Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
GOBELL John Canterbury &c.
GOBLE Charlt. Tenterden &c.
GOBLE George Tenterden &c.
GODDARD Charles Chatham &c.
GODDARD Elizabeth Hythe &c.
GODDARD John Maidstone
GODDARD John Stroud &c.
GODDARD John Stroud &c.
GODDARD John jun. Stroud &c.
GODDARD Joseph Deptford &c
GODDARD Mrs Mary Bexley &c.
GODDARD Robert Hendrick Woolwich &c.
GODDARD Thomas Tonbridge
GODDARD Thomas Chatham &c.
GODDEN Dav. Folkestone &c.
GODDEN David Folkestone &c.
GODDEN David Folkestone &c.
GODDEN Henry High Halden &c.
GODDEN Henry Malling &c.
GODDEN Henry esq Maidstone
GODDEN John Marden &c.
GODDEN John Romney &c.
GODDEN Stephen Tenterden &c.
GODDEN The Misses Tenterden &c.
GODDEN Thomas Tonbridge Wells &c.
GODDEN William Littlebourne &c.
GODDEN William Chatham &c.
GODDEN William Canterbury &c.
GODDIN Francis Ashford &c.
GODDIN Richard Margate
GODFREE George Woolwich &c.
GODFREY Maidstone
GODFREY George Hawkhurst &c.
GODFREY James Maidstone
GODFREY John esq Sandwich &c.
GODFREY Julia Chatham &c.
GODFREY Miss Ann Mary Gravesend &c.
GODFREY Thomas Malling &c.
GODFREY Thomas Hawkhurst &c.
GODFREY William Chatham &c.
GODFREY William Chatham &c.
GODHUGH Thomas Woolwich &c.
GODING John Maidstone
GODLEY Thomas Greenwich &c.
GODMAN Rev Loose &c.
GODMOND Rev Isaac Singleton Malling &c.
GODMOND Rev Sml Fras Malling &c.
GODREY Frances Greenwich &c.
GODSEL Richard The Crays &c.
GODSELL Richard The Crays &c.
GODSIFF John Chatham &c.
GODSMARK Hy, Canterbury &c.
GODWIN John Deptford &c
GODWIN John Deptford &c
GOFF John Stroud &c.
GOING & Co Dover &c.
GOLD Henry Ashford &c.
GOLD Richard Chatham &c.
GOLDACRE Thomas Rochester
GOLDER Charles Folkestone &c.
GOLDER Charles Folkestone &c.
GOLDER Thomas Folkestone &c.
GOLDER Thomas Folkestone &c.
GOLDER William Folkestone &c.
GOLDFINCH Charles Deal &c
GOLDFINCH George Sittingbourne &c.
GOLDFINCH John Sittingbourne &c.
GOLDFINCH John & Son Deptford &c
GOLDFINCH John & Son Deptford &c
GOLDFINCH Thomas Dover &c.
GOLDFINCH Thomas Dover &c.
GOLDIE Andrew Deptford &c
GOLDING David Eltham &c.
GOLDING James esq Loose &c.
GOLDING John esq Malling &c.
GOLDING Mary Ann Tonbridge Wells &c.
GOLDING Mr George Eynesford &c.
GOLDING Mr John Boxley &c.
GOLDING Mr Robert Loose &c.
GOLDING William esq Hadlow &c.
GOLDS Richard Bromley &c.
GOLDSACK John Deal &c
GOLDSACK John Dover &c.
GOLDSMITH Ann Deptford &c
GOLDSMITH Edward Aylesford &c.
GOLDSMITH George Greenwich &c.
GOLDSMITH George P Canterbury &c.
GOLDSMITH James Tonbridge Wells &c.
GOLDSMITH John Tonbridge Wells &c.
GOLDSMITH John Sittingbourne &c.
GOLDSMITH John Tonbridge Wells &c.
GOLDSMITH John Tonbridge Wells &c.
GOLDSMITH John Dover &c.
GOLDSMITH Lydia Ramsgate &c.
GOLDSMITH Robert Chatham &c.
GOLDSTON Paul Rochester
GOLDUP John Edward High Halden &c.
