The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private C I Kirrage


Private Charles Ingram KIRRAGE, L/11752, 10th  Battalion,  Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, killed in action, Flanders France, 29th September 1918, age 26.  

17th January 1892, born 17 Sheldon Place, Bethnal Green, Middlesex, son of Alfred Henry and Annie Kirrage.

1911 Census - 144 Coventry Street, Bethnal Green Road, London NE - Henry Kirrage, head, age 44, married, bricklayer, for employer, born Erith, Kent; Annie Eliza Kirrage, wife, age 44, married 24 years, 12 children, 11 still alive, born Bethnal Green; Annie May Kirrage, daughter, age 23, single, boot work (finisher), for employer, born Shoreditch; Charles Ingram Kirrage, son age 19, single, labourer general, for employer, born Bethnal Green; Stephen John, son  age 17, single, labourer general, for employer, born Bethnal Green; Minnie Kirrage, daughter, age 14, school, born Bethnal Green; Herbert Kirrage, son, age 12, chool, born Bethnal Green; Percy Eric Kirrage, son, age 10, school, born Bow; Ernest Robert Kirrage, son age 8, school, born Edmonton; Maud Kirrage, daughter, age 5, school, born Mile End; Lily Kirrage, daughter, age 3, born Mile End; Vilot Kirrage, daughter, age 1, born Mile End.

28th July 1917, St Jude, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, Charles Ingram Kirrage, age 25, bachelor, Private in Royal Fusiliers, 9 Giles Gardens, St Andrew, father Henry Kirrage, bricklayer, deceased?, married Nellie Eliza Easterbrook, age 24, spinster, box maker, 28 Hollybush Gardens, father, Edward Easterbrook, Soldier.

Children - Lilian Easterbrook, born 21st June 1916, Whitechapel, before marriage; Charles Henry, born 3rd May 1918, Bethnal Green.  Deceased 13th January 1919, 8 months old, son of Charles Ingram Kirrage, deceased, Private 11752, Royal West Kent Regiment, broncho pneumonia, mother N E Kirrage, present at death at 38 Hollybush Gardens, Bethnal Green.

Enlisted London, age 19 years & 6 months, height 5ft 7⅞ inches, weight 121lbs, scar inner side left knee, fresh complexion, blue eyes, brown hair. Formerly builders labourer.

Home 25th July 1911 to 11th September 1912; India, 12th September 1912 to 9th December 1914; Home 10th December 1914 to 15th March 1915; Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, 16th March 1915 to 23rd April 1916; BEF 24th April 1916 to 1st August 1916; Home 2nd August 1916 to 28th December 1916; BEF 29th December 1916 to 1st June 1917; Home 2nd June 1917 to 3rd April 1918; BEF 4th April 1918 to 29th September 1918.

25th July 1911, enlisted; 26th July 1911, posted Depot, Royal Fusiliers; 31st July 1911, Classified "C" Education Test; 28th October 1911, posted 1st Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, Service No.  L/14754; 12th September 1912, posted India & 2nd Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; 16th November 1912, 3rd Class Certificate of Education; 23rd May 1913, Jubbleppore, Course in Ambulance; 16th March 1915, Avonmouth embarked; 27th April 1915, Gallipoli, Guildford Castle Hospital Ship, diarrhoea; 4th August 1915, Gallipoli, rejoined Battalion; 4th August 1915, Gallipoli, Lowland, dysentery; 6th October 1915, Abbassia, Cairo Egypt, Rest Camp; 7th February 1916, Mustipha, Base Depot; 17th April 1916, Egypt, embarked; 24th April 1916, Marseille, disembarked; 27th April 1916, Rouen, joined Base Depot; 3rd May 1916, to 8 Entrenching Battalion; 4th May 1916, joined 8 Entrenching Battalion; 24th May 1916, posted 22nd Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; 28th May 1916, joined 22nd Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, In the Field; 28th July 1916, wounded in action; 31st July 1916, transferred to England, ex 10 General Hospital, Rouen, gun shot wound right thigh; 2nd August 1916, posted Depot, Royal Fusiliers; 2nd August 1916 to 9th August 1916, Hospital, gun shot wound right thigh; 9th August 1916 to 11th September 1916, Hospital, bullet wound thigh, then discharged on 10 days furlough; 20th September 1916, Dover, overstaying his furlough from Tattoo until 10.15pm 21st September 1916, admonished & forfeits 2 days pay; 21st September 1916, posted 6th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; 20th October 1916, Watford, absent from Tattoo until 11.30pm 24th October 1916, 14 days confined to Barracks, forfeits 5 days days; 26th November 1916, Watford, absent from 9.00am until apprehended by the Civil Police at 7.30am 6th December 1916, 168 hours detention, forfeits 11 days pay; 28th December 1916, embarked; 29th December 1916, posted BEF/ Infantry Base Depot; 30th December 1916, posted 2nd Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; 17th January 1917, posted 12th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; 20th May 1917, 73 Field Ambulance, dislocation patella & cartilage left knee; 25th May 1917, 12 Casualty Clearing Station; 25th May 1917, Amieses, 3rd New Zealand Hospital; 1st June 1917, transferred to England; 2nd June 1917, posted Depot, Royal Fusiliers; 2nd June 1917 to 23rd July 1917, 4 Southern General Hospital, internal detanglement of left knee joint; 4th August 1917, posted 6th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; 13th August 1917, posted Eastern Command Depot; 13th March 1918, posted 6th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; 14th March 1918, awarded 15 days Detention by Commanding Office, forfeits 15 days pay for absence, 27th February 1918 to 13th March 1918; 28th March 1918, rejoined 6th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, from Detention; 4th April 1918, posted BEF, 6th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; 6th April 1918, transferred to Royal West Kent Regiment; 6th April 1918, posted 10th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 7th April 1918, joined Battalion, In the Field; 2nd May 1918, wounded in action; 2nd May 1918, admitted Casualty Clearing Station, gas shell wound; 8th May 1918, Boulogne General Hospital; 10th May 1918, Eccult, 10 Convalescent Depot; 25th May 1918, Etaples, "J" Depot; 28th May 1918, proceeded to join Unit In the Field.

20th April 1919, date when Separation Allowance of 32/6 a week will cease.

21st April 1919, Pension of 20/5 a week awarded to widow & 1 child, born before marriage but being maintained as part of his household.

22nd August 1919, Statement of Relatives - Widow Nellie Eliza Kirrage, 38 Hollybush Gardens, Bethnal Green; Child before marriage Lilian Easterbrook, 38 Hollybush Gardens, Bethnal Green;

Commemorated at Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 106 to 108, Belgium.

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