Pigots 1840 - Kent

Wittersham, Appledore, Ebony & Stone


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WITTERSHAM is a considerable parish, lying on the border of the county of Kent, adjoining Sussex and situate in the Isle of Oxney; the village  a neat little place being nearly equi-distant (about 5 miles) from Rye and Tenterden. The church dedicated to St John The Baptist is an ancient building lately modernized with a tower surpassing in beauty , most in this part of the country and containing a peal of six bells; the living is a rectory, in the gift of the Archbishop of Canterbury. There is a place of worship for Wesleyan Methodists. A small fair is held here, on the 12th of May for pedlery – (population – see after Stone)


APPLEDORE  is a neat and clean little village, 5 miles N.E from Wittersham; situate on a gentle eminence on the border of the marshes and commanding an extensive and interesting view of that low and fertile part of the county. The church dedicated to St Peter and Paul is a plain building  with a low strong built tower. The Royal Military Canal passes through the village and facilitates the little commercial intercourse of the place. Fairs are held on the 11th January  and the fourth Monday in June for stock and pedelry.


About a mile westward of Appledore, in that parish is the chapelry village of EBONY and about half a mile from the village, on the summit of a hill, stands the church (or rather chapel) a low plain building; the living is annexed to that of Appledore and the Rev William Dixon performs the duty at both places.


Nearly two miles from Appledore and six and a half S.E. from Tenterden is the village of STONE consisting of only a few scattered houses and the church; the latter dedicated to St Mary is rather a handsome structure; the living is a vicarage in the patronage of the dean and chapter of Canterbury. The grand Military Canal passes through the parish; and a fair is held on Holy Thursday.


The POPULATION and LOCALITY of the above mentioned parishes are as follows: WITTERSHAM is in the hundred of Oxney and the lathe of Shepway and contained at the last census 919 inhabitants. APPLEDORE in the hundred of Blackbourne and lathe of Scray, 568, and STONE in the same hundred and lathe as Wittersham 410 inhabitants. The population of the chapelry of EBONY is returned with that of the parish of Appledore.



POST OFFICE, WITTERSHAM, Thomas Foster, Postmaster - Letters from LONDON and all parts, arrive (by foot post from Tenterden) every morning: at eight, and are despatched every afternoon at five.


POST OFFICE, APPLEDORE, Edward Relph, Post Master. -Letters from LONDON and all parts, arrive (by foot post from Tenterden) every morning, and are despatched every afternoon.




Adams Mr. Alfred, Appledore

Adams Mr. Sion, Appledore

Boyes Rev. -. Stone

Deedes Rev. Julius, Wittersham

Dixon Rev. William, Appledore

Paine Mr. Thomas, Appledore

Tomkin Mr. Musgrove, Wittersham

Wickham Mr. Humphrey, Stone




Bignell William, surgeon,Appledore

Boon Jas. schoolmaster, Appledore

Poile Jeremiah, Gent‘s academy, Wittersham

Terry John F surgeon Wittersham




Ewe & Lamb, Richard Dunster,Wittersham

Ferry House, Charles Hoad, Stone

Red Lion, George Paine, Appledore

Swan, Richard Ashbee, Appledore

White Hart & Lamb, Thomas Paine, Ebony




Allen Geo. Edwd. grocer, Appledore

Allen William, carpenter, Appledore

Barnes Thomas, grocer, Wittersham

Blackman & Allen, Coal merchants, Appledore

Blackman John, agent to the Norwich Union fire office, Appledore

Blink Benj. shoemaker, Appledore

Boon James, carpenter, Appledore

Cloak Charles, saddler, Appledore

Crux Henry, miller, Appledore

Foster Thomas tailor Wittersham

Foster William. tailor. Wittersham

Freeland Wm. plumber, Wittersham

Gosbee William, shoemaker, Stone

Highwood Thomas. baker, Wittersham

Hoad John. carpenter. Wittersham

Hoskins & Freeland, butchers, Wittersham 

lnkpen Joseph, carpenter, Stone

Manser Wm.wheelwright.Wittersham

Martin Thos, shoemaker, Wittersham

Neve David, grocer, Wittersham

Neve  Jno Jun blacksmith Wittersham

Nye Esau grocer, Stone

Packham William baker, Wittersham

Paine Francis, tailor, Appedore

Paine John, Grocer, Appledore

Paine Thomas, blacksmith, Stone

Palmer John, bricklayer, Appledore


Parks William, baker, Appledore

Parton Robert, miller, Wittersham

Player William, carpenter, Stone

Riddle Henry, butcher, Appledore

Sims John, shoemaker, Appledore

Sisby Thomas, grocer, Wittersham

Springett John, saddler, Wittersham

Tapley John,shoemaker,Wittersham

Terry  William, grocer, Stone

Willis John,  grocer, Appledore




To ASHFORD a Van (from Hastings). passes through Appledore and Wittersham every morning


To HASTINGS a Van (from Ashford) passes through Appledore and Wittersham every afternoon.




To ROMNEY William Wales (from Tenterden) calls at the Swan Inn, Appledore, every Monday and Friday.


To RYE Jeremiah Relph from Appledore every Wednesday and Saturday.


To TENTERDEN Jeremiah Relph from Appledore passes through Wittersham every Tuesday and Thursday


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