GOLLIVER Isaac Folkestone &c.
GOLLOP William Woolwich &c.
GOMER William Lewisham &c.
GONGER Daniel Margate
GOOCH Mrs Sarah Broadstairs &c.
GOOD Susannah Tonbridge
GOOD Thomas Deal &c
GOOD William Maidstone
GOODALE Charles Gravesend &c.
GOODALE George Margate
GOODALE George Margate
GOODALE James Hudson Margate
GOODALES Mary Greenwich &c.
GOODALL Charles Greenwich &c.
GOODBAN Charles Tonbridge Wells &c.
GOODBAN Thos Canterbury &c.
GOODBANDS  George Canterbury &c.
GOODBOURN Mrs Mary Broadstairs &c.
GOODBURN  Richard Folkestone &c.
GOODCHILD  Rev Headcorn &c.
GOODCHILD Rev Headcorn &c.
GOODCHILD Robert Maidstone
GOODCHILD Robert Maidstone
GOODGER William Sittingbourne &c.
GOODHAND Thomas Chatham &c.
GOODHEART Emanuel esq Bromley &c.
GOODHEW Jesse Sittingbourne &c.
GOODIN William Chatham &c.
GOODING George Lenham &c.
GOODING John Lenham &c.
GOODING John Lenham &c.
GOODING Sampson Lenham &c.
GOODING William Queenborough
GOODMAN Thomas Deptford &c
GOODMAN William Lewisham &c.
GOODMAN William Lewisham &c.
GOODRHAM Jas Rochester
GOODRHAM John Tonbridge Wells &c.
GOODRHAM John Tonbridge Wells &c.
GOODRHAM John Tonbridge Wells &c.
GOODRICH Mrs Tonbridge Wells &c.
GOODSALL Henry Tenterden &c.
GOODSALL James Tenterden &c.
GOODSALL Robert Gravesend &c.
GOODSALL Stephen Tenterden &c.
GOODSALL Thomas Tenterden &c.
GOODSEEF William Wye
GOODSIR William Hadlow &c.
GOODSON Matthew Deptford &c
GOODWIN Charles Headcorn &c.
GOODWIN Charles Canterbury &c.
GOODWIN Charles Hadlow &c.
GOODWIN Charles Hadlow &c.
GOODWIN Henry Tonbridge Wells &c.
GOODWIN James Maidstone
GOODWIN James Whitstable
GOODWIN James Canterbury &c.
GOODWIN John Maidstone
GOODWIN John Lewisham &c.
GOODWIN Miss Jenny Lewisham &c.
GOODWIN Mrs Jane Greenwich &c.
GOODWIN Samuel Maidstone
GOODWIN Samuel Maidstone
GOODWIN Sarah Maidstone
GOODWIN Ths. Eynesford &c.
GOODWIN William Penshurst &c.
GOODWIN William Maidstone
GOODWIN William Romney &c.
GOODWIN William Eltham &c.
GOORD John Sittingbourne &c.
GORBELL Frances Deal &c
GORDELIER Eleanor Faversham &c.
GORDELIER Eleanor Faversham &c.
GORDELIER John Francis Faversham &c.
GORDELIER Paul William Sittingbourne &c.
GORDON ___ esq Stone &c.
GORDON Brothers & Co Deptford &c
GORDON Capt Alexander Woolwich &c.
GORDON John Woolwich &c.
GORDON Michael esq Lewisham &c.
GORDON Mrs Adam Lewisham &c.
GORDON Mrs Sarah Gravesend &c.
GORDONS & Co Deptford &c
GORDONS & Co Deptford &c
GORDONS & Co Deptford &c
GORE Frederick Margate
GORE Frederick Margate
GORE Mrs John Margate
GORE Richard Margate
GORE Thomas Broadstairs &c.
GORE William Margate
GORELY Mary Ann Canterbury &c.
GORELY Sarah Canterbury &c.
GORHAM Johannah Sheerness &c.
GORHAM John Sheerness &c.
GORHAM John Sheerness &c.
GORHAM Mr John Maidstone
GORHAM William Maidstone
GOSBEE William Wittersham &c.
