Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
DRAGE Rev. Wm Rochester
DRAKE Robert Chatham &c.
DRAPER John Elgar Margate
DRAPER Usmar Lenham &c.
DRAPER William Bromley &c.
DRAWBRIDGE George Henry Lewisham &c.
DRAWBRIDGE John Cranbrooke &c.
DRAY David Dover &c.
DRAY David Dover &c.
DRAY Mr Thomas Romney &c.
DRAY Norris Herne Bay &c.
DRAY William Whitstable
DRAY William Folkestone &c.
DRAYCON Robert Chatham &c.
DRAYCOTT Mr George Edward Canterbury &c.
DRAYSON Agnes Sittingbourne &c.
DRAYSON Charles Faversham &c.
DRAYSON Charles Faversham &c.
DRAYSON John Sandwich &c.
DRAYSON John, Christopher Sandwich &c.
DRAYSON William Sandwich &c.
DRAYSON William  & Son Sandwich &c.
DRAYSON William & Son Sandwich &c.
DRAYSON Zaphnathpaaneah Dover &c.
DRAYSON, John Margate
DRAYTON James Sandgate &c.
DRAYTON Timothy Greenwich &c.
DREW Rev. Thomas Stroud &c.
DREWETT & EARL Lewisham &c.
DREWETT & EARL Lewisham &c.
DREWETT William Rochester
DREWETT William Rochester
DREWETT William Canterbury &c.
DRICHER Mary Chatham &c.
DRISCALL James Hythe &c.
DRIVER Ann & Jane Lamberhurst &c.
DRIVER George Canterbury &c.
DRIVER John Maidstone
DRIVER Peter Tonbridge
DROVER James, Lewisham &c.
DRUCE William Deptford &c
DRUITT William Deptford &c
DRUMMOND Mrs Rochester
DRUMMOND Rev Arthur Woolwich &c.
DRUMMOND Rev Jas. Down &c.
DRURY  Henry Maidstone
DRURY & Co Canterbury &c.
DRURY & Co Canterbury &c.
DRURY George Chatham &c.
DRURY Henry Maidstone
DRURY Henry Maidstone
DRURY Jno High Halden &c.
DRURY John Tenterden &c.
DRURY Michael Deptford &c
DRURY Thomas Romney &c.
DUBOIN Mrs Margaret Canterbury &c.
DUCK George Down &c.
DUCK George Down &c.
DUCKETT  William Chatham &c.
DUCKETT Henry Ramsgate &c.
DUCKETT John Margate
DUCKWORTH Jno Hythe &c.
DUCKWORTH Jno. Canterbury &c.
DUDDINGS Finnis Boxley &c.
DUDDY Mr George Loose &c.
DUDDY Mr Joseph Loose &c.
DUDDY Thomas Loose &c.
DUDEN Henry esq Lewisham &c.
DUDGEN Miss Tonbridge
DUDLEY Sarah Deptford &c
DUDLOW John Malling &c.
DUDMAN Captain Woolwich &c.
DUDNALL Richard Cudham &c.
DUDNEY Philip Seven Oaks &c.
DUFF James Stroud &c.
DUFFCATER John Chatham &c.
DUFFIELD James Deptford &c
DUFFY William Tonbridge Wells &c.
DUFTON William Woolwich &c.
DUGGAN Jane Lewisham &c.
DUKE James Dover &c.
DUKE Rosa The Crays &c.
DUKE Timothy Penshurst &c.
DULSON Harriet Deptford &c
DULY & STEPP Tonbridge
DULY Philip William Canterbury &c.
DUMAS Colonel Peter Lewisham &c.
DUMBLETON William Deptford &c
DUNBAR Jas Margate
DUNCAN Andrew Woolwich &c.
DUNCAN Francis Alex Gravesend &c.
DUNCAN Frederick Sandwich &c.
DUNCAN James Sittingbourne &c.
DUNCAN John Lewisham &c.
DUNCAN John Westerham &c.
DUNCAN John Westerham &c.
DUNCAN Mrs Mary Greenwich &c.
DUNCAN Robt. Canterbury &c.
DUNCANNON Right Hon Viscount Greenwich &c.
DUNDAS Colonel William Woolwich &c.
DUNDAS Lieut Colonel W B Woolwich &c.
DUNFORD Henry Greenwich &c.
DUNFORD Henry Greenwich &c.
DUNFORD Henry Greenwich &c.
DUNFORD John Chatham &c.
DUNGATE Harriet Maidstone
DUNGATE Henry Lenham &c.
DUNGE Mrs Maidstone
DUNGER Henry Woolwich &c.
DUNGEY Jas. Cranbrooke &c.
DUNGEY John Marden &c.
DUNGEY John Chatham &c.
DUNGEY John & Co Ashford &c.
DUNGEY John & Co Ashford &c.
DUNGEY John & Co Ashford &c.
DUNGEY Sarah Cranbrooke &c.
