Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
LE CREN Mrs & Miss Greenwich &c.
LE GALLIOS Monsieur Greenwich &c.
LE GEYT Rev Philip Marden &c.
LE GROS James Hythe &c.
LE KEUX Peter William Eltham &c.
LE'PLASTRIER Robert Dover &c.
LEA Charles & Co Canterbury &c.
LEACH Capt. John Deal &c
LEACH George Dover &c.
LEACH Henry Greenwich &c.
LEACH Henry Greenwich &c.
LEACH Thomas Bromley &c.
LEACH Thomas Dartford &c.
LEACH Thomas Bromley &c.
LEACH Thos. Deal &c
LEACH William Orpington &c.
LEADBETTER James Chatham &c.
LEADER Ann Maidstone
LEADER Rev William Maidstone
LEAKE Mary Canterbury &c.
LEAN Charles Greenwich &c.
LEANEY William Hawkhurst &c.
LEAR Charles Greenwich &c.
LEARY David Dartford &c.
LEAVER Edmd. Dover &c.
LEAVER John William Woolwich &c.
LEAVITT Ann Marden &c.
LECHMERE Thomas esq. Bexley &c.
LEDDELL John Sheerness &c.
LEDDELL Mary Ann Sheerness &c.
LEDGER Edward jun esq Lewisham &c.
LEDGER G W esq Dover &c.
LEDGER George William Dover &c.
LEDGER George William esq Dover &c.
LEDGER John Boxley &c.
LEDGER Miss Elizabeth Lewisham &c.
LEE Charles Canterbury &c.
LEE George Lewisham &c.
LEE George Sandwich &c.
LEE John Seven Oaks &c.
LEE John Sittingbourne &c.
LEE John Cudham &c.
LEE John Hadlow &c.
LEE John Greenwich &c.
LEE John Dover &c.
LEE John Edmund Lewisham &c.
LEE Joseph esq Gravesend &c.
LEE Lady Elizabeth Deal &c
LEE Mr C Greenwich &c.
LEE Mr Jas Lewisham &c.
LEE Mrs Susannah Lewisham &c.
LEE Oliver Herne Bay &c.
LEE Oliver Herne Bay &c.
LEE Richard Chatham &c.
LEE Thomas Woolwich &c.
LEE Thomas Woolwich &c.
LEE William Lewisham &c.
LEE William Woolwich &c.
LEE William Sandwich &c.
LEE William Canterbury &c.
LEE Wm Windham Rochester
LEECH Charlotte Maidstone
LEECH Miss Eliz Lewisham &c.
LEECH William Lewisham &c.
LEECH William Lewisham &c.
LEEDS  John Hythe &c.
LEEDS Amos Sittingbourne &c.
LEEDS James Lydd
LEEDS John Hythe &c.
LEEDS John Hadlow &c.
LEEDS John Hadlow &c.
LEEDS John jun Hadlow &c.
LEEDS Joseph Sittingbourne &c.
LEESON Henry Greenwich &c.
LEFEAVER Stephen Marden &c.
LEFEVER Benjamin Folkestone &c.
LEFEVRE Edward Canterbury &c.
LEFEVRE Thos esq Deptford &c
LEFFEN John Ramsgate &c.
LEFTLEY George Sheerness &c.
LEFTLEY George Sheerness &c.
LEFTON Richard Greenwich &c.
LEGGATT Richard S Sandwich &c.
LEGGE  Rev H Lewisham &c.
LEGGE Hon & Rev Hy Lewisham &c.
LEGGE Hon Henry Lewisham &c.
LEGGE Hon Lady Arthur Lewisham &c.
LEGGE Joseph Sims Margate
LEGGE Major Arthur Jas Lewisham &c.
LEGGE Samuel Canterbury &c.
LEGGETT John Stone &c.
LEGRAND Mr John Canterbury &c.
LEIGH & Co Dover &c.
LEIGH & Co Dover &c.
LEIGH & RANDELL Woolwich &c.
LEIGH Charles Penshurst &c.
LEIGH Eliza Deptford &c
LEIGH George Tenterden &c.
LEIGH Henry Penshurst &c.
LEIGH Henry Penshurst &c.
