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NORTHFLEET - parish register transcripts - extracts - baptisms -1530 to 1812

Year Date First Name Surname Parents Parents ABODE Comments
1530 Oct-18 Gilbert SYMMES Joan SIMES William SIMES deceased late of Rye Sussex delivered as she travelled at Singlewell at Ifelde Courte
1531 Mar-21 Richard & Alice DRULYE John Alice   twins - at Cobham by licence
1531 Apr-26 Patience ROUSSE Thomas Elizabeth   at Nusted by licence
1533 Sep-01 Elizabeth NORHAM Richard   Singlewell  
1535 Feb-14 John OVERIE William   Perrye Streete  
1589 Aug-16 Thomas JOHNSON Thos.   Nashe  
1589 Jan-21 Howard TURNER Walter     stranger
1590 Sep-14 Robt. BATT John     at Nurstead by licence
1597 Jul-20 Roaffe ROAFFE May   late of Dover bastard son
1601 Dec-21 Wilhelmus BATT Johannis     apud Nusted
1607 Mar-20 Elizabeth ELEXANDER Minell     at Nvsted
1610 Sep-09 Willia GARRETT Willia     baptized at Nvsted with leave of the minister of Northfleet
1608 Apr-27 Thomas HADLOE Thomas     baptized at Nvsted with leave of the minister of Northfleet
1611 Nov-03 Nicolas DAENNES Thomas     baptized in Ifeld church with leave of the minister of Northfleet
1612 May-10 Parnell BORROWE Thomas     dau. Baptized in Ifeld church with leave of the minister of Northfleet
1620 Apr-02 John KICKSTONE Nicholas     baptized at Nusted with leave of the Vicar of Northfleet
1621 Sep-07 Joane WATTS John     baptized at Nutsted
1622 Mar-01 John WATTS John     baptized at Nutsted
1626 Jan-07 James BATT Hackett     baptized at Nutsted
1627 Oct-04 Robert CRIPPS James   Hasles  
1628 Sep-14 Thomas WATTS John     baptized at Nutsted
1630 Jun-06 Elizabeth SHEPHERD Robert     baptized at Nutsted
1632 Apr-29 Marione BARDWELL Godfrey   Ludline, Northfolk born in Northfleet as his parents travelled through
1632 Nov-09 Richard COOPER James     bapt.in Neustade Church
1633 Apr-07 Johne EUEN Tay     an Irishman borne in Northfleet while his parents were travelling through
1633 Feb-16 Marie WHITTED Thomas   Hartlie parish  
1634 Jan-04 Johne DERBISHIRE Johne     bapt.in Neustade Church
1634 Feb-03 Sarah BATT Akkett     bapt.in Neustade Church
1635 Mar-12 Elizabeth MARSHALL Frances Alise   the cause yt was not set downe in order was being baptized in Ursteed Church and notice was not given to Northfleet vntill 15 April
1635 Nov-01 Brise BINGE William Marie   being baptized in Juell Church and notetize given to us but the twentieth day of April 1636
1636 Oct-04 Marie BARLOE   Marie (widow)   who was travelling by water to London and was delivered at Chalke Wharfe nad was baptized in a pryvate house
1636 Mar-09 John ASHBY John   St Olaves parish  
1637 Apr-23 Joane DERBISHORE John     baptized in Neustad Church, but notice thereof was not given to us before the twentyninth day of May.
1637 Nov-15 William BING William     baptized Eyfield Church
1638 Mar-25 Akket BATT Akkett     bapt.in Neustade Church
1639 Jul-28 Elizabeth DERBISHIRE John     twin daus -baptized in Neustade Church
1639 Jul-28 Marie DERBISHIRE John     twin daus - baptized in Neustade Church
1639 Sep-22 Jeane GODWINE James     bapt.in Neustade Church
1640 Sep-06 Anne BATT Akkett     bapt.in Neustade Church
1641 Oct-22 Elizabeth DAVIS Francis     bapt.in Neustade Church
1641 Jan-16 Robert SHEPHERD Robert     bapt.in Neustade Church
1642 May-15 Robert FORRESTER Robert     bapt.in Neustade Church
1642 Jan-01 Margaret COST Vincent     bapt. Ifield (Singlewell erased)
1643 May-07 Bartholomew BING William     bapt. Ifield
1645 Jun-15 John FORRESTER William     bapt. Eyfield
1648 Jun-06 Marie BING William     bapt. Eyfield
1649 Jul-01 George STEUENES William Anne (formerly SHEARMAN)    
1650 Apr-07 Elizabeth FORESTER William     bapt. Nosted Church
1651 Mar-07 William STEUENES William Anne (formerly SHEARMAN)    
1719 Dec-01 Elizabeth STAINER       a woman I suppose upward of 30 a stranger here
1720 Dec-14 John Phillips PALMER Thomas Mary   son of Mary B……..ER (born within a few weeks afetr her marriage to Thomas PALMER, being as it is said a son of John PHILLIPS
