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Stroud is a small town (or village) and parish, the latter partly in the hundred of Shamwell, lathe of Aylesford, and partly within the jurisdiction of the borough of Rochester and connected with that city by a bridge over the Medway. The town is composed chiefly of one street of irregularly built houses, standing on the high road from London to Rochester, Chatham and the coast; of late years however is has been considerable improved – particularly since the act was obtained for paving, lighting and watching the town. The greater portion of inhabitants are engaged in maritime pursuits, in the fisheries on the Medway and in the dredging for oysters, of which latter large quantities, as well as shrimps are sent to London and other markets; the thoroughfare situation of the town, its contiguity to Rochester and Chatham and the resort of seafaring men contribute to the prosperity of the place. The views from the heights in the environs are admirable, commanding a wide expanse of land and water. About two miles from Stroud, on the London Road, is Gadshill, where Shakespeare has laid the scene of Falstaff’s valorous exploits against his ludicrously exaggerated number of assailants in “buckram”. The church dedicated to St Nicholas, is a neat structure of stone, and contains some handsome specimens of mosaic work; the benefice is a perpetual curacy, in the presentation of the dean and chapter of Rochester. The only other place of worship is a chapel for independents.  There is a considerable fair, which lasts four days, held here in the month of August. The entire parish of Stroud, including that part within the jurisdiction of borough of Rochester, contained in 1831, 2722 inhabitants.


One mile NW from Stroud, in the same hundred, is the village of Frinsbury; the parish is bounded on the south and east by the Thames, and the Thames and the Medway canal unite in it with the river Medway, on the banks of which are several wharfs. The church, dedicated to All Saints, stands on an eminence rising from the Medway, along the course of which river and over Rochester, the prospect is extensive and beautiful. In 1831, the population of Frinsbury parish amounted to 1856 residents.


The POST OFFICE is at Rochester – Receiving House at John GODDARDS, High St, Stroud.




BALDOCK Mrs Ann, Cage lane

BOGHURST Miss Mary, Frinsbury

BRIDGE Mrs Mary, High St

BRUNKER Mrs Maria, High St

COCKSHED Lieut. George, Frinsbury

COMPORT Mr John, Stroud

CRISP Mr Nicholas, High St

DAY Thomas esq. Frinsbury

DEACON Rev. Thomas, Cage lane

DREW Rev. Thomas, Cage lane

FORMBY Rev. James, Frinsbury road

FREELAND Mr John, High st

FRY Mrs, High st

HOLDOM Mrs S, Frinsbury

HORSNAILL Miss Mary, High st

HULKS Mrs Penelope, Gad’s hill

KNIGHT Mr Thomas, High st

LEMON Mr William, Cage lane

SAVAGE Lieut. Henry, Cage lane

STEVENSON Mrs P C M A, High st

TAYLOR Mrs Anne, High st

TOLPUTT Mrs Sarah, High st

YOUNG Benjamin esq, Cage lane




BRUNKER M A & E, (boarding), High st

SQUIRE Jane (day), Stroud

WEST Elizabeth, Cage lane

WINCH Jane (boarding), Frinsbury




GIBBS John, Frinsbury road

WICKHAM Humphrey (& clerk to the trustees of the parish of Stroud, clerk and solicitor to the trustees of Rochester charities and to the guardians of the Hoo union) High st, Stroud




