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Is a village and parish in the hundred of its name and lathe of St. Augustine situated on the high road from Canterbury to Deal – distant from the former six miles and from the latter twelve. It is a pleasant and genteel village, rural in aspect and contains with its neighbours, many neat mansions. Sir Henry Oxenden is lord of the manor, he holds a court leet and baron, annually in November and a bench of magistrates sit in this place on the first Tuesday in each month for the Wingham district. The places of worship are the parish church dedicated to St Mary and a chapel for independents; and the principal charity is a school founded by Sir James Oxenden for the instruction of twenty boys in reading, writing and accounts. Wingham formerly had a weekly market, but for many years it has been disused; fairs are held on the 12th May and 12th of November, for cattle, pedlery and pleasure. In 1831 the population of the parish amounted to 1,115.



POST OFFICE - Jane BEAL, Postmistress – Letters from London arrive (by way of Canterbury) every morning at six, and are despatched every night at eight. Letters from Deal and Sandwich arrive every night at half past eight and are despatched every morning at six.




BRIDGES Sir Brook William, Goodnestone park

BROOKE Robert esq. Wingham green

COOPER Mr John, Cannon house

DA’ETH Capt, Knowlton park

DADDS Mr John, Wingham

ELGAR Dr Geo. and at Ash

ELGAR Stephen esq. Wingham

HAMMOND William esq, St Albans

HANKS Mr John, Wingham

LEVINGTON Rev Charles, Wingham

LLOYD Rev John, Goodnestone

MASON Mr Robert, Wingham

MATSON Mr Frederick, Wingham

MILLER John esq, Wingham

MUTLOW Rev, Elmstone

OXENDEN George esq. Broome

PLUMPTRE John esq, (MP), Fredville

RIGDEN Mrs, Wingham

SANKEY Dr Frederick, Wingham

TOOMER Rev Samuel, Wingham




Anchor, Harriet SANDCRAFT

Dog, Henry MOON

Red Lion, Harriet WHITE




BRANFORD Sarah & Sons, painters, plumbers and glaziers

CART Henry, hair dresser

CHAPMAN John, miller, Wingham

COLLINS Thomas, carpenter and undertaker

CROTHALL John, bricklayer

DENNE Henry, tailor

DENNE John, tailor

DUORY George, black and whitesmith

FOSTALL John, saddler & rope maker

HARRIS Betsy, grocer

HARRIS Clements, cooper

HARRIS John, baker

HOWARD Fredck, grocer, tea dealer & c.

HUDSON Henry, painter & c.

INGE Wm, miller, Wingham green

JACOBS Jas Richardson, linen weaver and twine maker

JOHNSTONE Thomas, shoemaker

MATSON Robert, corn factor

MECROW Jno., carpenter and wheelwright

MILLER Charles, baker

MILLER Leonard, cooper

MILLS Susan, boarding school

NEWINGTON Geo. Collier, shoemaker

OLDFIELD Maria, grocer and draper

PAYNE William, corn chandler

PETLEY Henry, butcher

PETTIT John, bricklayer

PETTIT John, butcher

PICHER James, schoolmaster

RIGDEN John Matson, maltster

SINNOCK William, shopkeeper

SMITH William, watchmaker

STANDFORD John, blacksmith

STARK Francis, furniture broker

SWEETLOVE Robert & Son, wheel & millwrights




To and from London, Canterbury, Deal & c. pass thro’ Wingham daily.




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