1720 Mar-21 Richard GOWERS Richard     Richard GOWERS from Mr RICH`s Chalk Wharfe bapt about 8 at night.
1721 Apr-13 Charles DIAMOND Charles Mary   this women was searched fr att Gravesend by ye names of MAN, CROSSWELL, BRAMBLE, DIAMOND
1722 Jul-02 ? BAREFOOT Nathanl Eliza   bapt at Nutsted was buried there July ye 11th
1722 Jun-24 Robert ARNOLD Robert     bapt at Ifeild Church
1722 Feb-13 Nathanl BILLETT Nathanl Mary   stranger
1722 Mar-10 John COVELL Ambrose Eliz HARTNAM   bapt at Ifeild Church
1723 Oct-13 Robert ARNOLD Robert Jane   bapt at Nurstead Church
1724 Jun-00 Jane MINJUN John Grace   bapt at Southfleet
1724 Feb-21 Thomas PERRY Thomas Eliz   bapt at Singlewell
1736 Feb-13 Anne BIFFING   Anne   traveller
1736 Mar-16 Betty Anne TANNER John Abigal   travellers
1737 Aug-17 John GADBURY John Elizabeth   travellers
1754 May-10 James BROWN ??     aged one and a half years - son of ??? BROWN transported for felony
1754 Jun-04 William REYNOLDS William Mary   bapt Ifield
1754 Nov-24 Robert ARNOLD Ambrose Anne   bapt at Nursted for convenience
1756 Jan-00 Elizabeth FRY Isaac Elizabeth IBBOTSEN   said by Isaac FRY to have been married at the Savoy which marriage on the conviction of GRIERSON have been declared null and void
1759 Sep-23 Mary REYNOLDS James Anne   baptized at Gravesend
1761 Sep-09 Lucy HARDY       a negro girl servant to Robert HARDY of the Parish of St John the Evangelist in the county of Middlesex. Aged about 20 and had been in England about 7 years.
1761 Sep-09 William HAYE       a Black born in Bengal in the East Indiesthrice transported to Jamaica and from thence to England about the age of 13 and now lives with Mrs MACKRETH of Northfleet
1760 May-18 Thomas WISEMAN Thomas Sarah   bapt elsewhere
1763 Apr-30 Richard WEBSTER Richard Mary   bapt Ifield
1764 Apr-13 John BARDREY John Ann   travellers
1765 May-12 Ann WALLER George Ann   bapt Ifield
1766 Oct-26 Richard WATSON James Ann   travellers
1799 Aug-11 William WATERS William Sarah   bapt at Yarmouth July 15th 1795


NORTHFLEET - parish register transcripts - extracts -marriages -1530 to 1812


Year Date First Name Surname Parish Comments
1580 Oct 27 Richard NORRAM Singlewell  
    Hester HOARE Singlewell  
1582 Jul 8 Nicholas HEWES    
    Parnell PARKER Dartford  
1583 Dec John PRIOR Darent  
    Hellin WOODWARD    
1695 Jan 10 Will ROBISON   seaman
    Martha JEWERSON Mary Magdalen, Bermondsy, Surry widow
1702 Oct 22 John GOODYER Baptchild  
    Mary HAYMES Northfleet  
1706 Sep 14 John ROBERTSON strangers  
    Mary TAPPS strangers  
1720 Nov 20 Henry GEALE   married at Gravesend
    Mary CASHFORD   married at Gravesend
1720 Nov 20 Thomas KING   married at Gravesend
    Ann GEALE   married at Gravesend
1725 Apr 26 Dr David WILKINS    
    The Honourable Mrs Margaret FAIRFAX Canterbury  
1725 Jan 6 John JEATER Gravesend  
    Sarah GODFREE Northfleet  
1725 Mar 20 William RICHARDS Gravesend  
    Mary TODD Gravesend  
1726 Apr 14 Thomas RANDAL Gravesend  
    Elizabeth WHISKEN Northfleet  
