Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
BRUCE George Maidstone
BRUCE James esq Lewisham &c.
BRUCE Mr Maidstone
BRUNGER William Hythe &c.
BRUNKER M A & E Stroud &c.
BRUNKER Mrs Maria Stroud &c.
BRUNT Caroline Chatham &c.
BRUSHETT George Dover &c.
BRUSTER Robert Greenwich &c.
BRUSTER Robert Greenwich &c.
BRUSTER William Maidstone
BRYAN  John Maidstone
BRYAN Ellen Woolwich &c.
BRYAN Jas Woolwich &c.
BRYAN John Maidstone
BRYAN, HOWDEN & Co Greenwich &c.
BRYANS  Samuel Maidstone
BRYANT  John Hawkhurst &c.
BRYANT Benjamin Marden &c.
BRYANT Harriet Chatham &c.
BRYANT Henry S Stroud &c.
BRYANT Jacob George Chatham &c.
BRYANT John Faversham &c.
BRYANT John Hawkhurst &c.
BRYANT John Hawkhurst &c.
BRYANT John Berry Westerham &c.
BRYANT Mr Wm. Chatham &c.
BRYANT Thomas Lewisham &c.
BRYDGES Rev A E Canterbury &c.
BRYDGES Sir J W H Dover &c.
BRYDGES Sir John Dover &c.
BRYSON John Canterbury &c.
BUCHAN Alexander Bexley &c.
BUCHAN Mary Bexley &c.
BUCHANAN Friend William Maidstone
BUCHANAN Geo. Adolphus Chatham &c.
BUCK James Canterbury &c.
BUCK Mr Lewisham &c.
BUCK Sarah Crayford &c.
BUCK Sarah Crayford &c.
BUCK Thomas Crayford &c.
BUCK Thomas Crayford &c.
BUCKHURST George Sheerness &c.
BUCKINGHAM the Hon, the Countess Dowager of Lewisham &c.
BUCKLAND Edward Dartford &c.
BUCKLAND Friend William Maidstone
BUCKLAND Friend William Maidstone
BUCKLAND Friend William Maidstone
BUCKLAND James Dartford &c.
BUCKLAND Mr John Marden &c.
BUCKLAND Thomas Dartford &c.
BUCKLAND Thomas Gravesend &c.
BUCKLAND Walter James Marden &c.
BUCKLAND William Dartford &c.
BUCKLAND William jun. Dartford &c.
BUCKLEY Benj. Chatham &c.
BUCKLEY Henry esq Seven Oaks &c.
BUCKLEY Mr George Canterbury &c.
BUCKTON John Canterbury &c.
BUDD Daniel Sittingbourne &c.
BUDD Daniel Sittingbourne &c.
BUDDEN James Chatham &c.
BUDDEN John Canterbury &c.
BUDDS John Boxley &c.
BUDGEN George Tonbridge Wells &c.
BUDGEN George Tonbridge Wells &c.
BUDGEN George Cowden &C.
BUDGEN John Tonbridge
BUDGEN John Down &c.
BUDGEN Lieut John Tonbridge
BUDGEN Richard Bromley &c.
BUESDEN Jesse Faversham &c.
BUFFAR Miss Charlotte Greenwich &c.
BUGGS Thomas Sittingbourne &c.
BUGGS Thomas Sittingbourne &c.
BULEY John Chatham &c.
BULEY Joseph Gravesend &c.
BULEY William Tonbridge
BULKLEY Mrs Harriet Tenterden &c.
BULL Henry Ashford &c.
BULL James William Woolwich &c.
BULL James William Woolwich &c.
BULL William Dartford &c.
BULLARD Charles Lewisham &c.
BULLARD Charles Lewisham &c.
BULLARD James & Reader Lewisham &c.
BULLARD John Chatham &c.
BULLARD William Canterbury &c.
BULLBROOK Thomas William Chatham &c.
BULLEN John Tonbridge Wells &c.
BULLINARIA Thomas Chatham &c.
BULLINGBROOK Eliza Woolwich &c.
BULLINGER William Canterbury &c.
BULLOCK Capt (RN) Ramsgate &c.
