Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
CRABB Mr Greenwich &c.
CRABB William Lewisham &c.
CRACKLOW Mr Henry Bromley &c.
CRACKNELL Simeon Deptford &c
CRACKNELL Simeon Deptford &c
CRADDOCK Maidstone
CRADEN James Bromley &c.
CRAFTER William Bexley &c.
CRAG Henry Woolwich &c.
CRAIG Ann Woolwich &c.
CRAIG David Woolwich &c.
CRAIG Henry Woolwich &c.
CRAMP  John S Ramsgate &c.
CRAMP John Lamberhurst &c.
CRAMP Rev John Broadstairs &c.
CRAMP Rev Thomas Broadstairs &c.
CRAMP Robert Strong Ramsgate &c.
CRAMP Sarah Dover &c.
CRAMP Thomas F Sandwich &c.
CRAMP William Greenwich &c.
CRAMP William Dover &c.
CRAMPTON James Seven Oaks &c.
CRAMPTON John Marden &c.
CRAMPTON John Ramsgate &c.
CRAMPTON John Broadstairs &c.
CRAMPTON John Broadstairs &c.
CRANBROOK James Deal &c
CRANBROOK James Deal &c
CRANDALL John & Henry Penshurst &c.
CRANDALL Mr William Maidstone
CRANDALL William Maidstone
CRANDELL William Chatham &c.
CRANE Anthony Cudham &c.
CRANE F C, Precincts Canterbury &c.
CRANE George Deptford &c
CRANE George Deptford &c
CRANE MR William Sandwich &c.
CRANFIELD Mr Edward Bromley &c.
CRANK William Shoreham &c.
CRANSTON Capt Greenwich &c.
CRANSTON Mr Geo Greenwich &c.
CRAPNELL Samuel Dover &c.
CRASS Thomas Shoreham &c.
CRAVEN John & Co Deptford &c
CRAVEN John & Co Deptford &c
CRAWCORN Henry Jno Dover &c.
CRAWFORD Matthew Greenwich &c.
CRAWFORD Matthew Greenwich &c.
CRAWFORD Robert Woolwich &c.
CRAWFORD the Misses Seven Oaks &c.
CRAWLEY Frederick Deptford &c
CRAWLEY Frederick Deptford &c
CRAWLEY Frederick Deptford &c
CRAYCRAFT Robert Ramsgate &c.
CRAYTON Mrs Hawkhurst &c.
CREAM Chevalier Ramsgate &c.
CREASE Harold Ramsgate &c.
CREASEY Mr Jas. Cudham &c.
CREASY Benjamin Bromley &c.
CREASY Elizabeth Tonbridge Wells &c.
CREASY John Dell Greenwich &c.
CREASY Mr Joseph Tonbridge
CREASY William Penshurst &c.
CREBER Richard Greenwich &c.
CREED  George Margate
CREED Charles Canterbury &c.
CREED George Margate
CREED Maria Maidstone
CREED William Woolwich &c.
CREICHTON Rev William Crayford &c.
CREIGHTON Mrs Emeline Hawkhurst &c.
CRESSEY Susannah Folkestone &c.
CRESSWELL Rev Henry Canterbury &c.
CREWE The Misses Woolwich &c.
CRICHTON Sir Alexander Shoreham &c.
CRICKETT Miss Sarah Deal &c
CRIDDLE Elizabeth Lewisham &c.
CRIDDLE James Lewisham &c.
CRIGHTON Mr Benjamin Lewisham &c.
CRIMPSON Edward Maidstone
CRIPPEN John Canterbury &c.
CRIPPEN John Faversham &c.
CRIPPEN William Canterbury &c.
CRIPPIN Mary Anne & Sarah Canterbury &c.
CRIPPIN Mary, Anne & Sarah Canterbury &c.
CRIPPS Charles Tonbridge Wells &c.
CRIPPS Charles The Crays &c.
CRIPPS George Loose &c.
CRIPPS J M esq Tonbridge Wells &c.
CRIPPS James Tonbridge Wells &c.
CRIPPS Mr Margate
CRIPPS Thomas Tonbridge Wells &c.
CRIPPS William The Crays &c.
CRIPPS William, Dartford &c.
CRISFIELD George Faversham &c.
CRISFORD  Robert Hawkhurst &c.
CRISFORD James Ramsgate &c.
CRISFORD John Ramsgate &c.
CRISFORD John Hawkhurst &c.
CRISP John Loose &c.
CRISP Mr Nicholas Stroud &c.
CRISP Sarah Deal &c
CRISPE George (executors of) Headcorn &c.
CRISPE Henry Headcorn &c.
CRISPE Mrs Maidstone
CRISPE Mrs Elizabeth Headcorn &c.
CRISPE William Maidstone
CRISPS Edward Gravesend &c.
CRITTALL Mr Richard Down &c.
CRITTALL Richard Down &c.
CRITTENDEN George Loose &c.
CRITTENDEN George Chatham &c.
CRITTENDEN John Chatham &c.
CRITTENDEN Rd Tenterden &c.
CRITTLE George Shoreham &c.
CRITTLE George Hadlow &c.
CROCKER George Faversham &c.
CROCKFORD Charles Bexley &c.
