Isle of Thanet Directory 1849 - D to F


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This is a transcript of what appears to be a largely Commercial Directory, originally published by J Williams. Over 2,500 entries.

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Last Name First Name Occupation No or House Road Town
Dale John fisherman 2 Camden Square Ramsgate
Dalgety Mr James     Cecil Street Margate
Dalton Thomas fisherman 1 Sydney Place Ramsgate
Daniel Mrs     Queen Street Ramsgate
Daniel Charles solicitor 8 High Street Ramsgate
Daniel Charles solicitor   Queen Street Ramsgate
Daniel James Slack surgeon   High Street Ramsgate
Daniel Martin Long & Charles solicitors & notaries   Queen Street Ramsgate
Daniel Martin Long (Daniel Martin Long & Charles)   1 Chatham Place Ramsgate
Daniels Edward Esq   17 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Darby Frederick miller   Ramsgate Mill Ramsgate
Darby Joseph George patent rope, twine & net manufacturer Rope Walk High Street Ramsgate
Darby Joseph George patent rope, twine & net manufacturer 3 Broad Street Ramsgate
Darby Joseph George patent rope, twine & net manufacturer (Stores) 9 West Cliff Ramsgate
Darby William pork butcher 46 High Street Ramsgate
Darby William carrier     St Lawrence
Darby William victualler Dog & Duck Westbrook Margate
Darby Sampson victualler Crow High Street Broadstairs
Darnell Rev James (MA) classical & mathematical boarding school Belmont House High Street Ramsgate
Dashwood Colonel Alexander   14 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Dauglish Misses   14 Effingham Place Ramsgate
Davey John Washington hair dresser & perfumer 6 Queen Street Ramsgate
Davey Peter bootmaker 9 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Davey Peter bootmaker 22 Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
David Francis tobacconist   High Street Margate
Davis Captain of the Trinity Light 2 Bellevue Place Ramsgate
Davis Mrs   Nelson Lodge Rose Hill Ramsgate
Davis Edward academy 20 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Davis Henry B victualler Royal Oak, 61 High Street Margate
Davis Henry B Prince of Wales Bathing Rooms 151 High Street Margate
Dawson Robert lodging house 13 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Dawson Mrs M lodging house 6 Royal Crescent Ramsgate
Dawson Robert brewer Hope Brewery   Broadstairs
Denham Mrs Elizabeth lodging house 60 King Street Ramsgate
Denne Eleanor boarding academy   Princes Street Margate
Denne James bookseller 2 Queen Street Margate
Dennison Richard Byam (MD)     Churchfield Margate
Dering Mrs Mary   18 Cecil Square Margate
Dernocour John hair dresser 13 York Street Ramsgate
Dernocour John hair dresser 14 York Street Ramsgate
Devaynes William Angus Esq   Updown   Margate
Devenish Mrs boarding house 31 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Deveson Richard tobacconist Bankside   Margate
Dewdney Thomas fruiterer   Albion Street Broadstairs
Dickson Charles draper 14 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Diddams John R tailor   Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Dike Thomas tailor   Love Lane Margate
Dillnot Edward corn dealer & fruiterer 97 High Street Ramsgate
Dilnot Henry farmer   Westwood St Peters
Dimes Miss     Buenos Ayres Margate
Dixon Miss     Hawley Street Margate
Dixon Mrs Martha   71 High Street Margate
Dixon Charles Dixon printer, bookseller & stationer 22 High Street Margate
Dodd Mrs Sarah   Albert Villa Vale Ramsgate
Dodgson Mrs Frances   111 High Street Margate
Dorson Miss Louisa     Union Crescent Margate
Dotts Samuel P   1 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Doughty John   27 High Street Ramsgate
Doughty Sarah victualler Rodney Garlinge Margate
Dowling Stephen mason 6 Clover Hill Ramsgate
Dowson Edward boot & shoe maker   High Street Broadstairs
Doyle Michael John surgeon Cavendish Villa   Ramsgate
Draper Mrs cowkeeper & c   Bellevue Hill Ramsgate
Draper Moses straw bonnet manufacturer 49 Queen Street Ramsgate
Drayson William Edward timber merchant 7 Mount Pleasant Ramsgate
Drouet Mr Peter Bartholomew     Cliff Terrace Margate
Du Vernet Mrs & Miss preparatory school 5 High Street Ramsgate
Duckett Henry carpenter   Meeting Street Ramsgate
Duckett Harriet stone mason   St John Street Margate
Duke George lodging house 18 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Dunbar James (MA) boarding academy Dane Hill House   Margate
Dunk Robert P victualler Britannia Fort Margate
Dunkin Edwin hair dresser 107 High Street Ramsgate
Dunkin Zaea G     Gilling Place Ramsgate
Dunkin Charles D boot & shoe maker   Fort Crescent Margate
Dunn Jane milliner   Hawley Street Margate
Dunn Thomas agent to Margate & London Steam Packet Company 4 Marine Parade Margate