LEIGH Henry jun Penshurst &c.
LEIGH Henry jun. Penshurst &c.
LEIGH Henry, Penshurst &c.
LEIGH Mary Deptford &c
LEIGH Richard esq Dartford &c.
LEIGH Stephen Dover &c.
LEIGH William Greenwich &c.
LEIGH William Deptford &c
LEITCH William Lewisham &c.
LEITCHFORD Thomas Seven Oaks &c.
LEITH George esq Deal &c
LEITH James Deal &c
LEITH James esq Deal &c
LELLYONT George Herne Bay &c.
LELLYONT George Herne Bay &c.
LEMAN Isaiah Canterbury &c.
LEMMEY John Sittingbourne &c.
LEMMON Rev R O Lamberhurst &c.
LEMON Mr William Stroud &c.
LENEY & SPENCER Shoreham &c.
LENEY Charles Loose &c.
LENEY Charles Loose &c.
LENEY Charles Shoreham &c.
LENEY Frederick Shoreham &c.
LENEY Frederick Shoreham &c.
LENEY George Maidstone
LENHAM Mr Gravesend &c.
LENNINGTON John Bexley &c.
LENNY Rev C Ramsgate &c.
LENNY Rev Christopher Gravesend &c.
LENNY Rev. C Ramsgate &c.
LEOFFLER Peter Greenwich &c.
LEPARD William, Bromley &c.
LEPINE Charles Deal &c
LEPINE George Ashford &c.
LEPINE William Canterbury &c.
LEPPER Augustine Lydd
LEPPES  Richard Chatham &c.
LESLIE Ellen Gravesend &c.
LESSEY Noah Chatham &c.
LESTER & Son Rochester
LESTER Charles Sheerness &c.
LESTER Charlotte Ashford &c.
LESTER Elizabeth Rochester
LESTER George Dover &c.
LESTER George jun. Dover &c.
LESTER James Ashford &c.
LESTER Jane Deptford &c
LESTER John Rochester
LESTER Joseph, Deptford &c
LESTER Leonard Sheerness &c.
LESTER Mr Charles Greenwich &c.
LESTER Sarah & Charles Rochester
LESTER Thomas Maidstone
LESTER Thomas Deptford &c
LESTER William Elliott The Crays &c.
LETCHFORD Hy & Geo Malling &c.
LETHBRIDGE   John A  esq. Greenwich &c.
LETLEY  Wm Geo. Chatham &c.
LETT Mary Ann Woolwich &c.
LETTON Richard Greenwich &c.
LEVELL Lieut Thomas (RN) Gravesend &c.
LEVENS John Lewisham &c.
LEVENS Samuel Bromley &c.
LEVENS William Bromley &c.
LEVER George Woolwich &c.
LEVER John Woolwich &c.
LEVETT Francis Lewisham &c.
LEVEY Emanuel Dover &c.
LEVEY Esther Margate
LEVINGTON Rev Charles Wingham
LEVY Isaac Sheerness &c.
LEVY J & J Chatham &c.
LEVY J & Son Rochester
LEVY John Sheerness &c.
LEVY Noah Chatham &c.
LEWCOCK Robert Sheerness &c..
LEWEN George Sheerness &c.
LEWIN Hannah Sheerness &c.
LEWIN Henry esq. Eltham &c.
LEWIN Mr Thomas Hollies Bexley &c.
LEWIN Mrs Hendrina Eltham &c.
LEWIN Thomas esq Eltham &c.
LEWIS  James Cranbrooke &c.
LEWIS Benjamin Tonbridge Wells &c.
LEWIS Benjamin Tonbridge Wells &c.
LEWIS Captain Philip George Stone &c.
LEWIS Caroline & Edw Tonbridge Wells &c.
LEWIS Charles esq Lewisham &c.
LEWIS Charles Sandys Margate
LEWIS Charles Sandys Margate
LEWIS David Baxter Rochester
LEWIS Edward Deptford &c
LEWIS Elizabeth Down &c.
LEWIS Fuller Wenham esq Westerham &c.
LEWIS George Alexander Ashford &c.
LEWIS Israel esq Loose &c.
LEWIS James Tonbridge Wells &c.
