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Private H Kenchatt


Private Harold KENCHATT, L/11169, 6th  Battalion,  Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, (1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment, Service No.8597.), killed in action, Flanders France, 24th August 1916, age 25.

20th November 1891, born Hampstead, Middlesex, son of William & Harriet Kenchatt, of West Lodge, Golders Hill Park, North End Road, Hampstead, London.

14th August 1892, Christ Church, Hampstead, Camden, baptism of Harold Kenchatt, son of William, (painter) & Harriet Kenchatt, 7 Golders Hill Terrace.

Enlisted London, age 18 years, height 5ft 5½ inches, weight 116lbs, fresh complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, scar right wrist, centre back. Formerly booking clerk.

Home *26th August 1907 to 14th April 1916; BEF 15th April 1916 to 24th August 1916.

*Service reckons from 8th January 1916, forfeits all previous service, deserted.

26th August 1907, enlisted & posted Depot, Cheshire Regiment; 1st November 1907, posted 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment; 6th January 1908, case of drunkenness; 24th June 1908, Bordon, refusing to obey an order, 5 days confined to Barracks; 25th November 1908, Bordon, dirty boots on Parade, 3 days confined to Barracks; 9th November 1909, Belfast, overstaying his furlough from midnight until 9.30am, 10th November, 9½ hours, 7 days confined to Barracks, forfeits ? days pay; 28th January 1910, 3rd Class Certificate of Education; 4th January 1911, Belfast, drunk in Clifton, at about 11.15pm, 10 days confined to Barracks; 3rd March 1911, Belfast, very dirty on guard mounting parade, 2 extra guards; 14th March 1911, Belfast, received special dental treatment, cost 2/-; 3rd May 1911 to 12th June 1911, Belfast, gonorrhea, contagion severe; 15th June 1911, Belfast, having a dirty rifle on guard mounting, 2 extra guards; 24th June 1911, Belfast, hesitating to obey an order, 7 days confined to Barracks; 24th August 1911, Belfast, improperly dressed on Funeral Parade, 2 days confined to Barracks; 31st August 1911, Belfast, dirty on guard mounting, 3 days confined to Barracks; 12th January 1912 to 16th January 1912, Belfast, gonorrhea, slight irritation; 3rd June 1912, Ballykinler, late falling in for Parade at 7.00am, 3 days confined to Barracks; 20th September 1912, Belfast, overstaying his Permanent Pass from 12.00 midnight until 9.10pm 21st inst, 21 hours 10 minutes, 7 days confined to Barracks; 25th September 1912, declared a deserter.

30th March 1913, Certificate of Deserters Balance - the balance on the non - effective account of No.8597. H Kenchatt on the occasion of his desertion on 25th September 1912 was £// 12 3¾ and this amount was accounted for in the Pay List for H Company, 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment for the month of March 1913.

15th December 1915, From the Governor of H.M. Prison, Wormwood Scrubs - particulars of the conviction of a Soldier, Member of Territorial Force, an Army Pensioner, or a Member of the Army Reserve, now confined in the above Prison under a sentence imposed by a Court other than a Military Court - Harold Kechatt, Soldier (Deserter), 8597 Pte. 1st Battalion Cheshire Regiment, Belfasy; Deserted 3 years ago; Arrested 14th December 1915, Convicted 14th December 1915, Wrst London Police Court; Making a false answer on Attestation; Sentence 14 days hard labour; Earliest possible date and hour of Discharge, 27th December 1915, 8.00am.

15th December 1915, From the Governor of H.M. Prison, Wormwood Scrubs, to Officer Commanding, Depot, Cheshire Regiment, Chester - Pte Harold Kenchatt, 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment, Service No.8597. - "I beg to inform you that the above named will be due for release at 7.30am on Monday 27th December 1915. Will you be good enough to send an escort to receive him at that hour or as soon after as possible? If he be for discharge from the Service a suit of plain clothes will be required. Please reply stating if you can do so."

16th December 1915, From Colonel, Commanding Depot, Cheshire Regiment to Governor of H.M. Prison, Wormwood Scrubs - With reference to your communication of the 15th instant, advising me of the release of the above named Soldier on 27th instant, I shall be pleased if you will kindly forward particulars of the offence as charged in the commitment "making a false entry on attestation". Nothing is known in this office of the whereabouts of this man since his desertion, but it would now appear that he has attempted to enlist in another unit.

17th December 1915 from Governor of H.M. Prison, Wormwood Scrubs to Colonel, Commanding Depot, Cheshire Regiment, The only particulars I have of the offence are those shown on Form 39 which was forwarded to you on the 15th instant. It is evident he attempted to enlist in another unit but failed.

31st December 1915, I Harold Kenchatt do hereby confess that I am No.8597. of the 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment, Corps, and that I deserted from that Corps on 25th September 1912.

4th January 1916, Form of Order Dispensing with Trial in Cases of Desertion and Fraudulent Enlistment - As it appears from the annexed confession that No.8597, Private H Kenchatt, 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment has signed a confession of having been guilty of desertion. The General Officer, Commanding in Chief, Western Command, hereby dispenses with the Trial of the said soldier with effect from this date and orders that instead of being tried by a Court Martial he shall suffer the same forfeitures and deductions from pay (if any) as if he had been convicted by a district Court Martial of the said offence. And also further orders that he shall suffer deductions from his pay - (a) Until he has made good the value of the deficiency in his arms, ammunition, equipments, instruments and public clothing at the time at which his absence from his Corps began. (b) Also he has made good the value of the free kit obtained by him on his re enlistment. The actual period of absenand the actual sum sufficient to make good the above compensation will be ascertained by his present Commanding Officer; and no greater deduction shall be made from the pay of the above named soldier than is sufficient to make good the sum ascertained.

8th January 1916, transferred to Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment; 8th January 1916, Forfeits all previous service, service reckons from this date, deserted; 15th April 1916, embarked to join 6th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 3rd July 1916, wounded in action, shell wound, elbow & shoulder; 8th July 1916, Etaples, 40 Infantry Base Depot, joined from No.2. Convalescent Camp; 23rd July 1916, Etaples, 40 Infantry Base Depot, attached 1st Royal West Surrey Regiment.

23rd June 1919, Statement of Relatives - Father, William Kenchatt, West Lodge, Golders Hill Park; Mother, none; Brothers - Maurice George Kenchatt, age 21, West Lodge, Golders Hill Park; Sisters - Flora Kenchatt, age 31, West Lodge, Golders Hill Park; Daisy Kenchatt, age 24, West Lodge, Golders Hill Park.

Buried at Quarry Cemetery, I. C. 4., Montauban, France.

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