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Tenterden & neighbourhood


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Tenterden is a flourishing and very respectable little market town and parish, in the hundred of its name and in the lathe of Scray – 54 miles SE by E from London, 19 SE by S from Maidstone and 26 SSW from Canterbury. Its name is derived from Theinwarden or Thanes – ward signifying “a guard in the valley”. This was one of the first places in which the woollen manufacture was established, in the reign of Edward III; but this branch has totally disappeared and its present trade is of domestic and agricultural nature, including that of hops, of which vast quantities are grown here; the plantations add considerably to the beauty of the surrounding scenery, which is naturally that of great richness and extent. The town, which has recently been lighted with gas, consists of one continued line of street, spacious and airy; the greater part of the houses are neat and the shops are respectable in appearance and well furnished. The principal Inns are the “Woolpack” and the “White Lion”; the former is well known as a comfortable commercial house, as well as a posting establishment. Tenterden enjoys all the privileges and franchises of the cinque ports and received a charter of incorporation from Elizabeth, which continued in force until the passing of the municipal reform act; the latter vested the government in a mayor, four aldermen and twelve councillors under the title of “ the mayor, jurats and commons of the town and hundred of Tenterden, in the county of Kent”. A court of quarter sessions is held here before the recorder; and the mayor, and two or more jurats hold a court of record every fifteen days, for the recovery of debts to any amount.


The church dedicated to St Mildred is a commodious and handsome edifice, with a noble lofty tower at its western end. The other places of worship are for Baptists, Wesleyan Methodists, Calvinists and Unitarians; the latter forma an exceedingly respectable class of society here, and their chapel is a perfect specimen of neatness. A school conducted here upon the national system, derives its main support from the funds of an anciently endowed grammar school now judiciously appropriated to this purpose. The market, which is a good one for corn, is held on Friday; and there is a fair on the first Monday in May, for stock, pedlery and pleasure, which is well attended. The parish contained according to the parliamentary returns of 1831. 3177 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE – High street, William CHAMBERS, Postmaster. Letters from London and all parts arrive (from Lamberhurst) every morning at seven and are despatched every evening at seven.