1727 Apr 30 Thomas PREW    
    Elizabeth GOLDRING Gravesend  
1727 Oct 8 Francis SMITH Southfleet  
    Joan LENHAM Northfleet  
1727 Feb 22 John MASON Maidstone  
    Mary CALLANT Maidstone  
1728 Oct 14 Thomas HICKES Sheerness  
    Susanne AUSTEN Sheerness  
1731 Oct 2 Thomas BARRETT Esq Lee, parish of Ickham, Kent  
    Sarah BAKER   dau. Captain Hercules BAKER of St Albans
1733 Apr 12 Julius DEEDS   bachelor, Rector of Mongeham in East Kent
    Dorothy IBBETSON   widow
1733 Jun 14 John POWELL Cobham  
    Sarah BURR Northfleet  
1733 Dec 13 John TURNER Stone, Kent bachelor
    Mary CORNER Northfleet widow
1734 May 16 Thomas HICKS Sheerness widower
    Dorcas BATCHELOR Newington, Kent spinster
1735 May 26 Richard CO?YNS Esq Writtle Essex widower
    Elizabeth CHIFFICH Northfleet spinster
1737 Oct 13 Benjamin TYLER Gravesend widower
    Mary HOW Northfleet widow
1737 Oct 25 William HUNT Milton widower
    Dorothy MORRICE Northfleet widow
1740 Nov 2 Robert RICHER Dartford  
    Sarah WILLICOMBE Northfleet  
1740 Dec 25 John LAMBERT St Martin in the Fields, London  
    Mary HAYMAN Northfleet  
1741 May 7 William FILMER Chalk  
    Elizabeth STAPLES Northfleet  
1742 Aug 17 John TAYLOR   widower, Vicar of Darent
    Mary CHIFFINCH Northfleet spinster
1742 Oct 3 Thomas WAGHORN Gravesend  
    Frances ROBINSON Northfleet  
1742 Oct 4 John COX Gravesend widower
    Mary NORRINGTON Gravesend widow
1744 May 14 William HAMES Chalk  
    Rebekah WADLEY Northfleet  
1744 Sept 19 George ELIOT Gravesend batchelor
    Mary FORTRYE Northfleet spinster
1744 Oct 7 Richard STACY Maidstone  
    Mary VINEY Northfleet  
1744 Jan 6 Andrew DUNKIN Northfleet mariner
    Mary SMITH Gravesend spinster
1744 Feb 14 Thomas ROOTS Gravesend widower
    Mary ROBINSON Northfleet spinster
1745 Oct 7 Robert ROBINSON Dartford batchelor
    Mary GOLDSMITH Chatham spinster
1745 Nov 5 William WILLIAMSON Southfleet  
    Mary WELLS Northfleet  
1745 Feb 25 William PRUST Gravesend  
    Sarah WELLORD Northfleet  
1747 Oct 8 John THORPE Esq Wouldham batchelor
    Catherina HOLKER Gravesend spinster
1747 Nov 5 Francis WHEELER Gravesend mariner
    Sarah ALLISON Gravesend spinster
1754 Jul 1 Thomas WEST Milton next Gravesend  
    Jane JEFFRRES Northfleet  
1755 Jan 19 Absalom PAIN Northfleet  
    Dorothy WHITE Milton next Gravesend  
1755 Mar 6 Thomas EDMEADS Swancomb  
    Sussanah DIXON Northfleet  
1756 Jan 5 Samuel BLAKE Gravesend  
    Mary NASH Northfleet  
1756 May 17 John COPLAND Gravesend soldier
    Mary EMBLING Northfleet spinster
1757 Jan 1 John LAMPARD Woolwich  
    Jane MACKRETH Northfleet  
1757 Feb 19 Edward TAYLOR Woolwich  
    Elizabeth MACKRETH Northfleet  
1757 Feb 21 Robert BLACKMAN Ludsdown  
    Sarah BURR Northfleet  
1757 Jun 26 Thomas BAYLIS Northfleet  
    Elizabeth WYMOND Milton  
1757 Oct 6 John NUNN Northfleet  
    Frances MOOR East Greenwich  
1757 Dec 17 Benjamin GLADWELL Gravesend  
    Elizabeth MUNDGUM Northfleet  
1758 Apr 24 John LANE Southfleet  
    Ann SAUNDERS Northfleet  
