The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private H Hinkley


Private Harry HINKLEY, 240100, (1255), 1st/5th Battalion, (attached 2nd Battalion), Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, died as a Prisoner of War,  Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force, 30th June  1916. 

Born Luton, Chatham, Kent, son of Ernest James & Elizabeth Hinkley.

Enlisted Chatham,  Kent, age 18 years & 10 months, height 5ft 7 inches. Resided 9 Brisbane Road, Chatham, Kent. Formerly labourer.

Home 31st January 1912 to 28th October 1914; India, 29th October 1914 to 21st August 1915; Expeditionary Force "D", 22nd August 1915 to 30th June 1916.

31st January 1912, enlisted; 18th May 1915, embarked Bombay; 21st May 1915, Busra, disembarked; 29th April 1916, captured at Kut-al-Amara;

14th January 1919, War Office Memo - Information has been furnished from an officer who was recently a Prisoner of War in Turkey, that No.240100(1255) Pte F Hinkley, 1/5th Royal West Kent Regiment, died on the march from Baghdad during June 1916. The relatives should be informed that it is feared there is no reason to doubt the accuracy of this information, and that it has accordingly been accepted as correct for official purposes. The relatives were informed by the Office in February, 1917 that a Prisoner of War who was exchanged from Turkey in 1916, reported having seen Pte Hinkley at Baghdad. As it is known that this man could not have been at Baghdad later than the commencement of August 1916, this date was given to relatives as approximately that on  which Hinckley was seen by him. There was, however, no evidence that it was not actually sometime prior to August when the witness saw Hinckley, and this was the case appears to be proved by the information now received. It is also now known that most of the Prisoners of War from Kut who were fit to be removed left Baghdad about the middle of May 1916. This explanation of the apparaent discrepancy between the information previously furnished and the report of death now received would be communicated to the relatives. Non-effective documents should now be prepared, the date of death being taken as "between 1st and 30th June 1916."

26th November 1919, Statement of Relatives - Father, Ernest James Hinkley, 9 Brisbane Road, Chatham, Kent; Mother, Elizabeth Hinkley, 9 Brisbane Road, Chatham, Kent; Brothers - Logan Arthur Hinkley, age 25, 9 Brisbane Road, Chatham, Kent; Louis Victor Hinkley, age 19, 9 Brisbane Road, Chatham, Kent; Albert William Hinkley, age 16, 9 Brisbane Road, Chatham, Kent; Sisters - Hilda Elizabeth Hinkley, age 21, 9 Brisbane Road, Chatham, Kent.

Date of death to recorded officially as between 1st & 30th June 1916.

18th August 1919, date when Separation Allowance of 5/- a week, payable to mother, will cease.

Commemorated at  Basra Memorial, Panel 29., Iraq.

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