Dupree Miss boarding house 30 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Dyason Isaac proprietor of the Royal Clarence Baths   Bath Place Ramsgate
Dye John shopkeeper   Bath Road Margate
East Edward lodging house 11 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Eastland Thomas lodging house 29 Camden Square Ramsgate
Eastland George victualler Kings Arms Inn Market Street Margate
Edney James fishmonger   Sacketts Hill Ramsgate
Edwards Mrs   6 Serene Place Ramsgate
Edwards Misses preparatory school 5 Augusta Terrace Ramsgate
Edwards Archer hair dresser 30 King Street Ramsgate
Edwards Henry greengrocer   York Mews Ramsgate
Edwards Henry greengrocer 69 Market Ramsgate
Edwards Henry greengrocer 70 Market Ramsgate
Edwards James Esq   13 Paragon Ramsgate
Edwards Edward dairyman     St Lawrence
Edwards Mr John     Fort Crescent Margate
Edwards Mr Thomas   8 Lansells Place Margate
Elcomb Mrs lodging house 5 Cliff Street Ramsgate
Elders Mrs   3 Serene Place Ramsgate
Elgar Mrs   111 High Street Ramsgate
Elgar Edward builder, bricklayer & plasterer 20 High Street Ramsgate
Elgar Laurence ironmonger 10 Queen Street Ramsgate
Elgar Richard painter & glazier 40 High Street Ramsgate
Elgar Thomas builder   St Lawrence Terrace Ramsgate
Elgar Thomas builder   Elgar Place Ramsgate
Elgar Stephen bootmaker     St Lawrence
Ellenden John coachmaker   Regent Place Margate
Elliot Frederick Charles fruiterer & c 44 Queen Street Ramsgate
Elliot John mariner 7 Sion Row Ramsgate
Elliott Mrs Christiana beer retailer   Harbour Place Ramsgate
Ellis George trunk maker 77 King Street Ramsgate
Ellis Major furniture broker 2 Waterloo Place Ramsgate
Ellis Thomas ladies boot &  shoe maker 63 High Street Ramsgate
Ellis William dyer & c 17 High Street Ramsgate
Emmerson James baker & grocer 6 Hertford Place Ramsgate
Emmerson John mariner 21 Camden Square Ramsgate
Enden William shopkeeper   King Street Margate
English George upholsterer 21 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Ensor Samuel engineer to the Waterworks Company     St Lawrence
Epps George mariner 5 Sydney Place Ramsgate
Epps John Thomas ironmonger, brazier & gas fitter 48 Queen Street Ramsgate
Epps William greengrocer   Prospect Place Margate
Etonian & General Life Assurance Company James Robert Judge solicitor, agent 115 High Street Ramsgate
Evans Mrs lodging house 11 Bridge Street Margate
Evans Charles surgeon 4 Upper Marine Terrace Margate
Evenden Samuel S dispensing chemist 31 High Street Margate
Fagg Edward S boot & shoe maker 12 Camden Square Ramsgate
Fagg Edward shoemaker   Portland Place Ramsgate
Fagg William watch & clock maker   Addington Place Ramsgate
Fagg Frederick professor of music 25 High Street Margate
Fagg John watchmaker & jeweller 25 High Street Margate
Fagg Mrs Elizabeth     High Street Broadstairs
Fagg Edward farmer   Reading Street St Peters
Fairbrass Edward William cooper 4 Boat Yard Queen Street Ramsgate
Fairbrass Edward William cooper 9 Camden Place Ramsgate
Fairbrass Edward jun cooper   York Mews Ramsgate
Faircloth Joseph eating house & beer retailer 7 Market Street Margate
Farlay Mrs day school     St Peters
Farley Mrs Mary   8 Mount Pleasant Ramsgate
Farley Mrs Mary lodging house 1 Sion Hilll Ramsgate
Farley Arthur lodging house 12 Sion Row Ramsgate
Farley George carter Sacketts Hill West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Farley William lodging house 1 Mount Pleasant Ramsgate
Farley Edward baker 88 High Street Margate
Farrett Thomas police constable   Bethesda Street Ramsgate
Farrier Mrs lodging house 2 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Fasham Mrs Elizabeth farmer   Northdown Margate
Fasham John blacksmith   Northdown Margate
Fassam Daniel waterman 5 Serene Place Ramsgate
Fassam Hammond chimney sweeper 76 King Street Ramsgate
Fassam Sarah lodging house 11 Camden Square Ramsgate
Faulkner Mrs Ann     Princes Crescent Margate
Feakins George tobacco pipe maker 9 York Street Ramsgate
Fegen Harriet beer retailer   Chatham Street Ramsgate
Fellowes Maryann lodging house 23 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Fells Thomas cabinet maker 9 Queen Street Margate
Fennel Mrs lodging house 15 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Fenner Robert mariner 18 Camden Square Ramsgate
Field Alfred George surgeon Royal Sea Bathing Infirmary Westbrook Margate
Fife James Esq   7 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Fife William tailor 32 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Filmer William bootmaker Millers Cottage   Ramsgate
Finch Thomas tallow chandler 4 Camden Place Ramsgate
Finch Thomas butcher 9 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Finn Francis victualler Lion Inn, 100 King Street Ramsgate
Finn Alfred butcher   Albion Street Broadstairs
Finnis Mrs Mary Ann   Salmstone Grange   Margate
