Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
PLAISTED  Thomas Wilkes Woolwich &c.
PLANE Ann Westerham &c.
PLANE John Maidstone
PLANE Mrs Elizabeth Maidstone
PLANE William Squire Gravesend &c.
PLANT Mrs Maidstone
PLANT Robert Rochester
PLASKET Sir R Canterbury &c.
PLASKETT Henry esq The Crays &c.
PLATER Rev Charles Eaton Whitstable
PLATER Rev Chas Dover &c.
PLATT James Hadlow &c.
PLATT Joshua esq Dover &c.
PLAYER William Wittersham &c.
PLAYFOOT John Lamberhurst &c.
PLEDGE Henry Malling &c.
PLEDGE John Folkestone &c.
PLEDGE Rev D, Margate
PLEDGE William Folkestone &c.
PLEDGE William Folkestone &c.
PLEDGE William Folkestone &c.
PLEDGE William Folkestone &c.
PLEDGE William & John Hythe &c.
PLEDGER Ann Lewisham &c.
PLEDGER Ann Lewisham &c.
PLIMPTON Samuel Maidstone
PLIMPTON Samuel Maidstone
PLOMLEY Francis Lydd
PLOMLEY Thomas Canterbury &c.
PLOMMER Mr Thomas Faversham &c.
PLOW John Woolwich &c.
PLUCKROSE Rebecca Deptford &c
PLUCKROSE Stephen Sheerness &c.
PLUM John Malling &c.
PLUMBE Mrs Elizabeth Stone &c.
PLUMMER Catherine Deptford &c
PLUMMER George Eltham &c.
PLUMMER John Greenwich &c.
PLUMMER John esq Margate
PLUMMER Mr George Canterbury &c.
PLUMMER Mr George Down &c.
PLUMMER Mr Thomas Eynesford &c.
PLUMMER Mr Wm. Canterbury &c.
PLUMMER Stephen Canterbury &c.
PLUMMER Stephen Canterbury &c.
PLUMMER William Lewisham &c.
PLUMMER William Greenwich &c.
PLUMPTON Susannah Deptford &c
PLUMPTRE J P esq (MP) Canterbury &c.
PLUMPTRE John esq Wingham
PLUMPTRE Rev Hny, Canterbury &c.
PLUMTRE J P esq Dover &c.
PLYMOUTH The Countess of Seven Oaks &c.
POCOCK George Lewisham &c.
PODEVIN Ann Sandgate &c.
PODEVIN Ann & Joseph Dover &c.
PODEVIN Charles William Alexander Parker Dover &c.
PODEVIN Joseph Dover &c.
PODMORE Chas. Henry High Halden &c.
POILE Jeremiah Wittersham &c.
POILE John Hawkhurst &c.
POILE Samuel Greenwich &c.
POINTER Mr Jno Margate
POINTON Samuel Margate
POLDON Mary Gravesend &c.
POLE William Bromley &c.
POLHILL George esq Cudham &c.
POLHILL John Tenterden &c.
POLHILL Mrs Hannah Canterbury &c.
POLHILL Rev Penshurst &c.
POLHILL Rev Frederick Shoreham &c.
POLHILL Richard Dover &c.
POLHILL Thomas Dover &c.
POLHILL William Tenterden &c.
POLLARD John Sheerness &c.
POLLARD John Sheerness &c.
POLLARD Robert Lewisham &c.
POLLARD Samuel Whitstable
POLLARD Samuel Canterbury &c.
POLLARD William Chatham &c.
POLLARD William Hadlow &c.
POLLEY James Newington &c.
POLLEY Jonathan Newington &c.
POLLEY William Woolwich &c.
POLLINGTON William Cowden &C.
POLLOCK John Sheerness &c.
POLSON Charles Sheerness &c.
POLTICK James Shoreham &c.
POMEROY Henry Greenwich &c.
POMFRET Miss Harriet Tenterden &c.
POMFRET Virgil esq Tenterden &c.
POND Henry Canterbury &c.
POND Joseph Canterbury &c.
POND William Margate
PONTIFEX Mr William Lewisham &c.
POOL Evan Deptford &c
POOL Isabella Canterbury &c.