LEWIS James Rochester
LEWIS James Ashford &c.
LEWIS John Ramsgate &c.
LEWIS John Ramsgate &c.
LEWIS John Woolwich &c.
LEWIS John, Layfield Chatham &c.
LEWIS Mary Tonbridge Wells &c.
LEWIS Mary Tonbridge Wells &c.
LEWIS Mr Peter T Chatham &c.
LEWIS Mrs The Crays &c.
LEWIS Mrs Sarah Bromley &c.
LEWIS Rev William Rochester
LEWIS Rev. William Chatham &c.
LEWIS Rev. William Chatham &c.
LEWIS Rev.Geo.Wm Ramsgate &c.
LEWIS Richard Woolwich &c.
LEWIS Richard Ashford &c.
LEWIS Saml Margate
LEWIS Thomas Chatham &c.
LEWIS William Sandgate &c.
LEWIS William Seven Oaks &c.
LEWNDES Thomas esq Dover &c.
LIDBETTER & NEWMAN Tonbridge Wells &c.
LIDDARD Mr Stephen Cudham &c.
LIDDELL Mrs Charlotte Lewisham &c.
LIDDIARD Joseph Deptford &c
LIGHTFOOT Richard Gravesend &c.
LIGHTFOOT Robert Deptford &c
LIGHTFOOT Thomas esq Seven Oaks &c.
LIGHTFOOT William Faversham &c.
LILBURN Capt. Dover &c.
LILLY Joseph Stroud &c.
LIMBERT Wm. Chatham &c.
LIMBERY Captain William Lewisham &c.
LIMEBURNER Charles Herne Bay &c.
LIMEBURNER Charles Herne Bay &c.
LINCOLN Walter Lewisham &c.
LINDRIDGE George Maidstone
LINDRIDGE George Maidstone
LINDRIDGE George Maidstone
LINDRIDGE George Maidstone
LINDRIDGE John Wilmot Rochester
LINDRIDGE John Wilmot Rochester
LINDRIDGE Thomas Herne Bay &c.
LINDSAY Captain John Lewisham &c.
LINDSAY Captain Martin Woolwich &c.
LINDSEY Capt. John (RN Deal &c
LINDSEY James Lewisham &c.
LINDSEY James Lewisham &c.
LINES James Deptford &c
LINES Samuel Deptford &c
LINFIELD  George Cowden &C.
LING Margate
LING Benjamin Woolwich &c.
LINGARD Mr George Tonbridge
LINGFIELD Robert Greenwich &c.
LINGFIELD Robert Greenwich &c.
LINGHAM Charlotte Tonbridge Wells &c.
LINGHAM Mrs Elizabeth Lewisham &c.
LINTON Capt. (RN) Boxley &c.
LINTON Henry Dartford &c.
LINTON Thomas Canterbury &c.
LINTON Thomas Down &c.
LINTOTT Edward Stonham Maidstone
LISHMAN William Sittingbourne &c.
LISTER Jane Deptford &c
LITTLE John Maidstone
LITTLE Mr William Down &c.
LITTLEFIELD George Deptford &c
LITTLEWOOD John Gravesend &c.
LIVICK James Ramsgate &c.
LIVINGSTON Daniel Lewisham &c.
LLOYD Mr Chas. Deptford &c
LLOYD Mr George Greenwich &c.
LLOYD Rev David Greenwich &c.
LLOYD Rev John Wingham
LLOYD Rev Thomas Lewisham &c.
LLOYD Richard Bethell Eynesford &c.
LLOYD Samuel Margate
LOACHY Benjamin Canterbury &c.
LOADER  Thos Margate
LOCHEE Alfred Canterbury &c.
LOCK Alfred Deptford &c
LOCK Elizabeth Greenwich &c.
LOCK John Woolwich &c.
LOCK John & Michael Chatham &c.
LOCK John Osborne Deptford &c
LOCK Mr Frederick Greenwich &c.
LOCK Richard Lewisham &c.
LOCK Robert & Michael Chatham &c.
LOCK Thomas Woolwich &c.
LOCK William Westerham &c.
LOCKE Rev George Lewisham &c.
LOCKER  Edward Hawke esq Greenwich &c.
