Pigots 1840 - Kent

Tonbridge Wells, with the Chapelry of Southborough & neighbourhoods


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Tonbridge Wells, a fashionable and celebrated watering place is partly in the parish and lowey of Tonbridge and partly in that portion of the parish  of Speldhurst which is in the hundred of Washlingstone and lathe of Aylesford and extending into the parish of Frant, hundred of Rotherfield and rape of Pevensey in Sussex; it is 36 miles SE by S from London, 6 S from Tonbridge town and 30 from Hastings and Brighton. This town, though irregularly laid out, is handsome. The celebrated chalybeate springs are at the entrance of the Parade and near them are the baths, the libraries, the theatre, assembly rooms, principal shops &c. The Parade which is broad and handsome extends from the springs one hundred and seventy five yards and is the fashionable lounging place of the visiters during the season; the other parts of the town stand on detached eminences, severally named, Mount Ephraim, Mount Pleasant, Bishops Down, Mount Sion, Grove Hill &c. and are interspersed with shrubberies and pleasure grounds all at an easy distance from the wells. The inns, and boarding and lodging houses are of a very superior description. Within these few years the town has been considerable improved by modernizing some of the old houses and erecting new ones; but the most striking alteration has been on the Calverley Estate on which have been erected elegant villas (in a park abounding with the finest scenery), terraces, a promenade, a market and a splendid hotel of the first class; several tasteful villas have also been erected in Nevill Park, near Bishops Down. The waters of the wells are considered to be as nearly as strong as those of the German spa; their medicinal qualities were first discovered in 1606, by Dudley Lord North, on his return from Eridge, where he had been sojourning on account of his health/; the beneficial effects of the waters on his lordships constitution speedily raised them to the repute that they have ever since maintained.  The staple trade is the manufacture of toys and articles for ornament and domestic use, made in great variety and elegance from several kinds of wood and all denominated Tonbridge ware. The fashionable season is May to November but of late years the number of resident gentry has greatly increased, it being well known that the waters prove efficacious in winter as in summer. During the season for visiters the theatre is open and there are races in August. An act of parliament was passed in July 1835 for the establishment of a police and lighting and watching and otherwise improving the town, the regulations of which are under the control of commissioners. The places of worship are a district church which was consecrated and opened for divine service on the 3rd September 1829; a chapel of ease situated near the springs; a Roman catholic chapel opened in September 1838; and chapels for Wesleyan Methodists, Baptists, independents and Lady Huntingdon’s Connexion; a very handsome edifice has also recently been erected called Christ Church. The charities which are numerous and well supported, comprise several schools – one upon the national system, another for infants, and a chapel school for boys; a well regulated dispensary, and lying in and Dorcas societies. There are many elegant seats and residences in this vicinity and the scenery of the country around the Wells is highly picturesque and diversified. There is no particular market day; but every article of necessity and luxury is in abundant supply daily.  According to a census taken by the local act commissioners in 1837; the population of Tonbridge Wells was as follows: - that part of the town in the parish of Tonbridge 6698; that in Speldhurst parish 1922; that part in Frant parish (Sussex) 534; total 9154 – presenting an increase of about 3000 inhabitants since 1931.


Nearly three miles from the Wells, in the parish of Tonbridge, is Southborough, a chapelry lying about midway between the two towns; it consists of a number of unconnected houses, and a district church, the latter erected some years since by subscription and vested in the superintendence of trustees who have the appointment of the minister. The population is returned with that of Tonbridge.


POST OFFICE – Parade, Tonbridge Wells, Robert NASH, Postmaster. Letters from all parts arrive every morning at half past six in summer and half past seven in winter and are despatched every night at eleven, A cross post to Brighton and Lewes every day at noon. A receiving box at Edward BAKER’s, Calverley Road.


POST OFFICE – Southborough, John HURRION, Postmaster. Letters from Tonbridge arrive (by foot post) every morning at seven and are despatched every night at nine.




