Isle of Thanet Directory 1849 - J to L


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This is a transcript of what appears to be a largely Commercial Directory, originally published by J Williams. Over 2,500 entries.

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Last Name First Name Occupation No or House Road Town
Jackson George Esq   19 Augusta Terrace Ramsgate
Jackson James bricklayer 8 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Jacobs James linen & sack weaver 38 High Street Ramsgate
Jacobs Edward Esq   Grosvenor House   Margate
Jameson Richard dealer in marine stores   Bethesda Street Ramsgate
Jameson Richard dealer in marine stores   King Street Ramsgate
Jameson Richard S dealer in marine stores 53 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Jarman Mrs D B   4 Effingham Place Ramsgate
Jarman George bootmaker 59 King Street Ramsgate
Jarman John victualler & marine store keeper The Fountain York Street Ramsgate
Jarman John Leek painter & c 27 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Jarman John Leek painter & c 16 Queen Street Ramsgate
Jarman Mrs Mary lodging house 10 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Jarman Miss Sarah milliner 61 High Street Ramsgate
Jarman Captain Stephen   61 High Street Ramsgate
Jarman Joseph boat builder   Harbour Street Broadstairs
Jarratt Ann victualler Liverpool Arms Charlotte Square Margate
Jeffries George William fireman 2 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Jell Thomas omnibus proprietor   Chatham Street Ramsgate
Jenkins Rev William   5 Guildford Lawn Ramsgate
Jenkins John brewer   Bridge Street Margate
Jenkins Richard builder & auctioneer 50 Hawley Square Margate
Jervoise Mrs   15 Albion Place Ramsgate
Jezard John victualler The Rising Sun Effingham Place Ramsgate
Jezzard Mrs lodging house 20 Hertford Place Ramsgate
Joad John bread & fancy biscuit baker & confectioner 94 King Street Ramsgate
Joad Kemp Esq   5 Chapel Place Ramsgate
Johnson Miss milliner   Meeting Street Ramsgate
Johnson Michael mason 134 High Street Ramsgate
Johnson Mrs Catherine   11 Upper Grosvenor Place Margate
Johnson Edward velocipede maker   Sion Place Margate
Johnson Richard & Stephen blacksmiths   Albion Street Broadstairs
Johnson Mr Thomas     High Street Broadstairs
Johnson Thomas blacksmith     St Peters
Jolly James     Shottendane Margate
Jolly Thomas linen draper & bazaar 26 High Street Margate
Jolly Thomas linen draper & bazaar 27 High Street Margate
Jones Mrs beer retailer 10 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Jones Thomas fisherman 8 Camden Square Ramsgate
Jordan John victualler York Hotel Tap Duke Street Margate
Joyce Esq   Callis Court   St Peters
Judge James Robert solicitor, agent - Etonian & General Life Assurance Company 115 High Street Ramsgate
Judge James Robert solicitor 115 High Street Ramsgate
Jury Henry fly proprietor   Paradise Street Margate
Jury James fly proprietor   Sion Place Margate
Karn Thomas tailor 68 King Street Ramsgate
Kebble William lodging house 9 Trafalgar Place Ramsgate
Keble Thomas H printer, publisher, bookseller & stationer 137 High Street Margate
Keel John lodging house 5 Addington Place Ramsgate
Kelly John & Bowles Thomas rope makers 24 York Street Ramsgate
Kelsey Mrs   4 Vale Place Ramsgate
Kelsey Mrs baker & confectioner 6 Cliff Street Ramsgate
Kelsey John victualler Hoy Inn Bankside Margate
Kelsey John builder   Bath Road Margate
Kelsey William ginger beer maker 161 High Street Margate
Kemp John Lowther carrier 3 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Kemp John Lowther carrier 10 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Kemp William lodging house 17 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Kendal Daniel corn chandler 12 High Street Margate
Kennard Misses lodging house 3 St Georges Hill Ramsgate
Kennard Neam Baker draper, tailor & hatter 26 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Kennard Isaac D hat manufacturer 2 High Street Margate