LOCKETT John Stone &c.
LOCKHURST Daniel Seven Oaks &c.
LOCKHURST John Maidstone
LOCKWOOD Rev F V Canterbury &c.
LOCKWOOD Rev. Frederick Ashford &c.
LOCKYER Sophannah Sheerness &c.
LOCKYER Thomas Queenborough
LOE John Woolwich &c.
LOE John Woolwich &c.
LOE William Woolwich &c.
LOFT George Greenwich &c.
LOFT Luke Gravesend &c.
LOFT Mary Gravesend &c.
LOFT Nicholas Greenwich &c.
LOFT Thomas Gravesend &c.
LOFT William Sheerness &c.
LOGAN Thomas Boxley &c.
LOGAN William Maidstone
LOMAS John Maidstone
LOMAS Mr William Rochester
LOMAS Rev, Thomas Boxley &c.
LOMAS William Maidstone
LOMAX Rev Charles Tonbridge Wells &c.
LONG Col. Jno Rochester
LONG Colonel Samuel Bromley &c.
LONG Edward Maidstone
LONG George Margate
LONG George Deal &c
LONG Joseph Dover &c.
LONG Joseph Dover &c.
LONG Liberty Maidstone
LONG Luke Tonbridge Wells &c.
LONG Luke Tonbridge Wells &c.
LONG Mary Deal &c
LONG Mr William Headcorn &c.
LONG Peter Deal &c
LONG Robert Romney &c.
LONG Samuel Sheerness &c.
LONG Thomas Dover &c.
LONG Thomas jun. Dover &c.
LONGBOTHAM Isaac Whitstable
LONGBOTHAM William Herne Bay &c.
LONGHURST  Edward Maidstone
LONGHURST James Canterbury &c.
LONGHURST John Cudham &c.
LONGHURST Thomas Malling &c.
LONGLANDS Henry esq Woolwich &c.
LONGLANDS Miss Woolwich &c.
LONGLEY  James Sandwich &c.
LONGLEY Edward Sandwich &c.
LONGLEY Eleanor Lydd
LONGLEY George Newington &c.
LONGLEY George Faversham &c.
LONGLEY James Sandwich &c.
LONGLEY Jno Tenterden &c.
LONGLEY John Tenterden &c.
LONGLEY Thomas jun. Canterbury &c.
LONGLEY Thomas White Canterbury &c.
LONGLEY William Lydd
LONGTHORNE George Dover &c.
LONSDALE Mark Woolwich &c.
LONSDALE Mary Greenwich &c.
LOOF William Tonbridge Wells &c.
LOOF William, Bath square Tonbridge Wells &c.
LORD Benjamin Gravesend &c.
LORD James Broadstairs &c.
LORD Joseph Gravesend &c.
LORD Joseph Gravesend &c.
LORDEN George High Halden &c.
LORDEN James, High Halden &c.
LORDEN William Romney &c.
LORDEN William Romney &c.
LORDEN William C Hythe &c.
LORDING Mrs Cath Canterbury &c.
LOSACK Richard esq Malling &c.
LOTHERINGTON Thomas esq Tonbridge Wells &c.
LOTT John Faversham &c.
LOTT Lawrence H Greenwich &c.
LOTT Matthew Gravesend &c.
LOTT William Robert Rochester
LOTT Wm. Rochester
LOUD Henry esq Herne Bay &c.
LOUD Mr George Dover &c.
LOUD Thomas Dover &c.
LOUTITT Miss Magdalene Westerham &c.
LOVATT John Margate
LOVE Edward Lenham &c.
LOVE John Hythe &c.
LOVE John Hythe &c.
LOVE Mrs Susannah Canterbury &c.
LOVEDAY Mrs Ann Westerham &c.
LOVEJOY Charles Tench Tonbridge
LOVEJOY Josiah Bromley &c.
LOVELAND John Lewisham &c.
LOVELAND William Malling &c.
LOVELESS Rev. William Herne Bay &c.
LOVELESS William Canterbury &c.
LOVELL Isaac Chatham &c.
LOVELL John Gravesend &c.
LOVELOCK Henry Margate
LOW John Canterbury &c.
LOW Joseph Ramsgate &c.
