The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private S Mackenzie


Photograph by "candat anthony"

Private  Sidney MACKENZIE, L/10707, 1st  Battalion,  Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, killed in action, Flanders France, 17th January 1917.

Born Chiswick, Middlesex, son of Duncan & Charlotte Mackenzie.

24th April 1886, All Saints, Edmonton, Enfield, Duncan Mackenzie, age 22 bachelor, paper stainer, Edmonton, father Alick Mackenzie, deceased, married Charlotte Barton, age 20, Edmonton, father, William Barton, paper stainer.

1899 June Edmonton Registration Dsitrict, Charlotte Mackenzie, died age 33.

1901 Census - 3 Evelyn Road, Acton, London -  Duncan Mackenzie, head, age 36, married, wallpaper stainer, worker, born London, Surrey; Rose Mackenzie, wife, married age 27, born Dover, Kent; Duncan Mackenzie, son, age 13, born Acton, Middlesex; Herbert Mackenzie, son, age 11, born Acton, Middlesex; Edith Mackenzie, daughter, age 9, born Chiswick, Middlesex; Florence Mackenzie, daughter, age 7, born Chiswick, Middlesex; Sydney Mackenzie, son, age 5, born Chiswick, Middlesex; Gladys Mackenzie, daughter, age 2, born Chiswick, Middlesex; Elizabeth Mackenzie, daughter, age 8 months, born Acton, Middlesex. 

1911 Census - 26 Clovelly Road, Acton Green, London W. - Duncan Mackenzie, age 47, married, wallpaper printer, worker, born Blackfriars, Surrey; Rose Mackenzie, wife, age 35, married 12 years, 6 children, 3 still alive, born Dover, Kent; Elizabeth Mackenzie, daughter, age 11, born Acton Green, Middlesex; Rose Mackenzie, daughter, age 9, born Acton Green, Middlesex; Ernest Mackenzie, son age 7, born Acton Green, Middlesex.

Enlisted Poplar, Middlesex, age 18 years & 360 days, height 5ft 4 inches, weight 113lbs, fresh complexion, grey eyes, brown hair, scar left forearm. Formerly general labourer.

Home, 19th March 1915 to 30th August 1915; BEF, 31st August 1915 to 17th January 1917.

19th March 1915, enlisted; 20th March 1915, posted Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment; 27th March 1915, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 15th April 1915, Chatham,  improper conduct whilst on parade, 4 days confined to Barracks; 6th June 1915, Chatham, Whilst on Active Service, overstaying his pass from Tattoo until 11.30am, 7th, deprived 4 days pay, forfeits 2 days pay; 31st August 1915, posted BEF & 1st Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 1st September 1915 5 Infantry Base Depot; 9th September 1915, joined Battalion In the Field, "D" company. 

21st June 1919, Statement of Relatives - Father, Duncan Mackenzie, 61 Priory Road, Acton Green, W4; Mother, deceased; Brothers, full blood - Duncan Mackenzie, age 32, Canada; Herbert Mackenzie, age 30, address unknown; Brothers, half blood - Ernest Mackenzie, age 15, 61 Priory Road, Acton Green, W4; Sisters, full blood - Edith Mackenzie, age 28, Plaistowe; Florence Mackenzie, age 26, Plaistowe; Gladys Mackenzie, age 22, Plaistowe; Sisters, half blood - Lily Mackenzie, age 19, 61 Priory Road, Acton Green, W4; Rose Mackenzie, age 17, 61 Priory Road, Acton Green, W4; 61 Priory Road, Acton Green, W4; Violet Mackenzie, age 8, 61 Priory Road, Acton Green, W4.

Commemorated at Gorre British & Indian Cemetery, III. E. 18., France.

NOTE: Regimental History & Soldiers Died in the Great War show lastname spelt MACKENZIE; CWGC web site spell it MCKENZIE.

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