Pigots 1840 - Kent

Woolwich with the villages of Charlton, Plumstead, Shooter's Hill & neighbourhoods 


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Woolwich is a market town and parish in the hundred of Blackheath and lathe of Sutton-at Hone. 8 miles SE from London – situated on elevated ground, rising gently from the south bank of the Thames, on the Essex border of which is a detached part of the parish. In ancient times this place was called Hulviz and subsequently Woollewic and was originally a petty fishing town so obscure as to be unnoticed by any of the early Kentish historians. It owes its present importance to its situation on the river which in this part nearly three quarters of a mile broad, and of sufficient depth, at the lowest state of the tide, for vessels of the largest class. In the reign of Henry VII ships were first built here, but it does not appear that any regular dock yard was established until the time of Henry VIII; this was enlarged by Elizabeth and in the reign of Charles I the most stupendous ship ever constructed in England was launched from it; the vessel bore the name of the “Sovereign of the Sea”, was 1637 tons burden, and carried one hundred and seventy six guns; it was superbly ornamented with carving and gilding and its appearance combined with its destructive powers, obtained for it from the Dutch the name of the “Golden Devil”. The principal objects of curiosity and interest in Woolwich are the dockyard, royal arsenal, ropeyard, artillery barracks and military repository. The dockyard is nearly a mile in length and environed by a high wall; the number of artificers employed in it and the arsenal, in time of war, is from eight to ten thousand; at present the number is reduced to less than a fourth. The royal arsenal comprises an area of nearly one hundred acres; in this is the foundry, the largest furnace in which will melt about seventeen tons of metal at one time; the laboratory is the place where fireworks and cartridges for use of the army and navy are made up, and carcases, bombs, grenades &c. are charged. The rope yard is a parallelogram about four hundred yards in length, where cable, some of them one hundred and thirty fathoms in length and twenty seven inches in circumference are made for the navy. The artillery barracks are a magnificent range of buildings, and form one of the grandest public structures in the empire, the principal front extending upwards of four hundred yards. Near these barracks are the military hospitals, guardhouse and veterinary hospital; there are also marine barracks and an infirmary for marines. The new military academy, exceeding two hundred and ten yards in length and erected at an expense of more than £150,000 stands on the upper part of Woolwich common; the number of cadets is three hundred. The whole establishment of Woolwich, civil and military is under the immediate superintendence of the master general and board of ordnance. Their majesties William IV and Queen Adelaide honoured this important place with their presence on 22nd September 1831, to view the launch of the Thunderer man of war, and the opening of the new basin which admits vessels of the highest class. In holiday excursions Woolwich is one of the numerous places round the metropolis to which the Londoner is attracted; on Whit Monday 1839 upwards of two thousand persons subscribed their names in the books at the gate of the royal arsenal and seven thousand in those at the dockyard. The trade of the town is limited to what is requisite for the supply of the inhabitants; and the only manufacture is that of pottery, of which there are extensive works, chiefly for the formation of sugar moulds. Woolwich is within the jurisdiction of the county magistrates, who hold their sittings every Monday and Friday, at one of the principal inns; a petty session for the division is held at the “Green Man” Inn, Blackheath, monthly; and a court of requests, for the recovery of debts not exceeding £5, is holden every Friday at the “Crown & Anchor “ Inn.


The parish church dedicated to St Mary Magdalene, a new church (of recent erection), the ordnance chapel (on the road to Plumstead), the chapel in the barracks, a Scotch church, and chapels for Baptists, independents, Wesleyan and Welch Methodists and Roman Catholics, are the places of worship; the benefice of Woolwich is a rectory in the patronage of the Bishop of Rochester. Among the charitable institutions are, a school for instructing thirty poor girls to read and sew, founded and endowed in 1753 by Mrs Ann WITHERS; another school for educating, clothing and apprenticing six poor orphan boys, sons of shipwrights founded and endowed by Mrs Mary WISEMAN; schools upon the national and Lancasterian systems, a British and foreign school, one for infants and an endowed school attached to Enon chapel; there are several bequests for assistance of the indigent and an alms house for five poor widows – the latter founded and endowed by Sir Martin BOWES, a lord mayor of London in 1562. The neighbourhood is embellished with rich woodland scenery, finely diversified by the windings of the noble Thames; and the upper part of the town, towards the Common and the Charlton road is elevated and agreeable. The original market day is Friday; but under the provisions of a local act, markets are also held on Wednesday and Saturday. By the returns at the census of 1831, the parish of Woolwich contained 17,661 inhabitants.


Two miles from and in the same hundred as Woolwich is Charlton. Amongst the numerous beautiful seats and villas that adorn the vicinage, Charlton House is particularly distinguished; it is a beautiful structure and displays various ancient decorations. The church, dedicated to St Luke, was rebuilt in 1640; it contains several handsome monuments, antique pieces of armour and banners; the windows are ornamented with armorial bearings in stained glass. A weekly market and three annual fairs were formerly held here, under a grant from Henry III to the monks at Bermondsey; at present there is no market and only one fair, which is held on St Luke’s day and called “Horn Fair”, from the numerous articles of that material brought here for sale. The parish contained in 1831, 2327 inhabitants.


One mile east of Woolwich, in the hundred of Lessness, is Plumstead parish and village, pleasantly situated at a short distance from the banks of the river; it contains a neat church dedicated to St Nicholas, and an endowed school; the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the family of BOWELL. Plumstead by charter possesses the privilege of holding a market and fairs – the right however has not for ages been exercised.


Shooter’s Hill in this parish, is chiefly to be noted as the residence of many respectable families, and the summer retreat of many opulent individuals, attracted by the salubrity of the situation and the extensive views which it commands over a wide district of the country. The most striking erection in this neighbourhood is a tower, built on a commanding site, to commemorate the capture of the fortress of Seven Droog in the East Indies, by the British troops under Sir William JAMES. The population of the parish in 1831, was 2745.


POST OFFICE – High st, Woolwich, William Stone ROBINSON, Postmaster. Letters from London &c. arrive forenoon at eleven, and are despatched every afternoon (Sunday excepted), at four – Letters for Dover and the line of road to the coast are despatched every morning, (Sunday excepted), at seven and on Sunday at six.


