Isle of Thanet Directory 1849 - S to U


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This is a transcript of what appears to be a largely Commercial Directory, originally published by J Williams. Over 2,500 entries.

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Last Name First Name Occupation No or House Road Town
Sackett Miss day boarding house 25 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Sackett Bemjamin gardener 16 Addington Place Ramsgate
Sackett Edward tailor 30 Addington Place Ramsgate
Sackett John tailor 39 High Street Ramsgate
Sackett Robert George bootmaker   York Street Ramsgate
Sackett Thomas stone mason     Hereson, Ramsgate
Sackett Miss Mary   27 Hawley Square Margate
Sackett Edward ironmonger 139 High Street Margate
Sackett Henry farmer   West Northdown Margate
Sackett Richard H baker   King Street Margate
Sackett Francis pork butcher   Harbour Street Broadstairs
Sackett Vincent A farmer   Northwood St Peters
Sackette Samuel & Fuller Daniel Pilcher marine library   Sion Hilll Ramsgate
Sadler Thomas Timothy house & estate agent, agent to County Fire & Life Office, London, registrar of marriages for the Isle of Thanet & coal merchant 42 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Saffrey Mr Henry     Kingsgate St Peters
Sale Captain   29 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Salmon Daniel tailor & draper 26 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Sampson Miss     Gilling Place Ramsgate
Sanders Miss Mary Ann lodging house 8 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Sanders Thomas bootmaker 39 High Street Ramsgate
Sandom Mrs Mary dairy 32 Queen Street Ramsgate
Sandum Robert victualler Wellington Inn, 105 High Street Ramsgate
Sandwell William hairdresser 81 King Street Ramsgate
Satchell Mrs Ann    16 Trafalgar Place Ramsgate
Saunder Mr John lodging house 8 Prospect Row Ramsgate
Saunders Mr Thomas lodging house 16 Paragon Ramsgate
Saunders Thomas baker 1 Paradise Place Margate
Sawyer Thomas & Henry Homoepathic & Pharmaceutical chemists 14 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Sawyer William baker   Sion Place Margate
Saxby Mrs Mary lodging house 5 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Saxby William builder 38 Addington Place Ramsgate
Saxby James gardener     St Lawrence
Sayer Abraham poulterer   Market Place Margate
Sayer Mrs Harriet victualler Star Inn High Street Margate
Sayre Edward saddle & harness maker 115 High Street Margate
Scates Thomas grocer & coal merchant 6 Cumberland Place Ramsgate
Scithers George builder & undertaker   Harts Terrace Ramsgate
Scithers George builder & undertaker   Harts Terrace St Lawrence
Scoates Miss lodging house 23 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Scoates Michael   2 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Scott Henry grocer & tea dealer 53 Queen Street Ramsgate
Scott Thomas grocer   Portland Place Ramsgate
Scott Thomas grocer   Bridge Street Margate
Scottish Union Fire & Life Office Thomas Hunter agent 35 Addington Place Ramsgate
Scraigs Miss boarding house 22 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Scullard Mrs lodging house 2 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Searle Arthur carman & van proprietor 13 St James Place Ramsgate
Searle Emma milliner   Prospect Row Margate
Sedwick William shoemaker   Bethesda Street Ramsgate
Sellers Mrs Mary Ann milliner & straw hat maker 28 High Street Margate
Sewell William beer retailer 2 Camden Road Ramsgate
Shapley John grocer 12 Brunswick Place Ramsgate
Sharp George Andrew   19 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Sharp Mrs Mary lodging house 2 Marine Terrace Margate
Sharpe Thomas baker   Bath Road Margate
Sharwood Samuel Esq   1 Irchester Place Ramsgate
Shaw Francis Captain (RN)   9 Nelson Crescent Ramsgate
Shaw John Albion House, linen draper & silk mercer   High Street Ramsgate
Shelley Mrs Adolphus   18 Albion Place Ramsgate
Shelvey John baker 1 Churchfield Place Margate
Shepherd William boot & shoe maker 13 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Shepherd Mr John     Clifton Street Margate
Shepperdson Miss Jane   23 Effingham Place Ramsgate
Sherwell Rev Robert Wesleyan Minister   Union Crescent Margate
Sherwood Mrs Elizabeth lodging house 21 Hawley Square Margate
Shippard Joseph stone mason 8 York Street Ramsgate