ABELL Mrs, Grove villa

ABERGAVENNY The Earl of, Eridge Castle

ADAMS Capt, North Grove house

AKERS Mrs, Burlington house

AKERS Aretas esq, Bellevue

ALLFREE William esq, Southfield

BAKER Anthony St John esq, Mount Calverley lodge

BEDFORD Miss, Park view

BIRCH Charles esq, 19 Calverley park

BISHOP Rev Henry, 9 Grove hill

BLACKWOOD Mrs, 4 Calverley parade

BLENCOWE R W esq, (magistrate), Middle Grove house

BOSTON ____ esq, Fountain cottage

BRISBANE Lady, Grove house

BROWN Mrs Amy, Somerset place

BURDER Dr, Bellevidere

BURMISTER ____ esq, 4 Calverley terrace

CHALONER Miss, 6 Calverley park

CHOLMONDELEY Rev Horace, Holland farm

CONGREVE William esq, Mount Ephraim

COOPER Capt, Rust hall

CRIPPS J M esq, Rock villa

CROFT Mrs, Holly bank

DAMPIER Lady, 3 Calverley terrace

DANIEL Colonel, Grove lodge

DEACON Miss, 2 Calverley terrace

DEANE Jas esq, Cumberland house

DELVES Mr Henry, Parade

DURNFORD General, Belevidere

EYLES Mrs, 5 Calverley parade

FARQUHAR Mrs, Meadow Hill lodge

FENNING Mrs, Mount Ephraim

FINCH Mrs, 18 Calverley park

FISHER Mrs Jeddere, Culverden house

FORBES John esq, Cumberland villa

GALE Mrs, 4 Grove hill

GOODRICH Mrs, Ashley house

GREEN Capt, Grove villa

GROVES Mrs, Jordan lodge

HAILY Mrs, 8 Calverley park

HAMILTON Rev Dr, 5 Calverley park

HANSON Rev William, Devonshire place

HARDING Miss Bowen, Rust hall

HARDINGE Rev Sir Charles bart, Great bounds

HARMAN The Misses, Calverley lodge

HAWLEY Mrs, 7 Calverley park

HODGSON Maj General, Stellenburg

HUNT Jackson esq, 1 Calverley park

HUNTER Rev, Maryans cottage

JACOMB Mrs, Dalby house

JAMES John esq, Somerset house

KEENE Rev H G, 7 Calverley terrace

KEWELL Rev Henry, Grosvenor road

LOMAX Rev Charles, Grosvenor road

LOTHERINGTON Thomas esq, Southborough hall

LUSHINGTON Miss, Mount Sion

MARSDEN W esq, Monson place

MARTIN Mrs Byam, Belmont road

MAWDSLEY Miss, Broomhill cottage

MEADE Lady Maria, Bloomfield cottage

MILNES Lady, 4 Grove hill

MORLEY Mrs, 5 Calverley terrace

MORLEY Mrs, Summer Hill place

MORRISON Colonel, Ephraim cottage

NEVILL Viscount, Nevill park

OFFLEY William, esq, Forrest prospect

ONSLOW Rev A C, Lower green

ORLEBAR Orlands esq, Blair cottage

PALMER George esq, Boyne house

PARKYN Hugh esq, Ashurst lodge

PATTISON W esq, Chancellor house

PEACOCK Mrs, 7 Calverley parade

PEEL Mrs, Summer Hill place

POPE Rev W L, Claremont lodge

POTT Arthur esq, Bentham hill

POWELL Dr, Clarence terrace

POWELL Baden esq, Langton

RADFORD____ esq, Rose Bank

RAMSDEN Rev William, Ashurst

RANDALL Rev H G, Cambridge house

RICHARDS Mrs, Marlborough house

ROBERTSON D J esq, Bishops down

RODWELL Mrs, Richmond house

ROSS Mrs, Priory

SALOMONS David esq, Broom hill

SCOONES Major, 12 Calverley parade

SCOTT John esq, Somerset place

SHEPHARD Mrs, Manor house