POST OFFICE – Plumstead, William BLACKNELL, Postmaster. Letters from London &c. arrive every morning, at half past nine and are despatched every afternoon at half past three.


POST OFFICE – Shooter’s Hill, Thomas SHELLEY, Postmaster. Letters arrive every morning, at five and are despatched every afternoon at three.




BAINES Mrs, Shooter’s Hill

BARLOW Mr Peter (FRS), Rushgrove st

BELLFOUR John esq, Old Charlton

BLESSED Mr William, Parson’s hill

BURSLAM Capt William M, Thomas st

CALDER Mrs Elizabeth, Wood st

CLEEVE Mr Thomas, Park farm, Plumstead

CLEMENTS Mr John, Plumstead

COCKBURN John esq, Rectory place

COLLINS Mrs, Old Charlton

COOMBE Mrs, 152 Powis st

COOPE John esq, Shrewsbury House, Shooter’s Hill

COX Rev John, St Mary st

CREWE The Misses, Shooter’s Hill

DALLIN Rev Thomas James (AM), Shooter’s Hill

DAVIDSON The Misses, Samuel st

DEVERNETT Mrs, Old Charlton

DICKINSON Mrs Frances, Bransbury House, Plumstead common

DOW Captain (RN), Hill st

DRUMMOND Rev Arthur, Old Charlton

DUDMAN Captain, Old Charlton

DUNDAS Colonel William, Wood st

ELLIOT The Misses, Shooter’s Hill

ELLIS Mrs, Shooter’s Hill

ENDERBURY George esq, Old Charlton

EVANS Mrs Charles, Rectory place

FEAD Mrs Chas, Woolwich common

FEAD Capt Francis, Nightingale vale

FEAD Mrs General, Woolwich common

FENCHAM Charles esq, Shooter’s Hill

FENWICK Mrs Howard, Bellevue house

FORD Mr George, New Charlton

GLENTON Mrs Mary, New Charlton

GORDON Capt Alexander, 48 New road

GOSSIP Colonel, Old Charlton

GREENLAW Rev William (MA), Rectory place

GUTHRIE Rev Lowry, Brewer st

HALLIFAX Mr Thomas (MD), St Mary st

HARGREAVES Mr Thomas, Marine barracks

HARWOOD Charles esq, George st

HENSLOW Rev Edward Perring, Old Charlton

HISLOP Sir Thomas bart, Old Charlton

HORNER Major, Old Charlton

HORNSBY Mrs, Nightingale vale

HORNSBY Mrs William, Woolwich common

HUNT Mrs Steele, Nightingale vale

JAMES Edward esq, Nightingale vale

JAMES Rev Thomas, Rectory place

JOHNSTON Mr James, Plumstead

LANDELL William esq, Shooter’s Hill

LINDSAY Captain Martin, Old Charlton

LONGLANDS Miss, Old Charlton

LONGLANDS Henry esq, Old Charlton

MARSHALL Rhoddam esq, George st

MAY Major Sir John, Shooter’s Hill

MESSETER Mrs, Woolwich common

MILLER Mrs, Old Charlton

MOLYNEUX Rev Capel, Woolwich common

MUNRO George esq, Old Charlton

NEWMAN William Lewis esq, Old Charlton

NICOLS Colonel, Shooter’s Hill

PATTEN Mrs, 150 Powis st

PEAKE The Misses, New Charlton

PESTER Major (RA), Woolwich common

PIDCOCK Mr Benjamin, Church hill

RIDEOUT Capt Samuel (RN), Prospect row

ROBE The Misses, Woolwich common

ROGERS Colonel Henry, Old Charlton

RUSSELL Mr Jno, Manor house, Plumstead

SANDERS ___  esq, Old Charlton

SANDILANDS Major Philip, Green’s end

SHACKLETON Rev Hy John, Plumstead

SHERSBY John esq, George st

SMITH Adjutant ____, Old Charlton

SMITH Colonel ____, Old Charlton

SMITH Mr Stephen, Wood st

SPEARMAN Mrs, Woolwich common

SPROULE Mrs, Nightingale vale

STACE Mr William, Plumstead road

STEVENS Mrs Mary, Shooter’s Hill

TAVERSON Mr John, New Charlton

TAYLOR Mrs Ann, Frances st

THOMPSON Rev William Martin, Wood st

TURNER Henry Hammond esq, Shooter’s Hill

VARLO Capt George (RN), (& paymaster), Bowater cottage

WHITE Captain____, Old Charlton

WILLETT Henry Ralph esq, Broomhall, Shooter’s Hill

WILSON Sir Thomas bart, Charlton house

WINGROVE George Prescott, Commandant RM, Bowater house

WOODWARD Rev Charles, Samuel st

WRIGHT Thomas esq, Shooter’s Hill

WRIGHT William Charlton esq, Charlton cottage


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day Schools


AMBLER & PAUL, (gents boarding),  Shooter’s Hill

BARRY Robert, (preparatory establishment for the army), George st

BICKERDIKE Thomas, (boarding), Burrage house, Shooter’s Hill

BOBBIT Mrs & Miss, (boarding), Frances st

BOYCE & DOIG, 31 Brewer st

British School, Powis st, John  CHAMBERS, master

BROCKWELL Thomas Arthur, Thomas st

BROWN Susannah, 141 Powis st

COHEN Joseph, Powis st

DALLIN Rev Thomas James (AM), (gents boarding), Shooters hill

FISHER Rev Henry, Coleman st

Free School, Plumstead, George WATTS, master; Mrs WATTS, mistress

FRENCH John Joseph, (boarding & day), Rectory place

HAWKINS Thomas, 2 Thomas st

HUNT Elizabeth, 49 New road

HUNT Samuel, 49 New road

Infants School, Brewer st, Hannah JOHNSON, mistress

JEFFEREY William, (preparatory to the Royal Academy), Woolwich common

JOHNSON Esther & Harriet, Wellington st

LAMB Thomas, Frances st

Lancasterian, High st, Stephen SOUTHON, master; Jane WILLIAMS, mistress

MANTLE Hannah & Ann, (boarding), Shooter’s hill

MILLER John Robert, (mathematical & military), Woolwich common

MISKIN Sarah, 2 Upper Market st

National School, Powis st, John William LEAVER, master

National School, (girls), Parson’s hill, Maria COOPER, mistress

O’BRIEN Daniel, 11 Powis st

PARR & COVELL, (boarding), Charlton

PARRY Eliza Charlotte, Dishwater lane

PLOW John, (boarding), Woodland house, Prospect row

REDPATH Miss, (ladies boarding), Shooter’s hill

REED Sarah, 145 Powis st

RIDEOUT M & E, Unity place

Roman Catholic School, Powis st, Jas BRYAN, master; Ellen BRYAN, mistress

Royal Artillery Regimental School, Royal Artillery Barracks, Geo Alexander CLARK, master; Maria WEARS, mistress

