Great War dead buried in Broadstairs


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Original Register published in 1931 and subsequent changes have been incorporated  when it was reprinted in 1992.

Broadstairs & St Peter's Urban District Council

St Peter-in-Thanet Churchyard, Broadstairs & St Peter's

The cemetery contains 37 War Graves; these include the graves of an unidentified Naval rating buried in the new ground, and another unidentified Naval rating buries on the North side of the old yard. (The Row & Grave numbers refer to the new ground.) Broadstaits was bombed in February 1916, & raided by destroyers in February & March 1917.


BARKER Private James, 7557. See "LAFFEY" the true family name.

BRENCHLEY Gunner William, 189070, 109th Battery, Royal Field Artillery. 7th June 1919. Age 32. Son of Mrs Brenchley and the late Mr Brenchley; husband of Mrs R L Brenchley, of 2, Tabernacle Cottages, Northwood, Ramsgate. 20.66.

BRITTON Private Edward Charles, TR9/9623, 27th Training Reserve Battalion, formerly M/273811 M.T. Army Service Corps. Died of phttisis 7th June 1917. Age 39. Son of Henry William & Louisa Britton, of Broadstairs. 10.28.

BROWN Private Frederick A. 505, 7th Battalion, The Buffs. Died of wounds 12th September 1916. Age 24. Son of Mr M & Mrs E brown of 2 Gordon Villas, Beacon Road, Broadstairs. 17.67.

BUNCE Private J. 03850, Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 27th July 1916. Age 34. Son of Henry & Alice Bunce; husband of Florence Emily Bunce, of 25 Chaucer Road, Broadstairs. Born at Chichester, Hampshire. 4.16.

BUTCHART Private W. 352. "B" Company, 1st Battalion Black Watch. 1th April 1916. Age 27. Son of Mrs M A Lawson, of 29 Victoria Street, Southmuir, Kirriemuir, Forfarshire. 18.22.

BYNG Gunner John Harold, 30146, 55th Battery, Royal Field Artillery. 9th February 1916. Age 30. Husband of May Harriett Byng, of Somerset House, Albion Road, Ramsgate. 18.14.

CASTLE Private John Leslie, M2/183637, Army Service Corps. 29th July 1918. Age 20. Son of John Thomas & Edith Castle, of The Manse, Cadborough Hill, Rye, Sussex. Born at Broadstairs. 20.21.

COLLINGS Private Harry G, 10925, Royal Berkshire Regiment. 23rd March 1919. 19.9.

DAGNELL Private William, 17115, 3rd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment. 19th May 1919. 19.68

DENMEE Lance Corporal Walter F. 101519, Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry). 13th July 1917. Husband of Ellen F Denmee, of 30 Denmark Road, Ramsgate. 19.25.

DOWD Lance Corporal Patrick, 5102, 2nd Battalion Irish Guards. 29th July 1916. 19.3.

GERAGHTY Private Columb, 5435, 7th Battalion, Manchester Regiment. 8th August 1916. 19.4.

GIFFORD Private David Arthur Charles, RMA/16104, Royal Marine Artillery. 20th July 1918. Age 17. Son of Alfred James & Clara Adelaide Gifford, of 17 Afghan Road, Reading Street, St Peter's, Broadstairs. 19.5.

HALL Gunner William, 96592, No.2. Depot, Royal Garrison Artillery. 8th April 1919. Age 36. Husband of Alice Hall, of 106 Clacton Road, Walthamstow, Essex. 20.64.

HAMMOND Able Seaman, George Trice, 235908 (CH), R.N. H.M.S. "Pembroke". Drowned 22nd July 1916. Age 26. Son of John & Harriet Jane Priscilla Hammond, of "Ivydene" Beacon Road, St Peter's, Broadstairs. 19.2.

HARRIS Private George Henry Percy, 54151, Royal Army Medical Corps. 30th October 1918. Age 26. Son of George & Mary Harris, of 11 Watford Road, Stoke Newington, London. 20.37.