1758 Dec15 Lee GODDEN Northfleet  
    Hester BERRY Milton  
1760 Jul 22 George SAUNDERS Stone, Kent  
    Mary CHANDLER Northfleet  
1761 Mar 31 Thomas STEPHENS Northfleet  
    Mary COVENEY Precincts of the Catherdral of Canterbury  
1761 Mar 3 Thomas JOHNSON Northfleet  
    Elizabeth HOLLONBY Ifield  
1761 Sep 7 Francis FIELDER Southfleet  
    Elizabeth SMITH Northfleet  
1761 Sep 23 Edmund CLEMENTS Northfleet  
    Eleanor WEBSTER Gravesend  
1761 Oct 11 General MONK Cobham  
    Rebecca WICKINS Northfleet  
1761 Oct 26 Edward MARTEN Longfield  
    Mary FEARMAN Northfleet  
1761 Dec 13 John FULLMAN Northfleet  
    Mary SILLITOE Gravesend  
1761 Dec 23 George TREWELL Northfleet  
    Anne SEDGFIELD St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex  
1761 Dec 31 James MARSHALL St Mildred in the Poultry London  
    Elizabeth ALLEN Northfleet  
1762 Mar 29 Robert EVES Westthurrock Essex  
    Patience TROUTMAN Northfleet  
1762 Aug 26 John BATT Northfleet  
    Mary EVANS Longfield  
1762 Aug 31 Robert HANCOCK Northfleet  
    Mary MORGAN Darent  
1762 Nov 6 Thomas SINGER Milton next Gravesend  
    Sarah WALTER Northfleet  
1763 Mar 13 Thomas CHIFFINCH Esq Northfleet  
    Dorothy WILLIAMS Dartford  
1763 Oct 27 Andrew BECKET Sittingbourne  
    Elizabeth WALKER Northfleet  
1765 Jan 9 Thomas WALLIS Southfleet  
    Jane SLAUGHTER Northfleet  
1766 Oct 15 Thomas FRYER Northfleet  
    Mary HILLS Wrotham  
1766 Oct 23 William WEST Southfleet  
    Mary MARTIN Northfleet  
1767 Sep 21 Jacob D`Rippe Northfleet  
    Elizabeth WOOD Gravesend  
1767 Oct 8 Richard BATHURST Revd- Clerk of the parish of Goudhurst Kent  
    Elizabeth Boulter BOOKER Northfleet  
1767 Oct 29 Mark EDWARDS West Tilbury, Essex  
    Ann MAGRATE Northfleet  
1768 Aug 11 John CURREY Eastham, Cheshire  
    Mary ELLIOTT Northfleet  
1768 Dec 29 Richard HUSBAND Precincts of Rochester Catherdral  
    Sarah WILLIAMS Northfleet  
1769 Mar 31 William HOLDAWAY Southfleet  
    Elizabeth MARTIN Northfleet  
1770 Aug 26 Robert BATEMAN Sutton  
    Ann EVERIST Northfleet  
1770 Oct 15 James RUMBULL Southfleet  
    Mary MAYNARD Northfleet  
1771 Mar 17 Robert MAYER Christ Church of Surry  
    Ann COFFIN Northfleet  
1772 Sep 21 Thomas NAIRN Gravesend  
    Elizabeth SWIFT Northfleet  
1772 Nov 27 William FAUCHON Northfleet  
    Elizabeth ROUND Dartford  
1772 Dec 12 Thomas STEDMAN    
    Ursula HARDY Boxley  
1773 Dec 1 William HEATH Ifield  
    Miriam STROUD Northfleet  
1774 Apr 13 William PAGE    
    Ann BEECHAM Southfleet  
1774 Sep 22 Edward TADMAN Higham  
    Elizabeth BEST Northfleet  
1775 Jan 15 William CHEARY Seal  
    Mary WAGGON Northfleet  
1776 Nov 18 Charles BADGER Northfleet  
    Mary HUNT Gravesend  
1776 Dec 14 Richard BUTT Northfleet  
    Sarah HOLBRON Southfleet  
1777 Jun 3 William FISHER Dartford  
    Sarah Halewell BARNES Northfleet  
1777 Oct 19 Thomas MOORE Cobham  
    Lydia BATES Northfleet  
1778 Jan 17 William CRAKELT Northfleet Reverend
    Ann KING Precincts of the White Fryers London  
