Great War dead buried in Ramsgate


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Original Register published in 1931 and subsequent changes have been incorporated  when it was reprinted in 1992.

Ramsgate and St Lawrence Cemetery 

26th May 1917 - torpedo boat accidental explosion in Ramsgate Harbour.

This took place at about 8.15am. Nearly all of the windows of Nelson Crescent, Sion Hill and York Terrace were smashed. The shock wave brought down Tramway wires. Part of the boat came down in Albert Street with another part in Queen Street. Smaller pieces hit roofs in Alpha Road and others came down in Clarendon Gardens. The torpedo boat was wrecked and nearly submerged, with 14 of the crew missing. It was caused by the explosion of a torpedo being accidentally fired, whilst the torpedo tube was in the fore to fat position.

Thirteen men listed below are buried in Ramsgate Cemetery. 

One man, Leading Seaman Frederick James WELFORD, J8110, age 23 is buried at Great Yarmouth (Gorleston)  Cemetery, J. 24. 632., Norfolk, Son of James and Julia Welford, of 15, Grape Passage, Reading; husband of Jessie G. Welford, of 16, Albemarle Road, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. His wife was living at 11 Denmark Road, Ramsgate at the time of the accident.

Naval Rating funeral 1917.jpg (416591 bytes)    Lorries carrying the dead from No.4. Torpedo boat

Link to picture of HMTB No.4. in 1906

Last name Initials Rank/Position Unit / No Date of death Grave ref. Other information
BEER Stanley Victor John Able Seaman. J/20874. R.N. H.M.T.B. "4" 26th May 1917  LA Age 20, son of Thomas E and Elizabeth BEER of 1 Cumberland Place, Hotwells, Bristol
BERRY Michael Stoker 3049/T. R.N. H.M.T.B. "4" 26th May 1917 LA son of Mrs BERRY, Bride Street, Wexford, Ireland.
BISH Joshua Harry Leading Signalman 228411. R.N. H.M.T.B. "4" 26th May 1917 LA Age 30, son of Caleb and Hannah BISH of East Grinstead, Sussex. Served in operations in the Persian Gulf (1919-14)
BROOKSHAW John James Able Seaman. 226781. R.N.  H.M.T.B. "4" 26th May 1917 LA Age 36, son of William BROOKSHAW of Plymouth and the late Annie BROOKSHAW
FLINTHAM Walter Leading Seaman 239183. R.N. H.M.T.B. "4" 26th May 1917 LA Age 25, Grandmother Mrs Sarah MACDONALD, 1 Gibson Terrace, Chiltern Street, Hull
HENNESSEY Archibald Leonard Stoker 1st Class K/21488. R.N. H.M.T.B. "4" 26th May 1917 LA Killed by an explosion. Age 23, son of William and Edith HENNESSEY of 3 Naval Bowers, High Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth
HEYWORTH John Bruce Able Seaman J/17840. R.N. H.M.T.B. "4" 26th May 1917 LA Age 22, son of Samuel and Sarah Ann HEYWORTH of 3 Dean Head Summit, Littleborough, Lancashire.
HOCKING Richard Henry Leading Stoker 306858 R.N. H.M.T.B. "4" 26th May 1917 LA Age 33, husband of Lizzie HOCKING, Port Isaac, Cornwall
JUDGE Stephen William Stoker1st Class 111627. R.N. H.M.T.B. "4" 26th May 1917 LA Age 24, son of Elizabeth JUDGE, 1B Crawford Street, Rochdale, Lancashire
MARTIN Thomas C Able Seaman. J/12206. R.N. H.M.T.B. "4" 26th May 1917 LA Age 22, son of Jane ROSTRON (formerly MARTIN) of 50 Holmsley Street, Burnley, Lancashire and the late Daniel MARTIN
NORTHCOT(E)T William Reginald Stoker 1st Class K/21489. R.N. H.M.T.B. "4" 26th May 1917 LA Age 22, son of Mrs NORTHCOTE, 5 Hoe Place, Plymouth.
ROGERS Richard S Stoker 1st Class K/15073. R.N.  H.M.T.B. "4" 26th May 1917 LA Son of Emma ROGERS, 1 Rock Road, Mid Norton, near Bath, Somerset.
STRONG Albert Henry Ordinary Telegraphist T/43722. R.N. H.M.S. Attentive ll 26th May 1917 LA Killed by an explosion. Age 17, son of Albert Henry and Jane Emma STRONG of 10 Furness Road, Eastbourne, Sussex


Ramsgate and St Lawrence Cemetery         

ADAMS Frank William,  born 9th November 1886, Ramsgate, Kent. Hired Shipwright. H.M.S Princess Irene, H. M. Dockyard (Sheerness). 27th May 1915. DA 83. Relatives notified Mrs E NEWBY, 24 Dane Park Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

In May 1915, Princess Irene was moored in Saltpan Reach, on the Medway Estuary in Kent between Port Victoria and Sheerness, being loaded with mines in preparation for deployment on a minelaying mission. At 11:14 GMT on 27 May, Princess Irene exploded and disintegrated. A column of flame 300 feet (91 m) high was followed a few seconds later by another of similar height and a pall of smoke hung over the spot where Princess Irene had been, reaching to 1,200 feet (370 m). Two barges laying alongside her were also destroyed.  A total of 352 people were killed, including 273 officers and men, and 76 dockyard workers who were on board Princess Irene. On the Isle of Grain a girl of nine was killed by flying debris, and a farmhand died of shock. A collier half a mile (800 m) away had its crane blown off its mountings. A part of one of Princess Irene's boilers landed on the ship; a man working on the ship died from injuries sustained when he was struck by a piece of metal weighing 70 pounds (32 kg).