HARRISON Private Robert, GS SR 31, Royal Sussex Regiment. 28th September 1915. 17.66.

HESSE Corporal John Vivienne, 2897, 3rd Battalion, The Queen's. 21st November 1918. Age 23. Son of Emma E Hesse, of 7 Leslie Cottages, Harbour Street, Broadstairs, & the late John Hesse. 19.7.

HOBDAY Private Alfred Sidney, G8559, "A" Company, 10th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment. Died of wounds 19th October 1916. Age 21. Son of Alfred Edward & Julia Hobday, of 55 Albion Street, Broadstairs. 18.55.

HORSFORD Private Walter, 9593. 18th Sanitary Section, Royal Army Medical Corps. Died of wounds received in action 30th May 1916, Age 21. Son of William John & harriett Horsford, of 26 Vera Road, Fulham, London. 19.1.

LAFFEY (served as BARKER, James), Private Michael, 7557, 2nd Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers. Died of wounds 18th December 1915. Age 35. Son of James & Mary Laffey, of 73, Mary Ann Street, Blackburn, Lancashire. 18.6.

MCGAVIN Private Stewart Gordon, 12863, Royal Army Medical Corps. Died of wounds (gas). 23rd September 1917. Age 32. Son of James William & Edith Rebecca McGavin, of 7 Harbour Street, Broadstairs. 19.30.

MOORE Able Seaman, Walter Ernest, R/6241, R.N.V.R. "Anson" Battalion, R.N. Division. Died of wounds, 16th February 1919. Age 37. Son of Walter Moore, of Cranbrook; Husband of Elizabeth E Moore, of 5 Fort Cottages, Broadstairs. 19.8.

MURPHY Private James, 3058, 2nd/9th Battalion, The King's Liverpool Regiment. 5th September 1915. 17.64.

MURPHY Petty Office 1st Class, John 191306. R.N. H.M.S. "Pembroke". 6th November 1918. Age 38. Husband of Daisy Murphy, of  "Rosemary", Beacon Road, Reading Street, Broadstairs.19.6.


NEALE Private Percy J, 5018, The Buffs. Croix de Guerre (France). 11th July 1918. Age 31. Husband of Annie M J Neale, of 2 Shanklin Terrace, Broadstairs. 20.11.

PRETT Frederick Stephen, 203192, The Queen's transferred to 547816, Labour Corps. Drowned 22nd May 1918. Age 38. Son of Frederick & Martha Prett, of Northwood, Kent. 17.68.

SAXBY Pte. H. 46089, Royal Defence Corps. 23rd April 1919. 19.9.

SHARP A/C I. A..G. F/14252, R.N.A.S. H.M.S. "President".  22nd April 1919. 19.9.

TANNENBAUM Private M, 93282, Royal Army Medical Corps. 26th May 1920. Age 25. Son of Nathan & Kate Tannenbaum, of 7 Belvedere Road, Broadstairs. 21.60.

TURNER Private Harry, 9808,1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment. Died of sickness 21st December 1914. Age 19. Son of Tom Cyrus Turner & Mary Jane Turner of Altrincham, Cheshire. 17.15.

TURNER Sapper, William, 6298, 2nd Siege Company, Royal Artillery. 7th May 1915. 17.54.

VAN de VEN, Corporal Leslie Van Ryn Berning, 17905, Royal Army Pay Corps, formerly Civil Service Rifles & Gloucestershire Regiment. Died of pneumonia, 3rd February 1919. Age 23. Son of W.F.F. Van de Ven, of Alpha Cottage, Brackenfel, Cape Province, South Africa. 20.51.

WHITE Air Mechanic, 2nd, Harold Gilbert, 42201, Royal Flying Corps. Died of sickness 30th April 1917. Age 35.. Son of tge late Mr & Mrs C H White, of Broadstairs; husband of Ethel Caroline White, of 22 Penshurst Road, Ramsgate. 19.20.

WICKS Private George Frederick, 21897, Depot, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. 7th October 1918. 20.24.

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