Isle of Thanet Directory 1849 - G to I


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This is a transcript of what appears to be a largely Commercial Directory, originally published by J Williams. Over 2,500 entries.

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Last Name First Name Occupation No or House Road Town
Gabb Miss Mary fancy repository 135 High Street Margate
Gairdner Mrs     Addington Square Margate
Gambrell Thomas bootmaker 24 Queen Street Ramsgate
Gardener Robert bazaar 3 Queen Street Ramsgate
Gardener Robert bazaar   Goldsmid Place Ramsgate
Gardiner John mariner 20 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Gardner Robert engine driver 8 Elgar Place Ramsgate
Garland Mrs lodging house 8 Kent Terrace Ramsgate
Garnal Miss C   Albany Lodge Vale Ramsgate
Garner Mrs     Broad Street Ramsgate
Garner William lodging house 37 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Garner Stephen baker   High Street Broadstairs
Garrett Mrs   14 Chapel Place Ramsgate
Garrett Captain John (RN)   12 Chapel Place Ramsgate
Garrick Mrs lodging house 16 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Garwood Rev William Baptist Minister 6 Augusta Terrace Ramsgate
Gas Works John Wilkinson superintendent     Ramsgate
Gaskell George Esq     St James Square Margate
Gaskell William Esq   41 Hawley Square Margate
Gatland John lodging house 10 Nelson Crescent Ramsgate
Gay Robert wine & spirit merchant The London Hotel, 1 King Street Ramsgate
Gaywood George J linen draper 23 High Street Margate
Gaywood Walter John cabinet maker   Cecil Street Margate
Gee Mrs Mary lodging house 3 Paragon Ramsgate
Geneste Matthew Esq   1 Sussex Place Ramsgate
Geneste William lodging house 24 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Gibbens John carrier 20 King Street Ramsgate
Gibbon William Esq   Grove House   Margate
Gibbons Stephen lodging house 38 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Gibbs Henry victualler White Horse Inn   St Lawrence
Gibbs William saddler     St Lawrence
Gibson Magnus Esq     West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Gifford Isaac victualler Red Rover, Castle Cottages   Ramsgate
Gilbert Richard cabinet maker 13 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Gilbert Mr Richard   24 Hawley Square Margate
Giles Mr William   11 Cecil Square Margate
Gillham Frederick butcher   High Street Margate
Gillman Mrs   2 Arklow Square West Ramsgate
Gimber Thomas boatman, Customs     Ramsgate
Gisby Thomas tea gardens Shallows   St Peters
Gladish James greengrocer   Pleasant Place Margate
Glasse Mordaunt Esq     Chatham Street Ramsgate
Goddard Mr Robert     Vicarage Place Margate
Godden John pilot 6 Camden Square Ramsgate
Godden John furnishing ironmonger & general smith 13 Waterloo Place Ramsgate
Godden George farmer   George Hill St Peters
Goddin Richard cabinet maker 40 High Street Margate
Golbe Office Stephen Wootton jun agent 125 High Street Margate
Gold Miss Ann   40 King Street Ramsgate
Goldsack Mrs Mary staymaker 15 Meeting Street Ramsgate
Goldsack Henry tide waiter     Ramsgate
Goldsack Richard boatman, Customs     Ramsgate
Goldsmith Mrs Ann lodging house 2 Bath Place Ramsgate
Goldsmith John waterman 2 Nile Rose Hill Ramsgate
Goldsmith Stephen waterman 8 Liverpool Place Ramsgate
Goodale George plumber & glazier 1 Cecil Square Margate
Goodale George livery stables   King Street Margate
Goodale James plumber & glazier   Charlotte Place Margate
Goodban Elizabeth beer retailer   Pleasant Place Margate
Goodchild Mrs lodging house 16 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Goodchild Philip mariner 10 Waterloo Place Ramsgate
Goodchild Henry blacksmith   Albion Street Broadstairs
Goodson John farmer   Hollycondane Ramsgate
Goodson William farmer   Upton St Peters
Goodyear thomas straw hat manufacturer 142 High Street Margate
Gordon Mrs     Grove Place Margate
Gordon Edward gentleman 45 Hawley Square Margate
Gore Robert confectioner & baker 71 High Street Ramsgate
Gore Frederick postmaster   Cecil Square Margate
Gore George beer retailer   King Street Margate
Gore Thomas coal meter   Northumberland Place Margate
Gore Thomas builder   Northumberland Crescent Margate
