The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Pte A Heath


Private Arthur HEATH, 7919, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment.

Born Greenwich, London, Kent, enlisted 28th October 1904, Maidstone, Kent, age 18, height 5ft 3 inches, weight 115lbs. Formerly rivett carrier?

Brothers - Ernest Heath; Henry Heath; William James Heath (Royal West Kent Regiment); Alfred Heath, 65 Lascelles Road, Greenwich, London, Kent.

Previously served in Royal West Kent Regiment, Special Reserve.

Home 28th October 1904 to 26th September 1905; Malta 27th September 1905 to 11th November 1906; Singapore 12th November 1906 to 6th December 1908; India, 7th December 1908 to 8th November 1912; Home 9th November 1912 to 13th August 1914; BEF, 14th August 1914 to 21st May 1915; Home, 22nd May 1915 to 31st March 1920.

28th October 1904, enlisted; 15th February 1905, posted Provisional Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 27th September 1905, posted 1st Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 12th November 1906, posted 2nd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 4th January 1907, awarded swimming certificate; 3rd January 1910, appointed unpaid Lance Corporal; 29th October 1910, appointed paid Lance Corporal; 17th July 1912, Cherat, India, agreed to be transferred to Army Reserve on arrival in the UK; 18th November 1912, transferred to Army Reserve; 29th January 1913, Army Reserve; 13th November 1913, re-engaged Army Reserve; 5th August 1914, mobilized; 6th August 1914, posted 1st Battalion; 24th August 1914, wounded; 30th June 1915, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 7th September 1916, appointed Acting Corporal; 10th April to 19th April 1917, awaiting Trial; 20th April 1917, tried by DCM, While on Active Service, an act to the prejudice of good order & military discipline, While on Active Service, conduct to he prejudice of good order & military discipline, sentenced to 84 days detention; 27th April 1917, to Detention Barracks, Wandsworth; 30th May 1917, from Detention Barracks, 45 days remitted; 31st May 1917, to Duty; 9th July 1917, transferred to Labour Corps, 319200; 15th August 1917, posted 398 HS Employment Company; 13th March 1918, appointed paid Corporal, 398 HS Employment Company, Labour Corps; 30th August 1918, posted 402 HS Employment Company, Labour Corps; 31st March 1920, discharged

London Gazette 30th January 1920

The names of the under mentioned Officers, Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men have been; brought to the notice of the Secretary of State for War, in accordance with the terms of Army Order 193 of 1919, for gallant conduct land determination displayed in 'escaping or attempting to escape from captivity. Dated 5th May, 1919: -  7919 L./C. A. Heath, 1st Bn., R.W. Kent R. (now No.319200 Pte. (A./Cpl.), Labour Corps. 

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