Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
GABB Mary Margate
GABBITAS Richard Bromley &c.
GAFFORD William Deal &c
GAGE John Sheerness &c.
GAIN  Mrs Seven Oaks &c.
GAIN Jas. Seven Oaks &c.
GAINSFORD Joseph Cowden &C.
GALE Capt Alex. R Dover &c.
GALE John Deptford &c
GALE Mrs Tonbridge Wells &c.
GALE Mrs Philadelphia Greenwich &c.
GALE Rev Thomas Newington &c.
GALER David Chatham &c.
GALER John Stroud &c.
GALLANT Giles Dover &c.
GALLARD Matthew & Jno Tonbridge Wells &c.
GALLON Rev S E Greenwich &c.
GALLOWAY Capt Alex Greenwich &c.
GAMBIER George Canterbury &c.
GAMBLE George Eltham &c.
GAMBLE Thomas esq Greenwich &c.
GAMBRELL Thomas Ramsgate &c.
GAMMAN George Tonbridge
GAMMAN Thomas Canterbury &c.
GAMMON George Hadlow &c.
GAMMON Thomas Malling &c.
GAMMON William Loose &c.
GAMON George Stroud &c.
GAMON George jun. Chatham &c.
GAMON John Woolwich &c.
GAMON Mrs Maidstone
GAMON William Chatham &c.
GAMON Wm. J. Rochester
GANDER Thomas Bromley &c.
GANDY Edward Maidstone
GANDY George Maidstone
GANDY John Eynesford &c.
GANDY Richard Maidstone
GANDY William Maidstone
GANE John, Gravesend &c.
GANGE John esq Dover &c.
GANN George Canterbury &c.
GANN James Whitstable
GANSDEN Thomas Spencer Dartford &c.
GANT Robert Woolwich &c.
GARDENER Robert Ramsgate &c.
GARDENER William Hythe &c.
GARDINER Samuel Deptford &c
GARDINER Thomas Greenwich &c.
GARDINER Thomas Greenwich &c.
GARDINER Thomas Greenwich &c.
GARDLER Zachariah Sheerness &c.
GARDNER & Co Canterbury &c.
GARDNER & GILBERT Canterbury &c.
GARDNER Austen esq Canterbury &c.
GARDNER Benjamin Gravesend &c.
GARDNER Charles Tonbridge Wells &c.
GARDNER Charles Deal &c
GARDNER Charles Greenwich &c.
GARDNER George Gravesend &c.
GARDNER Henry Maidstone
GARDNER James Deal &c
GARDNER James Folkestone &c.
GARDNER James Gravesend &c.
GARDNER Matthew Gravesend &c.
GARDNER Matthew Gravesend &c.
GARDNER Robert esq Littlebourne &c.
GARDNER Sarah & Jane Sheerness &c.
GARDNER Thomas Deal &c
GARDNER William Deal &c
GARDNER William Dover &c.
GARDNER William Thomas Lewisham &c.
GARLAND Mr John Eltham &c.
GARLICK Thomas Greenwich &c.
GARMESON Wynyfrede Margate
GARNER Alice Ramsgate &c.
GARNER Miss Harriet Canterbury &c.
GARNER William Ramsgate &c.
GARNETT John Dover &c.
GARNETT John Dover &c.
GARNHAM Baptist Dover &c.
GARRETT Balls Maidstone
GARRETT Capt (RN) Ramsgate &c.
GARRETT James Gravesend &c.
GARRETT Jas Chatham &c.
GARRETT Major Robert Margate
GARRETT Mr John Chatham &c.
GARRETT Samuel Deptford &c
GARRETT Samuel Deptford &c
GARRETT Thomas Hythe &c.
GARRETT Thomas Hythe &c.
GARRETT Thomas Hythe &c.
GARRETT Thomas Deptford &c
GARRETT William Newington &c.
GARRETT William Sittingbourne &c.
GARRETT William Greenwich &c.
GARRETT William Deptford &c
GARROW The Hon. Baron Ramsgate &c.
GARSIDE James Maidstone
GARTRELL Rev James Deal &c
GARTRIDGE William Stroud &c.
GASCOIN Elizabeth Loose &c.
GASCOYNE William, esq Sittingbourne &c.
GASEHAM David Stone &c.
GASEHAM David A Stone &c.
GASEHAM Robert Amey Gravesend &c.
GASKELL Geo esq Margate
GASKELL John esq Margate
GASKELL William esq Margate
GASKIN John Loose &c.
GASKIN Thomas Chatham &c.
GASSON Charles Dover &c.
GASSON Charles Dover &c.
GASSON Thomas Tonbridge
GASSON Thomas Shoreham &c.
GATES Charles Woolwich &c.
GATES Christopher Chatham &c.
GATES George Lewisham &c.
GATES George Lewisham &c.
GATES George Seven Oaks &c.
GATES James High Halden &c.
GATES James High Halden &c.
GATES John Stroud &c.
GATES John Stroud &c.
GATES Richard Stroud &c.
GATES Robert Orpington &c.
GATES Samuel Chatham &c.