Wreckage was flung up to 20 miles (32 km) away, with people near Sittingbourne being injured by flying debris, some of which landed in Bredhurst. Severed heads were found at Hartlip and on the Isle of Grain. A case of butter landed at Rainham, 6 miles (9.7 km) away. A 10 ton (10,160 kg) section of the ship landed on the Isle of Grain. The Admiralty's oil storage tanks there were damaged. The sole survivor from Princes Irene was a stoker, who suffered severe burns. Three of her crew had a lucky escape as they were ashore at the time.

 A memorial service for the victims was held at the Dockyard Church, Sheerness on 1 June 1915. Inquests were held on two victims of the disaster. The coroner stated that he did not intend to hold an inquest for any other victim unless there were exceptional circumstances that warranted it.

A Court of Inquiry was held into the loss of Princess Irene. Evidence was given that priming of the mines was being carried out hurriedly and by untrained personnel. A faulty primer was blamed for the explosion. Following the loss of HMS Natal on 30 December 1915 and HMS Vanguard on 9 July 1917, both caused by internal explosions, suspicion was raised at the inquiry into the loss of Natal that sabotage was to blame for the loss of all four ships. A worker at Chatham Dockyard was named as a suspect. A thorough investigation by Special Branch cleared him of any blame.

NOTE: information from Terry Wheeler / Ramsgate Historical Society  -

Frank William Adams. Grave D.A. 83 (DSCF2501 unmarked grave plot in centre of picture)

IMG_0825.JPG (1571632 bytes)

ADAMS John  Thomas Private. 6928 (5721, East Kent Militia), 1st Battalion, The Buffs. died of wounds, 1st July 1915. AB 155.

Born St Pauls, East Cliff, Ramsgate, Kent, enlisted into East Kent Militia, 13th November 1899, Ramsgate, Kent, age 17, height 5ft 3½ inches, weight 108lbs. 2nd Battalion, The Buffs, 18th August 1902, Ramsgate Kent, age 20, height 5ft 5¾ inches, weight 122lbs. Resided 9 Belmont Street, Ramsgate, Kent. Formerly labourer.

Son of James Adams, 12 Bellevue Cottages, Ramsgate, Kent / 4 Albert Street, Ramsgate, Kent.

Brothers - Richard Adams, age 48?; Frank Adams, age 3?; Vincent Adams, age 3?; William Adams, age 2?, 4 Albert Street, Ramsgate, Kent.

Sister - Beatrice Norris, 5 Belmont Street, Ramsgate, Kent.

Husband of Laura Adams, (nee Norris, spinster), married 11th January 1910, Thanet. Remarried April 1916 now Mrs Nash, 57 Hardres Street, Ramsgate, Kent

Children - Laura Beatrice Agnes Adams, born 16th August 1911/1912, Thanet; Hilda Margaret Irene Adams, born 24th September 1913, Thanet; Lilian Kate Adams, born 21st February 1915, Thanet.

Home, 18th August 1902 to 1st June 1905; South Africa, 2nd June 1905 to 26th October 1908; Hong Kong, 27th October 1908 to 231st December 1909; Home, 22nd December 1909 to 6th September 1914; BEF, 7th September 1914 to 1st July 1915.

Information provided by Laura Probert:

John Thomas Adams was the first Ramsgate man to be gassed.

IMG_0799.JPG (2091409 bytes)

AITCHISON D L . Private.6883. 1st Battalion, Canadian Inf. (Western Ontario Regiment). 10th July 1915. GC 93.

IMG_0786.JPG (1694216 bytes)

BAKER B R. Captain and QMR. Canadian Army Medical Corps. 7th May 1917. LB 16. Died of pneumonia, age 39, son of C H Coryndon BAKER of Hook, Hampshire, England. Served in France with the 22nd Battalion Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment).

IMG_0819.JPG (1675437 bytes)

BAYERS R E. Driver. 248621. 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery. 5th April 1919. D 562.

IMG_0841.JPG (1929126 bytes)    IMG_0842.JPG (1907615 bytes)

BELSEY Edwin Joseph Eustra, Ordinary Seaman, J/20194 R.N. H.M.S. Pembroke. 29th June 1915. BB 473. Age 18, son of Lucy Hannah BELSEY of 40 Duncan Road, Ramsgate and the late Edwin Isaac BELSEY.

IMG_0797.JPG (2040882 bytes)

BENOIT Joseph H. Seaman. 2188/X H.M.S. Ceto, Newfoundland Royal Navy Reserve. 4th May 1915. EA 150. Accidentally shot whilst sinking mines. Age 19, son of John and Annie BENOIT of Cape St George, Newfoundland.

