Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
BRABANT Charles Maidstone
BRABY John Eltham &c.
BRABY Thomas Greenwich &c.
BRACEGIRDLE William Greenwich &c.
BRACEGIRDLE William Greenwich &c.
BRADBEER Charles Woolwich &c.
BRADBEER Francis Woolwich &c.
BRADDEN Rev Edward Nicholas Sittingbourne &c.
BRADDY  Benj, Chatham &c.
BRADDY Geo Richd Rochester
BRADDY John Gravesend &c.
BRADDY Richard Rochester
BRADDY Richard Chatham &c.
BRADFORD Daniel Ramsgate &c.
BRADFORD Henry Ramsgate &c.
BRADIBB Samuel Lewisham &c.
BRADLEY Chas Rochester
BRADLEY Francis esq Sittingbourne &c.
BRADLEY Joseph esq Shoreham &c.
BRADLEY Mr Thomas Stone &c.
BRADLEY Mrs Mary Greenwich &c.
BRADLEY Stephen Deal &c
BRADSHAW Rev Thomas Cranbrooke &c.
BRADSHAW William Clare esq Margate
BRADY Daniel Chatham &c.
BRAGILE Jacob Deptford &c
BRAHAM Rev W C Canterbury &c.
BRAIDLEY Mr John Greenwich &c.
BRAIN Richard Deptford &c
BRAMESTALL WM & Peter Faversham &c.
BRAMLEY John Malling &c.
BRAND Jno. Eynesford &c.
BRAND John Maidstone
BRAND William Dartford &c.
BRANDAM F H esq Cowden &C.
BRANDRAM Rev. Andrew Bromley &c.
BRANDRAM Thomas esq Lewisham &c.
BRANFORD John Canterbury &c.
BRANFORD John Faversham &c.
BRANFORD John Faversham &c.
BRANFORD Sarah & Sons Wingham
BRANN Mr John Romney &c.
BRANSTON William Deptford &c
BRASIER George Margate
BRASIER Richard Woolwich &c.
BRASIER Sarah & Jane Margate
BRATTLE Brazier Maidstone
BRATTLE Thomas Maidstone
BRATTLE William Maidstone
BRATTON John Bexley &c.
BRAUND George Dartford &c.
BRAUND William Dartford &c.
BRAY Miss Mary Deal &c
BRAY W C Dover &c.
BRAY William Stroud &c.
BREAKSPEAR John Greenwich &c.
BREARLEY John Deptford &c
BREEDS Jeremh Margate
BREET John Hythe &c.
BREEZE Rev Scott James Queenborough
BREEZE Scott James Queenborough
BREMONT William Maidstone
BRENCHLEY Benjamin Rochester
BRENCHLEY David Sittingbourne &c.
BRENCHLEY Elisha Sheerness &c.
BRENCHLEY John Gravesend &c.
BRENCHLEY Mr John Maidstone
BRENCHLEY Mrs Maidstone
BRENCHLEY Stephen Maidstone
BRENCHLEY Stephen Maidstone
BRENCHLEY Stephen Maidstone
BRENCHLEY Thomas Maidstone
BRENCHLEY William Ashford &c.
BRENSLEY Stephen Sandwich &c.
BRENT James Woolwich &c.
BRENT John Canterbury &c.
BRENTON Rear Admiral Sir Jahleel , Bart, KCB Greenwich &c.
BRESLIN John Rochester
BRET Jas. John Canterbury &c.
BRETT  James Dover &c.
BRETT Ann Newington &c.
BRETT Ann Dover &c.
BRETT Henry Sheerness &c.
BRETT James Sittingbourne &c.
BRETT James Sandwich &c.
BRETT James Canterbury &c.
BRETT James Dover &c.
BRETT James Dover &c.
BRETT James Dover &c.
BRETT James John Canterbury &c.
BRETT Thomas Deal &c
BRETT Thomas Deptford &c
BRETT William Margate
BRETT William Gravesend &c.
BRETT William Dover &c.
BREWER Henry Maidstone
BREWER John Shoreham &c.
BREWER Jonah Maidstone
BREWER Jonah Maidstone
BREWER Samuel Dover &c.
BREWER Samuel Dover &c.
BREWERTON Samuel, Gravesend &c.
BRIAN William Bexley &c.
BRICE James Margate
BRICE James Margate
BRICE James Woolwich &c.
BRICE John Whitstable
BRICE John Canterbury &c.
BRICE John Folkestone &c.