POOL Sarah Orpington &c.
POOL Sarah Maidstone
POOL William Canterbury &c.
POOL William N Gravesend &c.
POOLE Ann Deptford &c
POOLE Ann Deptford &c
POOLE Jas Maidstone
POOLE John The Crays &c.
POOLE Joseph Woolwich &c.
POOLE Miss Lewisham &c.
POOLE Susannah Deal &c
POOLEY Thomas Boxley &c.
POOLLY Edwin Maidstone
POOLLY Edwin Maidstone
POOLLY Edwin Maidstone
POOLLY Elizabeth Maidstone
POOLLY George Maidstone
POOLLY George Maidstone
POOLLY John Maidstone
POOLLY Joseph Maidstone
POOLLY Joseph Maidstone
POOLLY Stephen Maidstone
POORE Rev John Sittingbourne &c.
POPE Ebenezer Folkestone &c.
POPE Ebenezer Folkestone &c.
POPE Elizabeth Stroud &c.
POPE George Loose &c.
POPE George Loose &c.
POPE George Tonbridge Wells &c.
POPE George Rochester
POPE George Chatham &c.
POPE Henry Dover &c.
POPE Henry John Greenwich &c.
POPE James Hythe &c.
POPE James Folkestone &c.
POPE James Folkestone &c.
POPE James Folkestone &c.
POPE John Folkestone &c.
POPE John & Wm. Ashford &c.
POPE Joseph High Halden &c.
POPE Mr Horatio Maidstone
POPE Mrs Ann Lamberhurst &c.
POPE Rev Robert Maidstone
POPE Rev W L Tonbridge Wells &c.
POPE Thomas T Canterbury &c.
POPE Timothy John Rochester
POPE William Lydd
POPE William Loose &c.
POPE William Cranbrooke &c.
POPE, BROTHERS & Co Greenwich &c.
POPPLE Sarah Ramsgate &c.
POPPLEWELL Captain Matthew James Greenwich &c.
PORDIDGE Robert Deal &c
PORRITT Isaac Deptford &c
PORRITT Isaac Deptford &c
PORRITT Isaac Deptford &c
PORT  Ann Hawkhurst &c.
PORTER Ann Deptford &c
PORTER Benjamin Woolwich &c.
PORTER George Bromley &c.
PORTER John Queenborough
PORTER John Sheerness &c.
PORTER John Chatham &c.
PORTER John Deptford &c
PORTER Miss Maria Headcorn &c.
PORTER Mr George Maidstone
PORTER Mr Henry Maidstone
PORTER Mr Richard Deptford &c
PORTER Mrs Margate
PORTER Mrs Faversham &c.
PORTER Mrs S Maidstone
PORTER Richard Hadlow &c.
PORTER Richard E Deptford &c
PORTWINE Ann Romney &c.
POSNETT Mr Thomas Seven Oaks &c.
POST John Benj. Dover &c.
POST Mary Ann Dover &c.
POSTLE Mr Robert Lewisham &c.
POSTLE Thomas Woolwich &c.
POTT Arthur esq Tonbridge Wells &c.
POTT Charles esq Bromley &c.
POTT MR Frederick William Lewisham &c.
POTT Mr William Sandwich &c.
POTT William Sandwich &c.
POTT William Deal &c
POTTER  John Maidstone
POTTER  John Woolwich &c.
POTTER Ann Canterbury &c.
POTTER Ann Canterbury &c.
POTTER George Hadlow &c.
POTTER James Queenborough
POTTER James Westerham &c.
POTTER John Lenham &c.
POTTER Richard Greenwich &c.
POTTER Rowley Edward Dartford &c.
POTTER Rowley Edward Dartford &c.
POTTER Rowley Edward Dartford &c.
POTTER Samuel Canterbury &c.
POTTER Samuel Broadstairs &c.
POTTER William Cranbrooke &c.
POTTER William Henry esq Bromley &c.
POTTICARY Rev George Lewisham &c.
POTTICARY Rev George Lewisham &c.
POTTON Cornelius Greenwich &c.
POTTS & REYNOLDS Greenwich &c.
POTTS George Whitstable
POTTS Henry Greenwich &c.