GATES Thomas Seven Oaks &c.
GATES Thomas Tonbridge Wells &c.
GATES Thomas Seven Oaks &c.
GATES Thomas Tonbridge Wells &c.
GATES Wilson Dover &c.
GATES Wilson Dover &c.
GATFIELD Charles Greenwich &c.
GATFIELD Charles Greenwich &c.
GATHERCOLE James Deptford &c
GATHERCOLE Thomas Deptford &c
GATHERCOLE Thomas & Son Deptford &c
GATHERCOLE Thomas & Son Deptford &c
GATHERCOLE Thos. & Son Deptford &c
GATHERCOLE Thos. & Son Deptford &c
GATTEY William Lewisham &c.
GATTEY William Greenwich &c.
GATTY Mrs Mary Seven Oaks &c.
GAUNT Mr John Deal &c
GAVENER Charles Dover &c.
GAWDERY John Deptford &c
GAY Rev William Penshurst &c.
GAYLER Abraham Ashford &c.
GAZELEY Charles Henry Ramsgate &c.
GAZELEY Chas Hy Ramsgate &c.
GAZLEY Henry Greenwich &c.
GEACH Peter Eltham &c.
GEARING James Bromley &c.
GEARING James Morriss Lewisham &c.
GEARY Lady Hadlow &c.
GEARY Sir Wm. Bart Hadlow &c.
GEER  Richard High Halden &c.
GEER James Cranbrooke &c.
GEERING Adam Hadlow &c.
GEERING Adam Hadlow &c.
GEERING John Canterbury &c.
GEERING John Ashford &c.
GEGAN Jame Maidstone
GEGAN James Maidstone
GELDART John esq Gravesend &c.
GELLETT Richard Tonbridge Wells &c.
GEMSA Christopher Lewisham &c.
GEMSA Christopher Lewisham &c.
GEMSA Christopher Lewisham &c.
GEMSA Christopher Greenwich &c.
GENT John Sandwich &c.
GENTRY Henry Tonbridge
GEORGE Edward Sandgate &c.
GEORGE Edward Folkestone &c.
GEORGE Henry Westerham &c.
GEORGE Henry Westerham &c.
GEORGE Henry Ashford &c.
GEORGE Joiner Ashford &c.
GEORGE Robert Chatham &c.
GEORGE Robert jun Chatham &c.
GEORGE Robert jun Chatham &c.
GEORGE Thomas Seven Oaks &c.
GEORGE Thomas Greenwich &c.
GEORGE Thomas William Sandgate &c.
GEORGE William Queenborough
GEORGE William Seven Oaks &c.
GETHERCOLE  Thomas Deptford &c
GEYT  P Carteret Le  esq. Greenwich &c.
GIBBARD John Westerham &c.
GIBBARD John Deptford &c
GIBBENS Mary L Sandwich &c.
GIBBENS William Charles Ramsgate &c.
GIBBINS William Preston Greenwich &c.
GIBBON John Loose &c.
GIBBON Sarah Maidstone
GIBBONS  Sarah Sheerness &c.
GIBBONS John Woolwich &c.
GIBBONS John Canterbury &c.
GIBBONS Marianne Headcorn &c.
GIBBONS Mr Ambrose Loose &c.
GIBBONS Rev John Cudham &c.
GIBBONS Richard Deal &c
GIBBONS Sarah Dover &c.
GIBBONS Stephen Hythe &c.
GIBBONS Stephen Hythe &c.
GIBBONS Thomas Percy Seven Oaks &c.
GIBBONS William Bromley &c.
GIBBONS William Bromley &c.
GIBBONS William Henry Lewisham &c.
GIBBS Abraham Tonbridge Wells &c.
GIBBS Edward Sittingbourne &c.
GIBBS Edwin Chatham &c.
GIBBS Francis Tonbridge Wells &c.
GIBBS George Whitstable
GIBBS John Stroud &c.
GIBBS John Deal &c
GIBBS Lady Down &c.
GIBBS Martha Tonbridge Wells &c.
GIBBS Mr Jennings Littlebourne &c.
GIBBS Mrs __ Faversham &c.
GIBBS Sarah Martin Ramsgate &c.
GIBBS Sarah Martin Ramsgate &c.
GIBBS Stephen Canterbury &c.
GIBBS William Newington &c.
GIBBS William Chatham &c.
GIBBS William Deal &c
GIBBS William Faversham &c.
GIBSON Charles Ashford &c.
GIBSON John Woolwich &c.
GIBSON John Esq Ramsgate &c.
GIBSON Robt. Esq Bromley &c.
GIBSON William Deptford &c
GIBSON William Hadlow &c.
GIBSON William Eynesford &c.
GIFFORD Geo Chatham &c.
GIFFORD Geo Chatham &c.
GIFFORD George Chatham &c.
GIFFORD Thomasin Margate
GILBEE John Dover &c.
GILBERT Anne Sandwich &c.
GILBERT George Lewisham &c.
GILBERT George Lewisham &c.
GILBERT George & Jos. Thos Maidstone
GILBERT George & Jos. Thos Maidstone
GILBERT George F Lewisham &c.