From Jasen Benwah, Cape St George, Newfoundland :

I just wanted to thank you for posting the photo of my Great Uncle Joseph H Benoit's grave stone. It is great to see that. I have my own page dedicated to him, it is here at:

The other item worth mentioning was that not only was Great Uncle Joseph H Benoit accidentally killed by his best friend Great Uncle Johnny Joe Benoit (John Edward Benoit) but they were raised as step brothers and came from the same family in Cape St George.

The other brother who was killed as Great Uncle Victor Benoit who died Oct 12, 1915 when his ship hit a mine. He is buried at the Hamilton Road Cemetery in Deal, Kent, England. His link on my page is:

The follow information was provided by Laura Probert:


"Service Tragedy"

Benoit.JPG (2741992 bytes)

IMG_0787.JPG (1708572 bytes)

BENTLEY David Benjamin. Major. 2nd Field Ambulance, Canadian Army Medical Corps. 5th April 1917. LA 657. Died of nephritis, age 52, son of John and Julia Rogers BENTLEY; husband of Alice S BENTLEY of 197 Wellington St, Sarnia, Ontario. Gassed at the 2nd Battle of Ypres 1915.

IMG_0808.JPG (1593592 bytes)

BLOWER William, Australian Munition Worker, 2276, 26th July 1917, KC 358.

The follow information was provided by Laura Probert:

Thanet Advertiser, August 11th 1917. William Blower, aged 56, died in Ramsgate General Hospital.

IMG_0747.JPG (1699860 bytes) 

BOSHER Sidney Alfred, Able Seaman, Z/4268. R.N.V.R. H.M. Yacht Ceto, died 9th November 1918, (disease, possibly influenza), LA 616, Age 31. Husband of Minnie Berry (formerly Bosher) of 23 Thanet Road, Ramsgate, Kent / 24 Alma Road, Boundary Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0821.JPG (1586156 bytes)

BOUGHTON Percy William Private. R.M.E. /1202(S) Royal Marine Engineers. died 30th July 1918. born 21st December 1890, Barham, Kent, buried D 633. Son of Mrs L Boughton of 36 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0785.JPG (1577079 bytes)

BOWNESS F W. Sapper. WR/32337. Inland Waterways and Docks, Royal Engineers. 12th January 1918. LB 47

IMG_0781.JPG (1499142 bytes)

BRACE William James, Seaman. 1479/X. H.M. Drifter Rooke, Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve. 3rd August 1916. LA 593. Accidentally drowned at sea. Age 20, son of Richard and Mary Brace, of Chance Cove, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland.

Transcript of inquest as reported in The East Kent Times and District Advertiser, August 16th 1916.

Link to Photograph on Canadian Veterans website:

IMG_0767.JPG (1441293 bytes)

BRETT Walter Jordan, Serjeant. 1715. 108th Protection Coy. Royal Defence Corps. 23rd May 1917. LB 12. Volunteer Long Service medal. Age 43, husband of E S BRETT of 78 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0776.JPG (1696716 bytes)

CARR A G. Gunner. 283425. 2nd/1st South Midland Brigade, Royal Garrison Artillery. 10th February 1918. LB 48

IMG_0843.JPG (1915370 bytes)

CASPALL W C, Jun. Reserve Attendant. M/19971. Royal Naval Auxiliary Sick Berth  Reserve.  H.M.S. Crescent. 30th November 1918. BC 176

IMG_0756.JPG (1794207 bytes)

COOPER Ernest James, Private, 243689. 1st/5th Battlion, The Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment. 5th March 1919. LB 52. Age 38, son of Joshua and Annie COOPER

IMG_0798.JPG (1981453 bytes)

CURRAN James Patrick. Seaman. 1604/X. H.M. Drifter Arcady, Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve. Born 15th December 1892, son of Mr and Mrs Patrick CURRAN of Ferryland, Newfoundland.14th October 1915. EA 242. Accidentally drowned.  Age 23.

IMG_0751.JPG (1675209 bytes)

DEBLING (served as PHILPOTT), J A, Private, G/4765. 2nd/3rd Battalion,  The Buffs. 22nd August 1917. LB 9. Age 40, son of Arthur and Matilda Debling of Ramsgate.

IMG_0761.JPG (1396951 bytes)

DIKE Frederick James, Boatswain, 564537. H.M. Yacht Ceto Mercantile Marine Reserve. died from disease, 20th November 1918. LA 597. Age 34, husband of Edith Rose Dike of 5 Portland Court, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0869.JPG (2425829 bytes)    IMG_0865.JPG (2551940 bytes)    IMG_0866.JPG (2506756 bytes)    IMG_0868.JPG (2450722 bytes)

DIXON H O, Lieutenant, 4th Battalion, The Buffs. 8th November 1918. G 220.

IMG_0763.JPG (1670981 bytes)

ELLETT William, Rifleman, 4598. 1st Battalion, Kings Royal Rifle Corps. 9th October 1916. LA662. Age 20.

IMG_0834.JPG (1581154 bytes)    IMG_0835.JPG (1239391 bytes)

ELMORE Henry Nathan, Private, TR9/7128. 52nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment. died at home (Ramsgate, Kent), of Influenza, 6th November 1918. GC 24.