Gore William boat builder   Fort Mount Margate
Gore Thomas baker   Albion Street Broadstairs
Gorham James bricklayer 14 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Gostling James linen draper 12 High Street Margate
Gouger Daniel miller   Upper Clifton Place Margate
Grace Jeremiah painter 6 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Graham Dr   14 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Graham William engine driver 2 Elgar Place Ramsgate
Grant Mrs lodging house 3 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Grant James   24 Effingham Place Ramsgate
Grant Job pastry cook & confectioner 4 Bath Place Ramsgate
Grant Robert victualler Royal Harbour Tavern & fishmonger Addington Place Ramsgate
Grant Robert victualler Royal Harbour Tavern & fishmonger Queen Street Ramsgate
Grant William carpenter 5 Camden Place Ramsgate
Grant Mr John     Prospect Place Margate
Grant Richard grocer   Sion Place Margate
Grant Robert boot & shoe maker   Pleasant Place Margate
Grant Thomas dairyman   Church Square Margate
Gravells Joseph fisherman 3 Effingham Place Ramsgate
Graveny James coach maker 18 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Gray Lieutenant William (RN)   13 Chapel Place Ramsgate
Gray Mrs Lavina       St Lawrence
Great Britain Fire & Life Assurance Office Friend & Vinter agents 120 High Street Ramsgate
Green Mrs   136 High Street Ramsgate
Green Mrs Ann lodging house 1 Prospect Row Ramsgate
Green Mrs Elizabeth umbrella & parasol maker 8 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Greenland Mrs lodging house   Market Place Margate
Greenland Captain John Father Thames Steam Packet   Market Place Ramsgate
Greey Richard draper & hosier 74 High Street Ramsgate
Gregory David tailor 2 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Gregory George lodging house 12 Camden Place Ramsgate
Gregory George jun printer 11 Camden Place Ramsgate
Gregory Nathaniel boot & shoe maker 28 King Street Ramsgate
Gregory Thomas baker     St Lawrence
Gregory Thomas lodging house Prospect Cottage   St Lawrence
Grey Frederick cabinet maker & lodging house 24 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Griggs Mrs Ann lodging house 4 Bell Mount Place Ramsgate
Griggs G porter Stone Cottage Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Griggs George printer, stationer & c 32 Addington Place Ramsgate
Griggs Henry bricklayer & c Rope Walk High Street Ramsgate
Griggs Robert ironmonger 6 King Street Ramsgate
Griggs Thomas shopkeeper 41 King Street Ramsgate
Griggs Thomas Godden grocer 1 Bell Mount Place Ramsgate
Grundy John Freeman grocer & tea dealer 56 High Street Ramsgate
Grundy Thomas Hurton builder 102 High Street Ramsgate
Grundy Thomas builder & c Sion Cottage   Ramsgate
Guardian Life Office John Creed agent Clifton Cottage   Margate
Gunnell John farmer   Upton St Peters
Gurr William builder, Watermans Arms Inn & boarding house 18 Hertford Place Ramsgate
Gurton John grocer   Crescent Place Margate
Guy Thomas Berlin repository 59 Queen Street Ramsgate
Guyot N professor of the French language 15 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Gwyn John wine merchant   Vale Ramsgate
Gwyn Mr George   15 Harbour Place Ramsgate
Gwyther George comptroller of Customs 10 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Gye Miss Mary teacher of piano & singing 84 High Street Ramsgate
Habershon Matthew architect 9 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Haberston Matthew Esq   9 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Haberston Matthew Esq     Bower Victoria Park London
Hadlow George shopkeeper   Portland Place Ramsgate
Hadlow George stone mason Biltons Court High Street Margate
Haflesh Mrs ladies boarding academy Townley House Chatham Street Ramsgate
Haigh Jane boarding academy   Upper Marine Terrace Margate
Hake John grocer & c 63 King Street Ramsgate
Hake & Markcrow   timber merchants   Hardres Street Ramsgate
Hale George Long wine & spirit merchant, brewer, auctioneer, house agent & fancy repository   Terrace Broadstairs
Hall Elizabeth victualler Rose & Crown, 33 High Street Ramsgate
Hall John boot & shoe maker 83 High Street Ramsgate
