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Latters in Goudhurst, Lamberhurst, Frant, High Halstow & Wateringbury


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Latters in Goudhurst -

Date First Name Surname Event Comments
11.08.1717 Richard LATTER Richard Elizabeth Christening
11.01.1724 Susannah LATTER ?? Burial
11.01.1725 George LATTER George Susannah Christening
10.02.1725 John LATTER John Elizabeth Christening
13.01.1727 Elizabeth LATTER John Elizabeth Christening
24.08.1729 Deborah LATTER John Elizabeth Christening
05.04.1732 Sarah LATTER John Elizabeth Christening
12.09.1735 Lydea LATTER John Elizabeth Christening
01.05.1737 William LATTER John Elizabeth Christening
26.07.1747 Ann LATTER John Elizabeth Christening
01.05.1750 John LATTER Burial son of John
02.06.1757 William STANDEN Bachelor John Standen Marriage
Sarah LATTER Spinster William Latter  

Latters in Lamberhurst-

Date First Name SURNAME Event Occupation Comments
19.08.1666 Mary LATTER Richard Anne Christening
08.03.1706 Thomas LATTER William Anne Christening
23.08.1722 Mary LATTER John Elizabeth Christening
12.02.1726 Edward LATTER Richard Elizabeth Christening
20.04.1729 Edward LATTER Edward Sarah Christening
26.07.1740 Richard LATTER Mary LUFF Marriage
17.03.1740 Thomas LATTER Richard Mary Christening
01.05.1743 George LATTER Richard Mary Christening
29.09.1745 Richard LATTER Richard Mary Christening
20.03.1747 Ann LATTER Richard Mary Christening
06.10.1751 Rachell LATTER Richard Mary Christening
19.01.1745 Sussana LATTER Elizabeth Christening Base born
30.01.1747 Elizabeth LATTER James Elizabeth Christening
08.01.1748 Edward LATTER James Elizabeth Christening
05.07.1750 James LATTER James Elizabeth Christening
10.10.1753 Ann LATTER James Elizabeth Christening
05.03.1756 William LATTER James Elizabeth Christening
25.09.1757 John LATTER James Elizabeth Christening
23.03.1760 Thomas LATTER James Elizabeth Christening
23.10.1763 Richard LATTER James Elizabeth Christening
07.02.1745 Edward LATTER Elizabeth LATTER Marriage
05.11.1750 James LATTER Edward Elizabeth Christening
17.06.1753 Henry LATTER Edward Elizabeth Christening
23.06.1756 Martha LATTER Edward Elizabeth Christening
20.02.1760 Sarah LATTER Edward Elizabeth Christening
28.03.1762 Ann LATTER Edward Elizabeth Christening
23.11.1764 Mary Elizabeth LATTER Edward Elizabeth Christening
12.09.1756 Philadelphia LATTER Edward Ann Christening
09.03.1759 Samuel LATTER Edward Ann Christening
03.01.1762 Edward LATTER Edward Ann Christening
23.10.1763 Ann Elizabeth LATTER Edward Ann Christening
27.04.1766 Edward LATTER Edward Ann Christening
06.11.1768 Charles LATTER Edward Ann Christening
19.06.1774 Ruth LATTER Edward Ann Christening
30.05.1779 Susannah LATTER Edward Ann Christening