Shouldom Mrs lodging house 38 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Sibley Miss lodging house 13 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Sibon George china & glass dealer 91 High Street Ramsgate
Sicklemore Mrs Anne       St Lawrence
Sicklemore Rev George W (MA) vicar (Magistrate for the County)     St Lawrence
Silk Charles victualler Wheatsheaf   St Peters
Silver Edward tailor & draper 8 Addington Place Ramsgate
Silver Joseph     Reading Street St Peters
Simmonds John lodging house 12 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Simmons Mrs Esther   13 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Simmons John waterman   Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Simmons Joseph beer retailer     Hereson, Ramsgate
Simmons Lieut Chestney (RN)   Coast Guard Station The Sands Ramsgate
Simmons Richard fisherman, lodging house 2 Hibernia Place Ramsgate
Simmons Richard shoemaker 69 King Street Ramsgate
Simmons William butcher 1 Ellens Place Ramsgate
Simmons George waterman 23 Camden Square Ramsgate
Simmons John N plumber & glazier 116 High Street Margate
Simmons John V riding master & fly proprietor   Mill Lane Margate
Sims William venetian blind maker   Broad Street Ramsgate
Sinclair Mrs Sarah     Upper Grosvenor Place Margate
Singer John grocer & tea dealer 22 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Singer Spencer baker & confectioner 35 High Street Ramsgate
Sinnock John builder   New Cross Street Margate
Sisley James builder   Charlotte Place Margate
Skelton John draper & silk mercer & agent to the Star Fire & Life Insurance 140 High Street Margate
Skews George greengrocer & c 24 High Street Ramsgate
Skinner George draper, hosier & c 67 High Street Ramsgate
Slater Elizabeth boarding academy 48 Hawley Square Margate
Slater Mrs Susanna ladies school 35 Hawley Square Margate
Slater John Esq   17 Cecil Square Margate
Slodden Mr William   5 Churchfield Margate
Small Frederick boot & shoe maker 5 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Small William Esq   18 High Street Ramsgate
Small Mrs   19 High Street Ramsgate
Smeed James farmer     St Peters
Smith Mrs laundress 88 High Street Ramsgate
Smith Mrs   125 High Street Ramsgate
Smith Mrs   131 High Street Ramsgate
Smith Mrs Ann poulterer 32 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Smith Mrs Elizabeth & Son outfitters 34 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Smith Enos Esq   19 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Smith Francis surgeon 22 High Street Ramsgate
Smith George farmer & livery stable keeper   Broad Street Ramsgate
Smith George   30 Camden Square Ramsgate
Smith George ginger beer manufacturer 11 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Smith George lodging house 11 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Smith George beer retailer 7 York Place Ramsgate
Smith John carpenter   Broad Street Ramsgate
Smith John street keeper 6 George Place Ramsgate
Smith Joseph car & fly proprietor 33 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Smith Mrs Mary boarding house Eden House Vale Ramsgate
Smith Richard F plumber & c 1 Russell Place Ramsgate
Smith Miss Sophia straw bonnet maker 123 High Street Ramsgate
Smith William shopkeeper 72 King Street Ramsgate
Smith Walter George pawnbroker 36 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Smith William Chandler tailor 28 York Street Ramsgate
Smith William Edward architect, surveyor, auctioneer, house agent, builder & undertaker   King Street Ramsgate
Smith William Edward architect, surveyor, auctioneer, house agent, builder & undertaker Waterloo Cottage   Ramsgate
Smith Ann milliner   Sion Place Margate
Smith Rev Sidney (MA)   34 Hawley Square Margate
Smith Mrs lodging house 17 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Smith Henry dairyman   Charlotte Street Broadstairs
Smith William watchmaker   High Street Broadstairs
Smith William toy dealer   Albion Street Broadstairs
Smith & White   boatbuilders Farleys Yard Queen Street Ramsgate
Smithers Miss lodging house 2 Irchester Place Ramsgate
Smithers Austen carpenter 5 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Smithett Richard M farmer   Hengrove Margate
Snelling John police constable 5 Hibernia Place Ramsgate
Snoswell Samuel boot binder 19 Camden Square Ramsgate