POTTS Henry jun Greenwich &c.
POTTS Henry jun, Greenwich &c.
POTTS John Margate
POTTS John Margate
POTTS John Deal &c
POTTS Thomas Maidstone
POULTER James Dover &c.
POULTER Thomas Seven Oaks &c.
POUND Elizabeth Margate
POUND George Culmer Dover &c.
POUND James Maidstone
POUND Thomas Maidstone
POUND Thomas Lewisham &c.
POUSSETT John Margate
POUT Henry Loose &c.
POUT John Canterbury &c.
POUT John Canterbury &c.
POUT Mr Charles Canterbury &c.
POVEY Richard Gravesend &c.
POVEY Richard Gravesend &c.
POWELL  Thomas Tonbridge
POWELL Baden esq Tonbridge Wells &c.
POWELL Baden esq Cowden &C.
POWELL Charles Sandwich &c.
POWELL Charles Sandwich &c.
POWELL Dr Tonbridge Wells &c.
POWELL Elisha Tenterden &c.
POWELL Esther Sandwich &c.
POWELL George Deptford &c
POWELL Henry Tonbridge Wells &c.
POWELL James Lamberhurst &c.
POWELL James Maidstone
POWELL James Hall Deal &c
POWELL John High Halden &c.
POWELL John Ramsgate &c.
POWELL John Tenterden &c.
POWELL John Powell esq Margate
POWELL John Withers esq Margate
POWELL Mr George Maidstone
POWELL Mr George Lenham &c.
POWELL Mr James Lenham &c.
POWELL Mr William Lenham &c.
POWELL Rev Baden Bexley &c.
POWELL Samuel Canterbury &c.
POWELL William Deal &c
POWELL Wm Bromley &c.
POWIS Mr Richard Eltham &c.
POWSEY Ann Ashford &c.
POWSEY Ann Ashford &c.
POWVEY John Deptford &c
POYNDER & HOBSON Gravesend &c.
POYNDER George Maidstone
POYNDER Thomas esq Gravesend &c.
POYNERD Noah Rochester
PRALL Henry Gravesend &c.
PRALL Richard Rochester
PRALL William Hadlow &c.
PRANCE James Connell Maidstone
PRANCE James Connell Maidstone
PRANCE Miss Sarah Maidstone
PRASLEY William Herne Bay &c.
PRAT Miss Eliza Lewisham &c.
PRATER Augustus Woolwich &c.
PRATT  G Chatham &c.
PRATT George Tonbridge Wells &c.
PRATT John Deptford &c
PRATT John Tidd esq Margate
PRATT Mrs Anne Faversham &c.
PRATT Mrs Sarah Chatham &c.
PRATT Thomas Canterbury &c.
PRATT William Sandwich &c.
PRATTEN Francis Sheerness &c.
PREBBELL George Gravesend &c.
PREBBLE Tenterden &c.
PREBBLE James Margate
PREBBLE Jno Romney &c.
PREBBLE Richard Tonbridge Wells &c.
PREBBLE Richard Dover &c.
PREBBLE William Ashford &c.
PRENDERGAST Rev Jos Lewisham &c.
PRENDERGAST Rev Jos Lewisham &c.
PRENTICE Samuel Canterbury &c.
PRENTICE Samuel Canterbury &c.
PRENTICE Wm. Dover &c.
PRENTICE Zachariah Canterbury &c.
PRENTICE Zachariah Canterbury &c.
PRENTIS George Maidstone
PRENTIS George Maidstone
PRENTIS George Maidstone
PRENTIS The Misses Maidstone
PRESCOTT (RN) James Deal &c
PRESCOTT Barbara Rochester
PRESTON George Deptford &c
PRESTON James Greenwich &c.
PRESTON William esq Margate
PRETT William Canterbury &c.
PRICE ____ Lewisham &c.
PRICE Allen Foord Deptford &c
PRICE Charles Lewisham &c.
PRICE Charles Joseph Lewisham &c.
PRICE Charles Joseph Lewisham &c.
PRICE Chas Lewisham &c.
PRICE Daniel Wye
PRICE David Lewisham &c.
PRICE David Margate
PRICE Edward esq Down &c.