STEPHENS Rev W W, Southfield

STEVENS Thomas esq, 6 Calverley parade

STOCK T O esq, 10 Calverley park

SUART Edward esq, Lyme hill

TAYLOR W S esq, Howard lodge

THOMSON Dr, Mount Pleasant

TIGHE Mrs, Earls Court

TIGHE Robert esq, Little bounds

TUCKER Mrs, Southborough

TUCKER Rev John, Southborough

WALKER John esq, Nevill park

WARD Arthur esq, 11 Calverley park

WHITELOCK Miss, Prospect lodge

WILGRESS Mrs, Meadow Hill lodge

WILLIAMS Mrs, Monson house

WILLSON Mrs Lydia, Southborough

WILMOT Dr, Parade

WILSON ____ esq, Southborough

WITTWER T N esq, Cottage

WIX W esq, Lloyds house

WOLFF Hon Baron, Woodbine cottage

WOOD George esq, 8 Calverley terrace


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day Schools


ALLFREE Thomas Robert, (boarding and preparatory), Romanoff house

British School (girls), Mount Sion, Susannah ROGERS, mistress

Chapel Free Schools, John CHAPMAN, master; Elizabeth CHAPMAN, mistress

Free School, Southborough, William SPILSBURY, master

GRIFFITHS Thomas Lloyd, (boarding), Nevill lodge

HEMSLEY Thomas B, Mount Sion

Infants & Girls School, Southborough, Ann WRIGHT, mistress

Infants School, Grosvenor road, Mary ELSHAM, mistress

KNIGHT John, Bedford terrace

NEWNHAM Eliza, Mount Sion

NYE Mary, (boarding & day), Grosvenor road

RING Joseph, Grosvenor road

RING Mrs, Mount Pleasant

SMART Eliza Lucy, (boarding), Gothic villa

SYDDALL Ann, (boarding), Camden house

Victoria National School, Calverley road, Chas GRAY, master

VINER Mr & Mrs, Southborough

WILLIAMS Jemima, Southborough




DARBY William Absalom, Grosvenor road

WREN William, Hanover house




BEECHING Alfred John, Church road

DAWES & FRASER, Grosvenor road

EDWARDS Thomas, Sidney place

FOREMAN Robert, Jerningham place

SPROTT Walter, Abergavenny place

STONE, Son & Bremridge, (& clerks to the magistrates), Mount Ephraim




BRISSENDEN Thomas, Park place

COCKERELL & Son, Mount Sion road

DELVES Richard, Pelham house

GOODRHAM John, Chapel place

HART Robert Mills, Mount pleasant

KAY Thomas, (& show rooms), Parade

WREN William, Hanover house


BAKERS – marked thus * are also Confectioners


DADSON James, Windmill fields

EDWARDS William, Mount Ephraim

FAULKNER Stephen, Calverley road

FEATHERSTONE George, Calverley road

GIBBS Francis, Grosvenor road


* HAMMOND Samuel, Edger terrace

LEWIS Caroline & Edw, Mount Sion road

LEWIS James, Calverley road

MITCHELL John, Southborough

* NYE Jno, Parade & Mount Ephraim

* RASON Edwin, Mount Sion road

SAMMONS James, Parade

VAUX Edward, Nevill st




BEECHING & Sons, Church road – draw on Masterman & Co, London

MOLINEUX & Co, (branch of Lewes), Parade – draw on Sir Jas EDAILE & Co, London – Robert NASH, agent

Surrey, Kent & Sussex Bank (branch), Bath square – draws on The London Establishment, 71 Lombard st, Richard CORKE, agent