Kennett Mrs   127 High Street Ramsgate
Kennett Frederick butcher 18 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Kennett John butcher 69 High Street Ramsgate
Kent Fire & Life Office Benjamin Maw agent 134 High Street Margate
Kent Mutual Fire Office George Martin Hinds agent   Queen Street Ramsgate
Kent Mutual Fire Office Thomas Hubbard agent 60 High Street Ramsgate
Kentish James grocer   Bridge Street Margate
Kerridge Mr George     Upper Grosvenor Place Margate
Kettle John Esq   34 High Street Ramsgate
Kettle Mrs Mary     Princes Crescent Margate
Kevis Mrs Elizabeth shopkeeper 104 High Street Margate
Kevis James Railway Hotel & Commercial Tavern, & wine & spirit merchants 29 High Street Margate
Kidman Charles baker 5 Queen Street Margate
Killick Misses Marine boarding house 7 Upper Marine Terrace Margate
Kinch Francis chemist & druggist 16 High Street Margate
King Mrs   15 Guildford Lawn Ramsgate
King Mrs lodging house 11 Sion Row Ramsgate
King Miss lodging house 40 Hardres Street Ramsgate
King George beer retailer 13 Addington Place Ramsgate
King Richard   3 Adelaide Place Ramsgate
King Robert grocer & tea dealer 1 Addington Place Ramsgate
King Richard baker 23 Addington Place Ramsgate
King Thomas greengrocer 98 King Street Ramsgate
King Thomas coachman 1 Clover Hill Ramsgate
King John coach builder     St Lawrence
King John coach builder   Chatham Hill Ramsgate
King William furniture broker 46 High Street Margate
Kingsford Miss Susan lodging house 1 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Kingsford William   9 Liverpool Place Ramsgate
Kirby Mr John     Fair Street St Peters
Knight Charles lodging house 13 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Knight Stephen   Camden Villa Vale Ramsgate
Knight Misses milliners 9 Upper Lansells Place Margate
Knight George victualler Tailors Arms, 43 High Street Margate
Knott Edward farrier 55 King Street Ramsgate
Knott Frederick stationer 53 High Street Ramsgate
Knott Thomas carpenter   Broad Street Ramsgate
Knott William     Hardres Street Ramsgate
Knott James boot & shoe maker 107 High Street Margate
Knott James boot & shoe maker 123 High Street Margate
Knott Henry blacksmith   High Street Broadstairs
Knowler Henry dairyman   Newington St Lawrence
Knowler John coal meter   Park Place Margate
Knowles Henry cooper 39 High Street Margate
Labatte Mr Morice   3 York Terrace Ramsgate
Labowitsky Daniel cigar & snuff manufacturer 26 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Lacy Richard Atwood grocer & baker 19 Portland Place Ramsgate
Ladd Thomas lodging house 7 Irchester Place Ramsgate
Ladd Thomas Anthony bookseller & stationer 49 High Street Ramsgate
Ladd Mrs Elizabeth lodging house 11 Broad Street Margate
Ladd Mary toy dealer   Hawley Street Margate
Ladd Miss Mary     Garden Row Margate
Ladd   lodging house 16 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Ladd Thomas victualler Cinque Port Arms Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Lake Dowager Lady   7 Paragon Ramsgate
Lamb William   11 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Lambert James shipwright 3 Neptunes Row Ramsgate
Lambert John carpenter 1 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Lambert Redwood master mason of Ramsgate Harbour 12 Harbour Place Ramsgate
Lambert Stephen stone mason 39 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Lambert Thomas lodging house 8 Trafalgar Place Ramsgate
Lambert William carpenter & marine store dealer 48 King Street Ramsgate
Lambeth Mrs   3 Mount Sion Ramsgate
Lamming John shipwright 38 King Street Ramsgate
Lamming John jun shoemaker 39 King Street Ramsgate
Lan Fire Insurance Company James Robert Judge solicitor, agent 115 High Street Ramsgate
Lane John shipwright, boat builder & smack owner 1 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Langley Edward builder 4 Arklow Square West Ramsgate
Langley John S bricklayer 14 Cumberland Place Ramsgate