1778 Jun 4 William RYE Gravesend  
    Catherine ELLINS Northfleet  
1778 Jun 22 Edward SAXELBYE Thaves Inn, City of London  
    Ann SWIFT Northfleet  
1779 May 19 Edward EVEREST Northfleet  
    Rebecca AVIRELL Dartford  
1779 Sep 13 Joseph DAVIES St Giles in the Fields Middlesex  
    Elizabeth ROBINS Northfleet  
1780 Sep 28 Harry BEET Deptford  
    Sarah MASTERMAN Northfleet  
1780 Nov 6 James SKELLEN Ludsdown  
    Elizabeth MAYNARD Northfleet  
1780 Dec 28 Lance TADMAN Northfleet  
    Mary GILBEE St Mary Newington, Surry  
1782 Jan 1 John MIDDLETON Gravesend  
    Ann CORNFORD Northfleet  
1782 Oct 29 James SWIFT Northfleet  
    Lydia JARVIS Higham  
1783 Jun 23 Henry VERVINE St Paul, Deptford  
    Sarah BEET Northfleet  
1783 Oct 15 Richard OLIVER Maidstone  
    Lydia ROBINSON Northfleet  
1784 Nov 18 John STEVENS Gravesend  
    Sarah BUSH Northfleet  
1785 Feb 7 John BLACKMAN Stanstead  
    Elizabeth FRENCH Northfleet  
1785 Jun 15 Thomas AMBROSE Hoo  
    Elizabeth NETTLINGHAM Northfleet  
1785 Oct 17 Isaac KEYS Gravesend  
    Dorothy WELLS Northfleet  
1785 Nov 7 Thomas RING Stone, Kent  
    Margaret MORRISON Northfleet  
1787 May 24 William Waterly WELLER St Paul, Deptford  
    Mary SWIFT Northfleet  
1787 Jun 14 William GURR Chatham  
    sarah LESTER Northfleet  
1788 Aug 19 George FOX Northfleet  
    Elizabeth RANDAL Gravesend  
1790 Aug 12 Frederick Augustus WALTER St George, Hanover Square, Middlesex  
    Elizabeth PEEL Northfleet  
1791 Jul 2 George HARDINGE St Mary, Stratford Bow, Essex  
    Elizabeth SLADE Northfleet  
1791 Oct 14 Joseph GOLDSMITH Chalk  
    Elizabeth REDSELL Northfleet  
1792 Nov 6 Henry EDMEADES Esq Cobham  
    Mary ALLEN Northfleet  
1792 Nov 11 John SCUDDER Hartley  
    Susannah KILLICK Northfleet  
1793 Aug 13 John EYRES Northfleet  
    Sally MUNN Southfleet  
1795 Jul 20 Robert GRAYHAM Northfleet  
    Mary SMITH St Dunstans Canterbury  
1796 Jan 17 Matthew KAY   Reverend - Clerk of South Benfleet Essex
    Mary LEVETT Northfleet  
1796 Jul 16 Robert Young KEAYS St Mary, Newington, Surry  
    Frances PITCHER Northfleet  
1798 Oct 10 Daniel DANNIELS St Nicholas, Rochester  
    Elizabeth BROWN Northfleet  
1799 Feb 5 Robert RICHARDSON Northfleet  
    Mary WEBB Milton next Gravesend  
1799 Aug 10 James POWSEY Northfleet  
    Hannah HILLS Cobham  
1799 Oct 21 Samuel AMBROSE Gravesend  
    Sussanah HAMES Northfleet  
1800 Jan 6 Clement KIRWAN Esq St Andrew Undernaft, City of London  
    Elizabeth MAN Northfleet  
1800 May 1 William Henry WEBLEY Esq Farningham  
    Maria Washington WHITE Northfleet  
1800 Sep 16 William EDMEADES Esq Nursted  
    Elizabeth ALLEN Northfleet  
1801 Jul 13 Thomas Samuel COOMBER Gillingham. Kent  
    Ann FRENCH    
1801 Jul 21 John ELLIOTT St Mary in the Hundred of Hoo  
    Elizabeth LEVER Northfleet  
1802 May 11 Samuel ELYARD junior Esq Great St Helens in the City of London  
    Elizabeth CRAKELT Northfleet  
1802 Oct 14 William THORPE Northfleet  