BULMER Martin Maidstone
BUNCE James Canterbury &c.
BUNCE Mr James Lewisham &c.
BUNCE Mr John Canterbury &c.
BUNCE Richard Chatham &c.
BUNCE Saml. Thos. Canterbury &c.
BUNCH George Woolwich &c.
BUNDOCK Jonathan Canterbury &c.
BUNDOCK Jonathan Canterbury &c.
BUNDOCK Jonathan Canterbury &c.
BUNDOCK Jonathan Canterbury &c.
BUNDOCK Martin Margate
BUNKER Richard Dartford &c.
BUNN Joseph Dover &c.
BUNN Joseph Dover &c.
BUNN Mr Edward Thomas Lewisham &c.
BUNNETT & CORPE Deptford &c
BUNTON Simon Nunn Sandwich &c.
BUNTON Simon Nunn Sandwich &c.
BUNTON Simon Nunn Sandwich &c.
BUNYAR Frances Sittingbourne &c.
BUNYAR John Maidstone
BUNYAR John Maidstone
BUNYAR John, Tovil Maidstone
BUNYARD James & Son Maidstone
BUNYARD Thomas Maidstone
BUNYARD Thomas Maidstone
BURBRIDGE Isaac Lenham &c.
BURBRIDGE Sarah Greenwich &c.
BURBRIDGE Sarah Greenwich &c.
BURCH  Edward Woolwich &c.
BURCH Henry Woolwich &c.
BURCH James Maidstone
BURCH James Maidstone
BURCH James Chatham &c.
BURCH James Faversham &c.
BURCH John Maidstone
BURCH John, Wye
BURCH Philadelphia Maidstone
BURCH Philda Chatham &c.
BURCH Rebecca Rochester
BURCH Rebecca Rochester
BURCH Walter Cranbrooke &c.
BURCH William Maidstone
BURCH William Maidstone
BURCH William Woolwich &c.
BURCH William Woolwich &c.
BURDEIN Miss Cowden &C.
BURDEN Mary Tenterden &c.
BURDEN William Headcorn &c.
BURDER Dr Tonbridge Wells &c.
BURFIELD Robert Gravesend &c.
BURFOOT Richard Hadlow &c.
BURFOOT Thomas Hadlow &c.
BURFORD John, esq Lewisham &c.
BURFORD Mr Thomas Sheerness &c.
BURFORD William Deptford &c
BURGE George esq Herne Bay &c.
BURGE George William Rochester
BURGE William Lewisham &c.
BURGESS  Richard Down &c.
BURGESS  Wm. Dover &c.
BURGESS & HUNT Ramsgate &c.
BURGESS & HUNT Ramsgate &c.
BURGESS & HUNT Ramsgate &c.
BURGESS & HUNT Ramsgate &c.
BURGESS & HUNT Ramsgate &c.
BURGESS & Son Ramsgate &c.
BURGESS Ann Deptford &c
BURGESS Charles Seven Oaks &c.
BURGESS Edward Westerham &c.
BURGESS George Maidstone
BURGESS George Maidstone
BURGESS George Maidstone
BURGESS George Maidstone
BURGESS George Ramsgate &c.
BURGESS George, Maidstone
BURGESS James Greenwich &c.
BURGESS James Greenwich &c.
BURGESS John Newington &c.
BURGESS John esq Lewisham &c.
BURGESS Mrs Maidstone
BURGESS Peter Esq Ramsgate &c.
BURGESS Richard Down &c.
BURGESS the Misses Cudham &c.
BURGESS Thomas Seven Oaks &c.
BURGESS Thomas esq Shoreham &c.
BURGESS William Lamberhurst &c.
BURGESS William Deptford &c
BURGESS William Bromley &c.
BURGESS William Canterbury &c.
BURGESS Wm. Ramsgate &c.
BURGESS Wm. Broadstairs &c.
BURGIS Cornelius Hawkhurst &c.
BURGIS John Cranbrooke &c.
BURGISS Mr Thomas Charles Greenwich &c.
BURGOYNE Thomas Lenham &c.
