Pigots 1840 - Kent

lastname index Ro to Ry


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LastName Section
ROACH Edward Tonbridge Wells &c.
ROAKES William Greenwich &c.
ROALFE Benjamin Canterbury &c.
ROBB David Chatham &c.
ROBBINS Richard Dover &c.
ROBBINS Richard Dover &c.
ROBBINS Thomas Dover &c.
ROBBINS Vincent & James Dover &c.
ROBE The Misses Woolwich &c.
ROBERT John Eltham &c.
ROBERTS Tenterden &c.
ROBERTS Alexander Lenham &c.
ROBERTS Eliz. & Rebecca Deptford &c
ROBERTS Elizabeth Ann Greenwich &c.
ROBERTS Elizabeth, Tonbridge
ROBERTS George Woolwich &c.
ROBERTS George Bexley &c.
ROBERTS Henry Greenwich &c.
ROBERTS James Canterbury &c.
ROBERTS James Canterbury &c.
ROBERTS James Hawkhurst &c.
ROBERTS John Chatham &c.
ROBERTS John Deptford &c
ROBERTS John William Greenwich &c.
ROBERTS Leonard Lewisham &c.
ROBERTS Lieut. Jas. Woolfe Deptford &c
ROBERTS Miss Rebecca Canterbury &c.
ROBERTS Mr William Seven Oaks &c.
ROBERTS Mrs Bromley &c.
ROBERTS Richard Sandgate &c.
ROBERTS Richard Greenwich &c.
ROBERTS Thomas Lamberhurst &c.
ROBERTS Thomas Maidstone
ROBERTS Thomas Faversham &c.
ROBERTS Thomas esq Cranbrooke &c.
ROBERTS Thomas, Romney &c.
ROBERTS William Lewisham &c.
ROBERTS William Woolwich &c.
ROBERTS William Tonbridge
ROBERTS William Chatham &c.
ROBERTS William Chatham &c.
ROBERTS William esq Gravesend &c.
ROBERTS William, esq Tenterden &c.
ROBERTSON  Thomas Greenwich &c.
ROBERTSON Archibald Chatham &c.
ROBERTSON D J esq Tonbridge Wells &c.
ROBERTSON Dr Chatham &c.
ROBERTSON George Dover &c.
ROBERTSON James Hythe &c.
ROBERTSON John The Crays &c.
ROBERTSON Josiah Westerham &c.
ROBINS Henry Rochester
ROBINS Jacob Dover &c.
ROBINS John Sheerness &c.
ROBINS William Sheerness &c.
ROBINS William Sheerness &c.
ROBINSON  George Tonbridge Wells &c.
ROBINSON  Jacob Dover &c.
ROBINSON Capt Geo M (RN) Canterbury &c.
ROBINSON Edward Dover &c.
ROBINSON Emma Margate
ROBINSON George Maidstone
ROBINSON George Maidstone
ROBINSON George Tonbridge Wells &c.
ROBINSON George Tonbridge Wells &c.
ROBINSON George Greenwich &c.
ROBINSON George Thomas Malling &c.
ROBINSON Isaac Maidstone
ROBINSON James Maidstone
ROBINSON James Sheerness &c.
ROBINSON James Deptford &c
ROBINSON James Dover &c.
ROBINSON James Fennell Crayford &c.
ROBINSON John Maidstone
ROBINSON John Sheerness &c.
ROBINSON John esq Lydd
ROBINSON Mr Jno Lewisham &c.
ROBINSON Mrs Capt Greenwich &c.
ROBINSON Mrs Hannah Maria Greenwich &c.
ROBINSON Mrs Sarah Lydd
ROBINSON Samuel & Hannah Maidstone
ROBINSON Samuel & Hannah Maidstone
ROBINSON Thomas Margate
ROBINSON Thomas Dover &c.
ROBINSON Thomas Dover &c.
ROBINSON Thos Dover &c.
ROBINSON Thos. Dover &c.
ROBINSON William Margate
ROBINSON William Greenwich &c.
ROBINSON William Stone Woolwich &c.
ROBINSON William Stone Woolwich &c.
ROBINSON William Stone Woolwich &c.
ROBSON Josias Deptford &c
ROBSON Thomas esq Aylesford &c.
ROCH Jonathan Gravesend &c.
ROCHESTER The Lord Bishop of Bromley &c.