1911 Census - age 23,  living at 43 Townley Street, Ramsgate, Kent, occupation carpenter, with his father John William Elmore (age 61), grocers assistant and his mother Elizabeth Mary Elmore (age 59).

1914 22nd January - marriage - Henry Nathan Elmore to Ethel Annie Baker at Cavendish Church, Ramsgate, Kent, by the Rev T Hancocks.

1915 March Quarter Thanet - birth - Henry John Nathan Elmore  to Henry Nathan & Ethel Elmore.

1916 December Quarter Thanet - death - Ethel A Elmore, age 32.


The follow information was provided by Laura Probert:


"THE EPIDEMIC - A stricken household"

Elmore.JPG (1081416 bytes)

IMG_0766.JPG (1644486 bytes)

ELVIN Arthur, Gunner, 169013. "C" Battery, 186th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. 1st September 1918. LB50.Age 28, husband of Catherine Moss (formerly Elvin) of 83 Devonshire Road, Holloway, London.

IMG_0765.JPG (1629361 bytes)

EPPS Henry, Private, T/436719. M.T.Company,  Royal Army Service Corps. 1st November 1918. LB 51.Age 43, son of Henry Epps of Ash, Kent; husband of Rose Annie Epps of 4 Syndale Place, Avenue Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0816.JPG (1747228 bytes)

EUDEN Alfred Ernest, Corporal, 208569. Inland Waterways and Docks, Royal Engineers. 6th January 1919. D 656. Age 22, son of George William and Elizabeth Euden of 70 Boundary Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

EUDEN Edward Walter, Private, 93881. 2nd/1st East Riding Yeomanry. 16th February 1918. D 656. Age 19, son of George William and Elizabeth Euden of 70 Boundary Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0777.JPG (1750380 bytes)

FAIMA A J. Private. 6286. 1st Battalion, West Yorkshire Regt. 21st February 1917. LB 14.

IMG_0836.JPG (1605192 bytes)

FARLEY H J B, Hired Shipwright, H M Dockyard (Sheerness), 27th May 1915. GC 90

IMG_0760.JPG (1536905 bytes)

FAST Frances Vener, Deck Hand, 3246/SD. R.N.R. H.M.S. Acteon. Born 11th February 1897, Ramsgate, Kent, died from disease 26th February 1919. LA 598. Son of Thomas and Mary Ann Fast of 3 Dove Cottages, Packers Lane, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0795.JPG (1944380 bytes)

FLYNN Harold John. Probationary Flight Officer. R.N.A.S. 5th July 1917. EA 332. Age 23, son of James J and Joeanna A Flynn of 294 Simcoe St, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

IMG_0750.JPG (1605083 bytes)

GAMMON Walter Spencer, Private, 6278154. 1st Battalion, The Buffs, 26th November 1920, LB 53. Age 29, son of Peter Spencer Gammon and Caroline Gammon of St Jean, Cottage Road, Ramsgate

IMG_0770.JPG (1496502 bytes)

GEE Frank William, 2nd Hand. 2592/SA. R.N.R. H.M.S. Attentive ll. Born 1st June 1871, Dover, Kent, died 19th December 1917. LA 596. Age 47, husband of Martha Pottle (formerly Gee) of 11 Alma Road, Ramsgate, Kent / 41 St Lukes Avenue, Ramsgate, Kent.

  St Luke's Church, St Luke's Avenue, Ramsgate, Kent

IMG_0774.JPG (1769821 bytes)

GIFFARD W R J. Driver. 49004. 5th Reserve Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. 8th May 1917. LB 13.

IMG_0743.JPG (1682293 bytes)    

GRAHAM John MacAlpine, Company Serjeant Major, 2604065. 3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards, 9th August 1921, age 38, LB, 69, Accidentally killed on duty, husband of Harriet Graham of 24 Vale Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0870.JPG (2174146 bytes)    IMG_0871.JPG (1687896 bytes)

GREEN Frank Vernon, Rifleman, 5840. First Surrey Rifles.7th October 1916. B 889. Died of wounds at Netley Hospital. Age 23, son of Mrs Annie Matilda Green of 31 Albert Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0753.JPG (1671328 bytes)

HARRISON A, Seaman, 5542/A. R.N.R. H.M.S. President ll. Born 9th November 1895, Whitley, Yorkshire, died from disease 1st November 1918. LA 617. Age 23, husband of H Divers (formerly Harrison) of St Davids Villa, 50 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0844.JPG (1826927 bytes)

HAWARD R C, Private, 3947. 1st/5th Battalion, The Buffs. 1st May 1916. CC 542

IMG_0791.JPG (1829012 bytes)    IMG_0807.JPG (1474769 bytes)

HERITAGE William Joseph. Lance Corporal. 9454. 3rd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment. 18th March 1915. LC 347. Mentioned in Despatches. Died of wounds. Age 28, son of William and Martha Heritage; husband of Eliza Lily Heritage of Highfield, Margate Road, Ramsgate

IMG_0817.JPG (1659825 bytes)

HEWITT H W R,  Stoker 2nd Class. K/51726. R.N. H.M.S. Pembroke. 11th June 1918. F 642

IMG_0863.JPG (2042704 bytes)

HOLLANDS William Arthur, Rifleman. 372785. Post Office Rifles. 30th October 1919. KB 516. Age 25, son of James Arthur and Mary Jane Hollands of 5 Cannonbury Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills & Administrations) - Hollands William Arthur of 3 Cannonbury Road, Ramsgate, Kent, ex rifleman 8th London Regiment died 30th October 1919. Administration Canterbury 17th January 1920 to James Arthur Hollands, postman. Effects £205 6s. 2d.