    Hannah BERRY Reading, Berkshire  
1803 Sep 8 Joshua TOLPUTT St Martin in the Fileds, Middlesex  
    Sarah MARSH Northfleet  
1805 Mar 18 Richard BARNARD Gravesend  
    Hannah POWSEY Northfleet  
1805 Oct 3 Henry THORPE Farningham  
    Sally RUMBOLD Northfleet  
1806 Jul 20 William RITCHIE St Paul, Deptford  
    Sarah PITCHER Northfleet  
1810 Mar 21 Benjamin NICHOLS Her Majestys Ship Rodney sailor
    Rose WATERSON Northfleet  
1810 Aug 14 Benjamin SHARPE St Dunstans in the West in the City of London  
    Ann KENNETT Northfleet  
1811 May 16 Forbes Macbean CHEVERS Esq St Andrew Plymouth, Devonshire  
    Ann TADMAN Northfleet  
1811 Nov 14 John FIVEASH Northfleet  
    Ann DURLING Stone, Kent  


NORTHFLEET - parish register transcripts - extracts -burials -1530 to 1812

1540 Sep-07 Willa PARKER Shinglewell the elder
1564 Apr-05 John BROWNE   Proctor for the Lazar House of Kingesland in Middlesex
1571 Apr-17 John PARKAR Iffyld pishe  
1571 Apr-24 Abigall EDENDEN Iffyld pishe  
1571 Jan-26 Allice CLEAGENTS   a mayden of Wm. CLEAGENTS of Gravesend
1577 Jun-27 Wm. SANNDER Hestone pishe in Middlesex  
1580 Jul-08 Elizabethe BOMAN   dau.to Edmond BOMAN of London
1581 Mar-13 June STUNNES widow of ye pishe of Swanescom  
1586 Feb-27 John KNAPP Colchester drowned in the Temes
1587 Jan-29 William ROBBINS   stranger
1588 Nov-11 William DUFFINE   stranger
1589 Jun-17 Thomas GIBSO   Minister - a stranger
1590 May-04 Edward BOOKEY   stranger
1590 Sep-00 Ralphe WAKELIN Singlewell  
1590 Oct-28 William STONE   a stranger - died at henekers
1592 Aug-23 Henrye RUNDALLES   stranger
1594 Jul-27 Elizabeth PARKAR   gent - dyed and was buried at London in the pishe Church of St Michaells
1595 Dec-30 Mr EVANES   stranger
1596 Nov-08 Lucy PARKAR   stranger
1593 Nov-30 Thomas TYBINSON   son of John TYBINSON of Perrye Streete
1596 Mar-22 John BAPTISTE Bow Street  
1597 Apr-17 Richard FOXE Bow Street son of Richard FOXE
1609 Mar-19 John DUFFELD   son of John DUFFELD - stranger
1612 Nov-29 Johann GODDENN pishe of Horton widow of John GOODDENN
1612 Dec-12 Elizabeth RENOWLDES Stonne dau. Of Adry RENOWLDES
1648 Jun-02 James CRIPPS Gravesend  
1682 May-21 Thomas MILLINGTON   a stranger - came from Grays 20th of May
1691 Oct-04 J BROWN   stranger
1691 Mar-27 John LEWIS   stranger
1695 Jun-03 Eliz GRATWICK   wife of Thos GRATWICK of St Mary Cray who dyed at Greenwich
1696 Oct-20 Robert COSENS   who died at Newhouse in the pishe of Northfleet October 18th, buried at Cuxton October 20th
1697 Mar-29 James PHILLIPS   a seaman and stranger
1697 Oct-19 Eliz MILLS   widow of Goodman MILLS of Stone
1697 Jul-16   LITCHFORD   widow, dyed May 25th in Northfleet buried at Longfield July 16
1697 Mar-06 Will NATT   son of Goodman NAT of Essex
1698 Apr-00 Richard COWLARD   dyed April 15 and buried at Sundridge
1699 Oct-20 John DUDLEEK   a stranger and husbandm
1701 Mar-30 John HENLY   a poorman and stranger
1701 Dec-08 John DICKET   Captain in the service of his Majesty King William, as well as in the two preceedings kings
