Convent of the Assumption


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Convent of the Assumption

Convent of the Assumption - 1922/23

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East View                The Children's Refectory      The Reception Room                General View

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             The Cloisters                    Exterior of the Cloisters    Children's Cloister - West View    Children's Cloister - East View

Ramsgate postcard 173.JPG (709579 bytes)        Ramsgate postcard 178.JPG (688230 bytes)        Ramsgate postcard 179.JPG (632675 bytes)            

   The Lodge                             The Library                        Recreation Room      

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The Cloister    

I am informed by Sr. Clare Veronica, Provincial Archivist,

 that the above 12 photographs are from the Assumption Archive Collection

                            Ramsgate postcard 149.JPG (278745 bytes)                            

Study room, Seniors - 1908


The following have been provided by Sr. Clare Veronica, Provincial Archivist


Refectory                          Cloisters

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