Royal Marine School, Royal Marine Barracks, John TODD, master; Jemima TODD, mistress

Royal Military Academy, Woolwich common, Sir Hussey VIVIAN, governor

SIMPSON John Fraser, (boarding & day), Rectory place

STOVIN Maria, Rectory place

STUDLEY Elizbth, 4 Union row

WOODWARD Rev Charles, (boarding), Samuel st


AGENTS – see also Fire, &c Office Agents


FURLONG John, (house & estate), 131 Powis st

GRAHAM George & Son, (house & estate), High st & Brewer st

HOOK William, (forage agent for commissariat supplies), Wellington st




COLQUHOUN James, Parson’s hill

DYER George Perks, Green’s end

NOKES William, Rectory place




AUSTIN William, (& surveyor), Green’s end

FURLONG John & Son, (& house & estate agents), 131 Powis st

GRAHAM Geo & Son, (& house & estate agents), High st & Brewer st

HUDSON Geo (& surveyor), Brewer st

RICHARDSON Joseph, New road




ADAMS George, Hill st

ADCOCK William, King st

BAKER George, 34 Church st

BAKER John, Green’s end

BARR Stewart, 5 Hare st

BARRETT James, Old Charlton

BLACKNELL William, Plumstead

BOTERILL Thomas, 55 Powis st

BROWN John, 29 Coleman st

CHAMBERS Elizabeth, William st

CLOTHIER Joseph, New Charlton

COLLINGS Abraham, 45 Warwick st

DANE James, 6 Green’s end

DAVISSON James, Richard st

EVERIST William, 21 Church st

FAIRBROTHER Edward, 44 New road

FORTESCUE William, Artillery place

GILL Samuel, 14 St Mary’s st

GOLLOP William, Woolwich common

GROCOCK Justinian, Charles st

GRUBB Charles, King st

HADDEN John, 100 High st

HIPWELL Charles, 106 High st

HUTCHESON John, 58 High st

KING John, (& pastry cook), 60 William st

LAW Mary Britannia, 47 High st

MOODY Henry, Samuel st

MORGAN Thomas, 121 High st

PORTER Benjamin, 53 St Mary st

PRIEST Charlotte, 18 Upper Market st

ROBERTS George, Henry st

ROFFEY George, Artillery place and Church st

RUSSELL Ann, 30 Church st

SHOTT Abraham, George st

SMITH Charles, 54 High st

STARTUP John, 37 High st

STEPHENS Ann, 25 Church st

TADD Edward, New Charlton

TAME Thomas, Richard st

TURNER Alexander, 43 Powis st

TURNER Richard, 29 Francis st

WADE Susannah, 15 High st

WARD James, Powis st

WARD William, Powis st

WHITE James, Church hill

WHITEHEAD William James, 17 High st

WINN James, 15 Warwick st

WOOD John, 122 Powis st

YOULDON Stephen, Artillery place




Surrey, Kent & Sussex Bank, (branch), Powis st, (draws on the London Establishment. Lombard st),

Savings Bank, Edward st, Sir John WEBB, treasurer; William CAFFIN, secretary.