HOLYER Nicholas Charles Ordinary Seaman. 923464. H.M. Yacht Ceto Mercantile Marine Reserve. 7th November 1918. AB 89. Age 32, born Queensland, Australia, son of Charles Holyer; husband of Henrietta Holyer of 1 Muir Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

NOTE: unable to find burial plot.

1911 Census - Prince Cobourg, 72 King Street, Ramsgate, Kent, licensed victualler.

National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills & Administrations) - Holyer Nicholas Charles of the Cinque Ports Public House, 4 King Street, Ramsgate, died from disease, (possibly influenza), 7th November 1918. Administration London, 12th December 1918 to Henrietta Holyer widow. Effects £368 11s. 6d.

IMG_0754.JPG (1488362 bytes)

HOWARD Ernest A, Deck Hand, 2125/SD. R.N.R. H.M.S. Halcyon. Born 1st November 1896, Ramsgate, Kent, died from disease 1st March 1919. LA 599. Age 24, son of Mr and Mrs Howard of Ramsgate; husband of Nellie Maud Howard of 4 Newcastle Hill, King Street, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0789.JPG (1561672 bytes)

IRVINE J. Lieutenant. R.N.R. H.M. Trawler Corona. 23rd March 1916. LA 592.

Information provided by Laura Probert:   Lt J Irvine RNR came from Perth in Australia.

IMG_0818.JPG (1649216 bytes)

ISAACS G W Trimmer. 954038. H.M.S. Orotava Mercantile Marine Reserve. 17th September 1918. D 604.

IMG_0840.JPG (2097555 bytes)    IMG_0837.JPG (2199765 bytes)    IMG_0838.JPG (2276348 bytes)    IMG_0839.JPG (2255247 bytes)

JONES T C, Boy ll, J/92056. R.N. H.M.S. Ganges lll, 23rd November 1918. GB 543

IMG_0755.JPG (1692731 bytes)

JORDAN T K , Private, 7868306. Tank Corps, 28th January 1925. LB 71. Age 33, son of William Thomas Jordan of 2 St Martins Lane, Littlehampton, Sussex.

IMG_0746.JPG (1719001 bytes)

JUDGE George, 2nd Hand, 2322/SA. R.N.R. H.M.S. Stephen Furness. Born 25th December 1878, Maidstone, Kent, died, 15th September 1917, age 38. LA 665. Son of George Judge of Maidstone, Kent; husband of Florence Judge,  of 27 Avenue Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

Information provided by Laura Probert: George Judge died in an Aberdeen Hospital as the result of injuries received whilst on Admiralty Service off the Scottish coast. He was brought home and buried in Ramsgate Cemetery .

UK, Royal Navy & Royal Marine War Graves Roll, 1914-1919 : died from disease.

IMG_0796.JPG (2184562 bytes)

KAVANAGH John William. Flight Lieutenant. Royal Flying Corps. 10th March 1918. EA 301. Age 19, son of Michael and Agnes Kavanagh of Claremont, Cape Province, South Africa. Educated at Rondebosch Boys High School.

IMG_0757.JPG (1787136 bytes)

KNIGHT Charles Henry, Private, 642066. Canadian Army Medical Corps. 10th July 1917. LB 10. Accidentally drowned. Age 42, husband of Charlotte Knight of 35 Westmoreland Street, Hull, Yorkshire, England.

IMG_0812.JPG (1517035 bytes)

LEE Elsie May, Worker. 44400. Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps, attached R.E. Record Office.1st November 1918. B 1047. Age 24, daughter of John E and Grace Lydia Lee of 95 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0768.JPG (1700110 bytes)

LONG A J, Private. 4173. 7th Battalion, The Buffs. 6th October 1916. LA 661.

LUCK J A. Corporal. 1302. 6th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. 3rd November 1916. DC 297.

NOTE: information from Terry Wheeler / Ramsgate Historical Society  -

Jack Austen Luck (aged 20) Father - John William Luck. Corporal (pilot under training) Postal address: - 22 Grange Road Ramsgate. Killed on a training flight 3rd November 1916. Grave D.C. 297 (picture supplied)

IMG_0772.JPG (1593758 bytes)

MacKINNON Duncan. Deck Hand. 1145. R.N.R. H.M. Trawler Corona. 23rd March 1916. LA 621. Killed by mine explosion. Age 22, son of Finlay and Mary Mackinnon of Bernera, Lochmaddy, Isle of North Ulst.

IMG_0784.JPG (1659227 bytes)

MacLEAN G T G. Serjeant. 22574. 2nd Reserve Battalion, Royal Engineers. 4th February 1917. LB 15.

IMG_0773.JPG (1809177 bytes)

MARSH E Private. 2360. Surrey Yeomanry. 25th September 1916. LA 660.