BRICE Mr Richard Littlebourne &c.
BRICE Mrs Johanna Rochester
BRICE Thomas Ramsgate &c.
BRICHER Phoebe Maidstone
BRIDAL James Faversham &c.
BRIDGE George Tenterden &c.
BRIDGE George Polhill Sittingbourne &c.
BRIDGE Jos Headcorn &c.
BRIDGE Mr Edwin Headcorn &c.
BRIDGE Mrs Mary Stroud &c.
BRIDGE William Romney &c.
BRIDGELAND Mr Thomas Loose &c.
BRIDGEMAN Jesse Woolwich &c.
BRIDGER William Tonbridge
BRIDGER William esq Sandwich &c.
BRIDGES Capt. Faversham &c.
BRIDGES James Sandwich &c.
BRIDGES Mr E Canterbury &c.
BRIDGES Mr John Deal &c
BRIDGES Mr William Lewisham &c.
BRIDGES Mr, Lewisham &c.
BRIDGES Sir Brook William Wingham
BRIDGES Sir Brook William Bart Dover &c.
BRIDGLAND Thomas Cranbrooke &c.
BRIDGWATER John Canterbury &c.
BRIGDEN James Tonbridge
BRIGDEN Joseph Penshurst &c.
BRIGDEN Joseph Shoreham &c.
BRIGDEN Mr Tonbridge
BRIGGS Alfred, Ashford &c.
BRIGGS Benjamin Chatham &c.
BRIGGS Edward Maidstone
BRIGGS Edward & Edward Maidstone
BRIGGS Ferdinand Martin Newington &c.
BRIGGS James Westerham &c.
BRIGGS John Seven Oaks &c.
BRIGGS John Seven Oaks &c.
BRIGGS Mr Edward Maidstone
BRIGGS Rev John Seven Oaks &c.
BRIGGS Rev John Seven Oaks &c.
BRIGGS Samuel Greenwich &c.
BRIGGS Thomas Bexley &c.
BRIGGS William Littlebourne &c.
BRIGGS William Greenwich &c.
BRIGHT John High Halden &c.
BRIGHT John Ramsgate &c.
BRIGHT Thomas Tenterden &c.
BRIGHT William Tenterden &c.
BRIGHT William The Crays &c.
BRIGHTMAN John Gravesend &c.
BRIGHTMAN John jun Sheerness &c.
BRIGHTMAN Mary Ann Sittingbourne &c.
BRIGHTMAN Mary Ann Sittingbourne &c.
BRIGHTMAN Richard Sheerness &c.
BRIGHTMAN Richard Sheerness &c.
BRIGHTMAN Richard Sheerness &c.
BRIGHTMAN Richard Sheerness &c.
BRIGHTMAN Richard Sheerness &c.
BRIGHTMAN William Sittingbourne &c.
BRIGHTMAN William Sittingbourne &c.
BRIGHTWELL Richard Gravesend &c.
BRIND John Woolwich &c.
BRIND John William Woolwich &c.
BRISBANE Lady Tonbridge Wells &c..
BRISCOE Benjamin Loose &c.
BRISENDEN John Maidstone
BRISENDEN Sarah Elizabeth Tonbridge
BRISLEE George Maidstone
BRISLEY Charles G Dartford &c.
BRISLEY Edward Sandwich &c.
BRISLEY John Sittingbourne &c.
BRISLEY John Sheerness &c.
BRISLEY John Sandwich &c.
BRISLEY Robert Sheerness &c.
BRISLEY William Sheerness &c.
BRISLEY William Chatham &c.
BRISLEY William ( Rochester
BRISSENDEN James High Halden &c.
BRISSENDEN John Romney &c.
BRISSENDEN Richard Romney &c.
BRISSENDEN Thomas Tonbridge Wells &c.
BRISSENDEN Thomas Tonbridge Wells &c.
BRISSENDEN Thomas Tonbridge Wells &c.
BRISTER John Chatham &c.
BRISTER Summers Chatham &c.
BRISTOL William Maidstone
BRISTOW Amelia Greenwich &c.
BRISTOW Ann Shoreham &c.
BRISTOW George Deal &c
BRISTOW Henry Deal &c
BRISTOW Isaac Greenwich &c.
BRISTOW William Tonbridge
BRISTOW William Deal &c
BRISTOW William Deal &c
BRITCHER John Tenterden &c.
BRITTENDEN James Hythe &c.
BRITTON Mrs Fanny Greenwich &c.

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