COPLEY Joseph, Hare st

GOSLING James, 34 Powis st




ALWIN Jno &Co, (& ink), 46 Powis st

FARRAR Jacob, 62 New road




BELLCHAMBERS William, Chapel row

DAVIS Thomas, Artillery place

FOSTER Thomas, Shooter’s Hill

GROVES Henry, Union st

HASLER Richard, Plumstead common

MICHAEL James, 129 Powis st

ROBERTS William, Short st

STONEHAM William, Plumstead

TAYLOR Thomas, Old Charlton

THOMAS Philip, King st

WEBB William, 4 Beresford st


BOOKSELLERS & STATIONRS – see also Stationers


BLACK James, Powis st

BODDY John Myers, (& publisher & binder), Artillery place

COCK & JACKSON, (& binders), 18 Green’s end

FEATHERSTONE John Stockley, 32 St Mary st

JONES Edward, (& library), Thomas st

RIXON Richard, Beresford square

SARGENT Chas Edwd Jas, 27 High st




ARMSTRONG James, Artillery place

BALDERY Robert, 42 New road

BAYNE John, 64 New road

BIRKIN Frederick, Edward st

BLAGDEN Jonathan, 15 Lower Market st

BLEST Alexander & Son, Richard st & Francis st

BOYLE Mark, 38 New road

CANN Robert, Wellington st

CRAIG David, Artillery place

DADSWELL James, 47 Powis st

DODD Elizabeth, 45 Powis st

DUNGER Henry, 57 Warwick st

ELLIS John, 52 Powis st

ELLIS John, 50 William st

FRASER William, 39 New road

GODFREE George, 148 Powis st

GODHUGH Thomas, Plumstead

GORDON John, 93 High st

GOVIER William, 40 Coleman st

HENDERSON James, 95 Powis st

HENDERSON Oliver, (warehouse), Richard st

HIGGS John, Church hill

HIGGS John, 3 Ropeyard rails

HOARE Thomas Cummins, 24 Church st

HORN Charles, 40 Powis st

JENNINGS William, 72 Warwick st

JOHNSON James, Old Charlton

KILBY George, 39 Church st

LAMBERT Joseph, Artillery place

LEVER George, Upper Market st

LEVER John, Charles st

LOCK John, 6 High st

LOE John, 25 High st

M’CLARE James, Wellington st

MASTERS Thomas William, 69 Powis st

MAYNARD Charles, Mulgrave place

MEAD John, Mulgrave place

MILLARD Richard, 95 High st

MILLIGAN Thomas, Mulgrave place

MILLWATERS James, 53 Church st

MORRIS James, Green’s end

MORTON John, Charles st

MORTON William, Charles st

MOSELEY Edward, Mulgrave place

NESMITH Thomas, 56 High st

NEWMAN Joseph, 136 High st

PETTEY William Michael, 52 William st

POOLE Joseph, Chapel row

PUDNEY Samuel, 49 St Mary st

RAVEN William, Green’s end

SCOGINGS Thomas, 37 King st

STORER George, 134 High st

SULLIVAN Timothy, 61 Powis st

SUTCH James, Henry st

THOMAS William, 2 Hare st

WALLER William, Richard st

WILLIAMS James, 108 Powis st

WITHERSPOON John, 52 New road

WREN Frederick, Artillery place




COCKLE John, 48 Green’s end

COWEN John, Richard st

CREED William, 3 Hare st

OULTON Samuel, 119 Powis st

SLARK William, 4 Upper Market st




BURT Thomas Stevens, Artillery place

BUTLER Stephen, 73 New road


LEIGH & RANDELL, (wholesale), St Mary st




AMES Walter Deacon, King st

ANCLIFF Benjamin, 3 Orchard st

GRAHAM John, 54 King st

GRIEEF David, King st

GRIEEF George, Wellington st

HAMMOND Samuel, 31 St Mary st

JOLLY James, Thomas st

JOLLY Robert, Rectory place

MEILBEAR Francis, 6 William st

ROSE Samuel, Charles st

STEVENS William, 15 Upper Market st

TAYLOR William, 142 Powis st

WRIGHT John, Samuel st




FURLONG John & Sons, (& turnery), 130 Powis st

SMITH Edmund, 82 Powis st




BURCH William, Parson’s hill

GRAHAM Geo & Son, High st & Brewer st


JOLLY Robert, Rectory place

WRIGHT John, Samuel st




ARNOLD Thomas, Powis st

BALL Charles, 22 New road

BARTLETT Thomas, (pork), Richard st

BASSETT James, 49 Church st

BLAND Thomas, (pork), Richard st

BRENT James, New Charlton

BROOKS Benjamin, 47 Green’s end

BROOKS John, Richard st

COPLAND Frederick, 1 Queen st

CORNISH Henry, Richard st

CORNISH John, 2 Hare st

GAMON John, 35 High st

GRAHAM Thomas, 18 High st

GUYER Joseph, New Charlton

HEEKES William, 60 New road

JONES Richard, 32 Green’s end

MATHEWS Chas William, 34 High st

MATHEWS William, 12 Church st

MITCHELL Samuel, 48 High st

POLLEY William, Artillery place

RANWELL Ebenezer, (pork), Hare st

RICE David William, 120 Powis st

RICE Thomas, 8 Queen st

SMITH Samuel, Old Charlton

SMITH William, 102 High st

THOMPSON Mary, 31 Church st

VICARS James Henry, 41 Church st

WALLER William, Richard st




AKERS William, New road

BINKS Joseph David, Wellington st

CARTER John, 60 Powis st

FURLONG John & Sons, 131 Powis st

GRUNDY William & Son, 103 Powis st

HALL George, King st

HEALEY John, 9 Taylor’s buildings

HITCHCOCK Robert, 35 Green’s end

JUDD Robert, 145 Powis st

MOORE Thomas, Richard st

PALFREMAN Thomas, Powis st

TANDY Charles, Edward st

WATERS James jun, (fancy), 114 Powis st

WILSON John, Wellington st




ALLEN Thomas, Mulgrave place

BAKER William, Hill st

BANBROOK Thomas, Rectory place

BURCH William, Parson’s hill

ELLIS Richard, 27 Queen st

GRAHAM Geo & Son, High st & Brewer st

HARRUP Joseph, Church hill

HOWARD Stephen, Mulgrave place


KING Richard, 20 Union st

LUMLEY Richard, 1 ST Mary st

MASON Henry, Plumstead

NOBLE George, Old Charlton

REED William, 30 King st

WALLACE James, 57 Church hill

WEBB George, Old Charlton




BLAND Thomas, Richard st

COWLE Samuel, 46 Church st

DEER William, 112 High st

HEATLEY James, 114 High st

NICHOLSON James, 130 High st

REILLY John, Green’s end

SHEEN William, Richard st