ADAMS Miss Elizabeth, East Cross

BEAL Seamon esq, East Cross

BROWN Rev Frederick, West Cross

BULKLEY Mrs Harriet, High st

CHENNELL Mr John, Park House

CROUGHTON Mrs, Heronden

CROUGHTON William Peel esq, Heronden

CURTEIS Miss Frances, West Cross

CURTEIS Mrs James, West Cross

CURTEIS Robert esq, High st

CURTEIS Robert jun esq, Ashenden

CURTEIS Mrs Sarah, High st

CURTEIS Mrs Sarah, Heronden

CURTEIS Walter esq, Ivy Court

CURTEIS William esq, High st

DIXON Mr William Jean, Summerhill

ELPHICKE The Misses, Brunger Farm

ELPHICKE Mr Thomas, Brunger Farm

ESPANETT Mr Samuel, West Cross

GODDEN The Misses, Leigh Green

GREEN Rev Charles, High st

HILDER Mr William, Little Westwell

HOLDEN Rev Lawrence, East Cross

HOOLE Rev Samuel, East Cross

HOPE Mr John, East Cross

HOPE Mr Thomas, East Cross

JUDGE Mrs Elizabeth, East Cross

MACE Mrs Amelia, High st

MANCLARKE Mrs Elizabeth, East Cross

MILLS Capt, Vanderlure, Dovenden

MOULTON Rev G W, Boars Isle

NEVE John esq, East Cross

ORANGE Mrs, Goods Hill

PEAKE Mrs Mary, East Cross

POMFRET Miss Harriet, Morghew

POMFRET Virgil esq, Morghew

ROBERTS William, esq, Eastgate

SHOOBRIDGE Thos Buss esq, Homewood

TARBOT Rev Edward, West Cross

TONG Mrs, West Cross

WARD Rev Philip (MA), Vicarage

WELD Rev Joseph, Westwell House

WESTON Miss, East Cross

WESTON John T esq, Boars Isle

WESTON Mrs Thomas, Kench Hill

WILSON Rev William, West Cross

WINSER Mr James, Little Heronden

WITTS Mrs Mary, East Cross




HODGES Harriet, (boarding & day), Clare House, West Cross

LANDSELL Hy, (boarding & day), West Cross

MILLS Sarah, (boarding & day), East Cross

National Schools, School lane, Thomas HUTCHISON, master; Ann ELLIOTT, mistress

ROFE Stephen, (day), West Cross

WALTER Sarah, (day), East Cross




MUNN Joseph, (& town clerk & clerk to the commissioners of taxes), West Cross

SHEPHERD Charles, West Cross

WATERMAN William, High st

WELLER Stephen, Oaks Place




HATCH Benjamin, Leigh Green

MASTERS David, High st




BRITCHER John, West Cross

CRITTENDEN Rd, (& confectioner), High st

LA VENCE Richard F, Boars Isle

MILSTED Robert, High st

NASH John, (& confectioner), High st

ROFE William, West Cross




CURTEIS, CROUGHTON & Co, (branch of Rye Bank), High st, (attendance every Tuesday & Friday – draws on WILLS & Co, London)

Savings Bank, High st, (open on Friday evening from six till eight). William BIRCH, secretary.




BEALL William, (& edge tool maker), West Cross

MILSTED John, High st

MILSTED Thomas, West Cross

POWELL John, Boars Isle




BOURNER William, (& tea dealer), High st

PURFIELD James, Boars Isle

SMITH Henry, (& stamp distributer), High st




AVERY & Son, High st

AVERY William, High st

BAYLEY John, East Cross

CASTLE Robert, High st

FUGGLE John, East Cross

GOODSALL Henry, High st

POWELL Elisha, Boars Isle

REVELL Stephen, East Cross

ROFE Benjamin, (shoe warehouse), High st

WICKEN Richard, West Cross




SHEPHERD Samuel, High st





BARHAM James, Boars Isle

COLE William, High st

FUGGLE William, West Cross

GOODSALL James, East Cross

TIMSON Charles, West Cross

WICKEN William, West Cross




AVERY William, East Cross

BLINKS Edward, West Cross

CURTEIS William, West Cross

HOOK Stephen, High st

MERCER Thomas, High st

POLHILL John, Boars Isle

POLHILL William, Boars Isle




BARNS James, (& patten), High st

BENZIE James, High st

MASTERS David, High st




BUSS James, East Cross

CHAINEY William, High st

GOODSALL Stephen, High st

GOODSALL Thomas, (& builder), High st

GREAGSBEY Edward, West Cross

NEWNHAM Philip, Boars Isle

STANDEN Elias, East Cross

WESTON Samuel, Boars Isle




COCK Edward, High st




BARNS James, High st

CLOUTE Thomas, High st

FRASER James Elder, High st




BOTTING William, High st

SMITH Alfred, High st

SMITH Henry, (& agent for Packhams rupture trusses), High st




BARLING Samuel Henry, High st

WICKEN Edward, West Cross




BOORMAN Barham & Samuel, (& factors), West Cross

GODDEN Stephen, (& hop factor), High st

MASTERS David, High st




HOWARD John, (& tanner), West Cross

MAY & HOWARD, (& Leather sellers), East Cross




DAVISS & Co, West Cross and at Ashford




Independent & West Kent, Jas BENZIE, High st

Kent, William BIRCH, High st

Norwich Union, Thomas AVERY, High st

Royal Exchange, William CHAMBERS, High st




FOWLER Mary, (& dealers in British wines), High st

WINSER Edward, High st




HARDING John, West Cross

HOOK Stephen, West Cross


GROCERS & TEA DEALERS – see also Shopkeepers &c.


BOORMAN Barham & Samuel, West Cross

BOTTING William, High st

CARPENTER Thomas, Boars Isle

CATT Thomas, East Cross

FRASER James Elder, (& Italian warehouse), High st

FUGGLE William, West Cross

LA VENCE Richard F, (& druggist), Boars Isle

WIGHTWICK Richard, Boars Isle

WINSER Edward, High st




CARPENTER William, High st

MERCER Edward, (& dealer in garden seeds), High st

WIGHTWICK Henry, High st




Crown, James BARHAM, Boars Isle

Eight Bells (& corn market), John COLLINS, High st

White Lion (commercial & excise office), John WIGHTWICK, High st

Woolpack (commercial & posting), Richard HIGHT, High st




BENZIE James, High st

COLLINS William, (& brazier), High st

FOWLE Francis, West Cross




BOORMAN Barham & Samuel, West Cross

BRIGHT William, High st

CATT Thomas, East Cross

FUGGLE William, (& clothier), West Cross

WINSER Edward, High st

WOOD Thomas, (& clothier, hosier & hatter), High st




BRIDGE George, Ashbourn

JUDGE Stephen, Leigh Green

PARTON Peter, Water Mills

SANTER Henry, Boars Isle




APPS Betsy, West Cross

BAYLEY Eliza, East Cross

BLINKS Ann. West Cross

DAW Mary, West Cross





APPS Richard, West Cross

BISHOP George, (& stone mason), High st

ELLIOTT William, East Cross

GRISBROOK William, (& looking glass, picture frame, paper hanging &c. warehouse), East Cross




