The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private C Hall



Photograph by "Charlie"

Private Charles HALL, L/9896,  1st   Battalion, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, died of tetanus, following being wounded in action, (shrapnel wound right thigh, left arm), Netley Hospital, 3rd October 1914.

Born Sydenham, Kent, son of Joseph & Charlotte Hall of 38 Parish Lane, Penge, SE.

Previously served in 3rd Battalion, (Special Reserve), East Surrey Regiment, Service No.7154. 19th January 1912 to 21st may 1912.

Enlisted Kingston-on-Thames., age 17 years & 6 months, height 5ft 4 inches, weight 116lbs, fresh complexion, brown eyes, auburn hair, woman encircled by snake left forearm, cross & flowers & sailor right forearm, scar middle of back.  Resided 38 Parish Lane, Penge, SE. Formerly fishmongers assistant.

Brother, Frederick Hall, Royal Field Artillery; Harry Hall,  38 Parish Lane, Penge, SE; Sister, Mabel Hall, address not known

Home 21st May 1912 to 13th August 1914; BEF 14th August 1914 to 24th September 1914; Home 25th September 1914 to 3rd October 1914.

21st May 1912, enlisted & posted Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment; 21st October 1912, posted 1st Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment, after attain the age of 18; 20th June 1913, 3rd Class Certificate of Education; 7th February 1914, Transport Duties, class of instruction; 14th August 1914, posted BEF; 6th September 1914, wounded in action; 25th September 1914 to 3rd October 1914, Netley Hospital.

8th June 1919, Statement of Relatives, provided by Mrs Edith Sarah Jenkins, (Aunt), age 43, 50 Churchfield Road, Beckenham, Kent - *Father, Joseph Hall, whereabouts, not known; Mother, died Lewisham Union Infirmary, 20th January 1908, age 39; Brothers - Fred Hall & Harry Hall, whereabouts, not known; Sister - Mabel Maud Hall, whereabouts, not known. * Father abandoned children on death of wife.

Buried at Netley Military Cemetery,  N. 313. Hampshire.

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