Hall Henry greengrocer   George Place Ramsgate
Hall Rev William John (MA)     Cecil Square Margate
Hall Mrs     Charlotte Place Margate
Haller Elizabeth baker & confectioner 7 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Haller Mrs Elizabeth lodging house 1 Leopold Place Ramsgate
Hambrook James shipwright 1 Camden Square Ramsgate
Hamilton Francis lodging house 12 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Hamilton Mr James A bankers clerk   King Street Margate
Hammond George & Co Consulate, merchants & shipping agents   York Terrace Ramsgate
Hammond George & Co Consulate, merchants & shipping agents   High Street Ramsgate
Hammond George & Co Consulate, merchants & shipping agents     Margate
Hammond George & Co Consulate, merchants & shipping agents   Esplanade Deal
Hammond Henry Charles beer retailer 29 Addington Place Ramsgate
Hammond Henry lodging house 9 Russell Place Ramsgate
Hammond Mary lodging house 2 Mount Pleasant Ramsgate
Hammond George & Co Lloyds Agents 15 High Street Margate
Hamper Henry baker 93 High Street Ramsgate
Hancock Captain     Victoria Crescent Ramsgate
Hancock Stephen lodging house 49 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Handford Mrs Ann     Chatham Street Ramsgate
Hannam George Esq   Bromston House   St Peters
Harding Misses dressmakers 10 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Hardy Miss   132 High Street Ramsgate
Harlow John Nix victualler Shipwrights Arms Tavern & Commercial Inn (near the Pier), 13 Harbour Place Ramsgate
Harlow Richard market gardener   Garlinge Margate
Harlow William dairyman   Bellevue Place Margate
Harnett Joseph (Register Office for Servants), hatter 40 Queen Street Ramsgate
Harnett William clothier & hatter 19 High Street Margate
Harris William lodging house 27 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Harris Thomas N Esq     Pegwell Bay St Lawrence
Harris James grocer   Albion Street Broadstairs
Harrison Mrs Eliza   2 Bridge Terrace Margate
Harrison Mrs milliner & dressmaker 21 High Street Margate
Harrison John hat & cap manufacturer 21 High Street Margate
Harrison Moses boot & shoe maker 145 High Street Margate
Hart Lazarus china warehouse 76 High Street Ramsgate
Hart Michael pawnbroker 70 High Street Ramsgate
Hart Thomas mariner 4 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Hart Susanna academy 1 Cecil Square Margate
Harty Mrs   2 Broad Street Ramsgate
Harvey Daniel bootmaker 13 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Harvey John Collins bootmaker 33 York Street Ramsgate
Harvey Rev Richard (MA) vicar of Ramsgate 1 Chapel Place Ramsgate
Harvey Mrs     Union Crescent Margate
Hatfield Charles Taddy Esq     Hartsdown Margate
Hatfield Miss   19 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Hatfield Mr Edward     Prospect Place Margate
Hawkes George Edward beer retailer   Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Hawkins Richard lodging house 2 Kent Place Ramsgate
Hawkins Elizabeth straw hat maker   High Street Broadstairs
Haycock Isaac lodging house 6 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Haycock William mason   Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Hayes Miss   4 Chapel Place Ramsgate
Hayes Christopher Daniel Esq   Chapel Hill House   Margate
Haynes Edward statuary & mason 1 Wellington Place West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Hays John     Clover Hill Ramsgate
Haysey William Charles victualler Railway Tavern Chatham Street Ramsgate
Hayton Mr   23 Hawley Square Margate
Heap Mrs Susanna   7 Upper Grosvenor Place Margate
Hebeler Barard Esq   Upton Cottage   St Peters
Hebers John   6 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Hellman Mr Anthony     Princes Crescent Margate
Henderson Elizabeth milliner   Cecil Square Margate
Hendrey William tailor 85 & 86 King Street Ramsgate
Henn John fisherman 13 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Hermitage Jane plumber & glazier   Trafalgar Place Margate
Heseltine George lodging house 4 Kent Place Ramsgate
Heseltine Joseph superintendent of harbour police   Harbour Place Ramsgate
Hesse Mrs L     Albion Street Broadstairs
Hewett Henry gardener   Sacketts Hill Ramsgate