Savings Bank, Parade, (open on Mondays), Robert NASH, actuary




SEAMAN Sarah, (warm, shower and medicated), 1 Calverley promenade

STAPLEY Henry, (hot, tepid, shower and plunging), over the mineral springs




CANFIELD John, Mount Ephraim

ELLIOTT & Sons, London road

GILBERT John, (& white), Common

KNIGHT Samuel, Mount Ephraim

MERCER George, Bath yard

MILLS James, (& carpenter), Garden lane

PAGE Thomas P, Frant road

PRATT George, Windmill fields

TIDY George, Southborough

TILL John, Mount Ephraim


BOOKSELLERS & STATIONRS – marked thus * are also Libraries


CLIFFORD John, (& printer, binder and religious tract depository), Back parade

COLBRAN John, (& printer), London road

* ELLIOTT John, Parade

HODGES Thomas, Mount Sion road

* NASH Robert, (& news room and stamp distributer), Parade

* NYE Henry jun, Grosvenor road




BOTTEN James, Bath square

BROWN George, Abergavenny place

BUDGEN George, Mount Ephraim

CHAMPION Thomas, Parade

CHURCHILL William, Mount Ephraim

CLARK David, Grove Hill road

COUGHLAN James, Mount Sion

COX John, London road

DOWNS John, Mount Sion road

FIELD Paul, Grove Hill road

FINCH James, Grosvenor road

GIBBS Abraham, Mount Ephraim

GROVES & Co, 9 Edgar terrace

HUTCHINSON Peter, Mount Sion

JENNER John, Mount Sion

MUNRO William, Mount Sion

REEVES & Co, (leather cutters), Grosvenor road

SALE George, Mount Ephraim

TAYLOR William, Market place

THOMPSON Francis, Parade

WOODHAM Leonard, Mount Ephraim




ANDERSON Francis, Nevill st

GILBERT William, Mount Sion road

NOVIS Richard, Mount Sion



BELL William, Mount Pleasant


STRINGER John, Victoria, Eridge road




FRY George, Southfield

GOLDSMITH James, Windmill fields


RICHARDSON John, Rusthall common

THORPE Edward, Southfield




CRIPPS Charles, Cambridge house

CRIPPS James, Windmill fields

DIWELL Richard, Frant road

JEFFERY William, Frant road

RICHARDSON John, Mount Ephraim

WEST George, Southborough




BONHAM Sarah, Mount Sion

HASTINGS Elizabeth, Grosvenor road




ADAMS George, 10 Edger terrace

ADAMS John, Calverley road

COMBRIDGE William, Mount Ephraim

CREASY Elizabeth, Frant road

DELVES Joseph, Chapel place

DELVES William, Market place

EDWARDS Henry, Mount Sion road

EDWARDS William, Calverley road

ELLIOTT James, Mount Ephraim

HAIRCLOTH John, Mount Ephraim

HAYWARD John, Bath square

HOLYER John, Chapel place

HURRION John, Southborough

MAY Edward, Grove Hill road

MONCKTON John, Mount Ephraim

PIPER Daniel, Mount Pleasant

TAYLOR John, Mount Sion

TAYLOR Michael, Calverley road

WICKENS Samuel, Southborough




BRISSENDEN Thomas, (& undertaker), Park place

DOWNARD Henry E, (& undertaker), Mount Pleasant road

GOODRHAM John, Chapel place

HICKS Frederick, Mount Pleasant road

LANCASTER Henry, (& fancy Berlin trimming warehouse), 8 Edger terrace

NOYES Henry, Calverley road

STAPLEY Henry, Mount Sion road




BARRETT & Co, Mount Pleasant

DOUCH & MONTIER, London road

DUNK Isaac, Mount Ephraim

EDWARDS & MERCER, Mount Ephraim

GALLARD Matthew & Jno, Southborough

HASTINGS Joseph, Grosvenor road

MARTIN John, Grosvenor road

STANDEN James, Mount Sion

STRANGE George, Mount Sion road

WILLICOMBE William, Calverley place

WREN William, Hanover place




SAMMONS Thomas, Grove Hill road

STONE James, Mount Pleasant




CARR John, Calverley road

DELVES Joseph, Bath square

