Pigots 1840 - Kent

lastname index D'c to Da


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LastName Section
D'COSTA Maurice esq Margate
D'OYLEY Rev George Cudham &c.
DA'ETH Capt Wingham
DADD Edward Whitstable
DADD Elizabeth Maidstone
DADD Elizabeth Boxley &c.
DADD Isaac Chatham &c.
DADD Isaac Chatham &c.
DADD John Margate
DADD John Romney &c.
DADD Richard William Rochester
DADDS Mr John Wingham
DADSON George Cranbrooke &c.
DADSON James Tonbridge Wells &c.
DADSON Stephen Cranbrooke &c.
DADSON William Rochester
DADSWELL Geo. Chatham &c.
DADSWELL James Woolwich &c.
DADSWELL James Woolwich &c.
DAFFORNE & STONE Greenwich &c.
DAFFORNE James Greenwich &c.
DAGGETT Edward Greenwich &c.
DAINES Thomas Sheerness &c.
DAIR Thomas Margate
DAKIN Mr Thomas Margate
DAKIN William Woolwich &c.
DALAHAYE Nicholas Narcisse Gravesend &c.
DALE Edward Hythe &c.
DALE Edward Folkestone &c.
DALE James Bromley &c.
DALE John Rochester
DALE John Greenwich &c.
DALE Joseph Lewisham &c.
DALE Miss Lewisham &c.
DALE Rev J Orpington &c.
DALE William Lewisham &c.
DALE William, Margate
DALES Lieut-Col Samuel Gravesend &c.
DALEY John Cudham &c.
DALGETY John Greenwich &c.
DALGETY Mr James Margate
DALISON M (DD) esq Hadlow &c.
DALLIN Rev Thomas James Woolwich &c.
DALLIN Rev Thomas James Woolwich &c.
DALLINGER James Chatham &c.
DALLY F F Maidstone
DALLY Frank Fether Maidstone
DALTON George Westerham &c.
DALTON John Lewisham &c.
DALTON John Lewisham &c.
DALTON Rebecca Greenwich &c.
DALTON William Rochester
DAMPER James Tonbridge Wells &c.
DAMPER Richard Cudham &c.
DAMPER William Tonbridge Wells &c.
DAMPIER George Maidstone
DAMPIER Lady Tonbridge Wells &c.
DAMPREY Stephen Chas Maidstone
DAN & STONE Faversham &c.
DAN & STONE Faversham &c.
DAN Isaac Faversham &c.
DANCE William Deptford &c
DANDRIDGE Arthur Deptford &c
DANDRIDGE Arthur Deptford &c
DANE Chas. Francis Faversham &c.
DANE Daniel Hythe &c.
DANE Eliza Dover &c.
DANE James Woolwich &c.
DANE Sarah Faversham &c.
DANE Thomas Dover &c.
DANE William Sittingbourne &c.
DANE William Faversham &c.
DANEL Louis Dover &c.
DANEL Louis Dover &c.
DANEL Louis Dover &c.
DANGATE Thomas Lamberhurst &c.
DANGERFIELD Edwin James Herne Bay &c.
DANIEL  & LONG Ramsgate &c.
DANIEL & GREEN Ramsgate &c.
DANIEL Colonel Tonbridge Wells &c.
DANIEL George Thomas Deptford &c
DANIEL Martin Esq Ramsgate &c.
DANIEL Mrs Ramsgate &c.
DANIEL William Sandgate &c.
DANIELS Boxley &c.
DANIELS  William Woolwich &c.
DANIELS James Whitstable
DANIELS James Whitstable
DANN  Susannah Cranbrooke &c.
DANN Abraham Penshurst &c.
DANN Ann Sheerness &c.
DANN Daniel Loose &c.
DANN George Maidstone
DANN George Loose &c.
DANN Henry Bexley &c.
DANN John Bexley &c.
DANN Luke Maidstone
DANN Mary Tonbridge Wells &c.
DANN the Misses Bexley &c.
DANN Thomas Bexley &c.
DANN Thomas Bexley &c.
DANN William Lamberhurst &c.
DANN William Maidstone
DANN William Maidstone
DANSON Elizabeth Rochester
DARAUER Mrs Mary Ann Lewisham &c.
DARBY  George Woolwich &c.
DARBY Eliz Dover &c.
DARBY Jno. Rochester
DARBY John Broadstairs &c.
DARBY Walter Margate
DARBY William Ramsgate &c.
DARBY William Margate
DARBY William Absalom Tonbridge Wells &c.
DARBYSHIRE Ralph Greenwich &c.