IMG_0779.JPG (1737599 bytes)

NORRIS G H E. Deck Hand. 2644/SD. R.N.R. H.M. Trawler Corona. 6th February 1916. LA 622.

IMG_0858.JPG (1972905 bytes)

OSBORNE H C B, Major. 27th Battalion,  Royal Fusiliers. 28th June 1916.  LA 655.

IMG_0745.JPG (1723986 bytes)

PAUL J, Gunner, 300529. 5th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery, 22nd August 1917, LB 8.

IMG_0783.JPG (1702119 bytes)

PEARSE A E. Private. 400450. T.S. Canadian Army Medical Corps. 8th December 1915. LA 658. Died of pneumonia, age 41, son of James Ibert Pearse of Barnstaple; husband of Helen Lucy Pearse of Rowena, Westward Ho, Devon, England.

IMG_0809.JPG (1485942 bytes)

PEARSON M C, Steward, G/4229. Womens Royal Naval Service. 4th December 1918. KC 419.


IMG_0864.JPG (1916123 bytes)

PICKWORTH W, Private, 9594. The Buffs transferred to (432933) 426th Agricultural Company Labour Corps. 29th April 1918. D 668

IMG_0752.JPG (1725774 bytes)

POLSON A J, Private, 721948. R.D. Canadian Machine Gun Corps, 1st September 1917. LA 664.

IMG_0856.JPG (1722453 bytes)    IMG_0857.JPG (2114677 bytes)

PRICE C L. Lieutenant, Royal Air Force. 11th May 1918. LA 626.

IMG_0849.JPG (1698289 bytes)    IMG_0845.JPG (1930120 bytes)IMG_0846.JPG (1986786 bytes)IMG_0848.JPG (1887605 bytes)

SANDOM William Ernest, Lieutenant, 32nd Battalion, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry).10th November 1918, Age 27. Husband of Florence Sandom, 74 Ellington Road, Ramsgate, Kent. Buried at St Sever Cemetery Extension, S.V.K.14., Rouen, France.

National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills & Administrations) - Sandom William Ernest of 35 Thanet Road, Ramsgate, Kent, died 11th December 1918 in France. Administration London, 17th January 1919, to Florence Sandom, widow, Effects £69.

IMG_0827.JPG (1723568 bytes)    IMG_0826.JPG (1800234 bytes)

SCHOOLING  Paul Sydney Bedford, Captain, Lancashire Fusiliers, 13th Battalion attached 9th Battalion. 26th September 1916.Age 25. Son of Mrs. F. L. Schooling and the late William Schooling, of 5, Chapel Place, Ramsgate, Kent. Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 3 C and 3 D.France. Also commemorated at Ramsgate & St Lawrence Cemetery, Ramsgate, Kent.

National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills & Administrations) - Paul Sydney Bedford Schooling, of 5 Chapel Place, Ramsgate, Kent, Lieutenant 9th (Service) Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers died 26th September 1916 in  France, killed in action. Administration Canterbury 19th October 1917 to Florence Lydia Schooling, widow. Effects £385 13s.1d.

IMG_0764.JPG (1581840 bytes)

SCOTT Herbert Walter, Private, 152668. 27th Battalion, Canadian Inf (Manitoba Regt). 4th June 1917. LB 11. Died of wounds received in action on the Somme. Age 23, son of R W and Hannah Scott of 855, 9th Street, Brandon, Manitoba.

IMG_0759.JPG (1711267 bytes)

SHEAVES J, Officer's Steward 3rd Class. L/8643. R.N. H.M. Tug Charm. 1st September 1918. LA 618.

IMG_0814.JPG (1785541 bytes)

SIMPSON Robert George, Private, 14183. 1st Company, 2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards. 9th October 1915. BA 99. Died of wounds and gas received at Loos. Age 28, son of Robert Benjamin and Jane Simpson of Ramsgate, Kent. Proceeded to France August  1914.

IMG_0778.JPG (1741167 bytes)

SKILLER James Private. G/510. 6th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment. died of wounds, Nethercourt Hospital, Ramsgate, Kent, 11th April 1916. LA 659.

IMG_0790.JPG (1919855 bytes)

SMITH G. Private. 11043. 1st/6th Battalion, Gordon Highlanders. 26th March 1915. LB 496. Died of wounds received at Neuve Chapelle. Age 25, son of Mr and Mrs J SMITH of 5 Siller Street, Findochty, Banffshire.

IMG_0758.JPG (1818296 bytes)

SOLLY W T, Driver, 220009. Training Depot, Royal Engineers. 2nd August 1917. LA 663. Age 36, son of the late Mr and Mrs E Solly; husband of E E Solly of 28 Upper Dumpton Park Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0815.JPG (1700888 bytes)

STEED J G Gunner, 18905. Royal Garrison Artillery. 7th April 1917. D 736. Died of wounds (gas). Age 39, Born at Margate, Kent. Husband of the late Ellen Harriett Steed (nee Setterfield)

IMG_0788.JPG (1618036 bytes)

STEEL John Lieutenant. R.N.V.R. H.M.S. Peel Castle. 7th February 1916. LA 624. Age 34. B.A., B.Sc. Son of Lt-Cmdr R C Steel R.N. and Emma Steel of Portsmouth; husband of Elisa Olava Steel of 142 Etchingham Park Road, Finchley, London

IMG_0744.JPG (1666860 bytes)

STEVENS Charles, Private, 10703, 1st/8th Battalion, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment). 3rd May 1921. Age 23. Son of Alfred Stevens of 45 King St. Ramsgate. LB. 54.