BURKE John Webb Deptford &c
BURKETT Edward Lydd
BURKETT John Greenwich &c.
BURKETT Joseph Dover &c.
BURKETT Thomas Dover &c.
BURKETT William Dover &c.
BURLEY Henry Sittingbourne &c.
BURLEY Joseph Newington &c.
BURLEY Thomas Tonbridge
BURLINGHAM John Sheerness &c.
BURLS William Gravesend &c.
BURMAN George Ashford &c.
BURMISTER ____ esq Tonbridge Wells &c.
BURN Christiana, Lewisham &c.
BURNABY Capt E (RN) Canterbury &c.
BURNBY Joseph Deptford &c
BURNETT Alexander Rochester
BURNETT John Fassett esq Crayford &c.
BURNETT Rev. Robert Ashford &c.
BURNETT William Sheerness &c.
BURNEY Rev Chas Greenwich &c.
BURNHAM  Elizabeth The Crays &c.
BURNHAM James The Crays &c.
BURNHAM William Cranbrooke &c.
BURNS William Rochester
BURNSIDES Rev John Andrew Eynesford &c.
BURR & BAKER Penshurst &c.
BURR Frederick Maidstone
BURR Henry Maidstone
BURR Henry Maidstone
BURR Humphrey Cowden &C.
BURR Mary Ann Maidstone
BURR Rachael & Mary Ann Chatham &c.
BURR Robert Lamberhurst &c.
BURR Robert Chatham &c.
BURR Robert Chatham &c.
BURR The Misses Maidstone
BURR Thomas Rochester
BURR Thos Rochester
BURR Thos. Rochester
BURR William Hadlow &c.
BURRELL James Chatham &c.
BURREN  Jas Rochester
BURREN William Chatham &c.
BURRIDGE George Deptford &c
BURRILL James Chatham &c.
BURRILL James Chatham &c.
BURRILL James Chatham &c.
BURROUGHS  Jane Lewisham &c.
BURROUGHS John Thomas Lewisham &c.
BURROWS George & James Tonbridge Wells &c.
BURROWS Humphrey jun, Tonbridge Wells &c.
BURROWS Miss Sarah Cowden &C.
BURROWS Samuel Deptford &c
BURRUP Ann Greenwich &c.
BURSILL Celia Greenwich &c.
BURSLAM Capt William M Woolwich &c.
BURSTOW James Greenwich &c.
BURT Charles Cranbrooke &c.
BURT Mary Cranbrooke &c.
BURT Mr C J F Lewisham &c.
BURT Mr Thomas Stephen Bexley &c.
BURT Sarah Cranbrooke &c.
BURT Thomas Stevens Woolwich &c.
BURTENSHAW John Bromley &c.
BURTENSHAW John & Co Margate
BURTENSHAW Mr Henry Shoreham &c.
BURTON  J. Chatham &c.
BURTON  John Crayford &c.
BURTON Bryan Seven Oaks &c.
BURTON Capt. George Guy Rochester
BURTON Captain Rider Shoreham &c.
BURTON John The Crays &c.
BURTON John Greenwich &c.
BURTON John Faversham &c.
BURTON Mr Edward Chatham &c.
BURTON Mr Henry Marden &c.
BURTON Rev Charles James Lydd
BURTON Richard Lewisham &c.
BURTON Richard Sittingbourne &c.
BURTON Sir Richard Margate
BURTON Sir Richard Broadstairs &c.
BURTON Thomas Maidstone
BURTON William The Crays &c.
BURTON William Ford Tonbridge
BURTT Francis William Greenwich &c.
BUSAIN Margaret, Seven Oaks &c.
BUSBRIDGE  John Marden &c.
BUSBRIDGE Edward Sittingbourne &c.
BUSBRIDGE George Ramsgate &c.
BUSBRIDGE Isaac Broadstairs &c.
BUSBRIDGE Mrs Joseph Hawkhurst &c.
BUSBRIDGE Thomas Herne Bay &c.
BUSBRIDGE Thomas Broadstairs &c.
BUSBRIDGE Thos. Faversham &c.
BUSBRIDGE William Cranbrooke &c.