MATHEWS Thomas George, London road

MERCER Robert, Chapel yard


SEAMER Jeffery, Mount Ephraim




BOORMAN Charles Jenner, Mount Ephraim

CORNWALL Augustus Richard, Bath square

GARDNER Charles, Mount Sion road

MADDOCK William, Parade

ROSS Henry, Mount Ephraim

WAY Thomas, Bedford house




AMES Joseph, Farrington place

BENNETT John, Church road

CHURCHILL Edward, London road

DONCET George, Calverley mews

HOLLAMBY James, Chapel place

JEFFERY George, London road

LANGRIDGE John, Back parade

LONG Luke, London road

RALPH William, Mount Sion

ROACH Edward, Mount Sion

TARBUTT John, Mount Ephraim

WIGHTWICK Thomas, Back Parade




ELLIOTT & Sons, London road

TERRY John, London road




BAKER Thomas, Grosvenor road

HUNNISETT Charles, Nevill st




BELL William, Mount Pleasant

HODGES William, Cumberland yard

PACK William, Frant road

RANGER Thomas, London road




CARR John, Calverley road

KING Thomas, Mount Sion road




ALLISS William, London road

MILTON John, Grove hill

MILTON William, Keln farm

MURTIN George, Southfield




HART Robert Mills, (& land), Mount Pleasant

PIZEY George, (to the Grove Hill estate), Grove Hill road

ROBINSON George, (to the Calverley Estate), 6 Calverley promenade




Atlas, Richard H CORKE, Bath square

Guardian, STONE, Son & Bremridge, Mount Ephraim

Kent, Thomas HODGES, Mount Sion road

Norwich Union, Robert NASH, Parade

Phoenix, R M HART, Mount Pleasant

Protestant Dissenters, John SALTMARSH, 7 Edger terrace

Royal Exchange, Benjamin LEWIS, London road

Sun, Robert FOREMAN, Jerningham place




HOOK & TOLSON, Market place

MOON John, 1 Calverley prospect

MOON Richard, Chapel place




CHAMPION William, Parade

CONSTABLE Richard, Mount Ephraim

COOPER John, Church road

EDWARDS William, Calverley road

HABENS Richard, London road

HOLLAMBY James, Chapel place

HOSMER John, Mount Pleasant

HOSMER Thomas, Bath square

LUCAS James, Abergavenny place

PRINCE & BRIDGLAND, Mount Sion road

RALPH William, Mount Sion road

THOMPSON Henry, Grosvenor road

TURNER William, Grove Hill road

UNDERHILL Mark, Abbey st

WESTCOTT Ann, Grosvenor road

WINYARD John, Crownfield




BULLEN John, Calverley road

DORN Peter, Mount Sion

NOYES Henry, Calverley road


GROCERS & TEA DEALERS – see also Shopkeepers and Tea Dealers


CARR John, Calverley road

CHANTLER John, Southborough

CHEESMAN Henry, Mount Sion

DELVES Joseph, Bath square

GATES Thomas, Mount Ephraim

GODDEN Thomas, Calverley road


GOWER William, Southborough

HOPE John, 11 Edger terrace

HUNNISETT Henry, Calverley road

JEFFREY John, Nevill road

MATTHEWS Thomas George, London road

SAWYER & SEAMER, (& spirit merchants), Parade and Grosvenor road

SEAMER Jeffery, Mount Ephraim

STAITE James, Mount Ephraim

TRICE George, Mount Sion road

VARNEY William, Calverley road

WOOD John, Calverley road




DAMPER James, Mount Sion road

EDOUARD____, Parade

LANGRISH Joseph, Market place

MERCER Robert, Abergavenny place

RAVENSCROFT Frederick Henry, Mount Ephraim




CLAPHAM Joseph, (manufacturer), Parade and at Tonbridge

CORKE Richard, Mount Sion road

DAVID Henry John, Mount Pleasant

JONES Evan, Grosvenor road

LASHMAR Henry, Parade



HOUSE AGENTS – see also Estate Agents


BRISSENDEN Thomas, Park place

DELVES Joseph, (& grocer), Bath square

DELVES Joseph, Chapel place