Snow William plumber & glazier   Northumberland Crescent Margate
Snowden & Pollock   solicitors & agents to the London Fire & Life   Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Snowdon Thomas Hodges (Snowdon & Pollock)   101 High Street Ramsgate
Snowdon George Esq   95 High Street Ramsgate
Snowdon George Sylvanas surgeon 95 High Street Ramsgate
Solley Miss lodging house 15 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Solley John dairyman 3 High Street Ramsgate
Solley William grocer & tea dealer 13 Camden Place Ramsgate
Solly Henry hairdresser & perfumer 7 High Street Margate
Solly George Wass lodging house   Fort Crescent Margate
Solly Mrs Elizabeth     Fort Crescent Margate
Solly Isaac lodging house 8 Marine Parade Margate
Solly William blacksmith   Mill Lane Margate
Somersall George Philip engraver & printer 86 High Street Ramsgate
Somes William watch & clock maker   Cranbourne Alley Margate
Soper John builder Newbys Place Market Street Margate
Soper John builder 3 Andrews Place Margate
Soper Mr William     East Crescent Margate
Spain Henry upholsterer 36 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Spain Thomas tailor 54 High Street Ramsgate
Spence Mr Thomas     Beards Hill St Peters
Spencer Mrs   5 Mount Sion Ramsgate
Spencer Miss dressmaker 64 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Spillet Mrs M lodging house 3 Kent Terrace Ramsgate
Spooner William C boarding academy Dane House   Margate
Spratling Mrs Elizabeth lodging house 9 Hibernia Place Ramsgate
Spratt Henry baker 4 Duke Street Margate
Spratt Mr Joseph   41 High Street Margate
Sprattly Captain Richard   3 La Belle Alliance Ramsgate
Sprigg Rev James Baptist Minister   Bedford Row Margate
St Perters Infant School Miss Baldcock mistress     St Peters
St Peters Charity School Robert Farley master     St Peters
Standard Mrs   20 Augusta Terrace Ramsgate
Standing James bricklayer 6 Sydney Place Ramsgate
Standven Thomas watch & clock maker 98 King Street Ramsgate
Standven Thomas watch & clock maker     St Lawrence, Ramsgate
Standven Thomas watch & clock maker     St Lawrence
Standven Thomas     King Street Ramsgate
Staner George lodging house 35 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Staner George jun baker 118 High Street Margate
Staner Joseph auctioneer & appraiser & agent to the Norwich Union Fire & Life Office 121 High Street Margate
Stanley William boarding academy Bath House Sion Place Margate
Stannard William carpenter & lodging house 3 Bankside Margate
Stannard William carpenter & lodging house 4 Bankside Margate
Stanner Stephen porter 2 Cliff Street Ramsgate
Star Mrs beer retailer   Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Star John George beer retailer 46 High Street Ramsgate
Star Life & Fire Insurance Office Morton Henry agent 12 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Starkie Mr James   Flint Cottage   Margate
Starmer Stephen carpenter Bath Court Bath Place Ramsgate
Stead Mr J lodging house 15 Bellevue Place Ramsgate
Stead John porter 12 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Stead Stephen & Son gentlemens boarding school 118 High Street Ramsgate
Stead Joseph lodging house 9 Sydney Place Ramsgate
Steadall James tailor   Broad Street Margate
Steadman Alexander tailor 82 High Street Ramsgate
Stedale James tailor   Broad Street Margate
Steed Edward G bricklayer 7 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Steed James shopkeeper     St Lawrence
Steel John tobacco pipe maker   King Street Ramsgate
Stephens Thomas   56 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Sterland Mr     Prospect Row Margate
Stevens Mr lodging house 7 Camden Place Ramsgate
Stevens George fruiterer 36 High Street Ramsgate
Stevens George block, pump & oar maker 19 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Stevens George jun blockmaker & c 36 High Street Ramsgate
Stewart Mrs lodging house 28 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Stewart Hiram John draper   Addington Place Ramsgate
Stickles John baker   St Johns Place Margate
Stock Mrs lodging house 9 Kent Terrace Ramsgate
Stock Miss Mary Ann   11 High Street Ramsgate
Stock Richard mariner 15 Camden Square Ramsgate
Stock Thomas carpenter 2 Spencer Place Ramsgate
Stock William mariner 32 York Street Ramsgate
