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Or, (as it is frequently erroneously written) Tunbridge, is a market town and parish in the lowey of its name and lathe of Aylesford – 30 mile SE from London, 14 SW from Maidstone, and 6 SE from Seven Oaks; situated on the declivity of a hill and intersected by five small branches of the river Medway, crossed by as many bridges. It consists principally of one long and spacious street, remarkably clean, in which are a number of elegant and well furnished shops. The only public buildings, besides those for the service of religion, are the town hall and market house; and its manufactures are those of gunpowder and the celebrated Tonbridge ware – neither extensive, the latter particularly being almost wholly removed to the Wells. The river Medway was made navigable to Tonbridge about the middle of the century, and by this conveyance coal and timber are brought hither from Maidstone; and the South Eastern railway on its route from London to Dover will skirt the southern extremity of the town. The county magistrates meet on the second and fourth Wednesday in each month and a high constable and borseholder are appointed at the court leet of the lord of the manor; a court of requests for the recovery of debts under £5 (the jurisdiction of which extends over several hundreds) is held on the third Monday monthly. Tonbridge sent representatives to parliament in the 23rd year of Edward I, but it has not since exercised the elective privilege; at the present day it is one of the polling stations at the election of members for West Kent. In former ages this place was famed for its castle; the entrance gateway flanked by two round towers and an artificial mount on which stood the keep, are the only remains now to be seen, but these sufficiently attest its former strength; in the wars of the barons it was considered impregnable, and some of the records and archives of the kingdom were deposited here, as well as at Dover and Pomfret castles. The ruins of a priory of black canons, founded about the end of the reign of Henry I by Richard de Clare, are contiguous to the remaining fragments of the castle.


The church dedicated to St Peter and St Paul is a spacious and elegant structure; it was repaired and enlarged some years since, at great expense, and made a prominent ornament to the town; the benefice is a vicarage in the patronage of John Deacon esq, and present incumbency of the Rev Sir Charles Hardinge, Bart. Baptists and Wesleyan Methodists have their respective chapels. The free grammar school is the chief charitable institution; this liberal scholastic establishment was founded in the 7th year of Edward VI by Sir Andrew Judd an alderman of London, and endowed with numerous exhibitions to the universities; the present school house is a building of considerable beauty with a handsome residence for the master attached; and the rooms, offices and play grounds are very extensive. The rental of the estates appropriated to the support of this munificent foundation amounted, some time back, to £4500 per annum; the present masters are the Rev Dr Thomas Knox and Rev Thomas Brown. There is no weekly market here, but one is held on the first Tuesday in every month for stock and other commodities; and there is an annual fair on 12th October for toys &c. The parish of Tonbridge contained by the returns for 1831, 10,380 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE – opposite the Rose & Crown, High street, William WARE, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive every night at twelve, and are despatched every morning at half past two. Letters from Hastings arrive every morning at half past two and are despatched every night at a quarter past twelve. Letters from Maidstone arrive every night at a quarter past eleven and are despatched every morning at a quarter past three. Letters from Leigh &c. arrive every night at eight and are despatched every morning at half past six.




ACTON Mrs Eliz, Bordyke house

ALEXANDER James esq, Somer hill

ALLEN Mr John, High st

BAKER Mr Felix, Dry hill

BAMFIELD Mrs Editha, Agusta terrace

BARTON Mrs Elizabeth, High st

BARTON Capt, Yardley

BARTRAM Mr William Thomas, Hollanden

BROWN Rev Thomas, London road

BUDGEN Lieut John (RN), Hadlow road

COX Mr Edward Treslove, Cage green

CREASY Mr Joseph, Swan lane

DAVIES Owen esq (MD), Eaton house

DEACON John esq, Mapleton park

GILBERT Mrs Emily, London road

GILBERT Mr John, London road

HARMAN Anthony esq, Barden

HARMAN Rev Thomas, Barden

HARVEY Mrs Anne, Dry hill

HARVEY Miss Charlotte, London road

HUSSEY The Misses, Bordyke

JEWHURST Mr John, Dry hill

JEWHURST Mr William, Werters

KING Mrs Frances, High st

KNOX Rev Dr Thomas, London road

LINGARD Mr George, High st

MILLER Mr John, Walters Farm

MUGRIDGE William esq, Postern

MULLETT Mrs Susan, High st

PERKINS Rev Frederick, Priory place

SANDERS Mrs Percival, High st

SCOONES John esq, Swan lane

SLATTER Miss Jane, High st

STREATFIELD Mrs Julianna, Tan Yard

TURLEY Stephen esq, Mountains

VINALL Rev Edward, Vicarage

WAITE Mr Samuel Andrew, Dry hill

WARDEN Capt (RN), Oak hill

WEST Capt James, Eldridge Castle

WHITTAKER ___ esq, Mountains

WOOD Col W L, Meophams bank

WOODGATE Francis esq, Furrox hall




BRISENDEN Sarah Elizabeth, (boarding & day), Dry hill house

DAY Elizabeth, (day), High st

FEATHERSTONE Hannah, (day), High st

Grammar School, London road, Rev Dr Thomas KNOX, headmaster; Rev Thomas BROWN, second master