DELVES Richard, Pelham house

EDWARDS Henry, Mount Sion

NYE Henry jun, Grosvenor road

PIZEY George, Grove Hill road

SAWYER & SEAMER, Bath square




Calverley Hotel, George ROBINSON, Calverley Park

Camden Hotel, John HUGHES, Calverley Road

Castle, (commercial), Luke LONG, London road

Kentish Royal Hotel, Edw. CHURCHILL, London road

Mount Ephraim Hotel, Edw.  NEALE, Mount Ephraim

Royal Sussex Hotel, Richard GELLETT, Parade

White Bear, (commercial), John HUGHES, London road




ANDERSON Francis, Nevill st

BEAUMONT George, Calverley road

GILBERT William, (& locksmith), Mount Sion road

MATHEWS Thomas George, London road




GATES Thomas, London

HOSMER Edward, Mount Sion road

PIERCE Joseph, Mount Ephraim


LIBRARIES – see Booksellers & Stationers




CORKE Richard, Chapel yard

DAVID Henry John, (& woollen draper), Mount Pleasant

JONES Evan, Grosvenor road

LASHMAR Henry, (& woollen), Parade

NEAL Thomas, Bath square

RUFFELL & Co, Chapel place

SPENCER George, Mount Ephraim




DOUCET George, Calverley mews

HODGES William, Cumberland yard




BENNETT George, Sillwood cottage

BROWN Mrs, Blandford house

COX Miss, Durham house

ELLIOTT C, Font hill

FRIEND James, Parade

HOMEWOOD Mrs, Clarence terrace

HOOF Mrs, 6 Calverley prospect

LEWIS Mary, Chapel yard

MERCER Robert, Chapel yard

ROSASPINI Peter, Nevill st

SIMCO George, (& boarding), Parade

TAYLOR Mrs, Clarence terrace

WICKENS Mrs, Clarence terrace

WREN William, Hanover house



ASHBY Henry, Culverden mill

CRONK George, Calverley mill

PEERLESS Henry, Southborough




DANN Mary, Bedford terrace

DAVIS Sophia, Mount Ephraim

DIWELL Mary, Frant road

ELLIOTT Rachael, Calverley road

FIELD Eliz, (& stay), Southborough

FRY Ann, Mount Ephraim

JEFFERY Sarah, Mount Pleasant road

LAMONT Jane, Mount Ephraim

LINGHAM Charlotte, Mount Pleasant road

MAYNARD Louisa, Bedford terrace

NYE Selina, Parade

STANDEN Elizabeth, Mount Sion

STRANGE Mary, Parade

WICKER Ann, Parade




CRIPPS Thomas, Cumberland terrace

HOLLAMBY Charles, Eridge road

PIPER William, Calverley nursery




JEWELL Thos, 5 Calverley promenade

MERRY William, Mount Sion


PAINTERS, PLUMBERS & GLAZIERS – see also preceding list


ASHBY James, Summer hill

BAGULEY John, Grosvenor road

CHETWYND William Henry, Calverley road

CORKE Edgar, Yew tree

FARLEY & Son, Mount Sion

JARVIS John, Mount pleasant

POPE George, London road

STRANGE Edward Jeffery

TAYLOR Robert, Edger terrace

TAYLOR Thomas & Frederick, Parade

TILL John, Mount Ephraim

WILLIAMS George,  Mount Ephraim




POWELL Henry, 1 Clarence terrace

THOMPSON Thomas, Mount pleasant

WILMOT John Bramston, Parade

WILSON William, Hertford place




CHAPINS John Mark, Chapel place

WHEELER George, Market place




DODD Charles, (drawing), 6 Mount Pleasant terrace

GOODBAN Charles, (music), London road

STIDOLPH Thomas, (organist and piano tuner), Cumberland terrace




ADAMS Sarah, (fancy), Parade

CASSAM Mary, (fancy), Parade

DAVIS Catherine, (toy), Chapel place

FIELD Theophilus, (artistes & foreign curiosities), Bedford terrace

KAY Thomas, (furniture), Parade

MURRAY Jno, (foreign curiosities), Parade

NYE Henry jno, Grosvenor road




ELLIOTT & Sons, London road

RANDALL James, Southborough

TRICE Harriet, Frant road

WAITE Thomas, Mount Ephraim




WATSON Stephen, London road




ANSCOMBE Sarah, Mount Ephraim