BARR Stewart, 45 Church st

BOYD William & Son, 4 High st

GREEN Thomas, Wellington st

ORRIDGE Benj. Brogden, 30 High st

SMITH John, 7 William st

STRANG Joshua Freeman, Richard st

STRANG Solomon jun, Richard st

WILKINS George, Henry st




DAWSON Edward & Co, Richard st

PARKES Henry, 11 Green’s end

PARKES Thomas, Richard st

PEARCE Alexander Ellis, 23 High st

RASTRICK John Alfred, 20 Church st

SMITH William, 35 Church st

SMYTH James Mathias, 50 New road

WRIGHT Thomas, 68 Powis st




BARNETT Moses, 92 High st

BASS John, Mulgrave place

BOOTH Robert Jacob & William, 115 High st

DAVIS Lewis, (wholesale & contractor), Thomas st

FLIDE Elizabeth, Thomas st

HARWOOD John, 44 Church st

HENDERSON James, 95 Powis st

HENDERSON Oliver, Richard st

JOSEPH Myers, Artillery place

KANE Roderick, Artillery place

MATHEWS William, 126 High st

MOORE Francis, Artillery place

SCEARS Richard, Artillery place

TODER William, Artillery place




BRICE James, Meetinghouse lane

BULL James William, (& lighterman), Glass Yard wharf

CHURCH Timothy, William st & Hog lane

GODDARD Robert Hendrick, Globe & Crown wharfs, High st

RIXON John, (& ship owner), Warren lane wharf

ROFF William, (& wharfinger), Bell Watergate

STROTHER James, Strother’s wharf

TOZER & SIBLEY, Glass wharf yard

WATTS Samuel, Ship stairs




BATCHELOR James, Beresford square

JOHNSON William, 11 Church st

MUNDEY Joseph, 33 High st




ADCOCK William, King st

BAKER George, 34 Church st

BONIFACE William Henry, 55 Church hill

DAVISSON James, Richard st

MUNROE Camilla, 46 Warwick st

ROFFEY George, Artillery place

SMITH Charles, 54 High st




ASHDOWN John, 13 William st

DAVIS David, 50 Powis st

GOSLING James, 34 Powis st




ACTON Ambrose, St Mary st

ADCOCK William, King st

BELSOM Obadiah, 132 High st

DEARSLEY Robert, 7 Union row

JONES Henry, (& potato dealer), 28 High st

LANGLEY Edward, New Charlton

MILLIGAN Charles, 46 New road

MOULD John, Chapel row

SAYER Thomas, 13 Green’s end

SHOTT William, 32 Church st

STEPHENS Ann, 25 Church st

WELLS William, (flour), Richard st

WILSON William, (& provision), 58 William st




ANDREWS John, 62 William st

COLEBROOK James, Richard st

CRAIG Henry, 140 Powis st




ANDREWS John, 61 New road

DOREY William, 18 Powis st

DOVE Benjamin, 15 Powis st




BARBER Elizabeth, 27 Powis st

BROCKETT Harriet, 115 Powis st

BROWN Isabella, 34 Church st

CHAPMAN Elizabeth, 8 Coleman st

COMERFORD Eliz Mary, 94 Powis st

COOMBS Mary Eliz, Rectory place

DUNMALL Rebecca, 33 Coleman st

FOSTER Jane, 13 St Mary st

HALLIDAY Margaret, 49 William st

HAND Elizabeth, Warwick st

MERCER Susannah, 5 Powis st

PURCHASE Amelia, 22 Coleman st

RICHARDS Eleanor, Powis st

STOCKEY Mary, 54 Powis st

WADSWORTH Ann Hester, Richard st

WATES Mary, Richard st




GRIMMER Robert, 104 Powis st

SMART Thomas jun, 52 High st

SUTHERLAND George Bayne, 18 Edward st




Alliance, Jno ICELY, 27 Coleman st

Atlas, George CHAMPION, 3 High st

County, John POTTER, 37 St Mary st

Guardian, George Frederick WASSELL, Rectory place

Imperial, Chas Edward James, 27 High st

Independent & West Middlesex, William WILSON, 58 William st

Kent, James WATTS, 26 High st

Licensed Victuallers, William Stone ROBINSON, 108 High st

Naval & Military, John Myers BODDY, Artillery place

Phoenix, John RIXON, Warren lane wharf

Provident, John Myers BODDY, Artillery place

Royal Exchange, James TURNER, Rectory place

Sun, George HUDSON, Brewer st




ALLEN Thomas, Richard st

FOX William, High st

MONTAGUE Henry, Richard st




ALLEN Hugh, 36 Church st

BETEN Peter, 50 High st

CAMPION William, Powis st

COLLINGS Isaac, 3 Frances st

COOK Samuel, 40 Church st

DIXON Thomas, 1 1 Powis st

DURLING William, 15 Green’s end

FRANKLIN Robert, Artillery place

GWYLLIM Eley, Edward st

HENBEY Robert, 45 New road

HILL Campion,31 Powis st

KILBY George, Coleman st

LOE John, 25 High st

RUMMER John William, 11 Church st

STARTUP John, 37 High st

STEVENS Henry, (& seedsman),  Richard st

WOOLLETT Robert jun, 113 High st

YARRIL Henry, High st




BOWLES William, Edward st

BUTTERFILL Joseph, Powis st

CARPENTER George, Edward st

HITCHCOCK Robert, 35 Green’s end

HOWARD Stephen, Mulgrave place

HUBBARD James, (& appraiser), 16 & 17 Powis st

JUDD Robert, 115 Powis st

MARTIN Ebward, 33 Green’s end

MOORE Francis, Artillery place

POSTLE Thomas, Wellington st

SAVILLE John, Wellington st

WHITE John, Powis st




BARTON John, 56 New road

FOWLDS George, (& florist), 14 George st

IMMS George, (nursery), Bowater crsnt


GROCERS & CHEESEMONGERS – see also Shopkeepers


ANDREWS Thomas, Mulgrave place

BARR Stewart, 45 Church st

BAYLY John, 1 Thomas st & 23 New road

BEAR Henry, 123 High st

BRIND John William, Richard st

BROUGH Robert, High st

BROUGHTON James, 10 Queen st

BROWN Henry, (& British wine dealer), 116 High st

CHAPMAN William, 1 Church st

CHEELD William, Wellington st

CLARK George, 42 Powis st

FRY John, 124 High st

HIGHAM Thomas, (& British wine merchant), 39 Green’s end

JONES William, 22 High st

KIRKWOOD James, 30 Frances st

MARTIN Charles, 73 Powis st

PAYNE James, 5 Church st

PHILLIPS John, 96 High st

RIGGITT Vickers Robert, 59 William st

ROBINSON William Stone, 108 High st

SALTER Henry, Old Charlton