CLARK, John, Frinsbury

COTLEY Joshua, High st

DAY Samuel, 65 High st

KNOWLES Charles, 60 High st

SHORTER William, Cage lane

SINCLAIR George, High st




CHAMPION Thomas, High Street

SMALLMAN Joseph, Cage lane

TANTON Joseph, High st




BROWN James, High st

EARLY Richard, High st

ELVY James, 29 High st

HALL George, Frinsbury

HAWLEY Thomas, Cage lane

KING John, Frinsbury

LADAMS Thomas, 91 High st

PERRIN Jacob, High st

WAKELING James, High st

WAKELING Thomas, High st

WHIFFEN William, High st




TURNER Samuel, High st

WOOD William, Frinsbury road




BIGGS John, High st

BROWN Robt. Roydon, 23 High st

GARTRIDGE William, Frinsbury

HAMMOND Thomas, Frinsbury

HEATH William, 27 High st

HIDER Edwin, High st

MAPLESDEN Thomas, High st

TOMLIN William, Cage lane

WATSON Charles, High st




FRANCIS Thomas, High st

GATES John, Frinsbury

GOWEN John, Cage lane

LILLY Joseph, Cage lane

SHEAD James, Cage lane

WEEKS Geo, Thos. (& undertaker), High st




MARTIN Charles, 24 High st

STAFFELL Henry, 36 High st




ALDERSLEY Edmund, Bridge wharf

COLES William Finch, 38 High st

EATTEN James, High st

HORSNAILL Maria, near the Bridge

TIPPETT David, Frinsbury lane

VERDON Levinous, Middle wharf, near the Bridge




ALDERSLEY Edmund, Bridge wharf

ALDERSLEY Thomas & Peter (& seedsmen), High st

BALDOCK Daniel, High st

BALDOCK Thos (& seedsmen), High st

HOWARD Hny. (& seedsmen), 19 High st

HORSNAILL Robt. (& seedsmen), High st

RODMELL John, High st

THOMAS Jas. Williams (& maltster & hoyman), High st and Canal wharf




BIGGS James, High st

HOPE Ann, High st

WHITEHEAD William, High st




BING George, High st

DEAN Charles, High st

ELVY & COCKUP, Frinsbury

FREEMAN Edward, Frinsbury

GALER John, High st

GAMON George, Cage lane

HINDMARSH Martha, High st

LANGFORD John, High st

LAWRENCE Joseph, High st

POPE Elizabeth, High st

THOMAS George, 66 High st

THOMPSON Robt. (& draper), 58 High st

SEAGER William, Frinsbury

SUTTON James Benjamin, 34 High st

WEAL George, Frinsbury

WHAPHAM Harriet & Hannah, Frinsbury

WHEELER Samuel & Son, High st




LAWRENCE David, High st

WHALEY & son, High st




GODDARD John, High st

GODDARD John jun. High st

KING Joseph, High st




SHREWSBURY & Co High st & Chatham

SMALLMAN Joseph, Cage lane




COBB Charles, 26 High st

MARSH Richd. (& clothier), High st

THOMPSON Robert, 58 High st

WAGHORN Thomas, 30 High st




DAY Thomas H, Stroud

THOMAS James Williams (& corn factor & hoyman), High st and Canal wharf

WICKENDEN Thomas, Frinsbury




FISHER John, Frinsbury

JARVIS Thomas Josiah, Frinsbury

RILLICK William, Stroud

TOWN George, Frinsbury




EDMEADS Jane, High st

RASHBROOK Mary, Cage lane




BEADELL John, Frinsbury

BRAY William, Cage lane

HUGGETT James, High st

LAMB John Samuel, High st

WIILIAMS James William, High st




EDWARDS Edward, 58 High st

EYRE Daniel, High st




GOFF John, Frinsbury

HATCH James Pelling (& draper, hatter & undertaker), High st

LAMB Henry, High st

NEALE James 20 High st

WILLIAMS Thomas, 40 High st




Angel, Johanna YOUNG, High st

Bell, William TOLLAST, Frinsbury

Bulls Head, Richard FREEMAN, High st

Coach & Horses, John MARTIN, London road

Crispin & Crispianus, John MIDDLE, High st

Dolphin, Henry PARR, High st

Dredging Boat, Robert WATERMAN, High st

Duke of Gloucester, Stephn SOMAN, High st

George & Dragon, Thos, MAUNDER, High st

Marlborough’s Head, Michael WHITE, Frinsbury

Pelican, Horatio OSMAR, High st

Red Lion, Wm. HODGES, Frinsbury road

Red Lion & Star, James DUFF, High st

Ship, Samuel WYLES, High st

Sir John Falstaff, James HOWE, Gads hill

Three Gardeners, Samuel WEST, Cage lane

Victory, Thos Samuel CROCKFORD, High st

Watermill & Canal Tavern, George ROFFWAY, Frinsbury

William IV, David SKINNER, High st




PIRKIS George, (& hatter), 43 High st

TAYLOR John, High st




ALLEN  Thomas, High st

GATES John, Frinsbury

SHEAD James, Cage lane

TANTON Joseph, Stroud




ACWORTH Joseph, tallow chandler, High st

ANDERSON Eliz. trunk and box maker, 45 High st

BASS Henry, pawnbroker, 56 High st

BOWNER Thomas, gardener, Stroud

BRYANT Henry S, earthenware dealer, High st

BUTLER Michael, coal dealer, Stroud

CHEETHAM George, shipwright, Frinsbury

COBB John Saxelby, currier, 35 High st

COOPER Charles & Thomas, fellmongers & woolstaplers, Cage lane, Frinsbury

CURRELL John, block & mast maker, Frinsbury

DAY Mary Anne, straw hat maker, High st

GATES Richard, registrar of births and deaths, Cage lane, Frinsbury

GOUGE & STUBBERSFIELD, saddlers, High st

HOOPER John, statuary & mason, Stroud

HORSNAILL Thomas, cabinet maker, High st

IZABY James, shoe warehouse, High st

LURCOCK Thomas, glover, 25 High st

MASTERS George Christopher, nurseryman & florist, Gun place

Medway Canal Stone Wharf, Frinsbury, George ROFFWAY, agent

Medway Canal Wharf, Frederick COLLIER, agent

NASH John, timber merchant, High st

NYE Robert, bricklayer, Frinsbury

SAMUEL David, oil mills, Frinsbury

SWEET James & William Henry, booksellers, stationers & printers, 28 High st

TANTON Joseph, coach builder & horse dealer, Stroud

TURNER Richard & Thomas, basket makers, Frinsbury

Union Workhouse, Gun lane, James BOLTON, governor.


COACHES & CARRIERS - see Rochester




To London, James William THOMAS’s vessels, every Wednesday & Saturday; office, High st – and the Medway Canal Company’s boats, daily.


To Maidstone, James Wm. THOMAS’s and the Medway Canal Co’s boats, daily.


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