GOSHEN Mr Henry Eltham &c.
GOSLEY William Deal &c
GOSLIN John Chatham &c.
GOSLING & SANDERS Penshurst &c.
GOSLING James Woolwich &c.
GOSLING James Woolwich &c.
GOSLING James Woolwich &c.
GOSLING Richard esq, Bexley &c.
GOSLING William Greenwich &c.
GOSLING William Deptford &c
GOSSAGE John Richard Deptford &c
GOSSELIN Gerald esq Faversham &c.
GOSSELIN Lieut General Faversham &c.
GOSSIP Colonel Woolwich &c.
GOSTLING James Margate
GOTTS Philip Canterbury &c.
GOUGE Elizabeth Sittingbourne &c.
GOUGE George Malling &c.
GOUGH Jane Deptford &c
GOULD Henry Merton Loose &c.
GOULD John Bromley &c.
GOULD Mr James Bromley &c.
GOULD Mrs Phoebe Greenwich &c.
GOULD Richard Gravesend &c.
GOULD Samuel Gravesend &c.
GOULD William Rochester
GOULDEN Elizabeth Canterbury &c.
GOULDEN Elizabeth Dover &c.
GOULDEN Mr John Canterbury &c.
GOULDEN Richard Whitstable
GOULDEN Samuel Whitstable
GOULDEN William Canterbury &c.
GOULDEN William Canterbury &c.
GOULDING William Greenwich &c.
GOVER Thomas Chatham &c.
GOVIER William Woolwich &c.
GOWAR & Son Greenwich &c.
GOWEN John Stroud &c.
GOWER Edward Cowden &C.
GOWER Elizabeth Cowden &C.
GOWER Elizabeth & Sarah Seven Oaks &c.
GOWER George Wyse Tonbridge
GOWER Henry Tenterden &c.
GOWER William Maidstone
GOWER William Tonbridge Wells &c.
GOWLLAND Capt Richard Dover &c.
GOYMER Richard S W Deal &c
GRADIDGE Mr William (RN) Chatham &c.
GRADWICK Mary Bexley &c.
GRAHAM Capt. Philip Deal &c
GRAHAM Geo & Son Woolwich &c.
GRAHAM Geo & Son Woolwich &c.
GRAHAM Geo & Son Woolwich &c.
GRAHAM George & Son Woolwich &c.
GRAHAM John Woolwich &c.
GRAHAM Mr Georg Bexley &c.
GRAHAM Mr James Malling &c.
GRAHAM Mrs Canterbury &c.
GRAHAM Rev. John Rochester
GRAHAM Rev. John Rochester
GRAHAM Thomas Woolwich &c.
GRAINGER Mr Richard Eltham &c.
GRANGER James Seven Oaks &c.
GRANGER Samuel esq Lewisham &c.
GRANT Arthur Wigton Lewisham &c.
GRANT Capt Richd Margate
GRANT Elizabeth Dover &c.
GRANT John Margate
GRANT John esq Margate
GRANT Mary Ann Dover &c.
GRANT Rev Francis Bazet Dartford &c.
GRANT Richd Margate
GRANT Robert Ramsgate &c.
GRANT Robert Margate
GRANT Robert Margate
GRANT The Misses Faversham &c.
GRANT William Cannon Dover &c.
GRANTHAM Mr John Crayford &c.
GRASETT William esq Cudham &c.
GRATWICK Elizabeth Penshurst &c.
GRAVENER Geo. Wright & James Graham Dover &c.
GRAVENER George Wright esq Dover &c.
GRAVENER John Dover &c.
GRAVENER William Dover &c.
GRAVENOR & Son Deal &c
GRAVENOR John Deal &c
GRAVENOR Thomas Deal &c
GRAVES & FLISHER Sandgate &c.
GRAVES Ann Sandgate &c.
GRAVES John Sandgate &c.
GRAVES Thomas & George Orpington &c.
GRAVETT George Romney &c.
GRAVETT John Romney &c.
GRAVITT John Cudham &c.
GRAVITT Richard Cudham &c.
GRAY Chas Tonbridge Wells &c.