BUSBY James Maidstone
BUSBY James Maidstone
BUSBY Joseph Gravesend &c.
BUSBY Mr James Loose &c.
BUSBY Thomas Gravesend &c.
BUSH Ann Dover &c.
BUSHELL Daniel Canterbury &c.
BUSHELL George Sandwich &c.
BUSHELL Jane Deal &c
BUSHELL John Sandwich &c.
BUSHELL John, Deal &c
BUSHELL Mary Sandwich &c.
BUSHELL Mr William, Canterbury &c.
BUSHELL Richard Margate
BUSHELL Richard Margate
BUSHELL Richard Dover &c.
BUSHELL Samuel Dover &c.
BUSHELL Stephen Margate
BUSHELL Stephen Ramsgate &c.
BUSHELL Thomas Deal &c
BUSHELL Thos Sandwich &c.
BUSHELL Valentine Deal &c
BUSHELL William Deal &c
BUSHELL William Dover &c.
BUSHELL William Dover &c.
BUSHELL Wm Dover &c.
BUSHELL Wm. Dover &c.
BUSHER Joseph Faversham &c.
BUSHNELL Joseph Maidstone
BUSK Mr George Greenwich &c.
BUSKIN Mary Woolwich &c.
BUSS James Lydd
BUSS James Tenterden &c.
BUSS James Dover &c.
BUSS Jas Lydd
BUSS John Ashford &c.
BUSS Miss Sarah Cranbrooke &c.
BUSS Samuel Headcorn &c.
BUSSEY Joseph Dartford &c.
BUSTARD Rev John Sheerness &c.
BUTCHER Abraham Dartford &c.
BUTCHER Capt Samuel Jas Lewisham &c.
BUTCHER George Down &c.
BUTCHER Hy Folkestone &c.
BUTCHER James Chatham &c.
BUTCHER John Folkestone &c.
BUTCHER John & Thomas Rochester
BUTCHER Joseph Rochester
BUTCHER Mr John Cudham &c.
BUTCHER Mrs Canterbury &c.
BUTCHER Sarah Tonbridge
BUTCHER Thomas Benj. Gravesend &c.
BUTCHER William Maidstone
BUTLAND George William Stone &c.
BUTLER George Woolwich &c.
BUTLER George Canterbury &c.
BUTLER James Sandwich &c.
BUTLER James Gravesend &c.
BUTLER James Deptford &c
BUTLER John Romney &c.
BUTLER John & Ebenezer Woolwich &c.
BUTLER John Edward Dover &c.
BUTLER Mary Chatham &c.
BUTLER Michael Stroud &c.
BUTLER Mr Edmund Crayford &c.
BUTLER Mr James Deptford &c
BUTLER Mr William, Lewisham &c.
BUTLER Olding Dover &c.
BUTLER Richard High Halden &c.
BUTLER Samuel Deptford &c
BUTLER Stephen Woolwich &c.
BUTLER Thomas Maidstone
BUTLER Thomas Cranbrooke &c.
BUTLER Thomas Greenwich &c.
BUTTERFILL Joseph Woolwich &c.
BUTTLE Jesse Greenwich &c.
BUTTLE Jessy Greenwich &c.
BUTTON Miss Maidstone
BUTTON Thomas Marden &c.
BUTTON William Maidstone
BUTTON William Bexley &c.
BUTTON William Hawkhurst &c.
BUTTONSHAW Charles esq Hadlow &c.
BUTTONSHAW Rev. Francis Hadlow &c.
BUVENDEN William Faversham &c.
BUVENDEN William Faversham &c.
BUXTON  John Seven Oaks &c.
BUXTON Henry esq Lamberhurst &c.
BUZZACOTT Alex. Deptford &c
BYFIELD Thomas Deptford &c
BYFIELD Thomas Deptford &c
BYFIELD William Deptford &c
BYFIELD William Deptford &c
BYHAM John Chatham &c.
BYRAM John Maidstone
BYRNE John Faversham &c.
BYRNE Mrs Sarah Greenwich &c.
BYROM John Maidstone
BYTHAM Richard Deptford &c

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