Ramsgate 1895 Directory - L

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Last Name Initials Occupation No or house Road Area District
Lacy F professor of music St John Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Lacy Mrs   Albany Lodge, 25 Vale Square   Ramsgate
Ladd G   38 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Ladd J   10 Trinity Place   Ramsgate
Lake G   Delamere Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Lake W   Radfield St Mildreds Road   Ramsgate
Laker Miss dressmaker 9 Willsons Road   Ramsgate
Laker Mrs   24 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Lamb F   63 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Lambert R   154 King Street   Ramsgate
Lambert W boot maker 23 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Lambert W   3 Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Lambert W   4 Woodford Avenue   Ramsgate
Lambert R   11 La Belle Alliance Square   Ramsgate
Lambert E   1,Tryphena Villas Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Lambert M dressmaker 26 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Lambert J   48, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Lambert J   1, Montefiore Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Lambert H boot maker 2 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Lambert G   2,Mount Pleasant Villas St Mildreds Road   Ramsgate
Lambert E proprietor - South Eastern Commercial Hotel   Margate Road   Ramsgate
Lambert T   5 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Lambert R   Fern Cottage     Ramsgate
Lambert G   13 Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Lamberton T   6 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Laming Mrs   6 Belvidere Cottages, Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Laming J J sen   4 Belvidere Cottages, Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Laming J jun   5 Belvidere Cottages, Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Lance Mrs   77 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Lancefield Mrs   Priory Villa West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Lanchester Misses preparatory school for young gentlemen Vale House, 15 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Lanchester Miss establishment for young ladies Albert Villa, 30 Vale Square   Ramsgate
Lane G   11 Irchester Street   Ramsgate
Lanfear A fish salesman 15 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Lanfear W   Irene Cottage, 6 Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Lang & Co fancy repository 6 West Cliff Arcade   Ramsgate
Langham & Cole architects & surveyors, agent Scottish Union & National Fire & Life 70 High Street   Ramsgate
Langley J manager - Plough Coffee Tavern 100 King Street   Ramsgate
Langley T   94 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Langridge R tailor 12 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Langridge T   Church Place, 27 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Langridge Mrs W   9 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Langridge J carpenter 3, Florence Terrace Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Langridge Miss   2, Cambridge Villa, 53 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Langridge J   28 Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Langridge Mrs   5 Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Larkin T greengrocer & confectioner   Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Larkin W   Effingham Villa, 16 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Larkin W   69 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Larkin T   1,Bedford Cottage Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Larkin T   55 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Larkin & Son plumbers & decorators, agents Guardian plate glass 14 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Larkin J D   Lewknor Cottage Picton Road   Ramsgate
Larkin H   York Tavern, 5 York Street   Ramsgate
Larkin A W   14 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Larkin W   2 Bell Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Larkins W   1 Mines Cottages, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Larkins C   Waterworks Cottages Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Larkins J fruiterer 62 King Street   Ramsgate
Larkins H   10, Cumberland Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Larkins F   4 Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Larkins S greengrocer 12 Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Laslett E S   Vale Tavern Vale Road   Ramsgate
Laslett J grocer &c. 130 King Street   Ramsgate
Latoure A   Bertha Villa Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Latter A   6 Gertrude Terrace   Ramsgate
Laurie J S   Marion Villa St Mildreds Road   Ramsgate
Lavender H E   Dornden South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Lavender Mrs S   1 Ayton Road   Ramsgate
Lavender Mrs   81 Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Law T confectioner 47 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Lawrence Mrs   99 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Lawrence Mrs T   Clear View Cottage Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Lawrence S W       Dumpton Ramsgate
Lawrence T   2 Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Lawrence W   7 Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Lawrence W     Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Lawrence W   13,Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Lawrence W G jun   1 Salem Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Lawrence Mrs   21,Southwood Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Lawrence J Elephant & Castle Cumberland Place Hereson Hereson Ramsgate
Lawrence W G sen     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Lawrence J   Providence Cottage Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Lawrence A     Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Lawrence A W   Grove Cottage   Dumpton Ramsgate
Lawrence G   15 Castle Road   Ramsgate
Lawrence G   3,Winstanley Cottages Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Lawrence J   13 Mews Cottages   Ramsgate
Lawrence H   8 Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Lawrence Mrs   8,Ashburnham Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Lawrence J   9 Ellington   Ramsgate
Lawrence J   5, Cornwall Terrace Ayton Road   Ramsgate
Lawrence J   2 Albert Cottages, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Lawrence J   2 Broad Street   Ramsgate