CROCKFORD John Chatham &c.
CROCKFORD John Chatham &c.
CROCKFORD John Chatham &c.
CROCKFORD Jonan Chatham &c.
CROCKFORD Mr William Chatham &c.
CROCKFORD Thos Samuel Stroud &c.
CROFT Alfred Hawkhurst &c.
CROFT Edward Greenwich &c.
CROFT Faithful esq Lenham &c.
CROFT James Greenwich &c.
CROFT Mr Robert Margate
CROFT Mrs Tonbridge Wells &c.
CROFT Robert Esq Ramsgate &c.
CROFT Sir John Boxley &c.
CROFT Thomas Chatham &c.
CROFT Venerable Archdeacon Hythe &c.
CROFT Venerable the Archdeacon Canterbury &c.
CROFT____ Tonbridge
CROFTS  Richard Dendy Margate
CROFTS Elizabeth Margate
CROFTS George Thomas Dover &c.
CROFTS John Margate
CROFTS John Margate
CROFTS Mary Ann Margate
CROFTS Mrs Sarah Margate
CROFTS Rev John Deptford &c
CROFTS Richard Canterbury &c.
CROFTS Robert Margate
CROFTS Robert Margate
CROFTS Robt. esq Broadstairs &c.
CROKER Edward Maidstone
CROMBIE Andrew Woolwich &c.
CROMBIE John Woolwich &c.
CROMPTON Thomas Sheerness &c.
CRONK & TAPLEY Shoreham &c.
CRONK George Tonbridge Wells &c.
CROOK Wm Rochester
CROSBY Ann Dartford &c.
CROSBY John Dartford &c.
CROSBY Peter Jas Gravesend &c.
CROSOER Francis Sandwich &c.
CROSOER Francis Sandwich &c.
CROSOER William Deal &c
CROSS James Greenwich &c.
CROSS John Boxley &c.
CROSS John Greenwich &c.
CROSS John Greenwich &c.
CROSS Joseph Chatham &c.
CROSS Robert Gravesend &c.
CROSSLEY Henry Deptford &c
CROSSLEY William Ramsgate &c.
CROSSTHWAITE William Gravesend &c.
CROST Thomas The Crays &c.
CROSTHWAITE William Gravesend &c.
CROSTY James Greenwich &c.
CROTHALL George Canterbury &c.
CROTHALL John Wingham
CROUCH James Headcorn &c.
CROUCH John Lamberhurst &c.
CROUCH John Maidstone
CROUCH Thomas Canterbury &c.
CROUCH Thomas Folkestone &c.
CROUCH William Canterbury &c.
CROUGHTON Mrs Tenterden &c.
CROUGHTON William Peel esq Tenterden &c.
CROW & WOOD Margate
CROW Edwd. Faversham &c.
CROW Frederick Lewis Ramsgate &c.
CROW Fredk Lewis Ramsgate &c.
CROW Garton Margate
CROW Garton Margate
CROW Garton Margate
CROW George Canterbury &c.
CROW Henry Dover &c.
CROW James Canterbury &c.
CROW John Shoreham &c.
CROW Miles Chatham &c.
CROW Mr John Faversham &c.
CROW Mr Lewis Faversham &c.
CROW William Canterbury &c.
CROWDER Edwin Chatham &c.
CROWDER Mr John Maidstone
CROWE Jos. Leonard Dover &c.
CROWFORD Rev William Henry Sittingbourne &c.
CROWHURST Ann Bromley &c.
CROWHURST Edward Shoreham &c.
CROWHURST George Canterbury &c.
CROWHURST Jesse Chatham &c.
CROWHURST Robert Gravesend &c.
CROWHURST Robert Gravesend &c.
CROWHURST Robert Gravesend &c.
CROWHURST Robert Gravesend &c.
CROWHURST Thomas Seven Oaks &c.
CROWHURST William Maidstone
CROWHURST William Orpington &c.
CROWHURST William Shoreham &c.
CROWLEY, MILLINGTON & Co Greenwich &c.
CROWLEY, MILLINGTON & Co Greenwich &c.
CROWTHER  John Folkestone &c.
CROWTHER Richard Maidstone
CROXFORD William Hadlow &c.
CRUMP Charles Gravesend &c.
CRUMP George Boxley &c.
CRUMP John Hadlow &c.
CRUMP Richard Margate
CRUMP Sophia Dover &c.
CRUMP Thomas Margate
CRUMP William Loose &c.
CRUMP William Sittingbourne &c.
CRUNDELL William Shoreham &c.
CRUNDWELL Charles Maidstone
CRUNDWELL Henry Tonbridge Wells &c.
CRUNDWELL James Maidstone
CRUNDWELL John Penshurst &c.
CRUNDWELL John Ashford &c.
CRUNDWELL Stephen Tonbridge
CRUNDWELL Stephen Tonbridge Wells &c.
CRUTTENDEN Edmund Sittingbourne &c.
CRUTTENDEN John Maidstone
CRUTTENDEN Thomas Lenham &c.
CRUTTENDEN Thos. Lenham &c.
CRUTTENDEN William Ashford &c.
CRUX  Ruth Canterbury &c.
CRUX Henry Wittersham &c.
CRUX Henry Romney &c.

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