1702 Aug-06 James ROBISON   stranger
1702 Sep-24 Will ALCOCK   son of Will ALCOCK a stranger by Sarah his wife
1702 Nov-17 Mary RIDGE   a vagrant
1702 Feb-19 Sarah ROGERS   stranger
1702 Jan-18 Eliz JOHNSON Gravesend  
1703 Mar-25 John BAKER   a stranger and husbandm
1704 Apr-23 Mrs Ann BOOTH St Clement in the Strand London  
1704 Sep-03 Catharin TRIFFEES   stranger
1706 Jun-03 Edward PITTMAN St Margaretts Westminster  
1706 Mar-02 Elizabeth JONES St Brides London  
1708 Oct-19 Anne SWIFT   dau.of Thomas SWIFT of Gravesend
1708 Dec-19 Robert JEFFE   stranger
1709 Nov-24 Mr Richard CREECH   gentleman of Greenwich
1710 Nov-10 Tho CARANCE   stranger
1710 Nov-18 John PENSENT   stranger
1710 Nov-23 Margaret WHITE   stranger
1711 Dec-16 Mary GRUBB Gravesend  
1713 Mar-11 John WILLIAMS Milton  
1715 Jan-09 Mary TASKER   stranger
1716 May-22 James WALFORD London  
1719 Aug-13   ACRES Nash Street wife of Rd. ACRES
1719 Mar-03 Ellis DAVIES   stranger
1720 Sep-10 William EVANS   son of Mrs EVANS of Dundale, Seal
1720 Mar-09 George USHER Southfleet  
1721 Apr-15 Mrs SWIFT Ifield Court was buried in her husbands grave
1721 Feb-13 Jane WRIGHT   a travelling woman
1721 Feb-25 Rebecca WRIGHT   dau. Of Jane WRIGHT a travelling woman
1722 Apr-19 Richard WOODBURN   stranger
1722 Dec-02 Ann MARVEL Greenhithe  
1723 Aug-08 Mrs CHILD London a gentlewoman
1723 Mar-02 Mary CHILD Gravesend  
1724 Jul-17 Margaret EVANS Stone wife of Richard EVANS
1724 Sep-13   MURFORD   wife of David MURFORD - traveller
1724 Dec-25 Eliz POND London  
1724 Feb-11 Eliz BIGGS Southfleet  
1725 Apr-01 Thos SORRIL   a stranger killed by accident
1725 Feb-13 Jonathan PEACH Milton  
1726 Apr-29 May STUCKY   stranger
1727 Sep-27 Mary JONES Milton wife of Edward JONES
1727 Oct-12 Matthew LANCASTER Esq London Attorney at Law
1729 Mar-26 James BIGGS Southfleet  
1733 Mar-28 George MORTON Gravesend Attorney at Law
1734 Feb-04 Elizabeth BOREMAN Stroud  
1736 Nov-07 Thomas BEAUFORT   stranger
1736 Dec-15 James BIGGS Southfleet  
1738 Sep-15 Robert BOLDRED   stranger
1738 Mar-05 Moses HARRIS   stranger
1741 Oct-08 Mary SMART   relict of Joseph SMART of Westminster
1743 Dec-05 Lucy BROWN   stranger
1743 Mar-11 Cuthbert PREW   from aboard
1744 Mar-26 John GOMERY   from aboard
1745 Apr-27 Henry SONE/SOAN Orpington  
1745 Jan-22 Ann GOODMAN Clements Inn London widow
1750 Jan-07 Elizabeth HUDSON Dartford  
1751 Apr-12 Peter FURLONGER   a noted highwayman, executed at Maidstone Apr 10
1751 May-21 Thomas LAMB   stranger
1751 Aug-14 Anne THORPE Gravesend dau. Of John THORPE and Catherine his wife. Born Thursday Aug 5th and died 11th
1752 Jan-11 Elizabeth MASON London  
1753 Sep-13 David FULLER Maidstone Clerk of the peace to the County
1756 Feb-05 George YOUNG    
    Alexander EVANS   two sailors, who belonged to the Owners Adventure Capt John ALLELY Master, who getting ashore at five of the clock in the morning Feb 4th and being strangers to the Cliffs both fell down a precipice and died directly. They were buried in this churchyard.