Stockbridge George Benjamin baker 21 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Stockley Simon victualler Crown Inn York Street Ramsgate
Stodart James shell & fancy repository 143 High Street Margate
Stokes William lodging house 21 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Stokes Charlotte shopkeeper   Hardres Street Ramsgate
Stokes Charles confectioner   Broad Street Ramsgate
Stokes Robert   Royal Cottage   Ramsgate
Stokes Peter beer retailer     St Lawrence
Stokes Thomas farmer     St Lawrence
Stokes George veterinary surgeon   Church Street Margate
Stokes John dyer 50 High Street Margate
Stokes John farmer   Updown Margate
Stokes John fly proprietor   St Johns Place Margate
Stonehouse Simeon   4 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Storey Shum Esq   15 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Stott John Esq       St Lawrence
Stott Lieut-Col George   Lansanne House   Margate
Strannack John grocer   Paradise Street Margate
Stratford John market gardener   Chapel Hill Margate
Stratford John victualler Crown & Sceptre Chapel Hill Margate
Strevens Miss   13 Queen Street Ramsgate
Strevens Mr Robert     Harbour Street Broadstairs
Strevens Joseph market gardener   Rumfield St Peters
Strevens John Staner farmer   George Hill St Peters
Stribley Thomas sub collector & landing surveyor   Pier Margate
Stride John Henry brewer   King Street Margate
Strong Elizabeth victualler New Inn, 73 High Street Ramsgate
Strong Henry   3 Gilling Place Ramsgate
Strong Edward beer retailer     St Lawrence
Strong Miss Mary P       Broadstairs
Strong & Drayson   timber merchants   Gilling Place Ramsgate
Stroud James fishmonger 39 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Stroud Thomas mariner 1 Bath Place Ramsgate
Stroud William fruiterer 20 Addington Place Ramsgate
Stroud Henry market gardener Swiss Cottage   Margate
Stroud John market gardener   Regent Place Margate
Stuart Mrs Mary     Vicarage Crescent Margate
Sturges Thomas lodging house 5 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Sturges George victualler Elephant Hotel High Street Margate
Sturt Mrs M       Broadstairs
Sun Fire & Life Insurance Samuel Lewis agent   King Street Margate
Sun Fire & Life Office David Barnes agent   Albion Street Broadstairs
Sunderland Marine Insurance Company Hutchinson Robert agent 28 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Surflen Mr Edward     Dane Hill Row Margate
Sutton John butcher 26 King Street Ramsgate
Sutton Richard Joseph blacksmith 12 Elgar Place Ramsgate
Sutton Samuel blacksmith 90 King Street Ramsgate
Sutton William blacksmith 90 King Street Ramsgate
Sutton Mrs lodging house 26 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Swanson Mrs   26 Albion Place Ramsgate
Sweeting Mrs lodging house 4 Rose Hill Ramsgate
Sweetman Mrs lodging house 6 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Swinford John farmer   Nash Court Margate
Swinnock Mrs Charlotte baker 37 York Street Ramsgate
Swinnock John draper 17 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Swinnock John tailor 42 High Street Ramsgate
Symonds John bankers clerk   Addington Street Margate
Synagogue         Hereson, Ramsgate
Tadhunter Mrs lodging house 34 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Tadhunter Mrs lodging house 5 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Tancred Lady   18 Augusta Terrace Ramsgate
Tappleden Richard boot & shoe maker   Covells Row Margate
Tapply Edward Landsell linen draper, silk mercer & haberdasher 54 High Street Ramsgate
Tapsell Stephen boot & shoe maker   Albion Street Broadstairs
Tatham Mr George     Addington Square Margate
Tatnell Mrs E plumber & c 4 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Tatnell John victualler Bellevue Tavern Pegwell Bay St Lawrence
Taylor George lodging house 21 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Taylor Joseph lodging house 56 King Street Ramsgate
Taylor Joseph Hodgman police constable 5 Hibernia Place Ramsgate
Taylor Richard bootmaker 25 High Street Ramsgate
Taylor William agent to Professional Life Office, fancy warehouse 27 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Taylor William fancy bread & biscuit baker   Sacketts Hill, West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Taylor Mrs Elizabeth fishmonger 4 Market Street Margate