GRAY George Chatham &c.
GRAY George Dover &c.
GRAY James Greenwich &c.
GRAY John Edward esq Lewisham &c.
GRAY Joseph Shoreham &c.
GRAY Miss Deptford &c
GRAY Susannah Greenwich &c.
GRAY Thomas Rochester
GRAY Thomas Rochester
GRAY Thomas Greenwich &c.
GRAY William Sandwich &c.
GRAY William Sandwich &c.
GRAY William Deptford &c
GRAY William Deptford &c
GRAY William Deptford &c
GRAYLAND Mary Folkestone &c.
GRAYLING Mr Thos Canterbury &c.
GREAGSBEY Edward Tenterden &c.
GREAM Robert Righton Tonbridge Wells &c.
GREATHEAD John Crayford &c.
GREATHEAD Joseph Sheerness &c.
GREATREX Charles Butler Gravesend &c.
GREAVES  Samuel Canterbury &c.
GREAVES & Co Whitstable
GREAVES Mary Chatham &c.
GREAVES Mrs Martha Canterbury &c.
GREAVES Rev George Sittingbourne &c.
GREAVES Samuel Canterbury &c.
GREAVES Samuel Canterbury &c.
GREAVES Warren Faversham &c.
GREEN Ann Dartford &c.
GREEN Capt Tonbridge Wells &c.
GREEN David Lydd
GREEN David Down &c.
GREEN Edward Seven Oaks &c.
GREEN Edward Dyer Woolwich &c.
GREEN Eliza Chatham &c.
GREEN Elizabeth Canterbury &c.
GREEN George Dartford &c.
GREEN George Dover &c.
GREEN George How Hadlow &c.
GREEN Henry Westerham &c.
GREEN Isaac Sittingbourne &c.
GREEN James Sheerness &c.
GREEN James Chatham &c.
GREEN James Hawkhurst &c.
GREEN James Down &c.
GREEN John Maidstone
GREEN John Malling &c.
GREEN John Woolwich &c.
GREEN John Woolwich &c.
GREEN John esq Margate
GREEN John esq. Eltham &c.
GREEN John, Greenwich &c.
GREEN Joseph Loose &c.
GREEN Joseph Loose &c.
GREEN Joshua Dover &c.
GREEN Joshua Dover &c.
GREEN Lewis Cranbrooke &c.
GREEN Lewis Cranbrooke &c.
GREEN Mary Ann Bromley &c.
GREEN Mary Ann Bromley &c.
GREEN Mr Robt. Eltham &c.
GREEN Mrs Maidstone
GREEN Mrs Ann Lewisham &c.
GREEN Rev Charles Tenterden &c.
GREEN Rev Edward Broadstairs &c.
GREEN Richard Gravesend &c.
GREEN Samuel Maidstone
GREEN Samuel Loose &c.
GREEN Samuel Seven Oaks &c.
GREEN Samuel Deptford &c
GREEN Stephen Seven Oaks &c.
GREEN Thomas Loose &c.
GREEN Thomas Westerham &c.
GREEN Thomas Woolwich &c.
GREEN Thomas Westerham &c.
GREEN Thomas Woolwich &c.
GREEN Thomas Westerham &c.
GREEN Thomas Woolwich &c.
GREEN Thomas Westerham &c.
GREEN Thomas Ramsgate &c.
GREEN Thomas Bromley &c.
GREEN Thomas Greenwich &c.
GREEN Thomas Greenwich &c.
GREEN Thomas Shelton Maidstone
GREEN William Dartford &c.
GREEN William Chatham &c.
GREEN William Chatham &c.
GREEN William Canterbury &c.
GREENALL John Marden &c.
GREENAWAY Charles Greenwich &c.
GREENAWAY John Hadlow &c.
GREENAWAY Thomas Bromley &c.
GREENAWAY Thomas Hadlow &c.
GREENE William Greenwich &c..
GREENER Robert William Deptford &c
GREENFIELD John Greenwich &c.
GREENFIELD Joseph Chatham &c.
GREENHILL Mr Stephen Ashford &c.
GREENHILL Mrs Elizabeth Ashford &c.
