Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
DIAMOND Ambrose Lamberhurst &c.
DIAMOND Thomas Lamberhurst &c.
DIASSANTOS C esq Greenwich &c.
DIBBLE George Greenwich &c.
DICEY Miss Elizabeth Greenwich &c.
DICK Alexander Deptford &c
DICK Capt Thomas Lewisham &c..
DICK Capt. Thomas Greenwich &c.
DICK Samuel, esq Eltham &c.
DICKENSON John Deptford &c
DICKENSON Mr John The Crays &c.
DICKENSON Stephen Lamberhurst &c.
DICKENSON Stephen Cowden &C.
DICKERSON Mr Saml. Hy. Chatham &c.
DICKESON Henry Malling &c.
DICKESON John Maidstone
DICKESON John Maidstone
DICKESON Joseph Holman Malling &c.
DICKINSON Chas. Deptford &c
DICKINSON John Robt Ramsgate &c.
DICKINSON Mrs Lewisham &c.
DICKINSON Mrs Frances Woolwich &c.
DICKS Elizabeth Greenwich &c.
DICKS Timothy Greenwich &c.
DICKSON Alfred Tonbridge Wells &c.
DICKSON George Maidstone
DICKSON George Maidstone
DIGANCE William H Gravesend &c.
DIGGENS ____ Tonbridge Wells &c.
DIGGENS Richard Tonbridge Wells &c.
DIGGINS  Richard Orpington &c.
DIKE William Margate
DILNOT John Littlebourne &c.
DILNOT The Misses Deal &c
DINMORE Edward Woolwich &c.
DIPLOCK Thomas Tonbridge
DIPLOCK Thomas Tonbridge
DIPROSE Robert Faversham &c.
DIPROSE William Maidstone
DIPROSE William Maidstone
DIPROSE William Faversham &c.
DISCOM James Chatham &c.
DITCH George Maidstone
DITCH George Maidstone
DITCH Thomas Cranbrooke &c.
DITCH Thomas Cranbrooke &c.
DITCHBURN William Gravesend &c.
DITTON George Romney &c.
DITTON George Romney &c.
DITTON John Greenwich &c.
DITTON Richard Canterbury &c.
DITTON Richd Deal &c
DITTON Thomas Lamberhurst &c.
DITTON Thomas Lamberhurst &c.
DIVE Anthony Philip Chatham &c.
DIVERS Thomas Dover &c.
DIVES John Lamberhurst &c.
DIVETT Miss Maria Westerham &c.
DIWELL Mary Tonbridge Wells &c.
DIWELL Richard Tonbridge Wells &c.
DIX Frances & Helen Canterbury &c.
DIX William Gravesend &c.
DIX Wm. Faversham &c.
DIXON  Samuel Crayford &c.
DIXON & Co Maidstone
DIXON Anne M Canterbury &c.
DIXON Charles Margate
DIXON Charles Margate
DIXON Col. Charles Chatham &c.
DIXON David Margate
DIXON Frederic Sandwich &c.
DIXON George Margate
DIXON H Paul Ramsgate &c.
DIXON Henry Chatham &c.
DIXON John Gravesend &c.
DIXON John East Deal &c
DIXON Joseph Deal &c
DIXON Lieut. Benjamin (RN) Deal &c
DIXON Lieutenant Colonel C.C. Chatham &c.
DIXON Mr William Jean Tenterden &c.
DIXON Mrs Margate
DIXON Rev. William Wittersham &c.
DIXON Robert Bexley &c.
DIXON Samuel Gravesend &c.
DIXON The Misses Margate
DIXON Thomas Woolwich &c.
DIXON Thomas Woolwich &c.
DIXON Thomas Carpenter Gravesend &c.
DIXON William Dartford &c.
DOBBIN Rebecca Deptford &c
DOBBS John Woolwich &c.
DOBBS Sarah Canterbury &c.
DOBELL  Samuel Cranbrooke &c.
DOBELL Alfred Cranbrooke &c.
DOBELL Johnson Cranbrooke &c.
DOBELL Joseph Headcorn &c.
DOBELL Samuel Cranbrooke &c.
DOBELL Samuel Cranbrooke &c.
DOBELL Samuel Cranbrooke &c.
DOBELL Susan Cranbrooke &c.
DOBSON Phoebe Greenwich &c.
DOBSON Sir Richard Greenwich &c.
DOCKER Mr James Dover &c.
DOCKERY Thomas Thornton Dartford &c.
DODD Ann Canterbury &c.
DODD Charles Tonbridge Wells &c.
DODD Elizabeth Woolwich &c.