HARRIS Henry, (day), High st

KIPPING Sarah, (boarding & day), Church lane

MERCER Fanny, (boarding & day), High st

MONK Robert, (boarding & day), Bordyke house

National School, Wells road, William Jas EASTLAND, master; Ann Elizabeth WHEELER, mistress

RICHARDSON The Misses, (boarding & day), High st




MERCER John, Swan lane




CARNELL John, Terrace



SCOONES John, Swan lane




READ William, High st

STIDOLPH Edward, (& superintendent registrar), High st




CHEESMAN William, Swan lane

CLEMENTS Jno, (& confectioner), High st

COLEMAN Hy, (& confectioner), High st

FEATHERSTONE Charles, Dry hill

INGS John, Castle st

LAMBERT George, High st

MITCHELL James, High st

PEARCH James, High st




BEECHING Thos & Sons, High st (draw on Masterman, Peters &Co, London)

Surrey, Kent & Sussex Banking Company, (draw on the London Establishment, 71 Lombard st), Charles PARKER, agent




CORKE Robert, High st

HILL Thomas, High st

MORRIS Daniel, High st




COULES & READ, Dry hill

COULES Francis, High st

DULY & STEPP, Swan lane

GASSON Thomas, High st

SMITHER Henry, High st




BRIDGER William, (& printer, news vender and binder), High st

HALL Ann, High st

RALFS Charlotte, (& music seller), High st

SPILLETT John, (& binder), High st




BRISTOW William, High st

COLLINS Samuel, High st

DRIVER Peter, High st

GAMMAN George, High st

GODDARD Thomas, High st

HARMAN John, Church st

HEMSLEY Thomas, High st

LAVENDER Thomas, High st

OLIVER William, Dry hill

SHORTER James, High st




JEFFERSON Thomas, High st

PUGH John & Robert, High st




BAKER William, Quarry hill

HARMAN Anthony, High st




BARDEN Samuel, High st

CHALKLIN William, (& plasterer), High st

MERCER John, Swan lane

MERCER Richard, High st




GOWER George Wyse, High st

MONTAGUE George, Dry hill

MONTAGUE John, High st

MOYCE Edward, High st

RICHARDSON Edward, High st

RICHARDSON Robert, Swan lane

SUMMERS John Alexander, High st

WARE William, High st




DIPLOCK Thomas, High st

STIDOLPH Edward, High st




BARRETT Henry & Co, (& brick makers), Cage green

CARPENTER Jas, (& turner), Hadlow road

DIPLOCK Thomas, High st

MORGAN John, Swan lane

PETERS George, High st

WELLER James, High st

WENHAM James, Hadlow road

WEST Henry, Seven Acres




RICHARDSON Timothy, Wells road

RICHARDSON William, Seven Acres




ALLEN Charles, High st

EVENDEN John, (& sub distributer of stamps), High st

GOOD Susannah, High st

GUEST Frederick William, High st




BENNETT Robert, New Wharf

Medway Company, ____ HOOF, agent



CORKE Robert, High st

MILLER Charles, Swan lane




CHARLTON John Sills, Town mills

CLEMENTS John, High st

COUSINS Francis, (& maltster), High st

LAMBERT George, High st

URIDGE Edgar, Cage green




BOAK William, High st

HARMAN John, High st

PIERCE Joseph & Samuel, Swan lane

SWANSBOROUGH William, High st




Alliance, Henry PARKER, High st

Atlas, John JEWHURST, Dry Hill

British, ____ HOOK, High st

Kent, Fras John HEADLAND, High st

Norwich Union, William SWANSBOROUGH, High st

Royal Exchange, Thos JEFFERSON, High st

Sun, Thomas TURNER, High st




DAY James, High st

JOHNSON John, High st

SKINNER Rhoda, High st

THOMPSON Elizabeth, High st




OWEN Henry, High st

READ William, High st




BUTCHER Sarah, High st

HUBBARD Henry, High st


GROCERS & CHEESEMONGERS – see also Shopkeepers &c.