GRIFFIN William James, High st

LEIGH George, High st




BRIGHT Thomas, Leigh Green

BURDEN Mary, Boars Isle

DRURY John, East Cross

DUNSTER Charles, High st

MERCER John, High st




ELGAR Elizabeth, High st

HOOK Ann, West Cross




BISHOP Thomas, West Cross

MACE John, High st

NEWINGTON Jesse Henry, West Cross

OWEN Alfred Philip, High st

SAUNDERS Edwin Dawes, High st




ADAMS John, (& land agent), High st and at Hawkhurst

HATCH Benjamin, (& land & estate agent), Leigh Green

PAINE Thomas, (& land agent), West Cross

THOMSON Jonathan, East Cross




CARTER James, High st

FINN Samuel, East Cross

HORTON Hezekiah, East Cross

JUDGE Stephen, High st

RUSSELL Arthur, (& hatter), High st

WALTER Thomas, East Cross




CLOUTE Thomas, High st

GOWER Henry, (& oil & colourman), West Cross




BIRCH William, (& silversmith), High st

HUKINS James, High st




COLLINS Zebulon, Boars Isle

EVENDEN William, Boars Isle

HOOK William, West Cross

MARTIN Edward, High st




AVERY Thomas, High st

COLLINS William, High st




CHAMBERS William, parish clerk, High st

COOPER Richard, timber merchant, Boars Isle

EXALL Joseph, letter press printer, vestry clerk & clerk to the Union, High st

Excise Office, White Lion, High St, John EVANS, supervisor, East Cross

FLEET Jos, turner & chair maker, West Cross

Gas Works, South Side, Benjamin HATCH, superintendent, Leigh Green

HUGGETT James, gardener & seedsman, East Cross

LONGLEY John, registrar of births & deaths, East Cross

LONGLEY Jno, veterinary surgeon, East Cross

MILSTED William, gun maker, High st

News & Reading Rooms, Post Office, High st, William CHAMBERS, proprietor

REDMAN Edward, clog and patten maker, East Cross

Union Poorhouse, West Cross, George GOBLE, governor; Charlt. GOBLE, matron

WINSER James, fellmonger, Huson

WITHERDEN Thomas, maltster, West Cross




To London, the Tally Ho, from the Woolpack every morning, (Sunday excepted), at a quarter before seven; goes through Headcorn, Maidstone &c. and the Flower of Kent from the White Lion every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at a quarter past six; goes through Cranbrooke, Tonbridge &c.


VANS – for passengers and goods


To Ashford, KEDWELL and TABRET’s Van (from Hastings), calls at the White Lion every forenoon (Sunday excepted), at half past eleven.


To Hastings, KEDWELL and TABRET’s Van (from Ashford), calls at the White Lion every afternoon (Sunday excepted), at four.




To London, Charles & James HOLLAND’s Waggon, from the Eight Bells every Monday and Thursday noon at twelve.


To Appledore, ___ RELF’s Cart, every Tuesday and Thursday.


To Ashford, ____ HESSLEDEN, every Wednesday.


To Biddenden, _______ CASHFORD every Saturday.


To Cranbrooke, ____ HESSLEDEN, every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.


To Ham Street, ____ AUSTEN, every Monday.


To High Halden, ____ JOHNSON, daily.


To Maidstone, ____ ROBERTS, every Monday and Friday and ____ BENNETT every Wednesday.


To Northiam, ____ KERR every Monday and ____ PIPER every Thursday.


To Romney, ___ MILES every Monday and Friday.


To Rye, HESSLEDEN, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and ___ MILES every Monday and Friday.


To Warehorne, ____ PEGG every Thursday.


To Wittersham,  ____ PREBBLE every Thursday


To Woodchurch, ____ HUGHES, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday


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