Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
CLACK George Sheerness &c.
CLADISH Stephen Canterbury &c.
CLAGGETT John Margate
CLAPHAM Joseph Tonbridge Wells &c.
CLAPHAM Joseph Tonbridge
CLAPSON George Sittingbourne &c.
CLAPSON Richard Tonbridge Wells &c.
CLAPSTONE James Boxley &c.
CLARIDGE William Gravesend &c.
CLARINGBOULD Mr Richard Dover &c.
CLARINGBOULD Theys Boys Dover &c.
CLARINGBOULD Theys Boys Dover &c.
CLARINGBOULD Theys Boys Dover &c.
CLARINGBOULD William Sheerness &c.
CLARINGBOULD William Dover &c.
CLARIS Richard Canterbury &c.
CLARK  George Rochester
CLARK Ann Folkestone &c.
CLARK Benjamin Chatham &c.
CLARK Daniel Faversham &c.
CLARK David Tonbridge Wells &c.
CLARK Dorothy & Son Dover &c.
CLARK Geo Alexander Woolwich &c.
CLARK George Woolwich &c.
CLARK George Chatham &c.
CLARK George Faversham &c.
CLARK George Dover &c.
CLARK James Gravesend &c.
CLARK James Gravesend &c.
CLARK Jno. Dover &c.
CLARK John Lenham &c.
CLARK John Lewisham &c.
CLARK John Lenham &c.
CLARK John Ramsgate &c.
CLARK John Seven Oaks &c.
CLARK John Seven Oaks &c.
CLARK John Dover &c.
CLARK John Curtis Dover &c.
CLARK Jos Tonbridge
CLARK Judith Rochester
CLARK Judith Rochester
CLARK Leah Greenwich &c.
CLARK Martha Hythe &c.
CLARK Mary Seven Oaks &c.
CLARK Mary Deal &c
CLARK Mary Deptford &c
CLARK Mr William Maidstone
CLARK Mrs Elizabeth Greenwich &c.
CLARK Peter Dartford &c.
CLARK Rev John Folkestone &c.
CLARK Richard Orpington &c.
CLARK Robert The Crays &c.
CLARK Robert Greenwich &c.
CLARK Stephen esq Shoreham &c.
CLARK Thomas Sandwich &c.
CLARK Thomas Canterbury &c.
CLARK Thomas The Crays &c.
CLARK Thomas The Crays &c.
CLARK Thomas Dover &c.
CLARK Thomas B Greenwich &c.
CLARK Werter Dover &c.
CLARK William Lenham &c.
CLARK William Bexley &c.
CLARK William The Crays &c.
CLARK William Greenwich &c.
CLARK William Greenwich &c.
CLARK Wm Ashford &c.
CLARK, John Stroud &c.
CLARKE Andrew esq Deptford &c
CLARKE Charles Gravesend &c.
CLARKE Charles & England Gravesend &c.
CLARKE Colonel M C Broadstairs &c.
CLARKE Harriet Rochester
CLARKE John Hythe &c.
CLARKE John Hythe &c.
CLARKE John Dartford &c.
CLARKE Mary Canterbury &c.
CLARKE Mrs Ann Canterbury &c.
CLARKE Redburn esq Boxley &c.
CLARKE Rev John Folkestone &c.
CLARKE Richard Canterbury &c.
CLARKE Richard Dartford &c.
CLARKE Richard Wade Woolwich &c.
CLARKE Thomas Rochester
CLARKE William Maidstone
CLARKE William Hythe &c.
CLARKE William Dartford &c.
CLARKE William Dover &c.
CLARKSON George Sheerness &c.
CLARKSON George Sheerness &c.
CLARKSON Jos Greenwich &c.
CLARRICOAT John Gravesend &c.
CLATWORTHY George Sittingbourne &c.
CLATWORTHY George Sittingbourne &c.
CLAUSE John Greenwich &c.
CLAUSE Thomas Faversham &c.
CLAXON Francis Woolwich &c.
CLAY Charles Faversham &c.
CLAY Robert Ramsgate &c.
CLAYSON Mark Deal &c
CLAYSON Mrs Elizabeth Deal &c
CLAYTON Harriet Bromley &c.