29.03.1767 Ann LATTER Elizabeth Christening Base born
11.06.1769 Philadelphia LATTER   Elizabeth Christening Base born
10.01.1773 Phyllis Wimhurst LATTER Elizabeth Christening
31.05.1772 Elizabeth LATTER Susann Christening Base born
29.04.1773 Richard LATTER Lydia HICKMOTT Marriage
07.01.1774 Isacc LATTER Richard Lydia Christening
29.12.1776 Rose LATTER Richard Lydia Christening
28.12.1781 Eve LATTER Richard Lydia Christening
11.03.1787 Virgil LATTER Richard Lydia Christening
28.12.1777 James LATTER Philadelphia LATTER Marriage
11.11.1779 Charles LATTER James Philadelphia Christening
28.01.1781 Philadelphia LATTER James Philadelphia Christening
11.05.1783 Ambrose LATTER James Philadelphia Christening
12.06.1785 James LATTER James Philadelphia Christening
26.05.1790 Elizabeth Ann LATTER James Philadelphia Christening
19.10.1794 Exeter ?? LATTER James Philadelphia Christening
14.05.1797 Obediah LATTER James Philadelphia Christening
27.03.1785 Ann Elizabeth LATTER Samuel Jenny Christening
21.01.1787 Edward LATTER Samuel Jenny Christening
27.12.1789 David LATTER Samuel Jenny Christening
30.04.1786 Joseph LATTER Ann Christening
29.05.1787 Richard LATTER Philadelphia Christening Pauper
09.04.1792 John LATTER Elizabeth Christening Pauper
12.02.1793 Henry LATTER Sussanah BLYE Marriage
09.06.1793 Henry Johnson LATTER Henry Sussanah Christening
24.05.1795 Lewis LATTER Henry Sussanah Christening
24.12.1797 Amelia LATTER Henry Sussanah Christening
18.05.1800 Edward LATTER Henry Sussanah Christening
29.01.1804 Elizabeth Linsdell LATTER Elizabeth Christening Spurious daughter
15.02.1804 Elizabeth LATTER Elizabeth Christening Spurious daughter
22.02.1810 Joseph LATTER Mary SAWYER ?? Marriage
18.11.1810 James LATTER Joseph Mary Christening
26.04.1812 Edward LATTER Joseph Mary Christening
05.09.1813 William LATTER Joseph Mary Christening    
05.03.1815 Joseph LATTER Joseph Mary Christening  
22.09.1816 Mary LATTER Joseph Mary Christening  
23.05.1819 Asher LATTER Joseph Mary Christening   son
29.03.1812 Sarah LATTER James Ann Christening
08.01.1815 James LATTER Ann Christening son of base born
04.04.1815 David LATTER Ann Wickenden Marriage
19.11.1815 Frances LATTER David Ann Christening Carpenter dau
02.02.1817 John LATTER David Ann Christening Carpenter
07.06.1818 Ann Maria LATTER David Ann Christening Carpenter
02.03.1823 Jane LATTER David Ann Christening Labourer
29.07.1827 Sarah LATTER David Ann Christening Carpenter
15.03.1829 Edward LATTER David Ann Christening Labourer
04.02.1820 Edward LATTER Lucy MABB Marriage
04.07.1824 Edward LATTER Edward Lucy Christening Labourer
09.12.1827 Sarah LATTER Obediah Louisa Christening Labourer
19.05.1843 John Blyde LATTER John Blyde Mary Ann Christening Labourer