Fish William mariner   Broad Street Ramsgate
Fisher Miss ladies boarding school Mount Albion House   Ramsgate
Fisher Charles chemist to the Queen   High Street Ramsgate
Fisher Mr John     Wellington Place Margate
Fisher Edward victualler Bulls Head Inn & livery stables Market Place Margate
Fisher Mrs Susan   Elmwood Cottage   St Peters
Fleming Mrs lodging house 7 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Fleming Richard baker 47 King Street Ramsgate
Fleming Richard baker 65 King Street Ramsgate
Fletcher William butcher 70 King Street Ramsgate
Flint Thomas & John ironmongers 3 Market Place Margate
Flint Thomas & John ironmongers 4 Market Place Margate
Flint Mrs Eliza     Crescent Place Margate
Flint Mr John   Addington House   Margate
Foat Mrs   112 High Street Ramsgate
Foat Charles saddler 67 King Street Ramsgate
Foat Daniel bath proprietor 1 Royal Terrace Ramsgate
Foat Daniel carrier Sacketts Hill West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Foat George grocer & tea dealer 2 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Foat John butcher 9 Queen Street Ramsgate
Foat Thomas plumber & c   Rose Hill Ramsgate
Foat William B builder 34 Effingham Place Ramsgate
Foat William B builder   Melville Place Ramsgate
Foat Robert baths & lodging house 36 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Foat Robert baths & lodging house 37 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Foat Richard butcher 56 High Street Margate
Foat Robert builder   Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Foat Robert plumber & glazier   Crescent Place Margate
Foat Stephen fishmonger 24 High Street Margate
Foat Richard baker   Albion Street Broadstairs
Foat Samuel boot & shoe maker   Albion Street Broadstairs
Fontaine Ferdinand foreign fancy warehouse 55 Queen Street Ramsgate
Forster Henry painter & c 8 Frederick Place Hereson Road Ramsgate
Forster Mrs Margaret   Northumberland House   Margate
Forwalk Henry tobacconist 49 Queen Street Ramsgate
Forwalk James Henry plasterer & bricklayer 6 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Fossey Mrs Frances milliner & straw hat manufacturer 16 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Foster John victualler Lord Nelson Inn & livery stables Queen Street Ramsgate
Foster William lodging house 13 Trafalgar Place Ramsgate
Fothergill Mrs   3 Arklow Square West Ramsgate
Fowle Mrs     Hereson Road Ramsgate
Fowler Mary lodging house 3 Prospect Row Ramsgate
Fowler Mrs Thomas lodging house 5 Bellevue Place Ramsgate
Fowler George printer 1 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Fowler John carpenter   Hereson Road Ramsgate
Fox Mrs   9 Cumberland Place Ramsgate
Fox Mrs lodging house 52 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Fox Mr William   8 Guildford Lawn Ramsgate
Fox George dairyman   Whitehall St Lawrence
Fox Thomas victualler The Wheatsheaf   St Lawrence
Fox George lodging house 32 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Fox George fly proprietor   High Street Broadstairs
Francis George bootmaker 26 Camden Square Ramsgate
Francis George shoemaker 45 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Francois Mary stay maker   Cecil Square Margate
Franklin Francis lodging house 18 Liverpool Terrace Ramsgate
Franklin Mrs Elizabeth greengrocer   St John Street Margate
Franklin Thomas baker   Church Square Margate
Franklyn Mrs   23 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Franks Alfred chemist & druggist, & agent to the Freemasons & General Life Assurance Company 24 Addington Place Ramsgate
Freebody John baker & confectioner 18 High Street Margate
Freemasons & General Life Assurance Company Alfred Franks agent 23 Addington Place Ramsgate
Freshfield Frederick collector of customs 7 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Friend Mrs lodging house 12 Frederick Street Ramsgate
Friend Miss Ann   35 York Street Ramsgate
Friend Daniel mariner 5 Irchester Place Ramsgate
Friend George & Vinter Isaac auctioneers & upholsterers 120 High Street Ramsgate
Friend John tailor 21 Hertford Place Ramsgate
Friend William lodging house 8 Camden Place Ramsgate
Friend Mrs Ann     East Northdown Margate
Fright Samuel gardener     St Lawrence
Fruin Joseph lodging house 21 Lower Marine Terrace Margate
Fuller Mrs lodging house 6 Sion Row Ramsgate
Fuller D P (Sackett & Fuller) agent to the Medical Invalid & General Life Assurance Company 10 Rose Hill Ramsgate
Fuller George Friend grocer & c 42 Queen Street Ramsgate
Fuller George Friend grocer 13 Bridge Street Margate
Fuller George Friend grocer 42 Queen Street Ramsgate
Furlong John tailor 40 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Fyfe James   7 Royal Terrace Ramsgate

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