Isle of Thanet Directory 1849 - V to Z


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This is a transcript of what appears to be a largely Commercial Directory, originally published by J Williams. Over 2,500 entries.

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Last Name First Name Occupation No or House Road Town
Valder William H agent to the Royal Exchange Fire & Life Assurance 15 High Street Margate
Valle Mrs   5 Lower Grosvenor Place Margate
Vaughan William marine library, bookseller & stationer 158 High Street Margate
Vaux Mrs Ann tobacconist 35 High Street Margate
Vincer Henry fly proprietor   Weekly Place Margate
Vinten Isaac upholsterer & c 140 High Street Ramsgate
Vye Jesse grocer 25 Queen Street Ramsgate
Vye Mrs lodging house 22 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Wacum Richard blacksmith 1 Camden Place Ramsgate
Waddington Joshua consulting surgeon to the Royal Sea Bathing Infirmary 5 Upper Marine Terrace Margate
Waddington Joshua consulting surgeon to the Royal Sea Bathing Infirmary 6 Upper Marine Terrace Margate
Wales George fly proprietor   Paradise Place Margate
Wales John bricklayer   Princes Crescent Margate
Wales James dairyman   Caroline Place Margate
Wales Lewis grocer   High Street Broadstairs
Walford Edward surgeon 2 Paragon Ramsgate
Walk John beer retailer & baker 54 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Walk Thomas bootmaker & c 14 High Street Ramsgate
Walker Mrs lodging house Liverpool Lodge   Ramsgate
Walker Mrs   20 Union Crescent Margate
Walker George F livery stables   Market Street Margate
Walker George Francis Queens Arms Tavern & Commercial Inn near the Parade Market Street Margate
Wall Thomas victualler Albion Sole Street St Peters
Walsh Mrs Elizabeth academy 34 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Walter Ordiarne C surgeon   Albion Street Broadstairs
Walton Martha dancing & drawing academy   Fort Crescent Margate
Walton Walter dancing & drawing academy Ivy Cottage   Margate
Walton William greengrocer   King Street Margate
Wansley Mr Richard   Royal Villa Vale Ramsgate
Wanstall John boat builder   Fort Mount Margate
Wanstall James butcher 133 High Street Margate
Wanstall Robert butcher   St Johns Street Margate
Wanstel Miss Sarah       St Lawrence
Ward Samuel victualler Ship Inn, 2 Bankside Margate
Wardel Mrs Mary   9 Victoria Terrace Ramsgate
Warden Charles S mariner 66 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Warden Henry baker     St Lawrence
Warman Henry auctioneer, undertaker, upholsterer & c 37 High Street Ramsgate
Warman Captain John   4 Wellington Cottages Ramsgate
Warre John Esq   West Cliff Lodge   Ramsgate
Warren Joseph pianoforte, patent organ melodium with percussion, seraphine & general music seller 84 High Street Ramsgate
Warren George leather cutter   Charlotte Place Margate
Warrington Mr Henry     Clifton Place Margate
Warrior William engineer 10 Sion Row Ramsgate
Waterhouse John boot & shoe maker   Princes Street Margate
Waterman James bootmaker 83 King Street Ramsgate
Waters Mrs Martha grocer 126 High Street Margate
Waters Richard coach maker   Pleasant Place Margate
Waters Richard plumber & glazier   Pleasant Place Margate
Watson John lodging house 5 Clover Hill Ramsgate
Watson Archer coach maker   Churchfield Place Margate
Watson Frederick cabinet maker   Hawley Square Margate
Watson George bricklayer   Bellevue Place Margate
Watson Sarah straw hat maker   St James Square Margate
Watt Mrs lodging house Edington House Paradise Place Margate
Watts Mrs Mary Ann   1 Trafalgar Place Ramsgate
Watts Mrs Sarah lodging house   Bridge Terrace Margate
Wattson George posting establishment 14 King Street Ramsgate
Weatherburn Henry superintendent of the engine at the Railway Station 1 Elgar Place Ramsgate
Webb William Edward G lodging house 7 Elgar Place Ramsgate
Webb Thomas tailor   Portland Place Ramsgate
Webb James farmer Rose Cottage   Margate
Webb William dairyman   Dane Margate
Webb John boot & shoe maker     St Peters
Webb Richard Buddles farmer     St Peters
Webbe John professor of music 3 Albion Place Ramsgate
Weber Victor Esq     Goldsmid Place Ramsgate
Webley Thomas lodging house 19 Albion Place Ramsgate
Webster John surgeon 9 Effingham Place Ramsgate
Weekly Mr John     Paradise Place Margate