Hewett Edward cabinet maker   Prospect Row Margate
Hewett William N blacksmith   King Street Margate
Hewitt William Noah smith   Packers Lane Ramsgate
Hewitt John blacksmith     St Peters
Heywood James Esq   26 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Hicks Thomas Henry plumber 19 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Higgins Mr Rice Giles   9 Upper Marine Terrace Margate
Higham Thomas Esq     Churchfield Margate
Higsted John   13 Elgar Place Ramsgate
Hill Richard victualler Digby Tavern Kingsgate St Peters
Hiller Caleb bricklayer 7 Sydney Place Ramsgate
Hiller John plumber & glazier     Broadstairs
Hiller John victualler Lord Nelson   Broadstairs
Hillier Mrs lodging house 4 York Terrace Ramsgate
Hills Mrs   7 Serene Place Ramsgate
Hills William lodging house 25 Albion Place Ramsgate
Hills Henry dairyman     St Lawrence
Hills George baker   Church Square Margate
Hills Thomas H fishmonger 146 High Street Margate
Hills Henry victualler Rose Albion Street Broadstairs
Hills William fly proprietor     Broadstairs
Hills Joseph butcher     St Peters
Hills Julian plumber & glazier     St Peters
Hillson Stephen lodging house 9 Waterloo Place Ramsgate
Hinchliffe Miss     Victoria Crescent Ramsgate
Hind Miss Ann   11 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Hind George   19 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Hinds Daniel Esq     Addington Place Ramsgate
Hinds George Martin architect, surveyor, auctioneer & appraiser & agent to the Kent Mutual Fire Office 37 Queen Street Ramsgate
Hinds Joseph W Esq     St Lawrence St Lawrence
Hine John Green nurseryman & seedsman Providence Nursery High Street Ramsgate
Hingston Joseph   10 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Hiscocks Bedford & Robert postmasters & wine merchants to her Majesty The Royal Hotel, 20 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Hiscocks Robert   24 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Hitch Rev William (MA)   Southwood Villa   St Lawrence
Hitchcock Mr Harry   49 Hawley Square Margate
Hitchens Captain Joseph (RN)   37 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Hoare Rev Edward (MA)     Vale Ramsgate
Hobbs Joseph hatter   Cranbourne Alley Margate
Hobbs Thomas builder & baker     St Peters
Hobday Mrs lodging house 5 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Hobday Edward grocer & carpenter 7 York Street Ramsgate
Hobday John greengrocer 27 King Street Ramsgate
Hobday Thomas bricklayer Woodlands Cottages Church Place Ramsgate
Hobday Thomas painter & glazier 11 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Hobday William shoemaker 7 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Hodge Mrs lodging house 12 Waterloo Place Ramsgate
Hodge Richard fisherman 3 Camden Road Ramsgate
Hodges Mrs   8 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Hodges Edward & Co agents for shipping & general agents, consulates of United States of America, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia & Oldenburgh 8 Goldsmid Place Ramsgate
Hodges Edward & Co agents for shipping & general agents, consulates of United States of America, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia & Oldenburgh     Deal
Hodges Edward & Co agents for shipping & general agents, consulates of United States of America, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia & Oldenburgh 7 George Yard Lombard Street London
Hodges Thomas victualler Castle Family Hotel & Commercial Inn Harbour Place Ramsgate
Hodgman Mrs   1 Waterloo Place Ramsgate
Hodgman John carrier   Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Hodgman Thomas corn miller, coal merchant & agent to General Assurance Company     Broadstairs
Hodgson Rev John (MA) vicar of St Peters     St Peters
Hoffman & Son   surgeons   Cecil Street Margate
Hoffman & Son George Henry surgeon   Cecil Street Margate
Hoffman & Son George Henry jun surgeon   Union Crescent Margate
Hogben John shoemaker 2 Waterloo Place Ramsgate
Hogben Stephen mariner 1 Rose Hill Ramsgate
Hogbin Henry Sackett police constable 10 Vincent Place Ramsgate
Hogbin John blacksmith 15 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Hogbin Richard baker 2 Wellington Cottages Ramsgate