ROCHESTER The Very Rev. Loose &c.
ROCK  Philip Cudham &c.
ROCK George Lewisham &c.
ROCK Lydia Orpington &c.
ROCK William Cudham &c.
ROCKLIFFE Edward Chatham &c.
ROCKLIFFE Rebecca Littlebourne &c.
RODMELL John Stroud &c.
RODWELL Mrs Tonbridge Wells &c.
ROE William Charles Lewisham &c.
ROE William S Ramsgate &c.
ROFE Maidstone
ROFE Benjamin Tenterden &c.
ROFE Charles esq Lydd
ROFE Henry Marden &c.
ROFE John High Halden &c.
ROFE John Cranbrooke &c.
ROFE Stephen Tenterden &c.
ROFE William Tenterden &c.
ROFF John Deptford &c
ROFF William Woolwich &c.
ROFFEY George Woolwich &c.
ROFFEY George Woolwich &c.
ROFFWAY George Stroud &c.
ROFFWAY George Stroud &c.
ROFFWAY James Margate
ROGER Charles Margate
ROGERS Amelia Chatham &c.
ROGERS Charles Margate
ROGERS Colonel Henry Woolwich &c.
ROGERS Edward Sandwich &c.
ROGERS Elizabeth Faversham &c.
ROGERS Frederick Lomas esq Lewisham &c.
ROGERS George Margate
ROGERS Hy. Eynesford &c.
ROGERS Jacob Read Lewisham &c.
ROGERS James Bexley &c.
ROGERS James Ashford &c.
ROGERS James Greenwich &c.
ROGERS John The Crays &c.
ROGERS John Canterbury &c.
ROGERS John Faversham &c.
ROGERS John Deptford &c
ROGERS John Greenwich &c.
ROGERS John esq Seven Oaks &c.
ROGERS Lawrence Dover &c.
ROGERS Maylin Dover &c.
ROGERS Maylin Dover &c.
ROGERS Rebecca Broadstairs &c.
ROGERS Reuben Malling &c.
ROGERS Reuben Loose &c.
ROGERS Rev Henry Eynesford &c.
ROGERS Richard Deal &c
ROGERS Richard Faversham &c.
ROGERS Richard Folkestone &c.
ROGERS Robert Bromley &c.
ROGERS Robert Bromley &c.
ROGERS Robert Faversham &c.
ROGERS Sarah Eltham &c.
ROGERS Susannah Tonbridge Wells &c.
ROGERS Thomas Faversham &c.
ROGERS Walter Cudham &c.
ROGERS William Shoreham &c.
ROGERS William Rochester
ROGERS William Deal &c
ROGERSON Greenwich &c.
ROGERSON James Queenborough
ROLFE & Son Folkestone &c.
ROLFE & Son Folkestone &c.
ROLFE Ann Canterbury &c.
ROLFE Jno esq Hawkhurst &c.
ROLFE John Smith Margate
ROLFE Nicholas Lamberhurst &c.
ROLFE Rev. Charles High Halden &c.
ROLFE Richard Margate
ROLFE William Ramsgate &c.
ROLFE William Hadlow &c.
ROLLESTON Mr Henry Lewisham &c.
ROLPH Mr William Henry Sandwich &c.
ROLT Mr John David Deptford &c
ROLT Peter esq Lewisham &c.
ROMNEY The Right Hon Earl Maidstone
RONALDS William Dover &c.
RONS William C I Canterbury &c.
ROOD Emery Ramsgate &c.
ROOD Jesse Broadstairs &c.
ROOF Thomas Loose &c.
ROOFE Edward Chatham &c.
ROOFE Edward Chatham &c.
ROOK John Greenwich &c.
ROOK John Greenwich &c.
ROOK Samuel Rochester
ROOKE Charles Canterbury &c.
ROOKE Charles Canterbury &c.
ROOKE Mr John Canterbury &c.
ROOKE William Canterbury &c.
ROOMS Richard Maidstone
ROOTS Abraham Boxley &c.
ROOTS George Chatham &c.
ROOTS Henry Cudham &c.
ROOTS James Boxley &c.
ROOTS Thomas Lamberhurst &c.
ROOTS Thomas Deptford &c
ROOTS William Hawkhurst &c.
ROPER David esq Gravesend &c.
ROPER John Thomas Woolwich &c.