AUSTEN Jeffery, Windmill fields

BUDGEN George, Mount Ephraim

DUVALL George, Mount Ephraim

EDWARDS William, Mount Ephraim

FIDD Frederick, Mount Sion

FOORD Thomas, Frant road

LAMPARD Ann, Mount Ephraim

LANGRIDGE Lydia, Nonsett Green

OVENDEN George, Golden lane




LOOF William, Bath square

MURRAY John, (jeweller), Parade

ROSASPINI Peter, (jeweller and artificial flower maker), Nevill st




COLE George, (& builder), Calverley road

JEFFERY William, Common

M’SWINEY Thomas, Essex place

SCHOLES Jabez, (& statuary), Mount pleasant

THORPE Edward, (& builder), Grange yard




DYER Maria, Market Place

ELLIOTT Mary, Font hill

FRY Ann, Mount Ephraim

GIBBS Martha, Mount Ephraim

LAMPARD & CLARK, Mount Ephraim




CLOUGH William, Hertford place

CLOUTER John, Calverley road

CORNWALL James, Parade

GREAM Robert Righton, Priory

HARGREAVES Isaac, Market place

SOPWITH H L, (& registrar), Mount Pleasant road

TRUSTRAM Charles, Bedford place

WALFORD Edward Berry, Calverley road

WAY & HILYARD, Bedford House

WAY William, Southborough




RANGER R E, Clarence place 

STIDOLPH Thomas, (& to the local act commissioners), Cumberland terrace


TAILORS – marked thus * are also Drapers


BALDOCK William, Calverley road

* BROOKS George, Mount Sion road

CARRICK William, Mount Sion

CHAPMAN Edward, Grosvenor road

* CLAPSON Richard, Nevill st

FIELD John Turner, Mount Ephraim

FOORD Thomas, Frant road

* HAMMOND John, Parade

MERCER George, Mount Sion

MERCER John, Market place

MESSEN Edward, Mount Sion

MORPETH Thomas, Mount Ephraim

SEAMER Samuel, Mount Sion

SMEED Thomas, Frant road

* STUBBS Thomas, Grosvenor road

WOODHAM George, Southborough

* YOUNG John, Bath square

YOUNG Thomas, Mount Sion




Bristol Arms, Richard PREBBLE, Calverley road

Coach & Horses, John FARLEY, Market place

Compasses, Thomas BAKER, Mount Sion

Corn Market House, Edward CHURCHILL, London road

Cross Keys, Ann PACKHAM, Nonsett Green

Duke of York, James, BENNETT, Market place

George, Charles CASH, Mount Ephraim

Hand & Sceptre, Hy BALDOCK, Back parade

Hand & Sceptre, Joseph TIBBS, Southborough

Harp, Henry GOODWIN, London road

Kentish Yeoman, John APPS, Grove Hill road

Nevill Arms, Samuel WEST, Nevill st

Rose & Crown, Mary SHARP, London road

Royal Oak, William WREN, Windmill fields

Swan, John DAVIS, Back Parade




BROWN John Sly, London road

GOLDING Mary Ann, (& tobacconist), Parade

SEAMER William, Grosvenor road




BENNETT George, Clarence terrace

BURROWS George & James, Parade & Rock Villa road

BURROWS Humphrey jun, Parade & Jordan place

DYER Benj, (& portable desk manufacturer), Bedford place

FENNER &Co, Bath square & Mount Ephraim

FRIEND James, Parade

NYE Edmund, Parade; manufactory, Mount pleasant

NYE Henry jun, (& fancy repository), Grosvenor road

SHARP John James & Ann, Mount Ephraim




CHURCHILL Edward, Kentish Royal Hotel

GOODRHAM John, Chapel place

LASMAR Henry, Parade

STAPLEY Henry, (& appraiser), Mount Sion road




PAGE Thomas Pengru, Grove Hill road

SMITH Richard, Mount Sion




CAMFIELD Thomas, (& optician), Parade & Mount Pleasant

CANEY William, Mount Ephraim

CRUNDWELL Stephen, Mount Sion road

DAMPER William, Abbey st

FIELD Benj, (& gun), Mount Pleasant road

LOOF William, Bath square

MOON George, Calverley road




BEAUMONT George, Calverley road