Weigh Bridge Norris Ann proprietress 119B High Street Ramsgate
Weller Mrs Margaret milliner & straw hat manufacturer 72 High Street Ramsgate
Weller Thomas hatter & c 72 High Street Ramsgate
Wells Rev Francis   Salisbury House Vale Ramsgate
Wells Frederick shoemaker 4 Cumberland Place Ramsgate
Wells Henry lodging house 6 Wellington Cottages Ramsgate
Wells John house agent 3 Addington Place Ramsgate
Wells Lewis bather 86 High Street Ramsgate
Wells Mrs Mary bath proprietor 2 Pier Castle Ramsgate
Wells Richard Henry baker & c 4 Queen Street Ramsgate
Wells Lieutenant Edward Francis (RN)     Albion Street Broadstairs
Welton Mr Edward     Dane Hill Row Margate
Wesley Timothy lodging house 15 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
West James nursery & seedsman 124 High Street Ramsgate
West James mariner 31 High Street Ramsgate
West James mariner Bings Cottages Hereson Road Ramsgate
West The Misses   3 Trafalgar Place Ramsgate
West Mrs Sarah lodging house 37 Addington Place Ramsgate
West U academy 6 Church Street Margate
West Valentine victualler George Albion Street Broadstairs
Westell Robert lodging house 9 Adelaide Place Ramsgate
Westfield James lodging house 8 Russell Place Ramsgate
Westfield Godfrey F eating house   Bankside Margate
Westley J lodging house 14 Paragon Ramsgate
Wetherhead Mrs       Hereson, Ramsgate
Wetherilt Mr John     Princes Crescent Margate
Wharton George plumber & glazier   Hawley Street Margate
White Miss lodging house 4 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
White George Hurst shipwright & lodging house 23 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
White James greengrocer 2 Addington Place Ramsgate
White Robert (Smith & W)   2 Farley Place Queen Street Ramsgate
White Thomas carpenter 4 Adelaide Place Ramsgate
White Thomas beer retailer   Ellens Place Ramsgate
White Alfred eating house   Bridge Street Margate
White Mr Edward   8 Upper Marine Terrace Margate
White Edward boot & shoe maker 9 High Street Margate
White Edward boot & shoe maker 10 High Street Margate
White Edward boot & shoe maker 11 High Street Margate
White John Esq   20 Hawley Square Margate
White Thomas baker   New Cross Street Margate
White Mr Isaac       St Peters
Whitehead Mr   9 Guildford Lawn Ramsgate
Whitehead Rev T C   17 Augusta Terrace Ramsgate
Whitehead Thomas & Son gentlemens boarding academy Chatham House Chatham Street Ramsgate
Whittingham Isaac lodging house 14 Kent Terrace Ramsgate
Wickham Thomas butcher 6 Market Street Margate
Widdaker William mariner & lodging house 3 Ellens Place Ramsgate
Wightwick Humphrey turner 3 Chatham Place Ramsgate
Wildish Elvy John builder & surveyor to the Commissioners under the Ramsgate Improvement Act 23 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Wildish Elvy John builder & surveyor to the Commissioners under the Ramsgate Improvement Act - office Town Hall   Ramsgate
Wildish   clerk in the Custom House     Ramsgate
Wildish John Wilson Post Office Clerk 61 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Wilkerson Thomas boot & shoe maker   Sion Place Margate
Wilkie Colonel   27 Albion Place Ramsgate
Wilkinson Misses milliners & c 17 Queen Street Ramsgate
Wilkinson John superintendent of the Gas Works 2 Mount Sion Ramsgate
Wilkinson Thomas waterman 16 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Wilkinson Richard victualler George King Street Margate
Wilks Miss Mary ladies boarding school     St Lawrence
Willett Thomas William linen draper 8 High Street Margate
Willett Thomas William linen draper 158 High Street Margate
Williams Mrs lodging house 5 Sion Row Ramsgate
Williams George bootmaker 2 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Williams George gentlemens boarding & day school 23 High Street Ramsgate
Williams Rev H W   27 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Williams John fisherman 4 Effingham Place Ramsgate
Williams Mrs Mary shopkeeper 10 York Street Ramsgate
Williams Thomas H Esq   1 Gilling Place Ramsgate
Williams George victualler Sportsman Cliffs End St Lawrence
Williams Sarah Ann lodging house 4 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Willis Mrs General   21 Albion Place Ramsgate
Willis Mrs Eleanor   4 Hawley Square Margate
Wilmot Henry boatman Customs, Ramsgate   Ramsgate
Wilmot Thomas tidewaiter     Ramsgate