DARCH James Rochester
DARCH James Rochester
DARCH James Rochester
DARCH Mary Rochester
DARE James Eltham &c.
DARE William Greenwich &c.
DARKIN Martha Deptford &c
DARLING David Woolwich &c.
DARLING Mark Chatham &c.
DARNLEY the Right Hon. Earl of Gravesend &c.
DARRELL Edward esq Lenham &c.
DARTNELL Mrs Elizabeth Maidstone
DARWIN Elizabeth Gravesend &c.
DARWIN Elizabeth Gravesend &c.
DASHWOOD Lady Ann Bexley &c.
DASHWOOD Mrs Sarah Seven Oaks &c.
DAT Mary Ann Greenwich &c.
DAVEY  Eliz Cudham &c.
DAVEY George Canterbury &c.
DAVEY Rev George Maidstone
DAVEY Richard Deal &c
DAVEY Richard Cudham &c.
DAVEY Thomas Canterbury &c.
DAVEY Thomas Canterbury &c.
DAVEY Thomas jun. Canterbury &c.
DAVEY William Canterbury &c.
DAVID Henry John Tonbridge Wells &c.
DAVID Henry John Tonbridge Wells &c.
DAVID Pierre Paschal Bexley &c.
DAVIDS Henry Charles Crayford &c.
DAVIDSON Geo Henry Ramsgate &c.
DAVIDSON George Henry Ramsgate &c.
DAVIDSON George Henry Ramsgate &c.
DAVIDSON George Henry Ramsgate &c.
DAVIDSON John Dover &c.
DAVIDSON The Misses Woolwich &c.
DAVIES Absalom Deptford &c
DAVIES Absalom Deptford &c
DAVIES Absalom Deptford &c
DAVIES Arth. Esq Wye
DAVIES David Lewisham &c.
DAVIES George Cowden &C.
DAVIES George Canterbury &c.
DAVIES Henry Crayford &c.
DAVIES Henry Benj. Margate
DAVIES James Deptford &c
DAVIES Mary Canterbury &c.
DAVIES Mary Ann Deptford &c
DAVIES Mary Ann Deptford &c
DAVIES Mary Anne Chatham &c.
DAVIES Owen esq Tonbridge
DAVIES Rebecca Chatham &c.
DAVIES Rev Daniel Wm. (MA) Cranbrooke &c.
DAVIES Rev William Canterbury &c.
DAVIES Rev. George Rochester
DAVIES Rev. Richard Bexley &c.
DAVIES Sarah Dover &c.
DAVIES Thomas Folkestone &c.
DAVIES Thomas Gravesend &c.
DAVIS & ROBSON Woolwich &c.
DAVIS Ann Maidstone
DAVIS Ann Ashford &c.
DAVIS Arthur Lewisham &c.
DAVIS Bartholomew Maidstone
DAVIS Catherine Tonbridge Wells &c.
DAVIS Charles Littlebourne &c.
DAVIS Charles Esq Ramsgate &c.
DAVIS David Woolwich &c.
DAVIS David Hawkhurst &c.
DAVIS Edward Chatham &c.
DAVIS Edward esq Gravesend &c.
DAVIS Edwd Chatham &c.
DAVIS Ephraim Deptford &c
DAVIS George Canterbury &c.
DAVIS Henry Lewisham &c.
DAVIS James Westerham &c.
DAVIS James Bromley &c.
DAVIS James Cranbrooke &c.
DAVIS James Panter Bromley &c.
DAVIS Jas. High Halden &c.
DAVIS Jno Wilson & Son Deptford &c
DAVIS Jno Wilson esq Down &c.
DAVIS John Hythe &c.
DAVIS John Tonbridge Wells &c.
DAVIS John Dover &c.
DAVIS John Greenwich &c.
DAVIS John Oliver Folkestone &c.
DAVIS Joseph Ashford &c.
DAVIS Lewis Woolwich &c.
DAVIS Lewis Woolwich &c.
DAVIS Lewis Woolwich &c.
DAVIS Martha and DAVID Lazarus Chatham &c.
DAVIS Mr Arthur Deptford &c
DAVIS Mr Gideon Chatham &c.
DAVIS Mr James Bromley &c.
DAVIS Mrs Margate
DAVIS Mrs Elizabeth Lewisham &c.
DAVIS Mrs Sarah Ashford &c.
DAVIS Nathaniel Westerham &c.
DAVIS Nathaniel Westerham &c.
DAVIS Nathaniel Westerham &c.
DAVIS Nathaniel Westerham &c.
DAVIS Nathaniel Westerham &c.