ROPER Rev J R Gravesend &c.
ROPER William Newington &c.
ROPER William Newington &c.
ROPER William Dover &c.
ROSASPINI Peter Tonbridge Wells &c.
ROSASPINI Peter Tonbridge Wells &c.
ROSE Capt. Hickman Dover &c.
ROSE Caroline Maidstone
ROSE Charles Canterbury &c.
ROSE James Woolwich &c.
ROSE James Folkestone &c.
ROSE James Folkestone &c.
ROSE James Folkestone &c.
ROSE John Ramsgate &c.
ROSE John Hadlow &c.
ROSE John Dover &c.
ROSE John B Greenwich &c.
ROSE Mrs Dinah, Seven Oaks &c.
ROSE Mrs. John Ramsgate &c.
ROSE Richard Shoreham &c.
ROSE Samuel Lenham &c.
ROSE Samuel Woolwich &c.
ROSE Thomas Gutheridge, Deptford &c
ROSE William Maidstone
ROSE William Ramsgate &c.
ROSE William Gravesend &c.
ROSHER Jeremiah Gravesend &c.
ROSHER Jeremiah esq Gravesend &c.
ROSKILLY Anthony Rochester
ROSLIN Jonathan Gravesend &c.
ROSNEY Jean Leon Dover &c.
ROSS Henry Tonbridge Wells &c.
ROSS Mrs Tonbridge Wells &c.
ROSS Mrs Fanny Deal &c
ROSS Rev John Alexander Ashford &c.
ROSS Sarah Lewisham &c.
ROSS Wm. Dover &c.
ROSSEL Rev James Maidstone
ROUCH Charles H Greenwich &c.
ROUCH Charles H Greenwich &c.
ROUCH Edmund Lewisham &c.
ROUCH Edmund Lewisham &c.
ROUCH Rev Frederick Canterbury &c.
ROUGHTON Stephen Woolwich &c.
ROULFE William Taylor Canterbury &c.
ROUND Richard esq Shoreham &c.
ROUSE Benjamin Bexley &c.
ROUSE Edward Norwood Margate
ROUSE John Headcorn &c.
ROUSE John Rochester
ROUSE John Beaumont Headcorn &c.
ROUSE John Beaumont Headcorn &c.
ROUSE John Wood Greenwich &c.
ROUSE Richard Edward Folkestone &c.
ROUSE Sarah Gravesend &c.
ROUSE Thomas Dover &c.
ROUSE Thomas Dover &c.
ROUTH William esq Lewisham &c.
ROW  George Margate
ROW George Deptford &c
ROWE Abraham Margate
ROWE Christopher Margate
ROWE George Margate
ROWE Mrs Maidstone
ROWE Sophia Louisa Lewisham &c.
ROWE Thomas Smith Margate
ROWE William Margate
ROWE William Dartford &c.
ROWE William Bromley &c.
ROWLAND Capt Charles Greenwich &c.
ROWLAND Charles Greenwich &c.
ROWLAND Edwd Chatham &c.
ROWLAND Mr Alexander Rosenthal Lewisham &c.
ROWLAND Theophilus Dover &c.
ROWLES Thomas Maidstone
ROWLEY James Chatham &c.
ROWLEY William Dover &c.
ROWLSTON William Bexley &c.
ROWSWELL Augustus Deptford &c
ROY William Bexley &c.
ROYCE Henry Canterbury &c.
ROYCE James Littlebourne &c.
ROYD John esq Lamberhurst &c.
ROYLE Joseph Canterbury &c.
ROYLE Joseph Canterbury &c.
RUCK Benjamin Maidstone
RUCK Benjamin Maidstone
RUCK Benjamin Maidstone
RUCK Charles Maidstone
RUCK James Maidstone
RUCK John Henry Chatham &c.
RUCK Joshua Maidstone
RUCK Mr Richard Newington &c.
RUDD Charlotte Rochester
RUDD Richard Margate
RUDDICK Mary Ramsgate &c.
RUDDLE Miss Deal &c
RUDDOCK John Benjamin Greenwich &c.
RUDDOCK Joseph Gravesend &c.
RUDMAN Abraham Canterbury &c.
RUDMAN Thomas Gravesend &c.
RUDRAM William Lewisham &c.
RUEGG Henry Greenwich &c.
RUEGG Henry Greenwich &c.