LOW Sarah Greenwich &c.
LOWCOCK Mr Henry Lewisham &c.
LOWE  John Margate
LOWE Ann Ashford &c.
LOWE Henry Thornton Margate
LOWE John Lamberhurst &c.
LOWE Mr Jas The Crays &c.
LOWELL Mrs Margaret Lewisham &c.
LOWEN John Margate
LOWETH Charlotte Dartford &c.
LOWIN Henry Holt Deal &c
LOWNDES Thomas esq Lewisham &c.
LOWNDS John Deal &c
LOWNDS Mr Henry Stone &c.
LOWRY George Rochester
LOWRY James Maidstone
LOWTON Misses Lewisham &c.
LUCAS  George Chatham &c.
LUCAS Alderman Mathias Prime Loose &c.
LUCAS Capt James Deptford &c
LUCAS George Bexley &c.
LUCAS Hy. Dover &c.
LUCAS James Tonbridge Wells &c.
LUCAS James Sheerness &c.
LUCAS James Canterbury &c.
LUCAS Jeremiah Deptford &c
LUCAS Mr Robert Malling &c.
LUCAS Ralph Willet Greenwich &c.
LUCAS Samuel Chatham &c.
LUCAS Samuel Chatham &c.
LUCAS Sarah & Elizabeth Deptford &c
LUCAS Sarah & Elizabeth Deptford &c
LUCK Edward Lewisham &c.
LUCK Edward esq Lewisham &c.
LUCK George Hadlow &c.
LUCK Henry Loose &c.
LUCK Mr Edward Malling &c.
LUCK Mr Oliver Hadlow &c.
LUCK Mr Thomas Edward Malling &c.
LUCK Thomas Loose &c.
LUCK William Bromley &c.
LUCK William Bromley &c.
LUCKETT James Dover &c.
LUCKHURST Daniel Tonbridge
LUCKHURST Daniel Seven Oaks &c.
LUCKHURST Jno. Kent Dover &c.
LUCKHURST John Canterbury &c.
LUCKHURST Mr John Headcorn &c.
LUCKHURST William Dover &c.
LUDFORD George Deal &c
LUDGATER James esq Eltham &c.
LUDGATER Mr William Newington &c.
LUFF Thomas Cranbrooke &c.
LUKES & RACKSTRAW Gravesend &c.
LUKES Joseph Gravesend &c.
LUKYN Robert Faversham &c.
LUMBARD  Daniel Dover &c.
LUMLEY Richard Woolwich &c.
LUMMIS Elkanah  William Ashford &c.
LUMSDEN Abraham Canterbury &c.
LUNN George Chatham &c.
LUNNISS Joseph Canterbury &c.
LUNNISS William Sittingbourne &c.
LUNTLEY Mr Phillip James Greenwich &c.
LURCOCK Edward Ashford &c.
LURCOCK Edward Ashford &c.
LURCOCK John Maidstone
LURCOCK Lucy Lenham &c.
LURCOCK Thomas Stroud &c.
LURCOCK William Loose &c.
LURCOCK William Lenham &c.
LURCOCK William Lenham &c.
LURCOCK William Loose &c.
LURCOCK William Loose &c.
LUSHINGTON Edm Hy esq Maidstone
LUSHINGTON Miss Tonbridge Wells &c.
LUSHINGTON William esq Sittingbourne &c.
LUSHINGTON William esq Faversham &c.
LUSIGNAN Mrs Tonbridge
LUSTED Rebecca Ashford &c.
LUXFORD William Malling &c.
LYALL James Woolwich &c.
LYDALL James Dartford &c.
LYDALL James Dartford &c.
LYNAN John Canterbury &c.
LYNCH  Mary Chatham &c.
LYNE Thomas esq Seven Oaks &c.
LYNNELL Edward Deptford &c
LYON Geo Chatham &c.
LYON Isaac Ramsgate &c.
LYON Isaac Ramsgate &c.
LYON John West Lewisham &c.
LYON Moses Greenwich &c.
LYON Samuel Sittingbourne &c.
LYON Sarah Canterbury &c.
LYONS Elizabeth Down &c.
LYONS Theresa Lewisham &c.

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