Wilmot Thomas Custom House Officer 4 Liverpool Place Ramsgate
Wilmot William Custom House Officer 1 Hertford Place Ramsgate
Wilmott Charles lodging house 29 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Wilson Mrs   Elysian House Hereson Road Ramsgate
Winch Charles Esq   9 Marine Parade Margate
Winch Frederick tailor & draper 10 Marine Parade Margate
Winch James builder 15 Market Place Margate
Winch Francis builder 7 Market Place Margate
Winch Frederick tailor   Marine Parade Margate
Winchester George Esq   Addington Villa   Margate
Winter Miss Mary   43 Hawley Square Margate
Witherden John S bell hanger & c   Mount Sion Place Ramsgate
Witherden Mr George     Fair Street St Peters
Witherden Robert blacksmith     St Peters
Withered Thomas Esq     West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Wittey Francis Thomas victualler Fort Castle Fort Margate
Wood Mrs lodging house 24 Camden Square Ramsgate
Wood Mr lodging house 13 Bellevue Place Ramsgate
Wood Frank boatman 11 Irchester Place Ramsgate
Wood James bricklayer 11 Hereson Road Ramsgate
Wood James H smith & c 24 Camden Square Ramsgate
Wood John Stephen butcher 105 High Street Ramsgate
Wood Misses     Cecil Street Margate
Wood Robert butcher   Northumberland Crescent Margate
Wood Richard Warm, Cold & Shower Baths 152 High Street Margate
Wood Richard Warm, Cold & Shower Baths 153 High Street Margate
Woodforde C Esq     Nethercourt St Lawrence
Woodland Mrs Ann   35 King Street Ramsgate
Woodruff Mrs   15 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Woodruff Thomas butcher 21 Addington Place Ramsgate
Woodruff Charles billiard rooms   High Street Margate
Woodruff Charles Stephen victualler Kent Family Hotel Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Woodruff Charles Stephen billiard rooms   High Street Margate
Woodruff Charles watch & clock maker & agent to the British Empire & Mutual Life Assurance 6 High Street Margate
Woodward George mariner Rope Walk High Street Ramsgate
Woodward John builder   Fort Paragon Margate
Woodward Leonard baker & confectioner 131 High Street Margate
Woodward Richard tailor 15 Broad Street Margate
Wools John grocer   Cranbourne Alley Margate
Wootton Stephen agent to Norwich Union Fire & Life Office & coal merchant   Queen Street Ramsgate
Wootton Edward chemist & druggist 136 High Street Margate
Wootton Henry dairyman Dairy Cottage   Margate
Wootton Henry registrar & relieving officer   Union Crescent Margate
Wootton Peter grocer 13 Market Place Margate
Wootton Stephen corn & coal merchant, agent to the Norwich Union Life Insurance & hoy owner   High Street Margate
Wootton Thomas cabinet maker 42 High Street Margate
Worger Mr John     Dane Hill Row Margate
Worthington Miss academy   Hawley Street Margate
Wraight John shipwright 23 Queen Street Ramsgate
Wraight Richard fruiterer & confectioner 75 High Street Ramsgate
Wren William fruiterer   Charlotte Street Broadstairs
Wright Robert fly driver 6 Russell Place Ramsgate
Wright William baker 88 High Street Ramsgate
Wright William brazier & tinman   Portland Place Ramsgate
Wright Misses   Flint House   Margate
Wright Edward R H   York Family Hotel Marine Parade Margate
Wright James solicitor 36 Hawley Square Margate
Wyborn William boot & shoe maker 7 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Wyborn William boot & shoe maker 7 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Yates Grant tailor 8 Sydney Place Ramsgate
Yeomanson Francis boot & shoe maker   King Street Margate
Yeomanson Samuel greengrocer   Sion Place Margate
Yeomanson William boot & shoe maker 6 Queen Street Margate
Yeonans James farmer 13 Camden Square Ramsgate
Young Mrs   24 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Young Edward bootmaker 9 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Young George fruiterer   Portland Place Ramsgate
Young John shoemaker 14 Frederick Place Hereson Road Ramsgate
Young Thomas apothecary 43 High Street Ramsgate
Young Knowler blacksmith     St Lawrence
Young Frederick blacksmith   Garlinge Margate
Young Thomas dairyman   Garlinge Margate
Young William victualler Hope & Anchor, 71 High Street Margate
Zeal Eliza straw bonnet maker 1 Frederick Place Hereson Road Ramsgate
Zezzard Misses boarding academy   Fort Crescent Margate

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