RUFF Mr Thomas Sittingbourne &c.
RUFFELL & Co Tonbridge Wells &c.
RUFFELL Samuel Greenwich &c.
RUFFIN Mary Dover &c.
RUGGLES William Greenwich &c.
RUGGLES William Henry Lewisham &c.
RUGLYS William Canterbury &c.
RULE George Deptford &c
RUMENS George Lewisham &c.
RUMMENS Thomas Lamberhurst &c.
RUMMENS Thomas Lamberhurst &c.
RUMMER John William Woolwich &c.
RUNHAM  Elizabeth Deptford &c
RUSE Eliza Maidstone
RUSH Charles Lewisham &c.
RUSHBROOKE Mrs Mary Canterbury &c.
RUSSEL James Deptford &c
RUSSELL Alex Ashford &c.
RUSSELL Alexander Maidstone
RUSSELL Alexander Ashford &c.
RUSSELL Alfred Dartford &c.
RUSSELL Ann Woolwich &c.
RUSSELL Ann & Sarah Tonbridge
RUSSELL Anthony Lewisham &c.
RUSSELL Arthur Tenterden &c.
RUSSELL Barnabas Maidstone
RUSSELL Edward Maidstone
RUSSELL Gabriel Sittingbourne &c.
RUSSELL George Maidstone
RUSSELL George Bexley &c.
RUSSELL George Boxley &c.
RUSSELL George Hawkhurst &c.
RUSSELL George Ireland Gravesend &c.
RUSSELL Henry Lewisham &c.
RUSSELL Henshaw esq Dover &c.
RUSSELL James Down &c.
RUSSELL Jno & Geo Cranbrooke &c.
RUSSELL Jno, Seven Oaks &c.
RUSSELL John Lenham &c.
RUSSELL John Lenham &c.
RUSSELL John High Halden &c.
RUSSELL John Deal &c
RUSSELL John Greenwich &c.
RUSSELL John & George Cranbrooke &c.
RUSSELL John esq Romney &c.
RUSSELL John esq Dartford &c.
RUSSELL John esq Gravesend &c.
RUSSELL Joseph Lewisham &c.
RUSSELL Joseph Lewisham &c.
RUSSELL Joseph Lewisham &c.
RUSSELL Joseph High Halden &c.
RUSSELL Misses Greenwich &c.
RUSSELL Mr Maidstone
RUSSELL Mr Alexander Chatham &c.
RUSSELL MR Edward Loose &c.
RUSSELL Mr Edward Romney &c.
RUSSELL Mr Jno Woolwich &c.
RUSSELL Mrs, Dover &c.
RUSSELL Rev Jn Clarke Romney &c.
RUSSELL Rev W (DD) Canterbury &c.
RUSSELL Richard Marden &c.
RUSSELL Richard Deal &c
RUSSELL Robert Deal &c
RUSSELL Robert Canterbury &c.
RUSSELL Robert Gravesend &c.
RUSSELL Robert esq Maidstone
RUSSELL Samuel Sheerness &c.
RUSSELL Samuel Greenwich &c.
RUSSELL Sarah Maidstone
RUSSELL Sarah Rochester
RUSSELL Sarah Canterbury &c.
RUSSELL Simeon Greenwich &c.
RUSSELL Thomas Maidstone
RUSSELL Thomas Ashford &c.
RUSSELL William Stone &c.
RUSSELL William Deptford &c
RUSSELL William Dover &c.
RUSSELL William Deptford &c
RUST Mr Thomas Greenwich &c.
RUST Thomas Woolwich &c.
RUTLAND George Sittingbourne &c.
RUTLEY Edward jun Dover &c.
RUTLEY George Edward Dover &c.
RUTLEY Mr Jno Lewis Greenwich &c.
RUTLEY Thomas & Richard Dover &c.
RUTLEY Thomas Barton Dover &c.
RUTLEY Thomas esq Dover &c.
RUTTER Edwd Sampson esq Dover &c.
RUTTER John Snoulten Canterbury &c.
RUTTER William Maidstone
RUTTLEDGE Major Wm. Dover &c.
RYAN John Edward Eynesford &c.
RYBOT Robert esq Margate
RYE Charlotte Faversham &c.
RYE Mrs Amelia Rochester
RYE William Robins Bexley &c.
RYMER James Ramsgate &c.

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