IMG_0850.JPG (2101285 bytes)

STOVIN Lewis John Elliott, Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery. 22nd August 1917. LB 17

IMG_0820.JPG (1651629 bytes)

TAYLOR Charles William. Able Seaman. London Z/2811. R.N.V.R. Anson Battalion, R.N. Div. died 20th June 1918. D 639. Age 44, son of Richard and Annie Taylor; husband of Alice Mary Taylor of 32 Rosebery Avenue, Hereson Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

Great Britain, Royal Naval Division Casualties of the Great War, 1914 - 1924:  Died at 11.30pm in Section 5 Reading War Hospital from acute nephritis & arterio sclerosis of cerebral vessels. Enlisted 2nd August 1915, draft for BEF 6th May 1917, joined Anson Battalion, 30th June 1917 to 6th May 1918. Albuminuria & valvular disease of the heart, invalided to UK 18th May 1918. CWGC - age 44, handyman, born 7th August 1877; next of kin & home address, wife Alice, 32 Rosebery Avenue, Ramsgate, Kent.

IMG_0748.JPG (1553175 bytes)

THOMAS William James, Station Officer, H.M. Coastguard, 20th October 1924, LA600. Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal. Age 77, husband of Sarah Miriam Thomas of 78 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate, Kent

IMG_0782.JPG (1705922 bytes)

TIMMS J E. Deck Hand. H.M.S Marcella, Mercantile Marine Reserve. 30th December 1915. LA 623.

IMG_0800.JPG (1361256 bytes)       

TROWBRIDGE A C. Sapper. 67142. Royal Engineers. 22nd October 1916. HC 104

IMG_0822.JPG (1628940 bytes)

TURMAINE Rose Jane, 7836. Womens Royal Air Force. 16th November 1918. D 619.

IMG_0771.JPG (1485414 bytes)

WATSON Ernest George, Stoker 1st Class. K/6534. R.N. H.M.S. Marshal Ney. 8th October 1917. LA 595. Accidentally drowned. Age 25, son of Richard and Ellen Watson of 15 Southend Road, Bungay Suffolk.

IMG_0810.JPG (1691770 bytes)

WEBSTER R. 2nd Corporal. WR/325021. Royal Engineers. 31st May 1919.KB 658

IMG_0775.JPG (1628735 bytes)

WELSH Richard Michal. Sapper. WR/314059. Royal Engineers. 6th February 1918. LB 49. Age 22, son of Richard and Mary Welsh of 5 St John  Street, Cardiff.

IMG_0749.JPG (1790391 bytes)

WESTWOOD A J, Private, 63. The Queens transferred to (64825) Labour Corps, 11th September 1922, LB 70. Died of wounds (gas). Age 46, son of William Edward and Emily Westwood.

IMG_0811.JPG (1678988 bytes)

WILLMORE H G. Lance Serjeant. 5199. 3rd Battalion, Scots Guards. 28th March 1920. KB 495. Age 31, husband of Mary Willmore of 55 Picton Road, Ramsgate, Kent

IMG_0806.JPG (1562944 bytes)

WILSON P J H, Fireman. S.S. Port Dalhousie Mercantile Marine. 19th March 1916. LB 222. Age 38, son of Edwin Walter and Louisa Wilson.

Ramsgate (St Augustine) Roman Catholic Churchyard

Last name Initials Rank/Position Unit / No Date of death Grave ref. Other information
THUNDER Michael Hubert Francis 2nd Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps. 24th September 1916 nr West Boundary Killed while flying. Age 34, son of the late Maj. George Thunder (7th Bn Royal Fusiliers) and Margaret Pugin (formerly Thunder).

Second Lieutenant MICHAEL H. F. THUNDER, of the R.F.C., who died at Norwich from burns received in a flying accident, was buried at Ramsgate on September 29th with military honours. He was the son of the late Mr. George Thunder, of Lagore, Meath, and grandson, on his mother's side, of Pugin, the architect. He was educated at St. Augustine's College, Ramsgate; he had his commission in December, 1915, and was gazetted flying officer in March of this year. Six officers of the Flying Corps acted as bearers, and the officer in command arrived by aeroplane.

From 51 Squadron History Society by Neil Smith of Edinburgh

Lt. Thunder was the first airman to be killed serving with 51 squadron and the only 51 squadron airman to be killed in action during the Great War (that I have managed to find so far).

Born the 6th September 1879 in Ramsgate, Kent the son of Major George Thunder of the 7th Battalion Royal Fusiliers and Margaret Pugin. He had a private education, qualified as a mining engineer and spent some time working in Argentina and Malaya before returning to the UK. He joined the Royal Flying Corps and qualified as a Pilot on the 16th January 1916 at the Military School in Ruislip, Surrey later to join the newly created RFC 51 Squadron.