Hoile Benjamin lodging house 7 Albion Place Ramsgate
Holladay Eliz victualler Duke of York Addington Place Ramsgate
Hollands William ship carpenter Clover House   Ramsgate
Holliday Francis Post Office, plumber & glazier     St Lawrence
Hollingsworth Misses boarding academy   Union Crescent Margate
Holloway Henry wine, spirit, ale & ale merchant Foy Boat Tavern, 1 Sion Place Ramsgate
Holloway John lodging house 10 Irchester Place Ramsgate
Holman William flour factor 20 High Street Ramsgate
Holmans William butcher 14 Market Place Margate
Holmes George victualler Trafalgar Royal Road Ramsgate
Holness David hair dresser   King Street Margate
Holness James boot & shoe maker 33 High Street Margate
Holness Stephen hair dresser 144 High Street Margate
Holtum Richard shopkeeper     St Peters
Holyer William butcher     St Lawrence
Honnor George boatswain of Ramsgate Harbour 11 Harbour Place Ramsgate
Honnor George Thomas light keeper 21 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Hook David lodging house 29 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Hooker Daniel   10 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Hooker Stephen bricklayer     St Lawrence
Hoon Henry J umbrella maker 15 Trafalgar Place Ramsgate
Hooper Miss   34 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Hooper Daniel Esq     Victoria Crescent Ramsgate
Hooper Thomas farmer   Chilton St Lawrence
Hope Mrs Sarah greengrocer 43 King Street Ramsgate
Hope George fruiterer & Receiving House   Addington Place Ramsgate
Hope John baker 18 Addington Place Ramsgate
Hopkins Henry timber merchant 3 Wellington Place West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Hopkins Robert   11 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Hopkins Robert plumber, painter & glazier Bankside   Margate
Hopkins Thomas dyer 42 High Street Margate
Hopkins Elizabeth dressmaker     St Peters
Hopton Mr James     Addington Square Margate
Horn Mrs Mary lodging house 64 High Street Margate
Horne Miss lodging house 16 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Hoskins Rev William Edward vicar 12 Cecil Square Margate
Hougham Edward gas fitter Woodlands Cottages Church Place Ramsgate
Hougham William stoker at the gas works 3 Cumberland Place Ramsgate
Hougham Thomas farmer   Sole Street St Peters
Hovil Mr Richard     Union Crescent Margate
How Mr Robert   Clifton Cottage   Margate
Howard Mrs Nelson   13 Hawley Square Margate
Howard James beer retailer   Charlotte Street Broadstairs
Howell William A ironmonger 5 Gilling Place Ramsgate
Hubbard Thomas pawnbroker 60 High Street Ramsgate
Hubbard John auctioneer, estate agent & general agent, broker to the New County Courts, appraiser & undertaker; agent to the Metropolitan Counties & General Life Assurance 110 High Street Ramsgate
Hubbard John auctioneer, estate agent & general agent, broker to the New County Courts, appraiser & undertaker; agent to the Metropolitan Counties & General Life Assurance 11 Broad Street Margate
Hubbard E lodging house 14 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Hubbard John lodging house 7 Marine Parade Margate
Hubbard John auctioneer, appraiser & undertaker 11 Broad Street Margate
Hubbard John fly proprietor   Paradise Street Margate
Hubbard Sarah lodging house 20 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Hubbard Thomas lodging house 24 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Hubbard William sail maker   Paradise Street Margate
Hudson Henry Frederick   35 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Hudson Thomas   16 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Hudson William victualler Bull & George Commercial Inn & Family Hotel High Street Ramsgate
Hudson Miss milliner   Market Street Margate
Hudson John academy   Sion Place Margate
Hudson Joseph H victualler Mulberry Tree Tavern Dane Margate
Hudson William L victualler, wine, spirit, ale & porter merchant, Pier Hotel & Commercial Inn opposite the Jetty Bankside Margate
Huggett Mrs   2 Guildford Lawn Ramsgate
Huggett Miss E dressmaker   Hardres Street Ramsgate
Huggett Miss academy 22 Effingham Place Ramsgate