1758 Jul-22 Michael KREEG   A Dutchman
1758 Aug-28 Martha BURROWS Grays  
1758 Oct-11 William MANN Gravesend  
1761 Jun-02 Anthony ELING Southfleet  
1761 Oct-17 William REED Gravesend  
1762 Jun-27 Mary CRANK London widow of Henry CRANK
1763 Jan-23 John BROWN   from a ship
1763 Feb-27 Mrs Mary FOLEY London  
1763 Mar-13 John COX   a soldier
1763 Mar-15 Thomas MAKISON   a soldier
1764 Jun-19 Thomas SMITH   killed by lightning
1764 Sep-28 Nicholas FENWICK   a child from on board ship
1764 Nov-27 William JONES   alias BELFORD
1765 Jul-26 Sarah PITCHERS   stranger
1765 Aug-15 Alice PITCHERS   stranger
1766 Apr-30 Jane WHISKIN Gravesend an infant
1766 Jun-13 Sarah BEAUMAN Gravesend  
1766 Jun-29 William WISEMAN Gravesend  
1768 Aug-06 William STEELE   stranger
1768 Aug-20 Mary STEELE   stranger
1780 Jan-15 Stacey COAST Maidstone  
1792 Jan-19 William BALDOCK Gravesend  
1792 May-11 Jane COOPER Gravesend  
1792 Jun-15 Susannah COMPORT Eltham  
1792 Jul-06 Luke BEET Gravesend  
1793 Jul-26 George HEMMINGTON Gravesend  
1794 Jan-03 Jane BRIDGMAN Stifford  
1794 Feb-02 Hannah FRY London  
1794 May-20 Elizabeth HARMAN Maidstone  
1794 May-22 Mary CORNFORD Gravesend  
1794 Jun-27 Jane REED Gravesend  
1794 Sep-24 Mary HATCH Chalk  
1796 Feb-19 Ann HATCH Gravesend  
1796 Apr-17 Thomas NUNN Chalk  
1796 Jun-05 John WARFORD Gravesend  
1797 Feb-07 Sally BALDOCK Gravesend  
1797 Feb-23 Edward RICHARDSON Gravesend  
1797 Mar-09 William COMPORT Eltham  
1797 Apr-02 James BARRUS Grays  
1798 Apr-11 Sarah BOWSEY Gravesend  
1798 Jul-21 Mary CLEVERLY Gravesend age 100 years and 6 months
1798 Sep-04 Charles HEMINGTON Gravesend  
1798 Nov-19 William EVERETT Gravesend  
1799 Mar-06 Edward EVEREST Gravesend  
1799 Apr-07 John PATTISON Gravesend  
1799 Jul-25 Mary AMBROSE Gravesend  
1800 Mar-23 Mary SUPPERS Gravesend  
1800 Apr-04 Mary ELEY Gravesend  
1800 May-28 Mary EVENDEN Gravesend  
1800 Jul-07 Ann HARNDEN West Thurrock Essex  
1801 Oct-28 Hester COAST Sevenoaks  
1802 Feb-07 Mary WILLIAMS Gravesend  
1802 Feb-25 William AMBROSE Gravesend  
1802 Aug-06 Joseph BROWN Gravesend  
1803 Jan-06 Mary MACE Southfleet  
1803 Mar-21 Thomas EVENDEN Gravesend  
1803 Jun-05 Ann TAYLOR Bermondsey  
1803 Oct-05 William HARMAN Croydon an infant
1804 Apr-12 Joshua HILL Brightelmstone  
1804 Jun-30 William EVEREST Gravesend  
1804 Sep-27 John HARNDEN West Thurrock Essex  
1804 Oct-01 John HARNDEN West Thurrock Essex  
1804 Nov-11 Dinah JOHNSON Swanscomb  
1805 Feb-22 George HARMAN Croydon  
1805 Mar-20 Thomas DEAKIN Milton next Gravesend  
1805 Mar-21 Ann STIBBS London  
1805 Mar-29 Andrew BECKET Milton next Gravesend  
1805 Nov-14 Edward EVEREST Gravesend  
1805 Nov-25 Mary AMBROSE Gravesend  
1805 Dec-01 John WARDMAN Gravesend  
1806 Mar-02 William EVEREST Gravesend  
1806 May-12 William HATCH Peckham  
1806 Jul-01 James WEBSTER Gravesend  
1806 Oct-11 Elizabeth BECKET Gravesend  
1806 Oct-12 Stephen WARDLOW Gravesend  
1806 Oct-15 Elizabeth BEET Gravesend  
1806 Oct-27 Mary CLEVERLY Gravesend  
1808 Aug-04 Jeremiah FRY Gravesend  
1808 Dec-15 Luke HATCH Newington Kent  
1810 Apr-21 Mary LEVETT Greenwich  
1810 Apr-21 Samuel DRINKWATER Rochester  
1810 Sep-14 Sarah EVEREST Gravesend  
1810 Dec-10 Sarah HEMMINGTON Gravesend  
1811 Feb-03 Richard SMITH Rochester  
1811 May-02 Joshua REED Gravesend  
1811 Jun-02 Ann HIGGINS Luddesdown  

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