ALLWORK Henry, High st

AUSTEN Richard Martin, High st

BARDEN John, High st

BENGE john, High st

CORKE Richard, High st

HARDWICK William Henry, High st

HARRIS Thomas, High st

KING Edward, High st

SUTTON Sarah Ann, High st




BENZIE Simpson, High st

ROBERTS William, High st




Bull, William MONTAGUE, High st

Rose & Crown Hotel, (& posting house), William PARKER & Son, High st




CATT John, (& brass), High st

GILBERT James, High st

PUGH John & Robert, High st




BARTRAM William, High st

LUCKHURST Daniel, High st

MILNS Henry, High st




ACTON Elizabeth, (& boarding), Bordyke

BARTON Mrs, High st

BENNETT Mr, Hadlow road

BRIGDEN Mr, Sion house

DUDGEN Miss, Terrace

LUSIGNAN Mrs, Church lane

SOPER Mr, Rose cottage

THINNING Mrs, High st

WILLIAMS Mrs, (& boarding), High st




CHARLTON John Sills, Town mills

URIDGE Edgar, Cage green




DAY Mercy Maria, High st

ROBERTS Elizabeth, High st

RUSSELL Ann & Sarah, High st

SOPER Obedience, Hadlow road

WEBB Elizabeth, High st

WENHAM Mary Ann, Seven acres




DODDRELL Thomas Lane, High st

DOVE Thomas, High st

FOX Edward Thomas, High st

JOY William, High st

LOVEJOY Charles Tench, Dry hill




EVERETT T B, (music & organist), High st

HEATH W H, (drawing), Priory place




CHILDRENS John, High st

WAITE Thomas, High st




BAKER William, High st

BARDEN Samuel, Hadlow road

CORKE Jane, Cage Green

HARRIS Thomas, High st

JEFFERY Sarah, Seven acres

LANGRIDGE William, High st

OLIVER William, Dry hill




BARRETT Henry & Co, Cage green

CHALKLIN William, (& statuary), High st




ADAMS Mary, High st

GENTRY Henry, High st

HARMER Jemima, High st

SEALE Ann, High st




BROWN Peter, High st

DOWTHWAITE William, Terrace

PRINCE Leeson, High st

WEST William James, High st




BROWN William, (& architect), High st

BUDGEN John, Hadlow road

RICHARDSON James, (road), Dry hill

TARLETON Francis, (of taxes), Terrace, High st




BRIGDEN James, Dry hill

BULEY William, Castle st

BURLEY Thomas, High st

CAMFIELD James, High st

CLIFTON Charles, High st

MERCER Robert, High st

MOSE Jonathan, High st

PENFOLD John, Dry hill

SNELLING Levi, High st

STEERS Samuel, High st




Angel, William BATCHELOR, High st

Castle, Robert MERCER, High st

Chequers, Edward SLATTER, High st

Dorset Arms, Thomas POWELL, High st

George & Dragon, John SMITH, Dry hill

Red Lion, George LANGRIDGE, High st

Three Loggerheads, Sarah JEFFERY, High st




PATTERSON John, High st




WISE George & Co, High st




STEVENS William, Swan lane

WIGHTWICK William, High st




BARCHAM Asher, (& silversmith & jeweller), High st

CRUNDWELL Stephen, High st

HOW Silas Samuel, High st

SMYTH Charles, Swan lane




ARROW James, Dry Hill

ELLYATT William, Castle st




PARKER William & Son, High st

WATTERMAN Thomas, High st




BURTON William Ford, gunpowder manufacturer, Ramhurst mills

CLAPHAM Joseph, hat manufacturer, High st

CLARK Jos, china, glass &c dealer, High st

Court of Requests Office, Swan lane, John ASHDOWN, clerk

CROFT____, sheriff’s officer, High st

DAY James, fishmonger, High st

Excise Office, Angel Inn, Daniel SMITH, officer

FISHENDEN Richard, gun maker, High st

Gas Works, Riverbank, William BROWN, secretary

ISARD James, tallow chandler & oil & colourman, High st

LARKING Henry, timber merchant, High st

OSBORNE George, fellmonger & glover, High st

OWEN Henry, wood turner, Hadlow road

STIDOLPH Edward, parish clerk, High st

Union Poorhouse, Sandhills, William BLYTH, governor




The following Coaches call at the Bull and the Rose & Crown Inns when not otherwise expressed; and none run on Sunday, except the Mail, the Regulator and the Sussex.


To London, the Royal Mail, (from Hastings), every morning at half past one – the Morning Star (from Tonbridge Wells), at half past eight – Mole’s coach at half past nine – the Telegraph at half past ten – the Royal Express and Regulator afternoon at half past one – the Paragon at half past two – the Despatch (from St Leonard’s), at half past three – the Sussex at a quarter past four – and the Flower of Kent (from Tenterden) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at ten; all go through Seven Oaks, Riverhead, Farnborough, Bromley &c.


To Brighton, the Royal Blue, (from Maidstone), every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday noon at twelve; goes through Tonbridge Wells, Uckfield and Lewes.


To Hastings, The Royal Mail, (from London), every night at twelve – the Royal Express every day at twelve – the Paragon afternoon at one – and the Regulator at two; all go through Lamberhurst and Battle.


To Maidstone, the Royal Blue, (from Brighton), every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at half past two; goes through Hadlow and Wateringbury.


To St Leonard’s, the Despatch, (from London), afternoon at four; goes through Lamberhurst &c.


To Tenterden, the Flower of Kent, (from London), every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon at five; goes through Bletchingley, Horsemonden, Goudhurst and Cranbrooke.


To Tonbridge Wells, the Sussex, (from London), every afternoon at one – the Morning Star evening at seven – Mole’s coach at half past seven – and the Telegraph at eight.


VANS – for passengers and goods


To Maidstone, ____ WALTER, every morning at half past seven; ____ OWEN, at nine; a Van, (from the Wells), calls at the Bull, every afternoon at half past two; and ____ WINCHESTER, from his house, every Monday and Thursday.




To London, Thomas BARNETT’s Waggon, from his house, every Monday & Thursday.


To Maidstone, William OWEN, from his house, two or three times a week.




To London, the Medway Company’s barges every Tuesday and occasionally oftener.


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