Latters in Frant -


Date First Name Surname Parents Parents Occupation Abode Comments
16.10.1575 Margareth LATTER Thomas        
31.03.1577 Robert LATTER Robert        
13.11.1580 Susan LATTER Robert        
01.12.1622 Mary LATTER Richard        
24.04.1623 James LATTER John        
14.08.1625 Francis (dau) LATTER Richard        
27.01.1627 Anne LATTER Richard        
30.09.1632 John LATTER John        
04.11.1632 Dorothy LATTER John        
18.01.1634 Richard LATTER John        
29.11.1635 Catherine LATTER Richard        
15.01.1636 Edward LATTER John        
10.11.1639 Elizabeth LATTER John        
09.05.1641 Margaret LATTER Richard        
20.02.1641 Thomas LATTER John        
04.08.1644 Abraham LATTER John        
03.09.1646 Andrew LATTER Anexter        
17.06.1655 Elizabeth LATTER Richard        
17.05.1657 William LATTER Richard        
11.08.1663 Edward LATTER Richard        
12.10.1690 William LATTER Edward Mary      
18.12.1692 Edward LATTER Edward Mary      
22.01.1695 Richard LATTER Edward Mary      
13.04.1698 Jane LATTER Andrew Mary      
25.12.1702 Mary LATTER Edward Mary      
07.04.1703 Ester LATTER Andrew Mary      
07.09.1706 James LATTER Edward Mary      
10.01.1714 John LATTER John Margaret      
23.04.1717 Edward LATTER William Rosamund      
03.01.1717/8 Andrew LATTER John Marg      
30.01.1719 William LATTER Richard Elizabeth      
24.02.1722 Elizabeth LATTER Edward Sarah      
14.05.1730 Mary LATTER James Susan      
08.12.1731 Susanna LATTER James Susanna      
16.05.1740 John LATTER James Susanna      
11.10.1741 William LATTER Edward Jane      
26.12.1741 James LATTER James Sussanah      
09.10.1743 Margaret LATTER Edward Jane      
30.11.1744 Edward LATTER James Sussanah      
04.02.1747 Lydia LATTER James Sussanah      
17.04.1748 Henry LATTER Edward Jane      
03.10.1777 Pruscilla LATTER William Sarah      
05.10.1800 Sophia LATTER John Ann   Parish of Pembury  
25.10.1801 Maria LATTER John Ann      
21.08.1804 Ann Elizabeth LATTER Henry Susan      
21.08.1804 Stephen LATTER Henry Susan     born 21.04.180?
02.05.1813 John LATTER   Mary Spinster Frant Base born
02.03.1825 Charles LATTER   Philadelphia   Frant Base born
05.06.1825 George LATTER Obed Louisa Labourer Frant  
13.11.1831 Mark LATTER William Ellen Painter Frant  
16.03.1834 Frederick LATTER William Eleanor Painter Frant  
04.06.1837 William Alfred LATTER William Ellen Painter Frant  
08.09.1839 Sarah Ann LATTER David Jemima Labourer Frant  
23.06.1841 Elizabeth LATTER William Elenor Painter Frant  
02.10.1844 Emily Martha LATTER William Alfred Ellenore Glazier Frant  
17.05.1850 George Edward LATTER   Elizabeth   Frant  
28.07.1850 Georgianne August ?? LATTER Leonard Anne Miller Frant born 29.10.1849
28.07.1850 Harry LATTER Leonard Anne Miller Frant born 02.01.1848
28.07.1850 Alexander LATTER Leonard Anne Miller Frant born 13.08.1846
28.07.1850 Flora LATTER Leonard Anne Miller Frant born 11.05.1845
28.07.1850 Walter LATTER Leonard Anne Miller Frant born 06.09.1843
28.07.1850 Leonard LATTER Leonard Anne Miller Frant born 11.01.1842
28.07.1850 Laurence Leonard LATTER Leonard Anne Miller Frant born 01.02.1840
31.08.1851 Ellen LATTER Leonard Anne Miller Bartley Mill Frant  
11.05.1856 George LATTER Edward Adelaide Labourer Frant  
27.09.1857 Louisa Fairbrother LATTER Samuel Sarah Inn keeper Wadhurst  
25.07.1858 Anne Elizabeth LATTER Mark Cornelia Painter Frant  
31.07.1859 Jane LATTER Edward Adelaide Labourer Frant  
24.01.1860 Emma Fairbrother LATTER Samuel Sarah Ann Brickmaker Wadhurst  
25.05.1862 Samuel Fairbrother LATTER Samuel Sarah Ann Brickmaker Wadhurst  
07.10.1866 Emily Martha LATTER Mark George Cornelia Plumber Crowborough  
27.08.1871 Fanny Elizabeth LATTER John Ann Labourer Mark ?????  


