esq Rochester
SYKES Henry Greenwich &c.
SYKES Miss Lewisham &c.
SYMONDS John Gravesend &c.
SYMONDS Miss Dover &c.
SYMONS James Dover &c.
SYMS John Deptford &c
SYMS Mrs Colonel Malling &c.
SYMS William Chatham &c.

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