The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private H C Mankelow


Photograph by "soilsister"

Private Herbert Charles MANKELOW, G/18982, 8th  Battalion,  Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, killed in action, Flanders France, 3rd February 1918,  age 28.

Born Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, son of George Edward & Adelaide Mankelow, of 2 Park Villas, Maidstone, Road, Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent / 210, Tonbridge Road, Maidstone, Kent.

191 Census - Freehold,  Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent - George Mankelow, head, age 52, married, carpenter, building, worker, born Hadlow, Kent; Adelaide Mankelow, wife, age 51, married 30 years, 14 children, 13 still living, born Hadlow, Kent; Kate Mankelow, daughter, age 27, single, cook, born East Peckham, Kent; Cissy Mankelow, daughter, age 22, single, general servant, born Hadlow, Kent; Herbert Mankelow, son, age 20, single, Crystalate Factory hand, worker, born Hadlow, Kent; Clifford Mankelow, son, age 16, single, garden boy, worker, born Hadlow, Kent; Gladys Mankelow, daughter, age 15, single, born Hadlow, Kent; Stewart Mankelow, son, age 13, school, born Hadlow, Kent; Verney Mankelow, son, age 12, school, born Hadlow, Kent; Jack Mankelow, son, age 10, school, born Hadlow, Kent; Dorothy Mankelow, daughter, age 7, school, born Hadlow, Kent; Elsie Webb, visitor, age 5, school, born Plaistow, Essex; Mark Derwent, foundling, age 5, school, born London; Walter Nixon, foundling,  age 2, born London; Edgar Meredith, foundling, age 9 months, born London.

Enlisted Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, age 19 years & 11 months, height 5ft 6½ inches, weight 146lbs. Resided The Freehold,  Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent. Formerly asylum attendant / pressman, Crystalate Works.

Home 24th March 1911 to 28th October 1914; India 29th October 1914 to 19th April 1916; Home 20th April 1916 to 2nd December 1916; BEF 3rd December 1916 to 3rd February 1918.

24th March 1911, enlisted 1st/4th Battalion, (Reserve), Royal West Kent Regiment, Service No.1154, for a period of 4 years; 6th August 1911 to 13th August 1911, Crowborough, Annual Training; 1912, Worthing, Annual Training, Leave; 1913, Seaford, Annual Training, Leave; 1st August 1914 to 4th August 1914, Longmoor, Annual Training; 5th August 1914 to 9th August 1914, Dover; 9th August 1914 to 28th August 1914, Canterbury; 28th August 1914 to 29th October 1914, Sandwich; 29th October 1914, posted India; 29th October 1914 to 2nd December 1914, H.T. "Somali"; 4th December 1914, Jubblepore, India; 20th October 1915 to 2nd November 1915, Jubblepore, India, admitted to Hospital with a Colles fracture (left) not in performance of his duty at the time, istory of football accidents, bandage & massage; 18th April 1916, Jubblepore, India embarked for discharge; 19th May 1916, re-engaged, duration of war; 17th June 1916, posted 4th/4th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 2nd December 1916, posted 7th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 3rd December 1916, embarked & posted 8th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment.

30th September 1919, Statement of Relatives - Widow, nil; Chidren, nil; Father, deceased; Mother, Adelaide Mankelow, 210, Tonbridge Road, Maidstone, Kent; Grandparents deceased. 

Buried at Hargicourt British Cemetery, I. I. 13., France.

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