Taylor Charles builder   St John Street Margate
Taylor James grocer   Prospect Row Margate
Taylor John tobacconist 160 High Street Margate
Teite Julia lodging house 3 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Templeman Mrs   Conyngham House High Street Ramsgate
Terrell Thomas lodging house 11 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Terry Mrs Thomas lodging house 4 Ellens Place Ramsgate
Terry Timothy   15 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Terry William coal meter 61 King Street Ramsgate
Terry William lodging house 2 Mount Sion Place Ramsgate
Terry James wheelwright     St Lawrence
Terry William beer retailer     St Lawrence
Terry John greengrocer   Falcon Place Margate
Theatre   lessee - Mr Dowton, Margate (open in Winter months)   Broad Street Ramsgate
Thirton Samuel B beer retailer   Mill Lane Margate
Thiselton William circulating library, printer, stationer, bookseller & newspaper agent, Post Office 17 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Thiselton John grocer     St Lawrence
Thomas Mrs Captain lodging house   King Street Ramsgate
Thomas Robert fly proprietor 8 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Thomas William Esq   1 La Belle Alliance Ramsgate
Thomas Mrs lodging house 14 Upper Marine Terrace Margate
Thomas Miss Martha   17 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Thomson John B surgeon & c   Spencer Square Ramsgate
Thomson Peter lodging house 5 Trafalgar Place Ramsgate
Thomson John Buck surgeon, agent of Sick Quarters of Marines at Ramsgate   Spencer Square Ramsgate
Thomson Rev John B       St Lawrence
Thomson John Esq   Belmont House   St Peters
Thornton Mrs   1 Serene Place Ramsgate
Thornton Henry twine spinner 4 Sydney Place Ramsgate
Thornton William Henry surgeon 2 Bridge Street Margate
Tibbetts Mrs Ann     Prospect Row Margate
Tidcomb Mr Thomas     Chatham Street Ramsgate
Tidswell Misses   12 Upper Marine Terrace Margate
Titfold Mrs S lodging house 6 Sion Hilll Ramsgate
Tomlin Robert Esq     East Northdown Margate
Tomlin Robert Sackett Esq   Dane Court   St Peters
Tomson Miss     Effingham Place Ramsgate
Tomson Richard jun Esq (Tomson & Gwyn)   6 Chapel Place Ramsgate
Tomson Richard & Gwyn John importers & dealers in wines & spirits 51 Queen Street Ramsgate
Tomson Richard & Gwyn John importers & dealers in wines & spirits 40 Effingham Place Ramsgate
Tomson Richard & William brewers & maltsters   Queen Street Ramsgate
Tomson William   29 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Toop Mrs lodging house 13 Camden Square Ramsgate
Toop William   14 Queen Street Ramsgate
Totman John plasterer Little Addington   Ramsgate
Town Thomas farmer   West Northdown Margate
Towne Mr Josiah   Belgrave Cottage   Margate
Townsend Joseph   120 High Street Ramsgate
Townsend Samuel Smith Esq solicitor   St James Square Margate
Trecothic Misses     Terrace Broadstairs
Trew Miss   Newark Lodge   St Peters
Trew Thomas Esq   Newark House   St Peters
Tring Stephen butcher 1 Market Place Margate
Tritton Richard beer retailer   Hardres Street Ramsgate
Tritton Mary Ann stay maker   Wellington Place Margate
Tritton Susannah stay maker   Prospect Place Margate
Tunbridge George lodging house 12 Albion Place Ramsgate
Turmaine Charles Esq   5 Bath Place Ramsgate
Turnbull Andrew carpenter & storekeeper of Ramsgate Pier 60 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Turner Henry police constable 15 Hibernia Place Ramsgate
Turner Peter T academy 43 High Street Margate
Turpin Mrs lodging house 2 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Turral John carpenter 75 King Street Ramsgate
Twyman Miss lodging house 1 St Georges Hill Ramsgate
Twyman John Crow & Jessel Aaron china & glass warehouse 66 High Street Ramsgate
Twyman Henry shipwright 3 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Twyman John shipwright Regent Cottages Hardres Street Ramsgate
Twyman Stephen cabinet maker 1 Leeds Place Ramsgate
Twyman Miss Rosina   10 Upper Grosvenor Place Margate
Twyman Thomas tailor & draper   High Street Broadstairs
Twyman & Jessel   auctioneers, appraisers, cabinet makers, ironmongers & undertakers 65 High Street Ramsgate
Unwin Miss Eliza   7 Victoria Terrace Ramsgate
Upstone Mrs Selina     Prospect Row Margate
Upton Michael smith   York Street Ramsgate

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