Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
AMBLER & PAUL Woolwich &c.
AMBROOK Mr Richard Canterbury &c.
AMBROSE  Henry Greenwich &c.
AMBROSE Thomas Greenwich &c.
AMER William Lewisham &c.
AMER William, Lewisham &c.
AMERY John Deptford &c
AMERY Thomas Deptford &c
AMERY Thomas jun Deptford &c
AMES Joseph Tonbridge Wells &c.
AMES Walter Deacon Woolwich &c.
AMHERST Charles Gravesend &c.
AMHURST Mrs Mary Faversham &c.
AMICI Frederick George esq Gravesend &c.
AMIES Joseph Maidstone
AMNER James Sheerness &c.
AMOS John Faversham &c.
AMOS Lancel Canterbury &c.
AMOS Mary Dartford &c.
AMOS Mrs. Sarah Wye
AMOS Richard Faversham &c.
AMOS Richard Dover &c.
AMOS Thomas Stone &c.
AMOS Thomas Faversham &c.
AMOS William Whitstable
AMOS William Chatham &c.
AMOS William Henry Dover &c.
ANCLIFF Benjamin Woolwich &c.
ANCLIFF John Deptford &c
ANDERSON Alex Greenwich &c.
ANDERSON Anne Chatham &c.
ANDERSON Captain Chatham &c.
ANDERSON Eliz. Stroud &c.
ANDERSON Francis Tonbridge Wells &c.
ANDERSON Francis Tonbridge Wells &c.
ANDERSON Frederick Gravesend &c.
ANDERSON Hugh Gravesend &c.
ANDERSON James Ramsgate &c.
ANDERSON Jno Greenwich &c.
ANDERSON John Rochester
ANDERSON John Dartford &c.
ANDERSON John Greenwich &c.
ANDERSON John Greenwich &c.
ANDERSON John, esq Down &c.
ANDERSON Joseph Rochester
ANDERSON Joseph Chatham &c.
ANDERSON Mr John Rochester
ANDERSON Mrs Christiana Greenwich &c.
ANDERSON Mrs Elizabeth Lewisham &c.
ANDERSON Rev Thomas Dover &c.
ANDERSON Stephen Chatham &c.
ANDERSON Thomas Headcorn &c.
ANDERSON William Deptford &c
ANDERTON Peter Lewisham &c.
ANDREWS __ Dover &c.
ANDREWS Abraham Folkestone &c.
ANDREWS Alfred Harbroe Cranbrooke &c.
ANDREWS Benjamin Greenwich &c.
ANDREWS Benjamin Greenwich &c.
ANDREWS Edward Deptford &c
ANDREWS George Stone &c.
ANDREWS George Greenwich &c.
ANDREWS Henry Folkestone &c.
ANDREWS James Rochester
ANDREWS James Chatham &c.
ANDREWS James Dartford &c.
ANDREWS James jun. Dartford &c.
ANDREWS Jno. Folkestone &c.
ANDREWS John Lewisham &c.
ANDREWS John Woolwich &c.
ANDREWS John Rochester
ANDREWS John Woolwich &c.
ANDREWS Joseph Deptford &c
ANDREWS Josiah Lewisham &c.
ANDREWS Lydia Sandgate &c.
ANDREWS Mary Deptford &c
ANDREWS Miss Martha Hadlow &c.
ANDREWS Mr Edward Hythe &c.
ANDREWS Mr Thomas Malling &c.
ANDREWS Mrs Eleanor Littlebourne &c.
ANDREWS Pierce Ashford &c.
ANDREWS Rev Thomas Newington &c.
ANDREWS Richard Malling &c.
ANDREWS Sarah Elizabeth Deptford &c
ANDREWS Thomas Woolwich &c.
ANDREWS Thomas Ashford &c.
ANDREWS Thomas Canterbury &c.
ANDREWS William Lewisham &c.
ANDREWS William Chatham &c.
ANDREWS William Deal &c
ANDREWS William Henry Westerham &c.
ANGAS Dorothy Lewisham &c.
ANGERSTEIN John esq Greenwich &c.
ANGUS Mrs Dorothy Down &c.
ANNABLE William Dover &c.
ANNAN Miss Mary Lewisham &c.
ANNISON Richard Williams Maidstone
ANQUITEL John Seven Oaks &c.
ANSCOMBE Sarah Tonbridge Wells &c.
ANSELL Henry Chatham &c.
ANSELL James Deal &c
ANSELL James, Deal &c
ANSELL John Deal &c
ANSELL John Deal &c
ANSELL Thomas Seven Oaks &c.
ANSELL William Chatham &c.
ANSELL Wm. Broadstairs &c.
APINAL  Eliza Romney &c.
APINAL Joseph Romney &c.
APLIN the Misses Lewisham &c.
APPLEBY Charles Bexley &c.
APPLEBY James Samuel Deptford &c
APPLEGARTH Augustus Crayford &c.
APPLETON Mr David Deptford &c
APPS  John Tonbridge Wells &c.
APPS Betsy Tenterden &c.
APPS John Lamberhurst &c.
APPS John Canterbury &c.
APPS Richard Tenterden &c.
APPS Samuel Dover &c.
APPS William Lamberhurst &c.
APSLEY Alexander Ashford &c.
ARBRAHAM  Isrl Ramsgate &c.
ARCHER & TAVERNER Gravesend &c.
ARCHER Capt. John Canterbury &c.
ARCHER George Maidstone
ARCHER George Maidstone
ARCHER James Deptford &c
ARCHER Thomas Dover &c.
ARCHINDACHY James Woolwich &c.
ARCULARIUS Charlotte Orpington &c.
ARGAR Benjamin Canterbury &c.
ARGENT Hannah Lewisham &c.
ARGLES Mrs John Maidstone
ARGLES Rev Jno, Archamble Maidstone
ARIS John Canterbury &c.
ARIS Thos Sandwich &c.
ARKCOLL John Maidstone
ARLETT George Stone &c.
ARLETT William Stone &c.
ARLIDGE Abraham Chatham &c.
ARLIDGE Frances Chatham &c.
ARLISS Mr Samuel Margate
ARMAN  John Deal &c
ARMAN William Canterbury &c.
ARMITAGE William George Deptford &c
ARMOUR Margaret Woolwich &c.
ARMSTRONG & WALTON Greenwich &c.
ARMSTRONG & WALTON Greenwich &c.
ARMSTRONG James Woolwich &c.
ARMSTRONG John Chatham &c.
ARMSTRONG John F Lewisham &c.
ARNETT George Canterbury &c.
ARNETT John Henry Maidstone
ARNOLD Edward R(?) Gravesend &c.
ARNOLD Elizabeth Dover &c.
ARNOLD Frederick Faversham &c.
ARNOLD George Lewisham &c.
ARNOLD George Sandwich &c.
ARNOLD Nicholas Penshurst &c.
ARNOLD Nicholas Penshurst &c.
ARNOLD Richard Thomas Lydd
ARNOLD Robert Lewisham &c.
ARNOLD Samuel & George Aylesford &c.
ARNOLD Thomas Margate
ARNOLD Thomas Woolwich &c.
ARNOLD William Seven Oaks &c.
ARNOLD William Bromley &c.
ARNOLD William Canterbury &c.
ARNOLD William Dover &c.
ARROW Caleb Orpington &c.
ARROW Henry Seven Oaks &c.
ARROW Henry Seven Oaks &c.
ARROW James Tonbridge
ARTER Omer Deptford &c
ARTHAWES Mr Samuel Maidstone
ARTICHOKE Sarah Bentley Orpington &c.

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