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St Mary's Hoo, Kent


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St Mary Hoo Kent - Out of Parish Marriages - 1695 to 1912

Year Date First Name Surname Parish
1752 Jul.12 Joseph BULMER St Nicholas Rochester
    Catherine STEWARD St Nicholas Rochester
1752 Oct.15 William COLLINS Sheerness
    Elizabeth HUGILL Sheerness
1755 Oct.14 John INGRAM St Maries
    Elizabeth HARRIS St Maries
1755 Nov John GREEN St Maries - widower
    Mary STANLEY Strood - widow
1761 Oct.24 Harry TOMSET All Hallows
    Rebeccah MATTOCKS St Maries
1764 Oct.30 Edward ARNETTS Cliffe
    Sarah GREEN St Mary Hoo
1767 Jan.28 John ROBERTS St Mary Hoo
    Mary PILES All Hallows
1769 Feb.7 William CARRIER All Hallows
    Elizabeth SLATER St Mary Hoo
1770 Nov.1 Edward GATES St Mary Hoo
    Sarah LEVENS Croydon
1771 Jul.6 James BOTHAM St Mary Hoo
    Esther HEATHAM Hoo, Kent
1774 Nov.7 William LOFT Hoo, Kent
    Jane GILL St Mary Hoo
1777 Feb.18 James THARP All Hallows
    Elizabeth STONEHAM St Mary Hoo
1777 Aug.19 John Martin BOND St Mary Hoo
    Sarah PITCARNE Gillingham
1783 Oct.21 Christopher BATES All Hallows
    Sarah WELLARD St Mary Hoo
1785 Apr.15 George MATTHEWS St Mary Hoo
    Margaret SHELDRAKE High Halstow
1785 Aug.21 James ROSS St Mary Hoo
    Elizabeth HOGSFLESH Gillingham
1785 Dec.15 John LOFT St Werburgh Hoo
    Elizabeth TAYLOR St Mary Hoo
1786 Jan.24 John WHITETHORNE Gillingham
    Mary Ann HAND St Mary Hoo
1792 Oct.9 Joseph GRIST All Hallows
    Sarah ELLIOT St Mary Hoo
1792 Oct.25 Edward BLAKE St Marys
    Elizabeth TYLER St Mary Hoo
1798 Dec.31 George PEARCE Hoo, St Werburgh
    Elizabeth GATES St Mary Hoo
1802 May.3 John STARKEY St Maries Kent
    Elizabeth REYNOLDS St Maries Kent
1805 Aug.18 Joseph SUDWEEKS St Mary Hoo
    Elizabeth CARYER Frindsbury
1805 Oct.31 Thomas NOW St Mary Hoo
    Susanna HUDSON High Halstow
1806 Feb.11 George RIBBONS St Mary Hoo
    Mary HARLING Cliff
1809 Sep.26 Henry BOWYER Maidstone
    Sarah REYNOLDS St Mary Hoo


St Mary Hoo, Kent - out of parish burials - 1695 to 1912


Date First Name Surname Comments Abode
14.03.1698 Edward WHITE stranger  
07.04.1701 Bryan BIBBY stranger  
24.12.1702 John SMITH journeyman- stranger  
12.10.1713 Edward FAIRLY stranger  
11.11.1713 Henry HINDS stranger  
21.08.1716 Mary FELLOWS wife of William a stranger  
03.08.1716 Oliver SWAN   Tilney, Norfolk
03.06.1717 James SWINFEILD stranger  
06.06.1721 John BOND stranger  
20.05.1744 John ELLIOT   Halstow
20.05.1744 Elizabeth WARE an infant Halstow
23.08.1746 Margaret LOVE stranger  
26.02.1762 Richard GUNNYMAN stranger  
25.12.1794 Elizabeth MASTERS widow Halstow
21.02.1795 Thomas EATON   Stoke
19.04.1795 George LINNET son of James & Elizabeth Stoke
05.10.1795 Robert SMITH stranger  
27.11.1797 Charles WEBSTER stranger  
12.01.1798 George LINNET son of James & Elizabeth Stoke
31.07.1798 Thomas LANE son of David & Mary Stoke
15.12.1798 Thomas LINNET son of James & Elizabeth Stoke
29.04.1801 Elizabeth LINNET   Stoke
26.04.1802 John MASTERS   Halstow
02.01.1804 ?? BOTHAM   Hoo
02.09.1804 Charles PADDOCK stranger  
20.03.1805 James SHEARINGHAM stranger  
29.04.1805 Mary STACEY   Halstow
19.03.1806 David LANE   Stoke
13.11.1807 Hannah TOWERS stranger  
09.01.1808 Stephen ALLEN age 34 Stoke
09.01.1808 Sarah OSTEN   Cliff
22.03.1809 Thomas MASTERS   High Halstow
14.02.1810 David LANE   Stoke


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