Pigots 1840 - Kent

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LastName Section
ALBANY Hon. Mrs Frances Canterbury &c.
ALCHIN Henry Loose &c.
ALCHIN Henry Canterbury &c.
ALCHIN Mr Charles Loose &c.
ALCHIN Mr William Loose &c.
ALCOCK Rev John P Rochester
ALDER Thomas Dover &c.
ALDERSEY John Whitstable
ALDERSLEY Edmund Stroud &c.
ALDERSLEY Edmund Stroud &c.
ALDERSLEY Thomas & Peter Stroud &c.
ALDERTON _____ Sittingbourne &c.
ALDERTON John Sittingbourne &c.
ALDERTON Oliver Sittingbourne &c.
ALDRIDGE  Mary Margate
ALDRIDGE Charles Miller Deptford &c
ALDRIDGE Edward Sheerness &c.
ALDRIDGE William Rochester
ALDWIN Daniel Wye
ALEXANDER Andrew Maidstone
ALEXANDER Fanny Greenwich &c.
ALEXANDER James esq Tonbridge
ALEXANDER John Down &c.
ALEXANDER Joshua Chatham &c.
ALEXANDER Joshua D esq Broadstairs &c.
ALEXANDER Mr John Greenwich &c.
ALEXANDER Mr Thomas Maidstone
ALEXANDER Thomas Penshurst &c.
ALEXANDER William Bromley &c.
ALEXANDER William C Lenham &c.
ALFORD William Shoreham &c.
ALFORD William Deptford &c
ALFREY Thomas Faversham &c.
ALLAN Mr Alexander Margate
ALLAN Mr Larkin Rochester
ALLARD James Lamberhurst &c.
ALLBUTT William Woolwich &c.
ALLCHIN  Wm Dartford &c.
ALLCHIN Henry Maidstone
ALLCHIN Miss Susan Malling &c.
ALLCHIN Mr Thomas Eynesford &c.
ALLCHIN Richard Malling &c.
ALLCHIN Richard Malling &c.
ALLCHIN Richard Shoreham &c.
ALLCHIN Thomas Malling &c.
ALLCHIN Thomas Dartford &c.
ALLCOCK William Greenwich &c.
ALLCOCK William Greenwich &c.
ALLDRIDGE Harriet Dover &c.
ALLEN  Charles Sheerness &c.
ALLEN  Henry Rochester
ALLEN  Thomas Stroud &c.
ALLEN & TOMSETT Hadlow &c.
ALLEN Austen Canterbury &c.
ALLEN Charles Tonbridge
ALLEN Charles Canterbury &c.
ALLEN Charles esq Maidstone
ALLEN Charlotte & Co Greenwich &c.
ALLEN Charlotte & Co Greenwich &c.
ALLEN Charlotte & Co Greenwich &c.
ALLEN Daniel Wye
ALLEN Edward Chatham &c.
ALLEN Elizabeth Hythe &c.
ALLEN Elizabeth Hythe &c.
ALLEN Geo Broadstairs &c.
ALLEN Geo. Edwd Wittersham &c.
ALLEN George Rochester
ALLEN George Sheerness &c.
ALLEN George Bromley &c.
ALLEN George Bromley &c.
ALLEN George Deptford &c
ALLEN George, Deptford &c
ALLEN Helen Deal &c
ALLEN Henry Lamberhurst &c.
ALLEN Henry Lamberhurst &c.
ALLEN Henry Rochester
ALLEN Hugh Woolwich &c.
ALLEN James Whitstable
ALLEN James Whitstable
ALLEN John Wye
ALLEN John Chatham &c.
ALLEN John Deptford &c
ALLEN John esq Gravesend &c.
ALLEN Joseph Wye
ALLEN Mary Canterbury &c.
ALLEN Mary Ann Woolwich &c.
ALLEN Miss Charlotte Maidstone
ALLEN Mr John Tonbridge
ALLEN Mr Thomas Dover &c.
ALLEN Mrs Dover &c.
ALLEN Phoebe Lewisham &c.
ALLEN Richard Lydd
ALLEN Richard Lydd
ALLEN Richard Maidstone
ALLEN Robert The Crays &c.
ALLEN Robert esq Lewisham &c.
ALLEN Septimus Thomas esq Lewisham &c.
ALLEN Solomou Rochester
ALLEN the Misses Greenwich &c.
ALLEN Thomas Margate
ALLEN Thomas Woolwich &c.
ALLEN Thomas Woolwich &c.
ALLEN Thomas Sheerness &c.
ALLEN Thomas Ashford &c.
ALLEN Thomas Hawkhurst &c.
ALLEN Thomas esq Lewisham &c.
ALLEN Thomas F Greenwich &c.
ALLEN Thomas William Maidstone
ALLEN Thomas William Maidstone
ALLEN Thomas William Maidstone
ALLEN Thomas, Woolwich &c.
ALLEN William Maidstone
ALLEN William Wittersham &c.
ALLEN William Canterbury &c.
ALLEN William Greenwich &c.
ALLEN William Greenwich &c.
ALLEN William Alexander Ashford &c.
ALLEY George Canterbury &c.
ALLFORD John Greenwich &c.
ALLFREE Thomas Robert Tonbridge Wells &c.
ALLFREE William esq Tonbridge Wells &c.
ALLINGHAM Richard Loose &c.
ALLINGHAM Thomas Shoreham &c.
ALLINSON John Hiram Woolwich &c.
ALLISON Alexander Chatham &c.
ALLISON Thomas Penshurst &c.
ALLISS William Tonbridge Wells &c.
ALLISTON Chas Margate
ALLMAN George Boxley &c.
ALLMAN John Maidstone
ALLNUTT Henry esq Maidstone
ALLNUTT Mrs Frances Penshurst &c.
ALLSOPP John esq Loose &c.
ALLSWORTH Henry Jos Newington &c.
ALLSWORTH William Newington &c.
ALLT Mr Thomas Greenwich &c.
ALLT Thomas & Co Deptford &c
ALLWORK Henry Tonbridge
ALLWORK John Lamberhurst &c.
ALLWORK John Seven Oaks &c.
ALLWORTH John Greenwich &c.
ALLWORTH John Greenwich &c.
ALLWRIGHT Edward Lewisham &c.
ALLWRIGHT Edward Deptford &c
ALLWRIGHT Edward Greenwich &c.
ALMOND Nichls. Greenwich &c.
ALSTON David Thomas Sittingbourne &c.
ALSTON Thomas & David Sheerness &c.
ALWIN Jno &Co, Woolwich &c.
ALWYN William Deptford &c

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