SAW Henry, 49 Powis st

WAGHORN William, Richard st

WALTERS Thomas, 20 Powis st

WARD William, Powis st

WARDEN Eliza, Richard st

WATKINS John, Richard st




ALLEN Mary Ann, 2 Frances st

BROAD John, 23 Church st

CANHAM Thomas, 25 Coleman st

CHAMPION George, 3 High st

FLARTY Mary, Artillery place

M’GUINNESS Susan, 6 Church st

ROPER John Thomas, 3 Green’s end

WHALER George, 1 High st

WRIGHT Hannah & Lucy, Samuel st




BALDWIN Benjamin, 29 Powis st

BOYLE George, 21 High st

BROWN James, 23 Powis st

COLLIER James, Church hill

DAVIS Robert, 55 High st

DENNEN George, Powis st

DENNEN Richard, 9 Frances st

LEWIS John, 29 Church st

MACDONALD John, 2 Church st

MOORE William, High st

ROUGHTON Stephen, Wellington st




BOWDEN Richard, 62 High st

GROOM James, Richard st

PINNEY Mary Ann, 98 High st

TANNER Thomas William, 44 Powis st

WICHE George, 105 Powis st




Crown & Anchor, Sarah HANNEFORD, High st

King’s Arms Tavern & Royal Artillery Hotel, Francis st

Royal Mortar, Richard BRASIER, Union row




COWEN John, Richard st

HULFORD Robert, Artillery place

NEWHALL John Wilson, 86 Powis st

WATTS James, 26 High st

WHITELY Henry, Wellington st




ACKMAN Emanuel, 27 Frances st

MYERS Joseph, Artillery place

SPURGE William, 12 Green’s end




COLEBROOK James, Richard st

CRAG Henry, 140 Powis st

ELGAR Edward John, 10 St Mary st

LOE William, 26 Church st




BLANCHARD Henry, 24 High st

JONES Edward, Thomas st

SARGENT Chas Edwd Jas, 27 High st




BULL James William, Glass yard wharf

PHILLIPS Edward, Bell Watergate

SALES Francis, Hog lane




CUTTS Sarah, New Charlton

GLENTON Lewis, New Charlton




DAVIS & ROBSON, 104 High st

GILES Thomas Francis, (& woollen draper), 72 Powis st

GREGORY Aaron, Richard st

GRISBROOK Joseph & Edward, (& woollen), 46 & 48 Powis st

HARDIN Henry, 4 Church st

PENNEY Thomas, 128 High st

RIX Thomas, 16 & 17 Green’s end

SMITH John & Josiah, 122 High st

TREHANE Michael & Co, 1 Williams st

VANT Francis William, 117 & 118 High st




MELTON Charles, (& coach proprietor), Bell Watergate

PERSHOUSE William, Hill st




FARMER Joseph, 1 Cross st

HARDIN Henry, 11 Queen st

HULFORD Robert, Artillery place


MARKET GARDENERS – see also Gardeners & Seedsmen


AYERS Alfred, Plumstead

COOPER James, Charlton

MITTON Elizabeth, Plumstead

WEEKS Ebenezer, Old Charlton

WRIGHT William, Old Charlton


MILLINERS - see also Dress makers and Milliners




BOWLES James, 37 Church st

CHAMPION George, 47 Church st

CHAMPION John, Artillery place

GREEN John, 25 Powis st

JEANS Henry, 7 Dean’s end

MENDHAM James Thomas, 85 Powis st

MORTIS William, 129 High st

WILLES George, (& ship chandler), 111 High st

WILLES Thomas Hawkes, 59 Powis st




BOOTH Robert, Jacob & William, Church hill

DAVIS Lewis, (& silversmith & looking glass warehouse), Powis st

DAVIS Lewis, (& salesman), Green’s end

MOORE & BIRTS, Richard st




BARBER Samuel, 27 Powis st

BLAND & JOHNSON, (& paper hangers), 88 Powis st

BLAND Henry, 34 Coleman st

BOWLES James, 37 Church st

CHAMPION George, 47 Church st

CHAMPION John, Artillery place

CHILD John, 53 New road

ENGLISH Richard, Plumstead

FURLONG Isaac, 2 Ropeyard rails

HILL William, 31 Powis st

JEANS Henry, 7 Dean’s end

MENDHAM James Thomas, 85 Powis st

MORTIS William, 129 High st

SANDERSON Andrew, 127 Powis st

WADSWORTH Thomas, Richard st

WILLES Thomas Hawkes, 59 Powis st




DAWSON William Edward, (& brick & tile), Plumstead common

GATES Charles, Old Pottery, Plumstead common

HARRIS William Ashton, Plumstead common




CULLY Noah, Richard st

GREENWOOD Thomas, 101 High st

MEILLEAR John, 109 Powis st




BLACK James, Powis st

COCK & JACKSON, 18 Green’s end

EDWARDS Jabez & Son, 125 High st

JONES Edward, Thomas st

RIXON Richard, Beresford square

WATES Benjamin, (copper plate & engraver), Richard st




BARLOW Peter (FRS), (mathematics), Royal Marine Academy, Rushgrove st

CHAMBERS William Edward, (music), 71 Powis st

CHASTEAUNEUF Leon, (French language), 23 Samuel st

PEASE William, (drawing), 1 Lewisham road

TROPPANEGER Albert, (of German), Rectory place

WHOMES Joseph, (music), 27 Brewer st




DINMORE Edward, (& mat & bed sacking), 51 Powis st

HALES William, New Charlton

SMITH George, Powis st




BAMPTON William, 35 Powis st

MALING Thomas, Artillery place

WILCOX James, 13 Church st




ALLEN Thomas, Mulgrave place

CUTTEN Thomas, Brewer st

HOAD Henry, 53 Powis st

LING Benjamin, 11 Lower Market st




BAILEY George, Artillery place

BALDWIN Sarah, Charles st

BARBER Arthur, Artillery place

BICKERSTAFF Henry, Mulgrave place

BILSBURY James, Mulgrave place

BRIND John, 13 Warwick st

BROWN Thomas, 21 Green’s end

BUSKIN Mary, 6 Warwick st

CASE Joseph, Plumstead

CLOTHIER Benjamin, New Charlton

COCK Joseph, Plumstead common

COLLINGS Abraham, Green hill

COVELL Ann, Hill st

CRAIG Ann, Church hill

DOBBS John, Old Charlton

DUFTON William, 7 Queen st

DUNCAN Andrew, 9 New road

EDWARDS Michael, 80 High st

ELLIOTT James, Ship stairs

ELVAGE William, 41 St Mary st

EVES Richard, 35 Coleman st

GRIFFITHS Evan, 21 Warwick st

HAND James, 15 Union st

HILL William, Woolwich common

HOPKINS Thomas, Plumstead common

JAMES Samuel, Plumstead

JUDGE George, 19 New road