Date First Name Surname Parish Status Banns/Licence Witnesses etc
02.03.1589 John BRAWLARD        
  Elizabeth LATTER        
15.10.1621 John HOMSELY        
  Elizabeth LATTER        
07.12.1624 Solomon WENBORNE        
  Elizabeth LATTER        
26.10.1630 Edward BOORNE        
  Widdow LATTER        
09.11.1630 John LATTER        
  Joane ALCHIN        
30.05.1637 William LATTER Rotherfield      
  Elizabeth COE Rotherfield      
18.06.1639 Richard LATTER Rotherfield      
  Margaret TAYLOR Rotherfield      
19.06.1644 Shares CONSTABLE        
  Elizabeth LATTER        
21.06.1659 George DUNGATE Wadhurst      
  Elizabeth LATTER Wadhurst      
21.12.1707 Simon LATTER Rotherfield      
  Margaret TOMPKIN Frant      
01.03.1714 John LATTER Frant      
  Margaret PULLEN Speldhurst      
04.12.1718 George CONSTABLE Frant      
  Mary LATTER Tunbridge      
06.12.1719 Edward LATTER Lamberhurst      
  Sarah BALDOCK Frant      
10.12.1721   LATTER Lamberhurst      
  Elizabeth BAKER Goudhurst      
03.07.1729 James LATTER Frant      
  Susanna BOOKER Frant      
15.02.1746 James LATTER Lamberhurst      
  Eliz HUGGET Frant      
02.05.1750 Henry ROSE Seale Kent      
  Mary LATTER Frant      
03.10.1768 William UNDERHILL OTP   Banns William Underhill (sen)
  Deborah LATTER OTP     Thos Appelbe
26.10.1769 William LATTER OTP   Banns John Sands
  Sarah SWIFT Wadhurst     John Waghorn
09.04.1793 Richard CARD OTP   Banns John Stapely
  Sarah LATTER OTP     Mary Stapely
19.10.1797 John MALT ST Michaels Lewes   Licence William Latter
  Priscilla LATTER OTP     Elizabeth Latter
26.08.1815 James LATTER OTP bachelor Banns John Warner
  Charlotte MANN OTP spinster   Sophia Tillsden (Tillsman)
26.05.1824 Charles LATTER St Clements of the county of Sussex bachelor Licence E. Loof
  Harriett LOOF OTP spinster   Arth (Albt) Loof
03.10.1835 James LATTER OTP   Banns David Latter
  Mary COLEMAN OTP     Jemima Coleman (Lee)


Date First name Surname Age Abode
16.04.1753 Eliz LATTER    
04.11.1755 Margarett LATTER    
29.09.1768 Edward LATTER    
05.05.1770 John LATTER    
15.05.1773 William LATTER    
18.12.1782 David LATTER    
08.01.1784 Eliz LATTER    
21.06.1785 John LATTER    
28.02.1798 Elizabeth LATTER    
14.04.1808 Phoebe LATTER 69 Goudhurst

Latters in High Halstow -


Date First Name Surname Parents Parents Comments
26.03.1749 Henry LATTER John Catharine  
19.01.1751 Sarah LATTER John Catharine  
09.11.1755 John LATTER Jonathan Mary born Oct 27
16.04.1756 James LATTER Jonathan Catherine born May 2
06.05.1757 Edward LATTER Jonathan Mary born Apr 17
05.09.1758 Margaret LATTER Jonathan Mary born Oct 10
21.01.1759 William LATTER Jonathan Catharine born Jan 9
20.06.1790 Thomas LATTER William Elizabeth born May 16
25.12.1791 George LATTER William Elizabeth born Dec 9
23.02.1794 John LATTER William Elizabeth born Dec 20
12.12.1797 Richard LATTER William Elizabeth  

Burials - 1653 to 1812

Date First Name Surname Age Abode
26.12.1755 John LATTER    
25.01.1758 William LATTER    
15.06.1758 Catharine LATTER    
04.02.1761 Thomas LATTER   a boy
15.02.1761 Jonathan LATTER   a man
05.04.1770 Henry LATTER    
05.12.1779 John LATTER    
03.01.1791 Thomas LATTER   pauper