Langley John Custom House Agent 9 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Langridge Thomas carpenter 15 Hertford Place Ramsgate
Langridge Thomas jun lodging house 7 Hertford Place Ramsgate
Lansell Mrs Elizabeth     La Belle Alliance Margate
Lansell Mr Thomas     Lansells Place Margate
Laplastrier Ann Esther day school 2 Camden Place Ramsgate
Large J Captain of the City of Canterbury steam packet     Margate
Large J Captain of the City of Canterbury steam packet     Herne Bay
Larkin Thomas plumber, painter, glazier & house decorator   York Street Ramsgate
Larrett Jason baker 1 Spencer Place Ramsgate
Lashmar Richard & Son sailmakers   Fort Crescent Margate
Laslett Henry Royal Standard ale & coffee house & carpenter   Albion Hill Ramsgate
Laslett Henry Royal Standard ale & coffee house & carpenter   Clover Hill Ramsgate
Latter Enoch Silas grocer     St Lawrence
Lavery O greengrocer   Addington Street Margate
Law Hon Henry Spencer magistrate for the County Ellington House   St Lawrence
Lawrence Mrs   1 Guildford Lawn Ramsgate
Lawrence Charles painter 2 Neptunes Row Ramsgate
Lawrence Francis Currey licensed rectifier & livery stable keeper 6 Irchester Place Ramsgate
Lawrence John greengrocer 26 Addington Place Ramsgate
Lawrence Robert & Boys Edward brewers   Turners Place Ramsgate
Lawrence Stephen gardener   Castle Cottages Ramsgate
Lawrence Miss Mary     Union Crescent Margate
Lawrence Shrubsole baker & confectioner 148 High Street Margate
Lawrence Richard stone mason   High Street Broadstairs
Lay Robert policeman 10 Camden Place Ramsgate
Laying Edward surgeon   Albion Street Broadstairs
Lee Charles ornamental painter 44 King Street Ramsgate
Lee Edward fisherman 2 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Lefeekin James shoemaker 25 Addington Place Ramsgate
Lefevre   teacher of the French language 42 High Street Ramsgate
Legg Mr John   25 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Legge Benjamin shopkeeper   Chatham Street Ramsgate
Leggett Henry shoemaker 3 St James Place Ramsgate
Lenham Mr John     Addington Square Margate
Lenham Richard & Robert beer retailers   Love Lane Margate
Lenny Rev Dr   4 Chatham Place Ramsgate
Levy Mrs E   10 Cecil Square Margate
Levy William fancy repository 26 King Street Margate
Lewis Mrs     West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Lewis Edward lodging house 16 Albion Place Ramsgate
Lewis Charles S boarding academy   Churchfield Margate
Lewis William baker   Bankside Margate
Lewis Samuel bankers clerk & agent to the Sun Fire & Life Office   Fort Crescent Margate
Lewis William baker 1 Bankside Margate
Little Benjamin academy   Bath Road Margate
Livick James superintendent of police 41 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Locke Benjamin mariner 10 Hibernia Place Ramsgate
Lomes Mrs lodging house 11 Waterloo Place Ramsgate
London Assurance Fire & Life Company John Matthew agent 16 Market Place Margate
London Fire & Life Insurance Company Snowden & Pollock agents   Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Long George hair dresser   Broad Street Margate
Longley Mrs lodging house 5 Rose Hill Ramsgate
Lord Richard victualler Wheat Sheaf Northdown Margate
Lord Jeremiah tailor   Sole Street St Peters
Lough Edward Esq lodging house 2 Royal Crescent Ramsgate
Love George confectioner &c 11 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Love John mariner 22 Liverpool Place Ramsgate
Love Henry carrier 38 High Street Margate
Loveless Lieut James (RN)   Coast Guard Station Pegwell Bay St Lawrence
Lovell John   55 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Lovelocke William Henry   13 Upper Marine Terrace Margate
Low Joseph baker 25 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Lowe Charles Esq   12 Upper Marine Terrace Margate
Lowe Ebenezer boot & shoe maker   Paradise Street Margate
Lucas Widow bather 5 Sussex Street Ramsgate
Lunnis William   10 Princes Street Ramsgate
Lyon Misses toy shop 29 Harbour Street Ramsgate

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