DAVIS Oliver Saxby Sittingbourne &c.
DAVIS Rev Daniel William Cranbrooke &c.
DAVIS Rev Ebenezer Deal &c
DAVIS Rev, Thomas Ashford &c.
DAVIS Robert Woolwich &c.
DAVIS Robert Canterbury &c.
DAVIS Samuel Bromley &c.
DAVIS Sarah Margate
DAVIS Sophia Tonbridge Wells &c.
DAVIS Thomas Headcorn &c.
DAVIS Thomas Woolwich &c.
DAVIS Thomas Greenwich &c.
DAVIS Thomas Greenwich &c.
DAVIS William Maidstone
DAVIS William Lenham &c.
DAVIS William Marden &c.
DAVIS William & Thomas Bromley &c.
DAVIS William & Thomas Bromley &c.
DAVISON John Dover &c.
DAVISON John Thomas Chatham &c.
DAVISON William Canterbury &c.
DAVISS & Co Tenterden &c.
DAVISS & Co. Ashford &c.
DAVISSON James Woolwich &c.
DAVISSON James Woolwich &c.
DAVY Dr. Chatham &c.
DAVY Martha Lewisham &c.
DAW Mary Tenterden &c.
DAWES & FRASER Tonbridge Wells &c.
DAWES Ann Mary Deal &c
DAWES Daniel Butler esq. Ashford &c.
DAWES Frederick William esq Gravesend &c.
DAWES Josiah Wise Maidstone
DAWES Rev, Henry John Rochester
DAWKIN Jeremiah Sheerness &c.
DAWKINS Henry esq Sandgate &c.
DAWSON Ann Ramsgate &c.
DAWSON Edmund The Crays &c.
DAWSON Edward & Co Woolwich &c.
DAWSON Elizabeth Rochester
DAWSON Elizabeth Rochester
DAWSON James Lewisham &c.
DAWSON John Maidstone
DAWSON John Boxley &c.
DAWSON John Hawkhurst &c.
DAWSON John Faversham &c.
DAWSON Rev Francis The Crays &c.
DAWSON Robert Broadstairs &c.
DAWSON Robert S Broadstairs &c.
DAWSON Thomas Rochester
DAWSON Thomas Canterbury &c.
DAWSON Thomas Ashford &c.
DAWSON William Maidstone
DAWSON William The Crays &c.
DAWSON William Edward Woolwich &c.
DAWSON William, Eltham &c.
DAY & Son Maidstone
DAY & STANGER Maidstone
DAY & STANGER Maidstone
DAY & STANGER Maidstone
DAY & STRANGER Maidstone
DAY & WHATMAN Maidstone
DAY Anne Greenwich &c.
DAY Anne Greenwich &c.
DAY Capt. James Deal &c
DAY Charles Maidstone
DAY Christopher Gravesend &c.
DAY Daniel Shoreham &c.
DAY David Hermitage & Sons Rochester
DAY David Hermitage esq Rochester
DAY David J esq Rochester
DAY Edward Munk Lenham &c.
DAY Edward Munk Lenham &c.
DAY Edwd Munk Lenham &c.
DAY Elizabeth Tonbridge
DAY James Tonbridge
DAY James Tonbridge
DAY John High Halden &c.
DAY John Headcorn &c.
DAY John Shoreham &c.
DAY John Deal &c
DAY John Eynesford &c.
DAY John Faversham &c.
DAY Mary Anne Stroud &c.
DAY Mercy Maria Tonbridge
DAY Miss Eliza Maidstone
DAY Mr Francis Loose &c.
DAY Mr John Loose &c.
DAY Mr Richard Loose &c.
DAY Mrs. Maidstone
DAY Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsgate &c.
DAY Richard Marden &c.
DAY Richard Benison Rochester
DAY Robert Westerham &c.
DAY Robert Westerham &c.
DAY Samuel Maidstone
DAY Samuel Stroud &c.
DAY Samuel Broadstairs &c.
DAY Thomas Marden &c.
DAY Thomas Maidstone
DAY Thomas Lamberhurst &c.
DAY Thomas Woolwich &c.
DAY Thomas Rochester
DAY Thomas esq Maidstone
DAY Thomas esq Rochester
DAY Thomas esq Stroud &c.
DAY Thomas H Stroud &c.
DAY Thos, Sweeting Dartford &c.
DAY W esq Rochester
DAY William Headcorn &c.
DAY William Hythe &c.
DAY William Maidstone
DAY William Marden &c.
DAYCOCK Elizabeth Mary Greenwich &c.

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