DODD James Canterbury &c.
DODD James Faversham &c.
DODD John Sittingbourne &c.
DODD John Cudham &c.
DODD John Dover &c.
DODD John Deptford &c
DODD Mary Sheerness &c.
DODD Rev P Stanhope Penshurst &c.
DODD Robert Sheerness &c.
DODD Robert Sheerness &c.
DODD Thomas esq Greenwich &c.
DODDRELL Thomas Lane Tonbridge
DODDS  Hill Deptford &c
DODGE Joseph Lewisham &c.
DODGSON Mrs Frances Margate
DODSON James Maidstone
DOE John Maidstone
DOE John jun Maidstone
DOKE Sarah Dover &c.
DOLLING William Deptford &c
DOLLMAN Mr Edward Lewisham &c.
DOLMAN George Greenwich &c.
DOLPHIN Daniel Maidstone
DOLVILLE James Greenwich &c.
DOMBRAIN William Canterbury &c.
DOMBRAIN Wm Canterbury &c.
DONALDSON Mrs Anne Rochester
DONCET George Tonbridge Wells &c.
DONMALL George Chatham &c.
DONMALL Henry, The Crays &c.
DONMALL Mary The Crays &c.
DONOVAN  John Rochester
DONOVAN Joseph Greenwich &c.
DONOVAN Joseph Greenwich &c.
DOO Henry Lewisham &c.
DORAN Edward Maidstone
DOREY & HISKINS Woolwich &c.
DOREY William Woolwich &c.
DORMAN & Son Ashford &c.
DORMAN James Sandwich &c.
DORMAN Joseph Dartford &c.
DORMAN Mark Ashford &c.
DORMAN Mr Thomas Canterbury &c.
DORN Peter Tonbridge Wells &c.
DORRETT James Rochester
DORRETT Rebecca Rochester
DORRIENS the Misses Bromley &c.
DORRINGTON John Greenwich &c.
DORRINGTON Thomas Malling &c.
DORRINGTON William Greenwich &c.
DORRINGTON William Greenwich &c.
DORSETT the Misses Canterbury &c.
DORSON Miss Louisa Margate
DOUBELL Ansley Seven Oaks &c.
DOUBELL James Hawkhurst &c.
DOUBELL James Hawkhurst &c.
DOUBELL James Hawkhurst &c.
DOUCET George Tonbridge Wells &c.
DOUCH & MONTIER Tonbridge Wells &c.
DOUGHTON Jno Gravesend &c.
DOUGHTY  John Canterbury &c.
DOUGHTY William Greenwich &c.
DOUGLAS Alexander esq Hythe &c.
DOUGLAS Capt Chatham &c.
DOUGLAS Daniel Deal &c
DOUGLAS James Stoddart esq Lenham &c.
DOUGLAS John Greenwich &c.
DOUGLAS John Greenwich &c.
DOUGLAS Lady Rachel Hythe &c.
DOUGLAS Lieut. (RN) Deal &c
DOUGLASS Mrs Cudham &c.
DOULL Alexander Chatham &c.
DOUSE George Dover &c.
DOUST Thomas Lewisham &c.
DOVE Benjamin Woolwich &c.
DOVE Henry Margate
DOVE Joseph Lewisham &c.
DOVE Thomas Rochester
DOVE Thomas Tonbridge
DOVE William Dartford &c.
DOW Captain Woolwich &c.
DOWDELL Sarah Sheerness &c.
DOWDING William Lewisham &c.
DOWELL Charles Greenwich &c.
DOWLE Edmund Hawkins Romney &c.
DOWLE Edward Dover &c.
DOWLE James Dover &c.
DOWLE William Dover &c.
DOWLES James Romney &c.
DOWLEY George Marden &c.
DOWLEY John Shoreham &c.
DOWN  George Canterbury &c.
DOWN Frances Ashford &c.
DOWN George Lenham &c.
DOWN James Sittingbourne &c.
DOWN John Maidstone
DOWN Robert Hythe &c.
DOWN Robert Hythe &c.
DOWNARD Henry E Tonbridge Wells &c.
DOWNARD William Deptford &c
DOWNER Henry esq Maidstone
DOWNES Harriet Lenham &c.
DOWNING Edward Deptford &c
DOWNING Mary Greenwich &c.
DOWNS George Herne Bay &c.
DOWNS John Tonbridge Wells &c.
DOWNS Sarah Lewisham &c.
DOWNTON Arthur Dartford &c.
DOWSE Mr Thomas Boxley &c.
DOWTHWAITE William Tonbridge
DOXON James Margate
DOYLE Thomas Deptford &c

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