KELLY John, Artillery place

LEE William, Artillery place

LEWIS Richard, Henry st

LONSDALE Mark, 86 High st

LYALL James, Wellington st

MELLISH Robert, 39 Coleman st

MILLS John, 54 New road

MOORE David, New Charlton

NIBLOCK William, Mulgrave place

OAKLEY James, 31 Rectory place

OLDFIELD Barbara, 51 New road

OWEN Robert, 11 Frances st

PADGEN John, 40 St Mary st

RANDALL William, 42 High st

RANSOM Thomas, Artillery place

ROSE James, 49 Warwick st

RUST Thomas, 7 High st

SHELLEY Thomas, Shooter’s hill

SMITH Catherine, 15 King st

SMITH Thomas, 68 Warwick st

TOONY Agnes, Plumstead

TURPIN James, Chapel row

TYLER Sarah, 57 St Mary st

WATTS Samuel, Henry st

WILKINSON Thomas, High st

YEOMANS Mary, Charles st




ARMOUR Margaret, Frances st

BLANCHARD Henry, 24 High st

EDWARDS Jabez & Son, 125 High st

MILLER Chas Henderson, Artillery place




BANTON William, 70 Powis st

BRIDGEMAN Jesse, 19 High st

FOWLER Eliz Mary, 33 Thomas st

JAMES Hannah, 66 Powis st




GLEAVES John, Church hill

YEWEN Charles, Parson’s hill




BULLINGBROOK Eliza, 20 Green’s end

DADSWELL James, 41 Powis st

EATTEL Mary, 46 Green’s end

GREEN Thomas, (& furrier), 39 Powis st

LETT Mary Ann, 113 Powis st

LOCK Thomas, Wellington st

MATTHEWS William, 16 High st

NORTH James, Parson’s hill

RICHARDS Eleanor, (& milliner), Powis st

VAMPEY Elizabeth, Artillery place

WHITEHEAD Mary, 59 Church hill

WOOLLETT Robert, 113 High st




ALLINSON John Hiram, Beresford square

BOSSEY Francis & Peter, Thomas st

BUTLER John & Ebenezer, 127 High st

DAKIN William, 56 Powis st

GANT Robert, Artillery place

GIBBONS John, 38 St Mary st

HALIFAX Thomas (MD), St Mary st

M’DONALD John, 26 Powis st

PRATER Augustus, 8 William st

TURNER James Samuel, 146 Powis st

WATERS Edmund, 15 George st

WRIGHT Thomas, 68 Powis st




AUSTIN William, Green’s end

HUDSON George, Brewer st


TAILORS – marked thus * are also Drapers


BRADBEER Charles, Old Charlton

BRADBEER Francis, Artillery place

BUTLER George, 22 Church st

CHAPMAN Thomas, 53 Warwick st

CROMBIE Andrew, 5 Powis st

CROMBIE John, 22 Queen st

EDWARDS Benjamin, 27 Thomas st

EVES Joseph, Harden’s lane

FISH Henry, 2 William st

HENDERSON Oliver, Richard st

KANE Roderick, Artillery place

KEER William, 20 Mulgrave place

MARTIN John, Artillery place

MATHEWS William, 126 High st

MILES Thomas Edward, 14 Coleman st

* MILLS Thomas & George, (& leather breeches maker), 8 Green’s end

PATTERSON James, Thomas st

PETTIGREW Robert, 77 New road

RIDGWAY Thomas, Richard st

SARGEANT Henry, 6 Lower Market st

THRELKELD Thomas, Thomas st

WEST William, 19 Lower Market st

* WHALE George, 1 High st

* WHITEMAN William Henry, 121 &122 Powis st

WOOD George, 39 King st

YOUNG Robert, 9 St Mary st




GREEN John, 25 Powis st

HOBDAY Stephen, 119 High st

JACKSON John, Richard st

ORVIS Edward William, 107 High st

PARSONS George Warren, 97 High st




Anchor & Hope, Jno WILLIAMS, Old Charlton

Antigallican Arms, John BOYD, Old Charlton

Barrack Tavern, Robert TANBY, Woolwich common

Bell, Edward BURCH, Bell Watergate

Britannia, Henry John MARSH, Green hill

Bugle Horn, William CHAPMAN, Old Charlton

Bull, James CARTER, Shooter’s hill

Bull, Samuel MARTIN, Taylor’s buildings

Carpenter’s Arms, Mary CURREN, High st

Castle, William THUNDER, Edward st

Coach & Horses, George DARBY, High st

Cooper’s Arms, Thomas Wilkes PLAISTED, High st

Crown & Cushion, George William PARSONS, High st

Crown & Mason’s Arms, David WILLIAMS, Cannon row

Duke of Sussex, James WALLIS, Beresford st

Duke of Wellington, Mary BLUNDY, Lower Market st

Duke of Horseback, Henry HART, High st

Dutchess of Wellington, Philip FOGARTY, Green’s end

Earl of Chatham’s Arms, Jane DELACOURT, Thomas st

Earl of Moira, John HANKINS, Shooter’s hill

Earl of Warwick, Thomas WATERS, Warwick st

Edinburgh Castle, Thomas REYNOLDS, Bowater Crescent

Fortune of War, Henry NORRIS, Green’s end

Fox & Hounds, James BLOOMFIELD, Plumstead common

General Abercrombie, Edmund FOSTER, Artillery place

George & Dragon, Elizabeth BROWN, High st

George IV, John GROVE, King st

Globe, Charles KIDD, Church st

Golden Anchor, David DARLING, Church hill

Green Dragon, Francis SALES, Hog lane

Green Man, John BEADLE, Plumstead

Gun, Charlotte MEEK, New road

Lord Howick, William LAPRAIK, New Charlton

Lord Whitworth, Henry HOLL, Charles st

Marquess of Granby, William DANIELS, High st

Marquess of Wellington, John GIBSON, New Charlton

Mitre, John BISHOP, High st

Navy Arms, John HAMMOND, Queen st

North Pole, David CAESAR, St Mary st

Old Chatham, John Edward JONES, Church st

Ordnance Arms, John PUNTER, Beresford sq

Plume of Feathers, David RICE, Plumstead

Prince of Orange, Edward WHITTENBURY, Plumstead

Prince of Wales, Henry HILTON, Ropeyard rails

Prince Regent, Thomas SIMCOCK, King st

Queen Victoria, William BANTON, Mulgrave place

Queen’s Arms, James ARCHINDACHY, Artillery place

Red Lion, Hannah HENDERSON, Shooter’s hill

Red Lion, John LACY, Mulgrave place

Red Lion, Samuel MOSS, Plumstead

Roebuck, Henry BURCH, Church st

Royal Oak, Thomas LEE, New road

Royal Standard, John BAIN, High st

Salutation, Thomas CHISWELL, Beresford sq

Shakspeare, Thomas LEE, Powis st

Sheerhulk, William EDWARDS, Church st