PRICE Eliz. Margate
PRICE James Cranbrooke &c.
PRICE John esq Margate
PRICE Joseph Deptford &c
PRICE Mary Hythe &c.
PRICE Mr Jno Lewisham &c.
PRICE Mrs Mary Westerham &c.
PRICE Peter Gravesend &c.
PRICE Ralph esq Lewisham &c.
PRICE Rev John Eynesford &c.
PRICE Rev Ralph Hythe &c.
PRICE Rev Robert Shoreham &c.
PRICE Richard esq Cowden &C.
PRICE Septimus Greenwich &c.
PRICE Thomas Maidstone
PRICE Thomas Maidstone
PRICE William Queenborough
PRICE William Sittingbourne &c.
PRICE William Greenwich &c.
PRICE William Greenwich &c.
PRICKETT Charles Lamberhurst &c.
PRICKETT Jno George esq Lewisham &c.
PRICKETT John Lamberhurst &c.
PRICKETT Mr Robert Broadstairs &c.
PRIDHAM John Margate
PRIEST Charlotte Woolwich &c.
PRIESTLY John Gravesend &c.
PRINCE & BRIDGLAND Tonbridge Wells &c.
PRINCE Leeson Tonbridge
PRINCE William Maidstone
PRING & COMPTON Chatham &c.
PRINGLE John esq Margate
PRINGLE Mrs Bexley &c.
PRINGUER John Canterbury &c.
PRINGUER John Faversham &c.
PRIOR Samuel esq Lewisham &c.
PRIOR Thomas esq Eynesford &c.
PRITCHARD Mrs Lewisham &c.
PRITCHARD Mrs Sarah Lewisham &c.
PRITCHARD Simon Deal &c
PRITCHARD Stephen Deal &c
PRITCHER Thomas The Crays &c.
PRITCHETT Richard Hadlow &c.
PROSSEY Rev Samuel Lewisham &c.
PROUT Thomas Chatham &c.
PTITCHARD Eliza Ann Deptford &c
PUCKLE Mrs Sarah Hythe &c.
PUCKLE Rev John Dover &c.
PUDDEFOOT George Westerham &c.
PUDNER Mrs Maidstone
PUDNEY Samuel Woolwich &c.
PUGH George Lewisham &c.
PUGH George Greenwich &c.
PUGH John & Robert Tonbridge
PUGH John & Robert Tonbridge
PULFREE John Bromley &c.
PULLEN Rev George Romney &c.
PULLING John Deptford &c
PULLING Rev John Deptford &c
PULLINGER Thomas Chatham &c.
PUNNETT John Folkestone &c.
PUNTER  John Woolwich &c.
PUNYER William Faversham &c.
PUPLETT William Ramsgate &c.
PURCELL Elizabeth Chatham &c.
PURCELL George William Chatham &c.
PURCHASE Amelia Woolwich &c.
PURDAY Mr Cyrus Robert Sandgate &c.
PURDAY Thomas Sandgate &c.
PURDAY Thomas Sandgate &c.
PURDAY William Down &c.
PURDO William  Esq. Chatham &c.
PURFIELD James Tenterden &c.
PURGLES William Greenwich &c.
PURKISS Henry Greenwich &c.
PURRELL John Greenwich &c.
PURSER Edward Penshurst &c.
PURSER William, Penshurst &c.
PURT George Greenwich &c.
PURVIS Ann Eltham &c.
PURVIS John Ramsgate &c.
PURVIS Prior Greenwich &c.
PURVIS Prior Greenwich &c.
PURVIS Thomas Deptford &c
PURVISS Mrs Sarah Greenwich &c.
PUTTEE George Folkestone &c.
PUTTELO Captain Robert Bromley &c.
PYBUS James esq Maidstone
PYBUS Thomas Maidstone
PYBUS Thomas Maidstone
PYBUS Thomas Maidstone
PYBUS Thomas Maidstone
PYBUS Thos, Maidstone
PYE Elizabeth Sittingbourne &c.
PYE Thomas Chatham &c.
PYLE Henry William Margate
PYLE Henry William Margate
PYLE Henry William Margate
PYRKE Martin Deptford &c
PYRKE Martin Deptford &c

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