The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private A J Kimber


Photograph by "julia&keld"

Private Albert John KIMBER, 20113, (2001), a2nd / 5th  Battalion,  Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, died, 5th January 1918, age 40.

1909 June Quarterm Bromley Registration District, Albert John Kimber, married Ada Godfrey.

1911 Census - 17 Scotts Road, Bromley, Kent - Albert John Kimber, head, age 32, married, coal labourer, worker, born Seal, Kent; Ada  Kimber, wife, age 35, married 2 years, 1 child, born Langley, near Maidstone; Agnes Lilian Kimber, daughter, age 1, born Bromley, Kent.

Previously served with West Kent Yeomanry, belongs to National Reserve.

Enlisted, age 36 years & 2 months. Resided 11 Scotts Road, Bromley, Kent.

Home 24th October 1914 to 20th February 1916.

24th October 1914, attached 5th Battalion, local Guard, Territorial Force.

7th February 1916, Medical Board - VDH Aortic. Origin two months ago, Dartford. Complained of great pain in chest after route marching, also cough. Heart hypertrophied & dilated. Murmurs over aortic valve and at apex. Not result of Service, not stated whether aggravated by. Permanent prevents ¾. 1st September 1916, this mans present condition may be regarded for pension purposes aggravated by service generally, but should be examined again.

20th February 1916, Dartford, Kent, discharged as "no longer physically fit for War Service" due to sickness. Silver War Badge issued. No overseas Service. Fit for civil employment. At time of discharge, age 37 years 6 months, height 5ft 8½ inches, fresh complexion, hazel eyes, brown hair, clasped hands tattoo right wrist, female figure on left arm, trade furniture porter, intended place of residence 64 Farwig Lane, Bromley, Kent.

Pension 4/8 a week, 21st February 1916 to 29th February 1916.; 15/- a week from 1st March 1916 to 20th November 1916, expires 20th November 1916;  1st November 1916, Interim Award 15/- a week expires 20th January 1917; 11th December 1916, report of Medical Board, total incapacity; 27th December 1916, 20/-? a week, expires 20th July 1917; 22nd June 1917, Report of Medical Board, prevents 7/10, currently increased to 27/6 a week from 4th April 1917 to 20th July 1917, then 19/3 a week for 39 weeks, expires 23rd April 1918.

Buried at Bromley (Plaistow) Cemetery, G. 54., United Kingdom.  Commemorated on Bromley War Memorial.

NOTE: not included in Regimental History or Soldiers Died in the Great War; shown on CWGC web site.

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