GREENHILL Norman Ashford &c.
GREENHILL Richard Ashford &c.
GREENLAND Jeremiah Dover &c.
GREENLAW Misses Lewisham &c.
GREENLAW Rev Richard B Lewisham &c.
GREENLAW Rev William Woolwich &c.
GREENLAW Richard Bathurst Lewisham &c.
GREENLEAF John Maidstone
GREENLEAF John Deptford &c
GREENLEAF Wm Jas Deptford &c
GREENLEY Francis Lamburn Deptford &c
GREENSILL Mr John Bexley &c.
GREENSLADE Thomas Orpington &c.
GREENSLADE Thomas The Crays &c.
GREENSTEAD Sarah Herne Bay &c.
GREENSTED Benjamin Chatham &c.
GREENSTED Thomas Chatham &c.
GREENSTED Thomas Chatham &c.
GREENSTREET Agnes Faversham &c.
GREENSTREET Daniel Canterbury &c.
GREENSTREET John Lenham &c.
GREENSTREET John Dover &c.
GREENSTREET William Sheerness &c.
GREENSTREET William Sheerness &c.
GREENWOOD John Canterbury &c.
GREENWOOD Thomas Woolwich &c.
GREENWOOD William Rochester
GREET Mrs Ann Queenborough
GREEY Edward & George Ramsgate &c.
GREGORY  Jane Crayford &c.
GREGORY Aaron Woolwich &c.
GREGORY Captain Arthu Shoreham &c.
GREGORY Charles Penshurst &c.
GREGORY Edward & M Gravesend &c.
GREGORY George Greenwich &c.
GREGORY George Greenwich &c.
GREGORY George esq. Ashford &c.
GREGORY George Sandback esq Shoreham &c.
GREGORY Harriet Eliza Greenwich &c.
GREGORY John Dover &c.
GREGORY Mr John Eynesford &c.
GREGORY Rev Francis Thomas Loose &c.
GREGORY Rev John Deal &c
GREGORY Rev. Edw. Canterbury &c.
GREGORY Samuel Down &c.
GREGORY Simeon Deptford &c
GREGSON the Misses Hawkhurst &c.
GREIG Capt James Lewisham &c.
GREVILLE   A esq Dover &c.
GREVILLE Mrs Eliz Greenwich &c.
GREY Mrs Sarah Broadstairs &c.
GREY Sir Thomas Ramsgate &c.
GREY Sir Thomas Ramsgate &c.
GRICE Edward Aylesford &c.
GRIEEF David Woolwich &c.
GRIEEF George Woolwich &c.
GRIFFEY William Canterbury &c.
GRIFFEY William Canterbury &c.
GRIFFIN  Emanuel Eltham &c.
GRIFFIN Emanuel Eltham &c.
GRIFFIN Michael Maidstone
GRIFFIN Thomas Crayden Sheerness &c.
GRIFFIN William Orpington &c.
GRIFFIN William Woolwich &c.
GRIFFIN William Deal &c
GRIFFIN William James Tenterden &c.
GRIFFITH Mr George Lewisham &c.
GRIFFITH Nancy Greenwich &c.
GRIFFITH Rev Dr Boxley &c.
GRIFFITH Thomas Maidstone
GRIFFITHS Benjamin Lewisham &c.
GRIFFITHS Elizabeth Greenwich &c.
GRIFFITHS Elizabeth Greenwich &c.
GRIFFITHS Elizabeth Greenwich &c.
GRIFFITHS Evan Woolwich &c.
GRIFFITHS Henry Maidstone
GRIFFITHS Henry G Greenwich &c..
GRIFFITHS Jas Headcorn &c.
GRIFFITHS John Shoreham &c.
GRIFFITHS John Deptford &c
GRIFFITHS Mr Thomas Deal &c
GRIFFITHS Thomas Lloyd Tonbridge Wells &c.
GRIGG Thomas Chatham &c.
GRIGG William Lewisham &c.
GRIGG William Canterbury &c.
GRIGGS Henry Dover &c.
GRIGGS Mary Dover &c.
GRIGGS Stephen Faversham &c.