Ship, Mary MANTON, George st

Ship & Half Moon, Fras PALLETT, Ship stairs

Ship & Punch Bowl, William ALLBUTT, Church st

Star & Garter, Leonard HAMMOND, Powis st

Steam Packet, John Sampson SPURLING, Bell Watergate

Three Daws, Samuel FARNFIELD, High st

White Horse, James WATSON, New Charlton

White Lion, John OWEN, Church hill

White Swan, William RANDALL, Old Charlton

Woodman, Francis CLAXON, New Charlton




CLOTHIER Robert, New Charlton

GRITTITHS David & Son, Coleman st

MANSFIELD William, 12 Powis st

SMITH Thomas, Powis st

WEEKS Thomas, Old Charlton




COPE Ann, 10 Church st

MARTIN Michael, Harden’s lane




BUNCH George, 2 Green’s end

MACDONALD John, 2 Church st

MANSFIELD John, 14 High st

MUCKLE William, 137 High st

SMITH Matthew, 109 High st

STEEL George, 60 Church hill

WILDING James, 4 Francis st

WORTH Edward Anthony, Richard st




CHITTENDEN William Thomas, 138 High st

HUDSON Mary Ann, 67 Powis st

WHITE Mary, Richard st

WILLEY Thomas, 6 Thomas st




GOSLING James, 34 Powis st

GREEN Thomas, 9 Church st

HUBBLE John, 1 Powis st




CARPENTER James, Edward st

MEADOWS Elizabeth, 58 Powis st




FURLONG John & Sons, 131 Powis st

HOWELL George, 40 Warwick st


HUDSON George, Brewer st

JOHNSON Ephraim & William, 70 King st

KING Richard, 20 Union st

RICHARDSON Joseph, New road

WATERS James jun, 114 Powis st




BARRELL George, 23 Thomas st

BEAVEN John, Richard st

CHARLTON Robert, Wellington st

PERCIVAL & JAMES, 55 High st

PILKINGTON John, (& silversmith), 110 High st

SPURGE William, (& jeweller), 12 Green’s end

WEBBER Jno, (& silversmith), 36 Powis st




BARREY Samuel, 126 Powis st

BOORER Timothy, 17 Union st

DIXON Thomas, 111 Powis st

FILEWOOD John, New Charlton

MASTERS James, Green’s end




DELL Edward, High st

JONES Edward, Thomas st

LACEY John, Mulgrave place




BOULTER Richard, boat builder, 45 St Mary st

BOWEN Arthur, potato dealer, Bell Watergate

BROWN Charles, surgeon dentist, William st

CAREY Charles, billiard rooms, Mason st

CARVER William, registrar of births & deaths, Old Charlton

CLARKE Richard Wade, miller, Woolwich common

CRAWFORD Robert, window blind maker, Edward st

DAY Thomas, news vender, 105 High st

EDWARDS Jabez, stamp distributer, 125 High st

Equitable Gas Works, Harden’s lane, James COLQUHOUN, secretary

Excise Office at the George IV, John WILSON, supervisor

HATCHER William, potato dealer, High st

HOOK William, forage agent for commissariat supplies, Wellington st

Institution, 38 Richard st, Edward Dyer GREEN, secretary, 38 Green’s end

JAMES John, comb maker, 66 Powis st

LANGDON Jas, eating house, 14 Green’s end

MCKENZIE James, music seller, 17 Thomas st

MAIDMAN Chas, egg merchant, Wellington st

MASTERS James, coachbuilder, Green’s end

NEWMAN James, tripe dresser, 131 High st

NOKES William, registrar for births and deaths, Rectory place

Registrars for Births & Deaths - William CARVER, Old Charlton; William NOKES, Rectory place; Richard RIXON, Beresford square

RIXON Richard, Registrars for Births & Deaths, Beresford square

Stamp Office, 125 High st, Jabez EDWARDS, distributer

STANSFIELD John, civil engineer, Rectory place

Steam Packet Company, Bell Watergate, Joseph CANHAM, superintendent

Theatre, Beresford st

THOMPSON Charles, carver & gilder, 14 Prospect row

TOMLINS Richard William, eating house, 103 High st

WALLACE James, bedstead maker, 57 Church hill

WATTS James, high constable, 26 High st

WHITELEY Henry, curiosity dealer, Wellington st

Workhouse, Ropeyard rails, Samuel WATES, assistant master; Jemima WATES, mistress

WRIGHT William, slater, 63 St Mary st





Captain Superintendent – Captain Phipps HORNBY, CB

Director of Police – Lieut Thomas PEARSE

Master Attendant – John TEINMOUTH esq

Master Shipwright – Oliver LANG esq

Storekeeper – J JENKINS esq

Surgeon - Mr Robert DUNN

Builders Assistant – Mr ABETHALL

Store Receiver – Mr MUSCHETT






Royal Laboratory


Director – Col COCKBURN  (RA)

Fire Master – Major T DYNELY (RA)

Deputy Storekeeper – William CAFFIN esq


Office of Director General of Artillery


Director General of Artillery – Major General Sir J MACLEAN (RA)

Assistant Inspecter – Lieut Colonel W B DUNDAS (RA)


Royal Carriage Department


Inspector – Major General Sir John MAY (RA)

Assistant Inspector – Major R HARDINGE (RA)

Deputy Storekeeper – B O’NEILL esq


Store Keepers Department


Storekeeper – William STACE esq

Deputy Storekeeper – William JONES esq


Royal Engineers Department


Commanding Royal Engineer – Colonel HARDING (RE)




Superintendent of Shipping  - Captain Joseph SOADY (RN)




To London, Omnibuses and Coaches, every twenty minutes during the day, to Greenwich & Deptford from whence passengers are forwarded per railway.




To London, John SHARPE, from Thomas street and William GRIFFIN and John SHEPPARD from Powis st, daily




Steam Packets


To Woolwich, The Steam Packet Company, from their wharf, Bell Watergate, every hour during the day in summer and every morning at nine, forenoon at eleven and afternoon at two and four in winter.


Sailing Vessels


To London, Edward PHILLIPS and John SPURLING, from Bell Watergate and Francis SALES from Hog Lane, daily


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