Wateringbury Parish Registers - Baptisms 

Date First Name Last name   Father Mother  Comments
13.04.1755 Anne LATTER   William Selina  
10.06.1756 William LATTER   William Lina  
11.12.1757 Elizabeth LATTER   William Lina  
02.09.1759 Thomas LATTER   William Lina  
28.02.1766 Elizabeth LATTER   John Mary  
26.12.1788 Selina LATTER   Thomas Rebecca  
05.09.1791 William LATTER   Thomas Rebecca  
21.04.1794 Rebecca LATTER   Thomas Rebecca  
13.11.1797 Anne LATTER   William Anne  
29.01.1798 Henry LATTER   Newman ??  
07.06.1801 William LATTER   Newman Mary  
26.08.1804 Elizabeth LATTER   Thomas Elizabeth half christened at Whitechapple 6.5.1803
26.08.1804 Ann LATTER   Thomas Elizabeth  
22.07.1805 Rebecca LATTER   Newman Mary  
16.11.1806 Thomas LATTER   Thomas Elizabeth  
06.03.1808 John Newman LATTER   Newman Mary  
11.09.1810 James LATTER   Newan Mary  
14.10.1810 Mary LATTER   Thomas Elizabeth  
30.12.1810 James LATTER   Newman Mary see 11.9.1810
10.05.1812 John LATTER   Richard Ann 2 yrs old
10.05.1812 Louisa LATTER   Richard Ann  

Wateringbury Parish Registers - Marriages

Date First Name Last name   First Name  Last name  Witnesses / comments
13.02.1755 Robert LAGDEN   Anne BETTS William GIBBONS (parish clerk) William LATTER
20.02.1755 William LATTER   Selina BAKER William GIBBONS (parish clerk) Benjamin STREATING
26.10.1761 William LATTER   Mary POUND William GIBBONS (parish clerk). Wm COATSWORTH
02.07.1767 William SMITH of Marden Frances PATTENDEN William GIBBONS (parish clerk) Wm LATTER
06.02.1770 William LATTER   Mary HARRISON William GIBBONS (parish clerk) Wm WATSON
02.08.1770 William BAKER   Ann BATCHELDER William GIBBONS (parish clerk). William LATTER
13.10.1773 Robert COLEGATE St Maries Hoo Elizabeth CHAMBERS William GIBBONS (parish clerk). William LATTER
26.10.1781 William HARTNUP   Elizabeth LATTER Charles HARTNUP . Mary SCOTT
16.07.1783 John BULLEN   Sarah ROE William GIBBONS (parish clerk). William LATTER
20.02.1784 William LATTER widower Martha HATCH William GIBBONS (parish clerk) William LATTER
26.11.1787 Thomas HODGE of Nettlestead Anne STILES William LATTER Richard FIELDING
12.12.1795 William LATTER Widower Anne ERSKINE Thos PERRIN Alice PERRIN
09.05.1801 James WHITING   Rebecca ERSKINE William LATTER William PERRIN
14.05.1810 Richard LATTER   Ann MARKHAM Wm PERRIN James WHITING

Wateringbury Parish Registers - Burials

Date First Name Last name  Comments
20.06.1756 William LATTER  
11.01.1760 Selina LATTER  
11.03.1773 John LATTER  
15.03.1783 Mary LATTER wife of William
02.08.1794 Rebecca LATTER dau.Thomas & Rebecca
01.09.1794 Rebecca LATTER wife of Thomas
14.08.1795 Martha LATTER wife of William
19.06.1803 Mary LATTER age 70
26.02.1804 Elizabeth LATTER age 57
18.09.1808 William LATTER age 72
24.08.1811 Elizabeth LATTER age 27 wife of Thomas
04.10.1811 William LATTER age 80

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