GRIGGS Thomas Ramsgate &c.
GRIGGS Thomas Ramsgate &c.
GRIGGS Thomas Ramsgate &c.
GRIGGS Thomas Ramsgate &c.
GRIGGS William Dover &c.
GRIIFIN Ann Orpington &c.
GRIIFIN John Orpington &c.
GRIMALDI Stacy esq Greenwich &c.
GRIMES C. Esq. Chatham &c.
GRIMMER Robert Woolwich &c.
GRIMMER Thomas Bexley &c.
GRIMWOOD Charles Deptford &c
GRIMWOOD Mary Greenwich &c.
GRINSTED Elizabeth Sheerness &c.
GRISBROOK Joseph & Edward Woolwich &c.
GRISBROOK William Tenterden &c.
GRIST George Canterbury &c.
GRIST George Canterbury &c.
GRIST John Chatham &c.
GRITTEN Charlotte Gravesend &c.
GRITTITHS David & Son Woolwich &c.
GROCOCK Justinian Woolwich &c.
GROOM James Woolwich &c.
GROOMBRIDGE Ann Canterbury &c.
GROOMBRIDGE Ann Canterbury &c.
GROOMBRIDGE Anne Canterbury &c.
GROOMBRIDGE Elizabeth Aylesford &c.
GROOMBRIDGE Richard Loose &c.
GROOMBRIDGE Thomas Loose &c.
GROOMBRIDGE William Maidstone
GROOMBRIDGE William Shoreham &c.
GROSER Rev William Maidstone
GROSSMITH William Westerham &c.
GROVE  John Woolwich &c.
GROVER James Chatham &c.
GROVER James Chatham &c.
GROVER Jas. Chatham &c.
GROVER Samuel Hadlow &c.
GROVER Thomas Malling &c.
GROVER Thomas Malling &c.
GROVER William Maidstone
GROVER William Boxley &c.
GROVER William, Deptford &c
GROVES & Co Tonbridge Wells &c.
GROVES Henry Woolwich &c.
GROVES Jas Penshurst &c.
GROVES Mrs Tonbridge Wells &c.
GROVES Percy esq Faversham &c.
GROVES Rev Wm Canterbury &c.
GRUBB Charles Woolwich &c.
GRUBB Henry Lewisham &c.
GRUBB Henry jun Lewisham &c.
GRUNDY & CRAVEN Ramsgate &c.
GRUNDY Fanny Ramsgate &c.
GRUNDY John Gravesend &c.
GRUNDY John E Deal &c
GRUNDY John E Deal &c
GRUNDY William & Son Woolwich &c.
GUDGE Mr Jas Lewisham &c.
GUEST Frederick William Tonbridge
GUEST Matilda Seven Oaks &c.
GUEST Thomas Seven Oaks &c.
GUILDFORD Right Hon Earl Canterbury &c.
GUILLEMARD Isaac Eltham &c.
GULLINGHAM  Mark Greenwich &c.
GUMBRELL James Dartford &c.
GUNN William Gravesend &c.
GUNN William Greenwich &c.
GUNN William Greenwich &c.
GURNER Matthew Greenwich &c.
GURNEY & HAYES Maidstone
GURNEY George Deptford &c
GURNEY John Edward Deptford &c
GURNEY John Edward Deptford &c
GURNEY William Herne Bay &c.
GURNSEY Richard Chatham &c.
GURR Joseph Cranbrooke &c.
GURR Mary & Son Chatham &c.
GURR Mrs Elizabeth Rochester
GURR William Headcorn &c.
GURR William Chatham &c.
GUTHRIE Catherine Maidstone
GUTHRIE Rev Lowry Woolwich &c.
GUTSOLE Charles Dover &c.
GUTSOLE John Dover &c.
GUTSOLE Robert Romney &c.
GUTSOLE William Canterbury &c.
GUTSON William Canterbury &c.
GUY Francis Daniel Chatham &c.
GUY Mrs Maidstone
GUYER Joseph Woolwich &c.
GWATKIN William Deptford &c
GWYLLIM Eley Woolwich &c.
GYE Frederick Margate

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