CLAYTON John Sheerness &c.
CLAYTON Rev S Lenham &c.
CLAYTON Rev Simeon Boxley &c.
CLEAVE Walter Sittingbourne &c.
CLEAVER John Maidstone
CLEAVER Letitia Maidstone
CLEAVER Mrs Caroline Cranbrooke &c.
CLEAVER Samuel Marden &c.
CLEAVER Samuel Marden &c.
CLEAVER William Marden &c.
CLEEVE Mr Thomas Woolwich &c.
CLEGG Wm & Jos Maidstone
CLEILAND Major General Lewisham &c.
CLEMENANT Nicholas esq Deptford &c
CLEMENT Jane Eynesford &c.
CLEMENT William John Lewisham &c.
CLEMENT William John Lewisham &c.
CLEMENTS Charles Deal &c
CLEMENTS Elizabeth Canterbury &c.
CLEMENTS Elizabeth Bromley &c.
CLEMENTS Jno Tonbridge
CLEMENTS John Tonbridge
CLEMENTS John Canterbury &c.
CLEMENTS Mary Ann Deal &c
CLEMENTS Matthew Boxley &c.
CLEMENTS Mr John Woolwich &c.
CLEMENTS Robert, Rochester
CLEMENTS Thomas Deal &c
CLEMENTS William Margate
CLEMENTS William Rochester
CLEMENTS William Rochester
CLEMENTS William Rochester
CLEMENTS William Dartford &c.
CLEMENTS William Canterbury &c.
CLEMENTS Wm. Canterbury &c.
CLEMETTSON James Lamberhurst &c.
CLEMITSON Edward Gravesend &c.
CLEMMISON Charlotte Deptford &c
CLEMMISON Charlotte Deptford &c
CLEMMISON Charlotte Deptford &c
CLEMSON Richard Maidstone
CLENDON  Geo. Ramsgate &c.
CLENDON George Ramsgate &c.
CLENDON George Deal &c
CLEVELAND James Dover &c.
CLEVELAND Mrs Hawkhurst &c.
CLEVELL (R.N.) Captain John Chatham &c.
CLEVER William Maidstone
CLEWLOW William Lewisham &c.
CLIFFORD  Robert Boxley &c.
CLIFFORD Charles Sheerness &c.
CLIFFORD James Maidstone
CLIFFORD James Maidstone
CLIFFORD Jas Newington &c.
CLIFFORD John Sittingbourne &c.
CLIFFORD John Tonbridge Wells &c.
CLIFFORD John Rochester
CLIFFORD John Dartford &c.
CLIFFORD John Dartford &c.
CLIFFORD Katurah, Frances & Rowena Boxley &c.
CLIFFORD Mr John Sittingbourne &c.
CLIFFORD Robert Maidstone
CLIFFORD Thomas Howey Ramsgate &c.
CLIFT Esther Dover &c.
CLIFT Thomas Chatham &c.
CLIFT Thomas Chatham &c.
CLIFTON Charles Tonbridge
CLINCH Joseph Chatham &c.
CLINKER John Greenwich &c.
CLINTON John Maidstone
CLINTON William Dover &c.
CLOAK Charles Wittersham &c.
CLOAKE John Maidstone
CLOAKE Thomas Hythe &c.
CLOKE Jno. Spenser Canterbury &c.
CLOTHIER Benjamin Woolwich &c.
CLOTHIER John Deptford &c
CLOTHIER Joseph Woolwich &c.
CLOTHIER Robert Woolwich &c.
CLOTHIER Thomas Greenwich &c.
CLOTHIER William Deptford &c
CLOUGH William Tonbridge Wells &c.
CLOUT James Seven Oaks &c.
CLOUT James Dover &c.
CLOUT Jas. Seven Oaks &c.
CLOUT Mrs Maidstone
CLOUT Thomas Bexley &c.
CLOUT William Folkestone &c.
CLOUT William Folkestone &c.
CLOUTE  Richard Jeffery Cowden &C.
CLOUTE Thomas Tenterden &c.
CLOUTE Thomas Tenterden &c.
CLOUTER John Tonbridge Wells &c.
CLOVER John Ashford &c.
CLOWSEY Clement Canterbury &c.

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