The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private H C Hayman




 Photograph by "Geoffrey Gillon"

Private Horace Charles HAYMAN, 1219, 9th Battalion, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, died, 25th April 1918, age 31.

1886, December Quarter, born Ightham, Kent, son of William and Ellen Hayman of Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent.

Home 28th January 1902 to 5th March 1903; India 6th March 1903 to 23rd February 1904; South Africa 24th February 1904 to 10th? February 1905; Home 11th? February 1905 to 7th March 1905.

28th January 1902, enlisted Maidstone, Corps of Dragoons of the Line, age 20, height 5ft 7 inches, weight 125lbs, fresh complexion, hazel eyes, brown hair, mole left clavical. Formerly milkman.

30th January 1902, posted 5th Dragoon Guards, Service No.5079; 23rd December 1902, absent; 28th December 1902, rejoined; 6th March 1903, reposted 5th Dragoon Guards; 1st April 1904, extended service to complete 8 years with the Colours; 7th March 1905, Netley, discharged medically unfit.

1907, September Quarter, Malling Registration District, married Mary Kate Hawker, of 56, Chevening Lane, Knockholt, Kent.

1911 Census - Park Cottages, Knockholt, Kent - Horace Charles Hayman, head, age 30, married, Army Pensioner / farm labourer, worker, born Ightam, Kent; Mary Kate Hayman, wife, age 34, married 3 years 2 children, both still alive, Twyning, Gloucestershire; William Stanley Hayman, son, age 3, born Knockholt, Kent; Horace Ernest Hayman, son, age 1, born Knockholt, Kent.

Home 30th October 1914 to 10th August 1917.

30th October 1914, enlisted; 31st October 1914, posted Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment, age 35 years & 1 month; 31st October 1914, posted 7th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 29th July 1915, posted 9th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 1st September 1916, transferred to Training Reserve & posted 22nd Battalion; 2nd April 1917, transferred to Middlesex Regiment & posted 29th Battalion, Service No.G/88979; 18th May 1917, transferred to Labour Corps & posted 5th Battalion, Service No.151698; 10th August 1917, discharged as no longer fit for War Service following Medical Board.

Service Records annotated - "5th Dragoon Guards, invalided 3rd February 1912"

Buried at  Knockholt St Katharine Churchyard, In North-West part, Knockholt, Kent.

NOTE: Not included in Regimental History.

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