Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
CUCKOW George Ashford &c.
CUCKOW George Ashford &c.
CUDLIP Mrs Eliz Lewisham &c.
CULBERT Margaret Deptford &c
CULCHETH Rev. William Ashford &c.
CULL  Robert Ramsgate &c.
CULL Henry Ramsgate &c.
CULL John White Ramsgate &c.
CULL Robert Ramsgate &c.
CULL Robert Ramsgate &c.
CULL William Ramsgate &c.
CULLEN  Ambrose Deal &c
CULLEN  P. Sheerness &c.
CULLEN Ambrose Canterbury &c.
CULLEN Eliz. Folkestone &c.
CULLEN John Canterbury &c.
CULLEN Peter & Son Sheerness &c.
CULLEN Richard Folkestone &c.
CULLEN Stephen Rochester
CULLEN Wiiliam Morris Ramsgate &c.
CULLEN William Herne Bay &c.
CULLEN William Bromley &c.
CULLEN William H Canterbury &c.
CULLEN William Morris Ramsgate &c.
CULLIN James Dover &c.
CULLIN Richard Johnson Dover &c.
CULLING William Ashford &c.
CULLUM John Maidstone
CULLUNDS Eliza Chatham &c.
CULLY Noah Woolwich &c.
CULMER George Dover &c.
CULMER John Houlton Dover &c.
CULMER Miss Sarah Canterbury &c.
CULVER Alfred Ramsgate &c.
CULVER Henry Broadstairs &c.
CULVER James Chatham &c.
CULVER Thomas Whitstable
CUMBERLAND William Bromley &c.
CUMMINGS Henry Greenwich &c.
CUMMINS Elizabeth Chatham &c.
CUMMINS Mary Ann Ashford &c.
CUNDY John Herne Bay &c.
CUNDY John Herne Bay &c.
CUNNINGHAM  Mary Ann Rochester
CUNNINGHAM Joseph Deptford &c
CUNNINGTON John Eltham &c.
CURETON Dinah Chatham &c.
CURLEWIS Mr Greenwich &c.
CURLING Alexander Esq Ramsgate &c.
CURLING David Dover &c.
CURLING Eliz Deptford &c
CURLING George Robert Dover &c.
CURLING John Deal &c
CURLING Miss Ramsgate &c.
CURLING Miss Grace Canterbury &c.
CURLING Mr Edward Deal &c
CURLING Mr William Lewisham &c.
CURLING Mr William Deal &c
CURLING Mrs Rebecca Canterbury &c.
CURLING Mrs Sarah Deal &c
CURLING Thomas Dover &c.
CURLING Thomas Dover &c.
CURLING Wm. Margate
CURLLING Mr George Deal &c
CURRELL John Stroud &c.
CURREN  Mary Woolwich &c.
CURREY Benjamin esq Eltham &c.
CURRIE Archibald John Maidstone
CURRIE James Charters Deptford &c
CURRY Lawrence Sheerness &c.
CURRY Rev C Sittingbourne &c.
CURTEIS & KINGSFORD Canterbury &c.
CURTEIS Miss Frances Tenterden &c.
CURTEIS Mr W T Maidstone
CURTEIS Mrs James Tenterden &c.
CURTEIS Mrs Mary Ashford &c.
CURTEIS Mrs Sarah Tenterden &c.
CURTEIS Mrs Sarah Tenterden &c.
CURTEIS Robert esq Tenterden &c.
CURTEIS Robert jun esq Tenterden &c.
CURTEIS Walter esq Tenterden &c.
CURTEIS William Tenterden &c.
CURTEIS William esq Tenterden &c.
CURTEIS William esq Greenwich &c.
CURTEIS, CROUGHTON & Co Tenterden &c.
CURTIS Frederick Deptford &c
CURTIS Frederick Deptford &c
CURTIS Henry Maidstone
CURTIS James John Gravesend &c.
CURTIS John Crayford &c.
CURTIS Rev Thomas Sackville Seven Oaks &c.
CURTIS Sir William Bart Ramsgate &c.
CURTIS Thomas Greenwich &c.
CURTIS William Ramsgate &c.
CURTIS William Hadlow &c.
CURTOIS Rev Rowland Chatham &c.
CUSACK John Lewisham &c.
CUST Hon. William Lewisham &c.
CUTBILL Thomas Maidstone
CUTBUSH & Son Maidstone
CUTBUSH James Ashford &c.
CUTBUSH James Ashford &c.
CUTBUSH Mary & George Maidstone
CUTBUSH Richard James Maidstone
CUTBUSH Richard James Maidstone
CUTBUSH Robert Maidstone
CUTBUSH Thomas Maidstone
CUTBUSH William Ashford &c.
CUTFIELD Mr John Deal &c
CUTHBERTSON Mrs Sarah Canterbury &c.
CUTHBURT John Cowden &C.
CUTHILL James M.A. Margate
CUTLER Henry Canterbury &c.
CUTLER John Ramsgate &c.
CUTLER William Gravesend &c.
CUTT Daniel Dover &c.
CUTTEN  John Margate
CUTTEN Jno. Margate
CUTTEN Thomas Woolwich &c.
CUTTLER John Ramsgate &c.
CUTTS Chas Lewisham &c.
CUTTS Sarah Woolwich &c.
CUYLER Colonel Rochester

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