The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private F Keefe


Private Frederick KEEFE, G/11517, 2nd  Battalion,  Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, killed in action, Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force, 29th October 1918, age 23.

Born Deptford, Kent, son of Peter and Mary (Polly) Elizabeth Keefe, of 83, Hughes Fields, Deptford, London / 17 Watergate Street, Deptford, SE / 37 Watergate Street, Deptford, SE.

1911 Census - Peter Keefe, head, age 39, married, hawker fish, own account, born Deptford, London; Mary Keefe, wife, age 37, married 19 years, 9 children, 8 still alive, born Deptford, London; Maud Keefe, daughter, age 19, single, domestic servant, worker, born Deptford, London; Ada Keefe, daughter, age 17, single, born Deptford, London; Frederick Keefe, son, age 15, single, born Deptford, London; Harriett Keefe, daughter, age 10, born Deptford, London; Rose Keefe, daughter, age 1½ years, born Deptford, London; James Keefe, son, age 9, born Deptford, London.

NOTE - census records last name as KEFE

Enlisted Deptford, Kent, age 19 years, 339 days, height 5ft 8 inches, weight 119lbs.  Resided 17 Watergate Street, Depotford, SE.  Formerly rag dealer.

6th December 1915, enlisted & posted 11th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment, Depot Company; 5th February 1916, posted 12th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 5th March 1916, Northampton, dirty on Church Parade, 2 days confined to Barracks; 2nd April 1916, Northampton, overstaying his pass from 12.00 midnight until reporting himself at 12.10am, 4th April 1916, 5 days confined to Barracks, forfeits 2 days pay; 10th April 1916, posted 10th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 3rd May 1916, posted BEF,  embarked Southampton; 4th May 1916, disembarked Harves; 30th September 1916, wounded, gun shot wound left hand, head & right thigh; 8th October 1916, Etaples, transferred to No.1. Canadian Hospital, for Hospital Ship, Cambria, transferred to England. 8th October 1916, posted Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment8th October 1916,  9th October 1916 to 3rd November 1916, London War Hospital; 11th November 1916, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 8th February 1917, posted 2nd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 9th February 1917, embarked Devonport; 23rd May 1917, disembarked Busra; 31st May 1917, joined Battalion, In the Field; 7th November 1917, Sadiyah, absent from sick parade at about 4.30pm, 5 days confined to Barracks; 22nd November 1917, present with Unit; 12th March 1918, present with Unit.

26th May 1918, date when Separation Allowance, of 8/9 a week,  payable to mother, will cease.

25th August 1919, Statement of Relatives - Father, Peter Keefe, 37 Watergate Street, Deptford; Mother, Mary (Polly) E Keefe, 37 Watergate Street, Deptford; Brothers - James Keefe, age 18, 37 Watergate Street, Deptford; Thomas Keefe, age 8, 37 Watergate Street, Deptford; Sisters - Maud Macland, age 27, Roan Stteet, Greenwich; Ada Wood, age 25, 66 Watergate Street; Amy Keefe, age 22, 37 Watergate Street; Harriett Keefe, age 20, 37 Watergate Street; Rose Keefe, age 11, 37 Watergate Street; Nellie, age 5, 37 Watergate Street; Grandparents, deceased; Nephews / Nieces - Nellie Wood, 66 Watergate Street; Uncles / Aunts - Margaret Fisher, Catford; Tom? Keefe, Comet Street, Deptford; Frederick Hughes, age 42, Swindon?; Annie Newton, age 47, 16 Trevithick Street, Deptford; Amy Hughes, age 50, Point Hill, Blackheath.

Buried  at Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery, XVIII. F. 1/29., Iraq.

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