Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
BENDER Jane Rochester
BENEZET Clode Allen esq Dover &c.
BENGE john Tonbridge
BENGELLY Capt Henry Greenwich &c.
BENHAM Charles Canterbury &c.
BENHAM Henry Eynesford &c.
BENHAM Mark Benjamin Greenwich &c.
BENHAM Thomas Chatham &c.
BENIFOLD Sarah Rochester
BENJAMIN Joseph Sheerness &c.
BENN Ann Greenwich &c.
BENNETT Ramsgate &c.
BENNETT Tenterden &c.
BENNETT  George Dartford &c.
BENNETT Edward Bexley &c.
BENNETT Edward & John Frederick Canterbury &c.
BENNETT Edward & John Frederick Canterbury &c.
BENNETT Edward & John Frederick Canterbury &c.
BENNETT Elizabeth Lewisham &c.
BENNETT Elizabeth Greenwich &c.
BENNETT Elizabeth Greenwich &c.
BENNETT George Tonbridge Wells &c.
BENNETT George Tonbridge Wells &c.
BENNETT Henry Chatham &c.
BENNETT Henry Chatham &c.
BENNETT James Tonbridge Wells &c.
BENNETT James Shoreham &c.
BENNETT John Tonbridge Wells &c.
BENNETT John Chatham &c.
BENNETT John Chatham &c.
BENNETT John Saunders Canterbury &c.
BENNETT John, Maidstone
BENNETT Mr Tonbridge
BENNETT Mr Thomas Folkestone &c.
BENNETT Mrs Thomas Canterbury &c.
BENNETT Rev William Canterbury &c.
BENNETT Richard Sheerness &c.
BENNETT Robert Tonbridge
BENNETT Sarah Gravesend &c.
BENNETT Thomas Shoreham &c.
BENNETT Thos Gravesend &c.
BENNETT William Westerham &c.
BENNETT William Chatham &c.
BENNETT William Deptford &c
BENNETT William Folkestone &c.
BENNETT William, Gravesend &c.
BENNETT Wm. Deptford &c
BENNINGTON John Bexley &c.
BENSKIN George Margate
BENSKIN George Margate
BENSON Mr Henry, Bexley &c.
BENSON Richard Dartford &c.
BENSON William Bexley &c.
BENSTEAD John Sheerness &c.
BENSTEAD John Deptford &c
BENSTED Thos. M. Chatham &c.
BENSTER John Chatham &c.
BENTHAM Capt. Jno. Canterbury &c.
BENTHAM Mrs Canterbury &c.
BENTHAM William Walker Sheerness &c.
BENTHAM William Walte Sheerness &c.
BENTLETT James Cranbrooke &c.
BENTLETT John Hadlow &c.
BENTLEY Eliz Deptford &c
BENTLEY Jas. Deptford &c
BENTLEY John Sittingbourne &c.
BENTLEY Mr Robert Lewisham &c.
BENTLEY Thos Margate
BENTLEY William Margate
BENTLEY Wm Margate
BENTLIF & Son Maidstone
BENTLIFF Henry & Co Maidstone
BENTLIFF John Maidstone
BENTLY Daniel Margate
BENTON Charles Lenham &c.
BENTON Charles Maidstone
BENTON Charles Maidstone
BENTON Charles Hythe &c.
BENTON Charles Sandgate &c.
BENTON Charles Ashford &c.
BENTON Charles Folkestone &c.
BENWELL Geo. Deptford &c
BENWELL Henry Greenwich &c.
BENZIE  Jas Tenterden &c.
BENZIE James Tenterden &c.
BENZIE James Tenterden &c.
BENZIE Simpson Tonbridge
BERENS Harry esq The Crays &c.
BERENS Joseph esq The Crays &c.
BERENS Richard esq The Crays &c.
BERESFORD Hon. Viscount Lamberhurst &c.
BERNARD John Deptford &c
BERRY  Joseph Tonbridge Wells &c.
BERRY Arthur Lewisham &c.
BERRY Arthur Lewisham &c.
BERRY Arthur Deptford &c
BERRY Catherine Sandgate &c.
BERRY Elizabeth Sittingbourne &c.
BERRY George Sandgate &c.
BERRY Joseph Sheerness &c.
BERRY Philip Bexley &c.
BERRY Robert Lydd
BERRY Susannah Rochester
BERTRAND Mr Alexander The Crays &c.
BEST & Son Greenwich &c.
BEST & Son Greenwich &c.
BEST Ann J Canterbury &c.
BEST Col. Boxley &c.
BEST Col. James Chatham &c.
BEST Geo Edwd & Wm Gravesend &c.
BEST Geo. Edw. & Wm. Gravesend &c.
BEST Isabella Canterbury &c.
BEST James Orpington &c.
BEST James Chatham &c.
BEST John Lamberhurst &c.
BEST Mr T Cudham &c.
BEST Nathl Chatham &c.
BEST The Misses Maidstone
BEST William Canterbury &c.
BESWICK James Lewisham &c.
BETEN Peter Woolwich &c.
BETHWIN Henry Greenwich &c.
BETSWORTH Mary Faversham &c.
BETTLES John Greenwich &c.
BETTS George Gravesend &c.
BETTS James Maidstone
BETTS James Maidstone
BETTS James Maidstone
BETTS James Boxley &c.
BETTS James Deptford &c
BETTS John High Halden &c.
BETTS Richard Dover &c.
BETTS Richard, High Halden &c.
BETTS Thomas Maidstone
BETTS Thomas Boxley &c.
BETTS William Eynesford &c.
BETTSWORTH Capt. Henry Dover &c.
BETTSWORTH George Herne Bay &c.
BEULL William Faversham &c.
BEVANS George Dover &c.
BEVANS George Dover &c.
BEVERIDGE Thomas Chatham &c.
BEXLEY the Hon. Lord The Crays &c.
BEXLEY The Right Hon. Lord Bexley &c.
BEZZELL Richard Deptford &c

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