51 Squadron formed at Thetford, Norfolk, on 15 May 1916 as a Home Defence unit. The Squadron flew BE2s and BE12s on anti-Zeppelin patrols, the unit also providing night flying training for newly qualified pilots with Avro 504Ks.

From September 1916, units of 51 Squadron Home Defence were based at Marham but also used airfields dotted about the county for training exercises such as night flying. (Mattishall, Earsham, Freethorpe, Gooderstone, Warren, Mousehold Heath, Saxthorpe, Sedgeford, Sporle, Tottenhill and West Rudham).

On the 24th September 1916 Lt. Thunder scrambled from Mattishall to intercept an attack from a dozen Zeppelin airships that were reported to have crossed the North Sea to attack London and the East coast.

According to the cause of death from his death certificate he failed to gain enough height on take off and crashed:
Cause of Death: Accidently burnt and his death was occasioned through the petrol of an aeroplane he was flying becoming ignited after colliding with a tree and falling to the ground.

There are reports that say that although badly burnt he managed to crawl away from the aircraft to a nearby hedgerow bank where he was picked up and taken to Thorpe St. Andrew War Hospital in Norwich where he later died of his injuries.

Michael Thunder’s second claim to fame is that he was the grandson of Augustus Northmore Welsby Pugin leading architect of Victorian Britain and famous for his Gothic style of architecture in many churches around the country, not forgetting his most famous work the Palace of Westminster in London.

2nd Lt. Michael Thunder now rests with his grandfather in St. Augustine’s Church, Ramsgate which was also designed by Augustus.

Photographs of St Augustine's Church provided by Pat, a Maid of Kent.


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St Laurence in Thanet Churchyard

plaque inside Church

Photograph provided by Pat, a Maid of Kent.

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BRUCE William Henry Corporal. Z/9114. 3rd Battalion, The Buffs. Born 1888 Ramsgate, enlisted 1909. Died 21st November 1918, from influenza and pneumonia at Fort Pitt Military Hospital, Chatham, Kent.

Father James Bruce, mother Annie, brothers James & Jack and two sisters. Lived at 82 Boundary Road, Ramsgate, Kent, 66 High Street, St Lawrence, Ramsgate, Kent, 57 Winstanley Crescent, Margate Road, Ramsgate, Kent. January 1920, family living in Canada. 

Grave No.799.


CURTIS J W, Private, 35454. 3rd Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment. 10th June 1917. Near West boundary. Grave 519


In loving memory of our dear son Henry William Dadd, who died on active service Sept. 9th 1915 aged 20 years. At rest. Also of dear mother, Jennie Dadd, died March 12th 1952, aged 79 years. United at last.

Photographs and information provided by Pat, a Maid of Kent.

DADD Henry William, Private, 261. Royal Army Medical Corps, died 8th September 1915.

DRAGE Frederick George, Private, 231830. Royal Air Force, died 29th November 1918, age 41.

Son of George and Mary Drage of Ware, Hertfordshire. Born 1877 Chiswick. Husband of Elizabeth Mary Saban, married1903 June quarter, St Giles, London. Left a widow, Elizabeth Mary Harrison (formerly Drage) of Pine Lea, Grove Gardens, Westbrook, Margate, Kent.


NIXON Robert, Private, 414201. 13th Battalion, Canadian Infantry,  (Quebec Regiment). 23rd March 1918. Near West boundary. Grave No. 630.Died of phthisis. Age 38, son of Robert Nixon of Alston, Cumberland; husband of Elizabeth Angus (formerly Nixon) of 96 Southwood Road, Ramsgate, Kent.


PETLEY P W J, Senior Reserve Attendant, M/9453(CH) Royal Naval Auxiliary Sick Berth  Reserve. H.M.S. Pembroke. Died from disease 23rd October 1918. Buried in SW part. Grave No. 727. Born 16th November 1880, Ramsgate, Kent, died age 37, son of James and Emily Petley; husband of Lillian Fanny Petley of 39 High Street, St Laurence, Ramsgate, Kent.

Cpl O Smith.JPG (926136 bytes) This photograph provided by Laura Probert


SMITH Oliver John Thomas, Lance Corporal, 8392. "C" Coy 1st Battalion, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 7th January 1915. In SW part. Grave No. 782. Died of wounds received in action. Age 28, son of John and Eliza SMITH of Ramsgate, Kent; husband of Emma Grace Winship (formerly Smith) of Four Horseshoes, Graveney, Faversham, Kent


Inscription reads - In loving memory of Sarah Tottman, died 19 Feb. 1917 aged 70 years. Also of William Tottman A.B., late of HMS Calypso, died 1 April 1919 aged 33 years. R.I.P.

Photographs and information provided by Pat, a Maid of Kent.

TOTTMAN W, Able Seaman, 221957. (CH). R.N., HMS Pembroke, died 1st April 1919. Age 34, son of John and Sarah TOTTMAN. Grave No. 667.4 a double plot.

Last name Initials Rank/Position Unit / No Date of death Grave ref. Other information
DRAGE Frederick George Private 231830. Royal Air Force 29th November 1918   Age 41, son of George and Mary Drage of Ware; husband of Elizabeth Mary Harrison (formerly Drage) of Pine Lea, Grove Gardens, Westbrook, Margate

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