Lawrence Mrs wardrobe dealer 1 Broad Street   Ramsgate
Lawrence G W   7 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Laws H   Silverdale Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Lawson P   1, Victor Villas Edith Road   Ramsgate
Lawson Miss   1 Kent Terrace   Ramsgate
Lazarus S pawnbroker 75 King Street   Ramsgate
Le Mann J   21 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Leach Miss   Beach House, 7 Kent Terrace   Ramsgate
Leach E butcher 38 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Leach Mrs L schoolmistress 19 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Leafchilds Miss   1, West Cliff Terrace Pegwell Bay Road   Ramsgate
Lednor C jun   38 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Lednor G   14 Castle Road   Ramsgate
Lednor Mrs T   Prospect House Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Lednor C gas & electric bell fitter &c. 53, 55 King Street   Ramsgate
Lednor C workshop Camden Cottages Camden Road   Ramsgate
Lee W   33 Albert Street   Ramsgate
Lee W J   1 Nelson Crescent   Ramsgate
Lee W   10 Nelson Crescent   Ramsgate
Lee Misses   10 Nelson Crescent   Ramsgate
Lee J E   4,Harold Villas Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Lee J   35 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Lee G   20 Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Leeds E (MB, MA Oxon)   28 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
Legallais E J   Ellerslie, 1 Myrtle Terrace Thanet Road   Ramsgate
Legge Mrs   8 Anns Road   Ramsgate
Leggett F cabinet maker 1, Greengrove Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Leggett Mrs   1, Greengrove Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Leigh W   9 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Leigh Lye Mrs   Greenlea Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Leman W boot maker   Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Leman T   11 Turner Street   Ramsgate
Leman Miss Sion School 5,Westbourne Terrace South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Lemon Miss   35 Adelaide Gardens   Ramsgate
Lepper H   3,Waltham Cottages Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Lester Mrs A C   Effingham Lodge, 18 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Lester Mrs   6,Osborne Villas Margate Road   Ramsgate
Letord L G   Dagmar House The Elms   Ramsgate
Leving Mrs E   Hewkley Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Lewer J   17 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Lewin F   3, Claremont Villas Dundonald Road   Ramsgate
Lewin Mrs   35 Grange Road   Ramsgate
Lewis T   2, West Cliff Terrace Pegwell Bay Road   Ramsgate
Lewis     10,Ranelagh Terrace Margate Road   Ramsgate
Lewis W   27 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Lewis Mrs   1 Anns Road   Ramsgate
Lewis Miss St Augustines College 2, Bay Villas Grange Road   Ramsgate
Lewis J watchmaker & jeweller 13 High Street   Ramsgate
Lewis G   20 La Belle Alliance Square   Ramsgate
Lewis Mrs E   Worcester House, 3 Kent Terrace   Ramsgate
Lewis Hyland & Linom family drapers, house furnishers, ladies outfitters &c. 33, 35, 37 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Lewis H   26 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Lilley K stationer 37 York Street   Ramsgate
Lince Miss   23 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Lincoln H   1 Salem Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Linscott J   16 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Linton C marine stores   Townley Street   Ramsgate
Littler Miss B M   1, Castledene Villas Edith Road   Ramsgate
Lloyd H   13 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Loaring Mrs   11 Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Lock W   6, Gordon Terrace Cross Road   Ramsgate
Lohmann B   Rotherwood Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Lomax Miss dressmaker Alexandra Villas, 37 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Long Mrs   54 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Long M   York Arms King Street   Ramsgate
Long R   4,Cedar Villas Picton Road   Ramsgate
Long R     Brickfield Cottages Dumpton Ramsgate
Long Miss   18 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
Long J   2 Dane Park Road   Ramsgate
Longley S P cabinet maker 53 Albert Street   Ramsgate
Longley G   12 Adelaide Gardens   Ramsgate
Longley     7, Elgar Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Longley T C   31 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Longley Mrs H Queen Coffee Tavern 47 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Longley J   7 Rodney Street   Ramsgate
Longley S P   4 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Longley Bros   Lime Tree House   St Lawrence Ramsgate
Longley J     Vicarage Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Longley G C carpenter & builder Paragon Cottages Paragon Place   Ramsgate
Lord E   23 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Lord G   Ravensdale Dane Park   Ramsgate
Lord Miss   Tenterfield House     Ramsgate
Lott W   32 Hertford Street   Ramsgate
Love W J   Spencer Cottage Spencer Street   Ramsgate
Love G   71 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Lovejoy A   2 Sion Hill   Ramsgate
Lovell Miss   11,Osborne Villas Margate Road   Ramsgate
Lowe Miss   4, Claremont Villas Dundonald Road   Ramsgate
Lowndes Mrs   3 Royal Crescent   Ramsgate
Lowther Misses   5 Paragon   Ramsgate
Lowther Rt Hon J president - The Ramsgate Constitutional Club 38 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Lucas A E   8, Gordon Terrace Cross Road   Ramsgate
Lucas Miss   Fernleigh, 5 Dover Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Lucas W   9,Waltham Cottages Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Lucas E   27 Monkton Place   Ramsgate
Lucas Mrs J   4 Eagle Hill   Ramsgate
Luck J   14, Watchman Terrace Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Luff G J builder, house decorator & blind maker 32 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Luff C J workshop 21 Rodney Street   Ramsgate
Luke A S   55 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Lurcock J   3 Montague Road   Ramsgate
Lush G confectioner 22 York Street   Ramsgate
Lutwyche W   Whippingham Dane Park   Ramsgate
Luxmore Mrs   Danescliffe Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Lynch Miss   3 Ayton Road   Ramsgate
Lynch W bootmaker 4 Ayton Road   Ramsgate
Lyons Miss   12 Hardres Street   Ramsgate

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