The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private T Kemp


Private Thomas KEMP, L/4904, 1st  Battalion, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, died of wounds, 13 General Hospital Boulogne, France,  30th March 1915, aged 38.

Born Malling Kent.

Previously served 3 years Royal West Kent Militia, discharge by purchase.

Enlisted Woolwich Kent, age 37 years & 245 days, height 5ft 10¼ inches, weight 160lbs, small scar on back.  Resided 24 Overy Street, Dartford, Kent. Formerly road excavator.

Next of Kin, (daughter), Nellie Kemp, 24 Overy Street, Dartford, Kent / 74, West Hill, Dartford, Kent.

Home 10th December 1914 to 16th February 1915; BEF 17th February 1915 to 30th March 1915.

10th December 1914, enlisted & posted Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment; 15th December 1914, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 17th February 1915, posted BEF & 1st Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment.

29th June 1915, Letter from The Register Office Dartford, West Hill, Dartford - For Claim for Allowance of Wife and Family  from Pay of Man Serving in his Majestys Forces - Thomas Kemp - Extracts from the Birth Registers in respect of Child or Children of the above named man - Name of Child, Lottie Kemp; Date of Birth, Thirteenth April 1900, Place of Birth, 6 South Street, Dartford, UDC - Name of Child, Kate Kemp; Date of Birth, Sixth April 1902, Place of Birth, In a House Van, Joyce Green, Dartford, UDC -

30th June 1915, letter from Infantry Records to V E Wood Esq., Clerk to the Justices, Sessions House, Dartford - In reply to you letter attached herewith, Mrs Denyer has been given on this mans attestation as Guardian of his children and as such has been receiving Dependants Allowance. Nothing is known in this office about a grandfather.

7th July 1915, Declaration to be made by the Guardian of the Motherless child or children of a deceased Soldier in support of a claim to Pension - I Frances Alice Denyer, do solemnly and sincerely declare that that Thomas Kemp, Royal West Kent Regiment, 1st Battalion, 4904, who died at 13 General Hospital Boulogne, 30th day of March 1915, age 37 years was lawfully married at Dartford on the 23rd Day of February 1896 and that the following are true particulars of his children, who were living at the date of his death. Lottie Kemp, 1900, April 13th, at school, Dartford; Kattie Kemp, 1902, April 6th, at school Dartford. Living at 10 Overy Street, Dartford, Kent. I further declare that the children have not been granted and Pension, Gratuity, or other allowance from the Government on account of the Soldiers Services, except Separation Allowance and Allotment of Pay and that their Mother the late Margaret Kemp, died at Dartford on the 6th Day of August 1911. - signed by Frances Alice Denyer, 10 Overy Street, Dartford. We do hereby certify that, to the best of our knowledge and belief, Margatret Kemp was the lawful wife of the above named Soldier and we recommend his children, as described above, for the grant of Pensions. We further certify that the declarant is responsible for the care and maintenance of the children and is in our opinion qualified to act as their Guardian - JP for Darford, Kent. 

25th September 1915, two daughters awarded a pension of 10/- a week from 27th September 1915.

27th July 1919, Statement of Relatives - Widow, deceased; Children - Nellie Kemp, 13th February 1898, 74, West Hill, Dartford; Lottie Kemp, 13th April 1900, 25 South ????? Road, Greenhithe, Kent; Kate Kemp, 6th April 1902, Love? Walk, Denmark Hill, Camberwell?

August 1920, Mrs Ginn, late Miss Nellie Kemp, 102 Lowfield Street, Dartford, Kent.

Buried at  Boulogne Eastern Cemetery,   III. D. 70. and  commemorated at East Malling Green.

NOTE: Regimental History & Soldiers Died in the Great War show Service No. as L/4904; CWGC web site shows G/4904. 

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