CONSTABLE William, Mount Ephraim

ELLIOTT & Son, Common

STIDOLPH Thomas, Southborough

TERRY John, London road

TILL John, Mount Ephraim




DICKSON Alfred, Mount Ephraim & Mount Pleasant

FARLEY John, Market place

NEAL Edward, Frant road & Bath square

SAWYER & SEAMER,  (spirit), Parade & Grosvenor road




Assembly & Billiard Rooms, Parade, Robert NASH, secretary

BIRCHALL Charles, tobacco pipe maker, Garden lane and at Maidstone

COOK & WICKHAM, cricket bat and ball makers, Southborough

CRUNDWELL Henry, tanner, Southborough

DIGGENS Richard, soda water manufacturer, Grosvenor road

Dispensary, Mount Pleasant, Frederick PALMER, house surgeon

DUFFY William, dyer & scourer, Hanover road

Excise Office, Swan Inn, Richard COLLINS, supervisor

Gas Works, Golden lane, Joseph BERRY, engineer

HAIR Quintin, surgeon dentist, Nevill st

HOLMAR William, wood turner, Crown field

ISARD Thomas, oil & colourman & tallow chandler & melter, Grosvenor road

LEWIS Mary, eating house, Chapel yard

Local Act Commissioners Office, London road, Benjamin LEWIS, clerk

PEERLESS Hy, fellmonger & glover, Mount Sion

PHIPPEN James, accountant & newsagent, Bedford terrace

Police Station, Grove Hill road, John Alexander THOMPSON, superintendent

SALTMARSH & WICKING, carvers & gilders, Edger terrace

SHARP William, gun & truss maker, Mount pleasant

SMITH Catherine, embroideress & pattern drawer, Parade

STEDMAN James, working cutler, Mount pleasant

Water Works, Jack Wood’s spring, George ROBINSON, manager




To London, the Morning Star, from the Kentish Hotel, every morning, (Sunday excepted), at eight – the Age, from the Age office, at half past eight – the Independent from the Kentish Hotel, at nine – the Telegraph from the Sussex Hotel, at ten – the Union,  from the Kentish Hotel, forenoon at eleven and the Paragon afternoon at two – and the Sussex, from the Sussex Hotel, afternoon, (Sunday excepted), at half past three, and on Sunday at four; all go through Tonbridge, Seven Oaks and Bromley.


To Brighton, the Royal Blue, from the Sussex Hotel, every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday noon at half past twelve; goes through Maresfield,  and Lewes – and the Defiance, from the Kentish Hotel, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at half past one.


To Hastings, the Paragon, from the Kentish Hotel, every afternoon, (Sunday excepted), at two.


To Maidstone, the Royal Blue, from the Age office, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at half past one; goes through Tonbridge, Hadlow &c.


VANS – for passengers and goods


To Dover, a Van, from the Kentish Hotel, every day, (Sunday excepted), at half past one; goes through Maidstone, Ashford, Hythe & Folkestone.


To Maidstone, a Van, from the Sussex Hotel, every morning, (Sunday excepted), at a quarter before seven.




To London, James BARNETT, from his warehouse, London road, every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at ten; _____ DIGGENS, from his house every Tuesday and Friday; and ____ HARRIS, from Southborough, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


To Brighton, ____ JARRETT’s Van, from BARNETTS warehouse, every Tuesday and Friday morning at eight.


To Maidstone, ____ SAXBY from his house, every Monday & Thursday.


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