Huggett Frederick Thomas chronometer, watch, & clock maker, jeweller, silversmith & optician 61 Queen Street Ramsgate
Huggett Samuel surgeon     Broadstairs
Hughes Evan gentlemans boarding school 13 High Street Ramsgate
Hughes Edward lodging house 4 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Hughes Robert shopkeeper 1 Charlotte Place Margate
Hughes Thomas livery stables   Mill Lane Margate
Hughs Richard grocer 11 Market Place Margate
Hulbert Rev Daniel P Meek (MA) chaplain to the Union Poorhouse, Minster 9 Chapel Place Ramsgate
Humphrey Leban Charles Esq (QC)       St Peters
Humphries Thomas academy 1 Mount Sion Ramsgate
Hunt Mrs lodging house 23 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Hunt James bookseller & binder 4 Addington Place Ramsgate
Hunt William Alexander agent for Rock Life Office, bookseller, printer, stationer, bookbinder, subscription library & stamp office   Market Place Ramsgate
Hunt William lodging house 16 Camden Place Ramsgate
Hunter Misses Hannah & Jane dressmakers 80 High Street Ramsgate
Hunter Miss   31 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Hunter Mrs lodging house 6 Rose Hill Ramsgate
Hunter Alexander tobacconist 21 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Hunter Alexander shoemaker 1 Albion Square Ramsgate
Hunter David draper 13 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Hunter Rev George Dissenting Minister 31 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Hunter John painter 80 High Street Ramsgate
Hunter Sarah straw bonnet maker, milliner & Berlin repository 32 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Hunter Thomas watchmaker, silversmith & optician 32 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Hunter Thomas coal merchant & agent to the Scottish Union 35 Addington Place Ramsgate
Hunter Zaccheus Esq   Augusta Villa   Ramsgate
Hunter George Y surgeon   Cecil Square Margate
Hunter Mr John     Regent Place Margate
Hunter Thomas tailor 1 Duke Street Margate
Hurst Mrs   4 Wellington Place West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Hurst Miss   24 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Hurst George Esq   126 High Street Ramsgate
Hurst George teacher of pianoforte & organ 12 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Hurst Joel Culmer & Co ship builders & smiths   The Sands Ramsgate
Hurst Joel Culmer & Co ship builders & smiths 5 Harbour Place Ramsgate
Hurst Joel lodging house 3 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Hurst John lodging house 10 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Hurst John Edgar coal merchant & grocer   Townley Street, Addington Ramsgate
Hurst William coal merchant 19 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Hurst George shopkeeper     St Peters
Hurst Robert jun carpenter     St Peters
Hurst Mr Robert       St Peters
Huskins William mariner 48 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Hussey Susannah shopkeeper 5 Kent Place Ramsgate
Hutchenson Sharp lodging house 19 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Hutchings Charles fruiterer 2 Queen Street Ramsgate
Hutchinson Mrs Ann     Hardres Street Ramsgate
Hutchinson Mrs lodging house 9 Paragon Ramsgate
Hutchinson Joshua Lieutenant (RN)   Shrubbery Vale Ramsgate
Hutchinson Robert & Marsh James Dunn coal merchants 28 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Hutchinson R tailor 6 Bell Mount Place Ramsgate
Hutchinson Mrs Matilda     Upper Marine Terrace Margate
Imperial Fire Office Samuel Pointon agent   Grosvenor Place Margate
Impett Mildred victualler The Honeysuckle   Hereson, Ramsgate
Impett William victualler Shakespeare Hotel Chatham Street Ramsgate
Impett William market gardener   Fair Street St Peters
Infant School Miss Hughes mistress     St Lawrence
Infant School John Healing master   Dane Margate
Infant School Miss Larkin mistress     Broadstairs
Ingmire Henry greengrocer 3 Queen Street Margate
Ingmire Henry confectioner 3 Queen Street Margate
Innis James lodging house 13 Albion Place Ramsgate
Ireland David gardener 6 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Isaacke Captain Robert Mathew   Northforeland Lodge   St Peters

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