GILBERT Henry Lydd
GILBERT James Seven Oaks &c.
GILBERT James Tonbridge
GILBERT James Chatham &c.
GILBERT James Greenwich &c.
GILBERT Jeffrey Romney &c.
GILBERT Jesse Lydd
GILBERT John Maidstone
GILBERT John High Halden &c.
GILBERT John Maidstone
GILBERT John Tonbridge Wells &c.
GILBERT John Chatham &c.
GILBERT John Chatham &c.
GILBERT Mr John Tonbridge
GILBERT Mr William Loose &c.
GILBERT Mr William Cranbrooke &c.
GILBERT Mr William Bexley &c.
GILBERT Mrs Elizabeth Canterbury &c.
GILBERT Mrs Emily Tonbridge
GILBERT Thomas Hythe &c.
GILBERT William Hythe &c.
GILBERT William Tonbridge Wells &c.
GILBERT William Tonbridge Wells &c.
GILBERT William Chatham &c.
GILBERT William Chatham &c.
GILBY  Thomas Canterbury &c.
GILDART Rev Fredk. Down &c.
GILDER Thomas Dartford &c.
GILDER William Dartford &c.
GILES Benjamin Rochester
GILES David Greenwich &c.
GILES George Loose &c.
GILES George Canterbury &c.
GILES Henry Dartford &c.
GILES John Whitstable
GILES John Canterbury &c.
GILES John Richard Greenwich &c.
GILES Mr John Canterbury &c.
GILES Mrs Sarah Maidstone
GILES Nathaniel Chatham &c.
GILES Nicholas Maidstone
GILES Thomas Orpington &c.
GILES Thomas Canterbury &c.
GILES Thomas Greenwich &c.
GILES Thomas Greenwich &c.
GILES Thomas Francis Woolwich &c.
GILES William Margate
GILES William Headcorn &c.
GILHAM Frederick Austen Canterbury &c.
GILHAM Stephen Canterbury &c.
GILHAM Thomas Faversham &c.
GILL Maidstone
GILL Ann Deptford &c
GILL Captain Charles Sandgate &c.
GILL John Sandgate &c.
GILL Mr James Maidstone
GILL Samuel Woolwich &c.
GILL Thomas Lewisham &c.
GILL Thomas Chatham &c.
GILLETT Edward Greenwich &c.
GILLHAM Charles Greenwich &c.
GILLHAM George Canterbury &c.
GILLHAM James Greenwich &c.
GILLHAM John Hawkhurst &c.
GILLING Sarah & Elizabeth Bexley &c.
GILLMAN George Faversham &c.
GILLMAN Henry Canterbury &c.
GILLMAN Isaac Canterbury &c.
GILLMAN James Canterbury &c.
GILLMAN James Deal &c
GILLOW Eliza Margate
GILLOW John Littlebourne &c.
GILLOW John esq Margate
GILLSON Joseph Greenwich &c.
GILPIN Rev Percy Seven Oaks &c.
GIMBER Abigail Greenwich &c.
GIMBER Giles Vanhear Sandwich &c.
GIMSON John Boxley &c.
GIMSON Mary The Crays &c.
GIMSON Sarah Cudham &c.
GINDER James Whitstable
GINDER William Canterbury &c.
GINGER William, Bexley &c.
GINNO Thomas Bexley &c.
GIPPS George esq Littlebourne &c.
GIPPS Mrs Henry Littlebourne &c.
GIRAUD Charles Elden Seven Oaks &c.
GIRAUD Edwd Sandwich &c.
GIRAUD Frederick Francis Faversham &c.
GIRAUD Mrs Mary Faversham &c.
GIRLING Harriet Lewisham &c.
GIRLING John Greenwich &c.
GLADDISH James Margate
GLADDISH William & Thomas NUNN Gravesend &c.
GLADDISH William esq Gravesend &c.
GLADWISH Rev. Thomas Lamberhurst &c.
GLANVILL Mrs The Crays &c.
GLASS Capt Ramsgate &c.
GLASS James Sheerness &c.
GLASSUP Thomas Orpington &c.
GLAZEBROOK George Eltham &c.
GLAZEBROOK George Eltham &c.
GLAZIER Greenwich &c.
GLAZIER  Adam Lamberhurst &c.
GLEAVES John Woolwich &c.
GLEAVES John Greenwich &c.
GLEID Jno Gravesend &c.
GLEID John Gravesend &c.
GLENDENNING Mr Alex Seven Oaks &c.
GLENNE Jno David esq Greenwich &c.
GLENNIE Jane & Georgina Herne Bay &c.
GLENTON Lewis Woolwich &c.
GLENTON Mrs Mary Woolwich &c.
GLOCK Jacob Greenwich &c.
GLOCK John Jacob Greenwich &c.
GLOCK John Philip Deptford &c
GLOVER Edward Greenwich &c.
GLOVER George Greenwich &c.
GLOVER James Westerham &c.
GLOVER John Chatham &c.
GLOVER Mr Thomas Canterbury &c.
GLOVER Rev Frederick A Dover &c.

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