DUNGEY Sarah Cranbrooke &c.
DUNGEY Thomas Cranbrooke &c.
DUNK Henry Chatham &c.
DUNK Isaac Tonbridge Wells &c.
DUNK James Cranbrooke &c.
DUNK John Ramsgate &c.
DUNK John Folkestone &c.
DUNK Mary Anne Chatham &c.
DUNK Robert Maidstone
DUNK Samuel Chatham &c.
DUNK Samuel Chatham &c.
DUNKIN  William Canterbury &c.
DUNKIN & Son Dartford &c.
DUNKIN & Son Dartford &c.
DUNKIN & WATSON Herne Bay &c.
DUNKIN & WATSON Canterbury &c.
DUNKIN Edwin Ramsgate &c.
DUNLOP James Dover &c.
DUNMALL  Lucy The Crays &c.
DUNMALL Rebecca Woolwich &c.
DUNMILL Richard Maidstone
DUNMILL Richard Maidstone
DUNMILL William Barrow Maidstone
DUNN Daniel Deptford &c
DUNN George Chatham &c.
DUNN George H Deal &c
DUNN George Hulse Deal &c
DUNN Herbert Canterbury &c.
DUNN James Canterbury &c.
DUNN James Chatham &c.
DUNN James Chatham &c.
DUNN John Deal &c
DUNN Mr Robert Woolwich &c.
DUNN Richard Deal &c
DUNN Sarah Bromley &c.
DUNN Thomas Margate
DUNN Thomas Margate
DUNN Thomas Sandwich &c.
DUNN Thomas Deal &c
DUNN Thomas Deal &c
DUNN Thomas Deal &c
DUNNING Henry Rochester
DUNSCOMBE Samuel Greenwich &c.
DUNSTABLE Mrs Elizabeth Chatham &c.
DUNSTALL James Rochester
DUNSTALL James Rochester
DUNSTALL Jas. Rochester
DUNSTALL Samuel Chatham &c.
DUNSTER Charles Tenterden &c.
DUNSTER Richard Wittersham &c.
DUORY George Wingham
DURBAN Thomas Sandwich &c.
DURBAN Thomas Sandwich &c.
DURDEN Mary Ann Hythe &c.
DURDEN William Hythe &c.
DURETT Elizabeth Deptford &c
DURHAM  Chs. Jacob Deptford &c
DURHAM Alexander Lewisham &c.
DURHAM George William Knight Deptford &c
DURHAM Jacob Lewisham &c.
DURLING George Stone &c.
DURLING John The Crays &c.
DURLING Phoebe Bromley &c.
DURLING William Woolwich &c.
DURNFORD General Tonbridge Wells &c.
DURNTFORD Colonel Shoreham &c.
DURRANT Edward Hawkhurst &c.
DURRANT Francis Greenwich &c.
DURRANT James Lamberhurst &c.
DURRANT John Maidstone
DURRANT John Cowden &C.
DURRANT John Dartford &c.
DURRANT Lettice Hawkhurst &c.
DURRANT Mr Jno Mercer Hawkhurst &c.
DURRANT Rev William Cranbrooke &c.
DURRANT Woodgate Maidstone
DURRELL Timothy Hadlow &c.
DURTNALL Henry Deptford &c
DUTHEE James esq Down &c.
DUTHIE Rev A H Sittingbourne &c.
DUTHIE Rev A H Sittingbourne &c.
DUTHIE Rev Archibald Hamilton Sittingbourne &c.
DUTHOIT James Canterbury &c.
DUTHOIT Peter Littlebourne &c.
DUTNALL John Shoreham &c.
DUTNALL William Lenham &c.
DUTNALL William Sittingbourne &c.
DUTT Henry Malling &c.
DUTTON Edward Deptford &c
DUTTON Edward Deptford &c
DUTTON Thomas Chatham &c.
DUTTON William James Chatham &c.
DUTTSON Ann Dover &c.
DUVAL Benjamin Deptford &c
DUVALL George Tonbridge Wells &c.
DWELLEY George Crayford &c.
DWYER Lieut Robert Margate
DWYER Miss Margate
DYASON Catherine Dover &c.
DYASON John Littlebourne &c.
DYASON Mary Ann Littlebourne &c.
DYASON Roger Ramsgate &c.
DYASON Tassell Dover &c.
DYBALL James Greenwich &c.
DYBALL John Deptford &c
DYBALL John Deptford &c
DYE Mary Margate
DYER Benj, Tonbridge Wells &c.
DYER Frederick Dover &c.
DYER George Perks Woolwich &c.
DYER Maria Tonbridge Wells &c.
DYER Richard Dover &c.
DYKE Captain John D Sittingbourne &c.
DYKE Joseph jun. Rochester
DYKE Miss Rochester
DYKE Rev Thomas Shoreham &c.
DYKE Sir Percival Eynesford &c.
DYNE Mary Chatham &c.
DYNELY Major T Woolwich &c.

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