The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private W C Maunton


Private Walter Charles MAUNTON, G/4805, 2nd  Battalion,  Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment (attached Stokes Mortar Battery), died of gastro enteritis, 32nd British General Hospital, Amara, Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force, 10.20pm,  27th July  1917, age 31.

Born Bromley, Kent, son of Alfred John and Esther Annie Maunton, of Bromley, Kent.

18 July 1908, Bromley, Kent, married Mary Ann Handley, spinster, of Tansfield Lane, Wickham, Hampshire.   

1911 Census - 17 Wordsworth Road, Penge, SE. - Walter Charles Maunton, head, age 24, married, electrician, born Bromley, Kent; Mary Maunton, wife, age 24, married 2 years, 1 child born alive, 1 child died, born Ludlow, Shropshire.

Child - William John Handley Maunton born, 13th May 1911, Penge, SE.

Enlisted , Bromley, Kent, age 28 years & 3 months, height 5ft 5½ inches, weight 120lbs.  Resided 18 Wordsworth Road, Penge, SE / 2 Station Road, Penge, SE. Formerly dry battery maker.

Separation Allowance of 14/- + 3/6 a week & Allotment of Pay of 3/6 a week payable to wife, 37 Mill Street, Ludlow, Shopshire.

Home, 5th December 1914 to 21st April 1915; France, 22nd April 1915 to 8th May 1915; Home, 9th May 1915 to 9th December 1915; IEF, 10th December 1915 to 13th May 1916; India, 14th May 1916 to 22nd January 1917; IEF, 23rd January 1917 to 27th July  1917.

5th December 1914, enlisted; 8th December 1914, posted Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment; 15th December 1914, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 22nd April 1915, posted BEF & 1st Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 9th May 1915, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 10th December 1915, posted Indian Expeditionary Force & 2nd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 10th December 1915, Keynsham Dockyard, embarked HT Kinsfaun Castle; 22nd January 1916, Assan, disembarked; 22nd January 1916 to 29th January 1916, British  General Hospital, diarrhoea; 15th April 1916, Busra, Base General Hospital, colitis; 14th May 1916, transferred sick to India, HS Takada; 20th January 1917, Karachi, embarked; 28th January 1917, Busra, disembarked; 21st May 1917 to 29th May 1917, Hospital, Sand fly fever; 6th June 1917, to Base enroute Stokes Mortar School, Amara; 7th June 1917, Amara, Stokes Mortar Depot, joined for Class of Instruction; 17th June 1917, attached Stokes Mortar Battery; 19th June 1917, appointed paid Acting Lance Corporal; 19th July 1917, taken ill with cramp pains to the stomach and limbs, but no diarrhoea, but frequent vomiting; 21st July 1917, admitted to Hospital; 21st July 1917, reverts to Private; 26th July 1917, dangerously ill, effects of heat.

28th July 1917, Amara, 32nd British General Hospital - MEDICAL REPORT - Statement of the case of the late No.4805. Pte W Mannton, 2nd R.W.Kents att Stokes Mortar Batteries, admitted to the 32nd British General Hospital on 26th July 1917, suffering from Gastro Enteritis. History of Illness - Patient was received from P.54. 26th July 1917 suffering from Debility. Said he had been taken ill on the 19th July with cramp pains in his stomach and limbs but with no Diarrhoea, but frequent vomiting. Present condition was bad generally , much wasting and temp sub normal, pulse rate rapid and weak, skin cold and wet, stimulants given, very restless nad took little nourishment. During the night he was worse and saline was given per rectum, vomited greenish vomit several times. On the 27th had considerable pain in the abdomen relieved somewhat with foments. At about 10.10pm he became ?????? cyanosed and dyspnoeic. Died about 10.20pm. POST MORTEM - Heart, fatty degeneration of muscle with dilatation of right ventricle. Spleen enlarged slightly and frible. Liver slightly congested and fatty degeneration very marked. Stomach and duodenum markedly injected, no ulceration. ?????cum markedly Small intestines  injected towards duodenal and, no ulceration. Coecum markedly injected. The disease was contracted on and was due to active service.

23rd February 1918, pension of 18/9 a week awarded to widow and one child.

June 1920, Croydon Registration District, Mary Maunton, married William N Manning .

Buried at Amara War Cemetery, XIV. A. 4., Iraq.

NOTE from CWGC -  In 1933, all of the headstones were removed from this cemetery when it was discovered that salts in the soil were causing them to deteriorate. Instead a screen wall was erected with the names of those buried in the cemetery engraved upon it. 

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